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  1. Oh well, I left my old Reborn save on my old PC :(

    But it’ll be fun to replay the whole game with the overall changes and focusing my attention on analyzing the story better!

  2. I've learned my lesson about promising things I may end up being too busy for.

    But let's just say that new ideas, atmospheres, and Pokemon Essentials v18 APPARENTLY being able to read PBS files formatted for prior versions makes me want to put time and effort into Pokemon Rehabilitation 

    First off, Team Ace needs to be more than their current concept. They're much too boring like Team Rocket and I need them to tell a memorable story

    Even though it's been years, I really appreciate the people who played early Rehab and left constructive criticism. Will definitely be looking over that :)

    Now that I've broken my bad mindset of stressing about getting worse at school or Smash after not doing it for a while (No, I'm not a foolish school skipper, it's just Summer break :P), I can comfortably put more time into coming up with ideas for other things more often 

    Plus I'm back in a Pokemon phase

  3. I'm pretty confident I saw Cass say that the Hard level cap was toggleable from the beginning, but once you turn it on, you can't turn it off. Don't quote me on that though For me personally, I like how soft cap gives you another layer of strategy where you can choose to keep your mons below the cap so they're weaker but more consistent or raise them above it so they're stronger but more luck is involved Although I get the appeal of hard cap too Glad to see they can both exist in harmony :)
  4. Yet again, I misread things. I totally misunderstood the part about the level cap. It's TOGGLEABLE WITH EXP ALL?! I'm gonna turn it off, that's AWESOME :D
  5. Another thing I forgot to add is while I think most of these changes will be no big deal, I'm pretty bummed at the changes in the availability of Pokemon. For me, a big part of what makes Reborn so amazing is using Pokemon you'd normally ignore and therefore creating a bond and memories that mainline games can only DREAM of having. I know you said that concept will live on, but it was really fun having to think up strats with weird, typically weak Pokemon (Tranquill for Florinia and Kricketune for early game as a whole come to mind)
  7. I respect the idea, but I think I prefer current Reborn's difficulty conceptually. Oh well, I can just do my next playthrough on e18 and update after Hardy's gym Great work!
  8. I'm gonna stream Reborn eventually, it's one of my top 10 favorite games that I plan to make long analytical videos on. But after I get a mic, should I wait to stream until I get a facecam? I want everything to be just right...

    1. RoySolare


      Good luck. 👍

  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  10. Kobayashi

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    This is so sick! I'm on a long hiatus from Pokemon game development, but when I have a faster PC, I'll be returning and adding Gen 8 stuff to my game. Thank you so much!
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