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  1. hello i have good fangame choices for you pokemon day break of pokemon enigma of pokemon vengeance of pokemon empire of pokemon insurgence and that 's that yes. succes with your choice jomyrulezz.
  2. Hello how you can go to the kathemendum's league hall. I don't can find the way to get there.
  3. Hello yes it started after I already beat the digglets and caught one and then it started by speak to the job surprise lady and then I had to do all the quests again and that's how it started.
  4. well what im need to do first 's not easy to see what there 's on route 18. I think it 's also easier with an simple guide. Can someone make it for complete the game easier thank you all. Or maybe there 's also glitches on the game i think.
  5. Hello It doesn't work when I'm in the gym. The agent is blocking my way, sorry.
  6. Hello where 's the tree to get to the 8th gym. I dont can find it It 's so difficult man.
  7. Hello and yes but the the job for eliminate the digletts cannot be completed anymore. And talking with the pidgey will not works by me sorry. How you can fix this anyway. Thanks and here 's my savefile.Game.rxdata
  8. Hello everybody Im have one more problem with this game and that 's all jobs will be reset any time 's there somewhat wrong. That included the diglett job that im get not one reward after im complet it.
  9. yep it doesn't work sorry. and The emma battle music doesn't work too.
  10. Hello MegaMew How you get your pokemon out of the pokebal to follow me. my pokemon disapeared after exit any house.
  11. Hello how can you get the hm strengt
  12. Hello AquaMacaw well it hasn't worked. not good man. but here 's my save file. i hope you can fix it. thanks. Game.rxdata
  13. Hello AquaMacaw I have still the same bug after the rival battle on route 1. 's there something wrong or something not correct fixed.
  14. Hello BIGFriv Thanks for all your hard work for all times.
  15. Hello BIGFriv well and it have not the pbs and quest files. but it missed causing it to error.
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