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  1. Hey guys if you aren't aware I'm clearing my own shop since I can tell there aren't much people around anyways I'm looking for some shiny starters that I've been missing if you guys are interested head over here this also contains my old shop contents so if you wanna trade, head over there 


  2. Dropping Birb ~ They're all 5x31 IV
  3. Hope you guys like A-Vulpix

  5. Hey guys sorry if I wasn't around for a long time, I may restart my shop again soon not sure when though but soon

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    2. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Be prepared for a hard battle near end of current episode make sure to bring plenty of healing items and revivals just in case on rt 4

    3. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      My gym team is pretty much well rounded, but I'll take note of that

    4. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Might be worth doing a Dex complitionist for all non ledgendary/mythical/UB minus type:Null Sillvally and Phione

      The end result gets you



      Every 100 Pokemon gets you a new item as well

  6. Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one

  7. yow i want your froakie want pokemon do you want?

    1. Amine


      Happy birthday~

    2. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      Really late reply but I have the list of what I want in my store that is currently not active right now, I may have to restart it again as soon as I get back to the game again xD

  8. @Marcello I haven't been here in the forums for a week or more but here's my username ID: Ven Enfield
  9. This is a good idea, since we have a lot of multi trades with the same pokemon and same user, but replying on the trade for the update for the store is fine right? like even it is a month's old or so
  10. I can run your previous save file (the working one) through a debugger if you want. Just tell me what you want in the new one.

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    2. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      I'll send the pictures of what shinies I used to have in pm

    3. Ross_Andrews


      You can just list the pokemon you want here, for example:

      Shiny Pikachu, all 31 IVs, 252 EVs in speed, has Volt Switch etc.

    4. Ven Enfield

      Ven Enfield

      check the pm, I've already put all the pokemons that matters to me, the rest is I can bring back, just all of those since those are time consuming to get and breeding them gets me like 2 boxes of normal ones 

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