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  1. I'm trying to move my save file to a PC from Mac but I can't find the save file location. I'm on Mac Big Sur 11.1 if that helps. Never mind did some digging and found it in Macintosh HD > Users > (your name) > Library > Application Support > Pokemon Reborn
  2. Vendor Name : @Starry Knight Requested Pokemon : 6IV Ditto for breeding Gender : Form : Ability : Nature : Adamant/Modest/Timid/Jolly will do. tbh any 6Iv will do (i'm literally just picking up this game afresh after i stopped playing 4-5 years ago) IV Spread : 31/31/31/31/31/31 EV Spread : Pokerus : Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : Egg Moves : Other Moves (Tutor moves ect) : Item : Offered Pokemon : Shiny Trubbish (don't have much to offer sorry :( ) Gender : Ability : Nature : IV Spread :
  3. Nico, are you there?

  4. But what Pokémon would you actually like? xD so that I can know.

  5. ID - Nico Robin Trainer name - Robin <3


  7. haha loving the snow effect :) Let it snow let it snow let it snow :) 

  8. Welcome to the forum Knightwalker Just make sure you first save in the same room as Ciel (the last gym leader in Ep. 15) This should be the room inside the circus tent. You can close the game after saving in there. Then download the latest version of Reborn (Ep16 Community RElease) and simply play Hope that helps
  9. is the online play working now again for community members??
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