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  1. hi. i am stuck at saki's gym switch to make the cart come down and i can't find any earlier saves even looking through the enirety of my folder i just have the recent save of the file i am currently playing. is there anyway to work around it? this is the only save file of my current game i have >.< if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated! i love this game so much! Game.rxdata
  2. I am currently in Saki's gym and I can't progress because the cart doesn't come down when I press the switches. Please help, and thanks :D Game.rxdata
  3. Hi i'm having the same problem with the saki gym switch glitch as well. The switches won't reset and I can't get the cart to appear. If anyone can help, I'd be super grateful! i believe this is the right save file (i saved in the gym) thanks again! Game.rxdata
  4. idk if anyone had this problem, but i am unable to exit the abandoned building after the battle with "tuff-puff"....and i didnt know if there was a patch or a way to fix it.... edit: brain fart moment.....i found the exit! xD
  5. Wow it has been moved to that late in the game? Well, I'm in west gearen now so I have a little ways to go. Oh well, ar least I know now. Thanks ^-^
  6. I got all the way to terajuma (kristiline) and found the pancakes and the thunderstone but where is the rare candy vendor? Did I somehow miss them?
  7. I guess that's not too far off from where I am now, but still......oh and I tried to load up v10 to get some of the items like the pancakes for my pikachu but it wouldnt load up and I kept getting black screens.....is v11 not compatible with previous versions? I'm at golden leaf town so I'm not too far in the story yet
  8. I just started a new save and the thunderstone isn't given by dr jenkel and I'm as far as golden leaf town and haven't come by one...but my main question is, where are the rare candies, apophyll pancakes, and funnel cakes sold? I tried the vendor before golden leaf but no luck.
  9. I really like your sprites! I've been wanting to make a custom sprite for reborn, rejuvenation, and desolation, but lack the skill....I'd happily pay for sprites I can use and fully immerse in the game! I really like your Aya sprite and young Flannery!
  10. I wish I could sprite but I suck at it....I'd like to make my own sprites for games so it would feel like me playing the game instead of a preset character....
  11. How do I get out of darchlight cave after I make the mirror? I saw a door that had a gate when I took the right path but I can't figure out where to go. Help please! Sorry for posting twice. Thought it was a different thread!
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