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  1. no not yet but there is well an challenge pack with randomizer or nuzlocke mod on it here is it
  2. hello everyone im have replaced the battle themes from dreamblitz for pokemon memeborn alone for the normal trainer and gymleader battles here is the download linkhttps://mega.nz/folder/gRdQxDZI#7C7GzPcZqX3ZhP04Le9sBg
  3. here is it The Rejuvenation Challenge Pack! What is it? It's a bundle of various modifications made to spice up the gameplay that you can select from the start of a new save. Features: - Nuzlocke mode - Solo run mode - Pokemon Randomizer - Item Randomzier - Moveset Randomizer - Move Base Damage Randomizer - Move Type Randomizer - Type Randomizer - Ability Randomizer - Trainer Randomizer - Team Randomizer - Mystery Challenge - Brave Challenge Rejuvenation Challenge Pack.zip
  4. hello im stuck in the darchlightcaves by the elevator and i have replace my old save and i playing the v12.2 patch

    it is not working.

    please help me to fix this


    1. Aboodie


      Firstly, what caused your game freeze? Did you patch your game while being in this area while having an older game version patch?

    2. Reino20


      yes i think so 

      and i don't know to fix this and i want not retart the game i do an nuzlocke run

    3. Aboodie


      That's the issue then, if you still have the older game version, walk your way back to a pokemon center nearby or Oblitus city since that map wasn't remade, and save your game there, then play again on the new patched version.
      Other than that, if I manage to fix your game, you'll miss on new game events that was place in the game "since I have to go throw them myself to save your game a new"

  5. hello im stuck in the darchlightcaves by the lift and i have replace my old save and i playing the v12.2 patch it is not working. please help me to fix this Game.rxdata
  6. oh oke thanks but im doing alone thinks with games to play and test the games for free i don't can pay with money i don't have an creditcard.sorry
  7. how i do that. i think i typ patreon or among us on the botspot im not smart with this.
  8. im good to playing and test games for fun like pokemon and mario games.
  9. yes sure restart the game from your last save and im have never lose before butt this battle is so easy by using fletchinder combined with servine by using leech seed. and you can ok replace the backup files to the save file so that you can go playing after you lose just try it i hope it works and i hope i have not make an mistake.
  10. i dont know to butt you can do catch more event pokemons to complete the pokedex or you can playing this mods for extra challenge sowell as pokemon memeborn or pokemon reborn redux or pokemon memeforms for doing the trials after beat all gyms.
  11. and after you dive here you battle the pulse avalugg. and you can ok use the Pokemon Reborn Walkthrough - Episode 17 100% Completion guide to do it by yourself to find the correct way to beat the game.
  12. yes the water gym is on route 2 the fiore mansion butt before that you need to go first go back to this place on ametrine mountain and dive here
  13. you need to talk to saphira and hardy to continue on the western side of the city before you battle charlotte. and before talking to saphira and hardy you need to go to the big house to continue the plot. and after have the gym badge you need to go to amarias house.
  14. well i want ok to be a beta tester for report bugs and glitches for fun.
  15. hello and you can ok playing the modes sowell as memeborn,memeforms,reborn redux and alternate forms pack and reborn extreme. well good luck.
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