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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  3. I think the solution to this based on the club system is to move the ace forum content into it's own private club that only the old aces have access to. However, without knowing how data transfer works between forums and clubs I'm not sure how feasible it is to retain all of the information on the ace forum.
  4. @Bazaro Didn't even notice the charmeleon arm. It's like a noodle. Oops, I'll fix that. Left or Right?
  5. Happy birthday man :) 

    1. Paul25


      Happy birthday!

      Wish you a very pleasant day ahead! :) 

    2. Peanuts


      Thanks guys!

  6. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

    1. Peanuts


      Thanks! I still have 5 hours where I am until I'm one year older though :D.

    2. LykosHand


      Ah i see xD, you're welcome :D

  7. Very nice! They look a little thick though, so I think you could probably half the height and still have nice looking badges. It's a little difficult to tell though since all the pictures are from directly on top.
  8. Both Charizard Mega fronts are done now. TBH I've been enjoying making these recently. Mega Charizard X: Mega Charizard Y: I might do custom shinies for both of these since the current ones seem very boring to me. I'm thinking maybe like the striped charizard during the first mewtwo battle.
  9. Hi, Peanuts here. Those of you that follow the art forum probably know that I have been working on high resolution sprites for reborn. I'll probably reserve this thread for any feedback I want on sprites, but continue posting notable Pokemon on the original thread started by @Bazaro. If any of the other spriters working on high res sprites want to post here for feedback, you are welcome to. To start, which charmeleon tail looks better? I was going for a more detailed flame look and it turned out quite different from the original.
  10. Venasaur done! Originals: High res: Since school is done for now I'll probably try to get one evolution chain done a day. I don't really want to be posting every single one, so I'll probably have a list of completed ones and the ones in progress on my profile page or something along those lines. If there are any Pokemon someone wants me to get done first just PM me or something.
  11. Ok, looking for some feedback here on Venasaur. The leaves are being ridiculously annoying to draw, and i'm having some issues with the side ones. This is the original: You can't see it as well in this small photo, but the edges of both the left and right leaves are super thick, and have very little detail. So I attempted to fix the outlines for a more satisfactory edge. But that I have ended up with very rounded leaves that don't look particularly good. This is what I ended up with: I am looking to fix the leaves so that they look more like this reference photo here: I made some edits, and this is what the right side looks like right now: At this point I am redrawing the entire leaf since I've found modifying the existing edges to be basically unworkable. Any comments on how I could improve this @Bazaro or anyone else more proficient with pixel art than I am?
  12. The ivysaur spots are a little angular since a number of the ones online that I looked at for references basically had triangles for the spots. I'll round them off a bit though. I'll also probably go ahead and unify the colors as well. From what I have found messing with images, paint works, but it will screw up the transparent background for the .png. So if you want to use paint, you will need to go back through with another program and add back in the transparency layer. As far as I know, there is no way to get around this with paint. Haven't tried paint 3d so I'm not sure if it would get around this issue. I currently use Gimp 2, Ame uses Graphics Gale, and there are definitely a handful of other programs out there that will preserve the transparent background. Gimp isn't ideal either since I need to export from a .xcf to a .png, but It's what I have right now and I'm too lazy to change it.
  13. @Bazaro I've decided to give making some of the high resolution sprites a shot, and in the interest of not making duplicates I was wondering if you had worked on any high res sprites other than the ones that you have marked off on the two threads that you have. If you have not, I'm probably gonna work numerically from the start just skipping the ones you have made. Anyways, I'll post my attempt at ivysaur here: Originals: High Res: Edit: Now that I look at them side by side, ivysaur is a lot more blue from the front than from the back - that kinda bugs me. These are both with the original color scheme.
  14. Very nicely done! A tutorial would be nice, but where else can I look if I want to do this?
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