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  1. Not seeing a cart appear in axis factory. Reverting to an older save file would be pain because i bred 6ivs during it Game_3.rxdata
  2. How do i evolve a-budew? He has max happyness and nothing happens when i level up
  3. I have to go to the grand tournament area but am locked out because i cant take the train. Game_3.rxdata
  4. My spoink gets hidden ability if i use it on him
  5. Used it on my Thwackey to get Grassy Surge but it just stays on Overgrow.... lol
  6. Can't find the door in grand dream station. It is the one in dream district right?
  7. He is in the xen battleship since he wasn't ready to return to akuwa town yet
  8. I can't seem to find Shelly and the others after talking to them in the Railnet. Game.rxdata
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