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  1. Those hikers look kinda suspicious.. or did you just change their sprites, maybe?
  2. The version doesn't really matter in this case, more importantly, where your save files were stored? They can be stored in Users/[User Name]/Saved Games/Pokemon Rejuvenation ((or something like this)) or in the game's folder depending on the OS (I think, when I was still using Windows XP my saves were in the game folder, but now when I use Windows 10 my saves are in the Saved Games folder). If your saves were in the game's folder, then they're lost forever unless you haven't cleaned the wastebin yet. In the other case your save files should be untouched, but then they should've just shown up in the game.
  3. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/52643-mkxp-port-for-rejuvenation-v122/
  4. We also don't have access to the Dreamyard, and even though we visit it in Huey's Nightmare Realm, that's not the same.
  5. I use the exact same version, the latest patch (tho it works with older patches and the first V13 release as well) and everything works. Do you have an Itemfinder? Have you turned it on? Have you put both the SWM - ItemRadar.rb and SWM - ItemRadar.png into the mods folder? If the issue is not about anything I've mentioned, then I don't know how to help you, sorry.
  6. Yes, even though it doesn't crash the game, it still doesn't work, sadly. Using PickupQoL with V13 just stops pokemon from picking up items.
  7. Deagan, Dark Type Gym Leader, who is also Kenneth's (Keta's) brother, Tesla's husband and Amber's father.
  8. That's how you gain access to the Sandstream Cave, not Sashila Trial. Sashila Trial currently is not accessible and personally I think that this will be late game/ post game content ((and it's likely to be somehow connected to the Tapus))
  9. No, on the contrary, it seems that V13's scripts file has this line, because the mods work just fine without replacing anything. And even if it doesn't have this line, well. Why should it matter when the mods work regardless?
  10. As far as I know the one from the V12 Rejuv modpack works, and I've included it in the archive (that archive basically includes every V13-compatible mod that I know of) EDIT: that is, if you meant the MiningForRich mod. Dunno about the mining overhaul.
  11. Did you use the one from the official rejuv modpack or the one that I posted? Because for the first one to work you need to remove a line from it, which I did, posting the working version afterwards in this topic.
  12. Yeah, noticed this as well, it's kinda uncomfortable to read now
  13. You can check this out, but it may be innacurrate as of V13, so like the post above says it's best to start the game from the beginning https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/PokemonRejuvenation
  14. As far as I know Dratini is not available and Axew is one of the pokemon that you can get from the mystery egg. Check this guide for more information: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/44187-rejuvenation-100-walkthrough-discussion-thread-and-link-updated-to-v13/
  15. That's a bit different, but there are also times when someone is chasing you and, well, my reaction time and reflexes are abysmal and I get scared of this type of stuff easily, even though that I understand that I shouldn't be that scared, so this is really hard for me to do and I have to rely on the WalkThroughWalls mod. I have also seen people asking others to clear that section for them because they can't finish it on their own due to health reasons. Now, I know that this was done to spice the content up and I don't ask for it to get removed, but it would've been great to have an option to choose to get walked through that section (like in cutscenes), that would make the game more possible to complete for people who are not good at such stuff due to various reasons.
  16. I know that you can edit your relationship points and karma points, as well as bad ending points using the Variables option of the debug mode (*cough* of course I'd know, I did that to check out the bad ending haha), but I think that's not quite enough, because some dialogue options are triggered by your choices, etc., but I think that there should be something you could do using the Switches option, though I don't know the details On the other hand, you can always start a new game and make that save even better than your current one if you use various guides (as in the rep guide and the 100% guide), and replaying everything wouldn't be boring because there's a whole lot of new content.
  17. Some of you may already know from the other posts that I've been making a custom trainer sprite lately, and now I can say that it is now complete and available for download. To use it all you have to do is extract the archive's contents into the game's folder and when asked to, agree to replace the existing files. These sprites replace Aevia's. UPDATE: Now includes the second outfit and the Interceptor sprites, the first outfit has gotten some fixes. Still no artwork for the character selection screen. PREVIEW: Custom_Trainer_Sprite_-_Complete.rar
  18. When I reached the first time travel while replaying the game I've also thought that when Maria is taken away by Gardevoir that it was done to drain the Archetype from her
  19. It is admirable to try to win this fight, but don't forget that you can lower the difficulty at Luck's Tent and then return it to the previous one once you have 3 Red Shards. Because, let's face it, most people want this extra rep point with Melia, especially the completionists like me, and spending so much time in the RNG's grasp just to do so is frustrating and a bit unreasonable, because, as you've said, that battle doesn't test your knowledge or skill and is basically a waste of time. On the other note, wow, you really spent a lot of time for this, I'm sure that people that do want to try this after all appreciate it!
  20. I have noticed this as well and think that this happens because Route 4 is split into many parts (as often is with big locations, I think, because when using WalkThroughWalls mod to cut down on travel time sometimes I reach an end of the map even though in theory it shouldn't be there if the map is not split; it would also make sense because it may be costly in terms of game's memory usage to not split it because covering a big section of the map at one time, especially if it is packed with events and NPCs, often causes lag) that may have differences in weather and that going into one part may trigger events, which explains Misdreavus and Kriketots' cries. As for the sign, well, most likely it's the dev team's oversight, after all it is easy to not notice a mistake sometimes, besides the Route 4 isn't complete as of this version.
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