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  1. This fixes itself if you leave the sewer before confronting garbodor however after you defeat garbodor the same thing happens and a cutscene in Ericks room freezes after he walks down into his wall and then nothing happens and it freezes
  2. glad I saw this haha did you have problems after you beat the garbodor because its now doing the same thing with a cutscene in Ericks house being frozen and not progressing
  3. having the same issue with the cutscene freezing, wondering how easy it was for you fix it as I also can't progress atm haha
  4. game.rxdata Same problem mentioned a couple times in this thread, when confronting Garbodor in West gearen sewers, cutscene glitches and doesn't proceed resulting in the game freezing with no way to get past it.
  5. im so gassed, can't wait ahhhhhhh
  6. Can anyone fix this so that i can battle fern and progress through the game
  7. Im updated to episode 18 and decided to start a new game, i have got upto the part where im at the second posion gym (Aya) and just before you are supposed to battle fern however everytime i try to fight fern if a poekmon faints an error message occurs and it wont let me progress in the battle so im stuck and have no way to progress. This is the error message
  8. I would like to see the same side episode concept for another character, possibly Angie as i enjoyed this possibly more than the main story
  9. Does anyone think that the update will change early game? as the last update did that pretty heavily
  10. Thanks guys, beat it thanks to a whole lot of RNG quick claw and rock slides
  11. The problem im having is surviving the attack to setup trick room or stealth rock not mine, darmanitan and typhlosion instantly kill and outspeed arcehops due to my inability to ev train like an idiot i completely forgot to get rain dance as on my other playthrough i found charlotte easy so i didnt bother preparing pre agate but i have no idea how i beat her previously. like stated above my archeops is outsped and OHKO'd
  12. wow, i'm really struggling to beat Charlotte and cant find anything truly helpful after scouring the forums, i need some advice on how to change my team to beat her: Mamoswine lv 65: ancient power, earthquake, blizzard, amnesia Archeops lv 67: acrobatics, crunch, dragon claw, thrash Greninja lv 66: double team, night slash, surf, extrasensory diggersby lv 64: swords dance, strength, earthquake, dig The rest are around 55-60 consisting of: clefable,Bronzong,ninetales,lilligant,dusknoir,emboar
  13. first wild encounter on route 3 is a lvl 72 wild absol in the grass?? i thought it was an event pokemon
  14. Has ralts been moved in episode 17, the scientist guy has moved?
  15. I cant wait, keep up the good work
  16. ive done this and got to thew point where it ran off but i cant find it? where did it go?
  17. for the type null sidequest what do you do with the yellow ring???
  18. what do you do with the yellow ring???
  19. I seem to be stuck inside Crawli's gym and i cant seem to do it as there are no guides out yet and i heard that there is a bug happening even with the latest patch (which i have downloaded) i have no idea how to get past room 3 and i think my game is stuck so can someone fix it?. Would be hugely appreciated. Game.rxdata
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