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  1. Sorry about this, but I forgot to mention this is after beating groundon and handing over the magma stone to Cera, then going through crawli's gym. Also, I went in the cave and then turned around leaving me outside the cave entrance and I can't get past because no magma drift and I can't go below because the game freezes. Edited: Okay so I use debug to get back to crawli's gym after I enter valor mountain so it's fine, thank you for you help.
  2. Thank you, here the file now: Game.rxdata
  3. I'm going in valor mountain and trying to go below but when I do my game freezes near the stairs and I can't move forward. I also have debug installed so I don't if that's the problem. Please help? One more thing I can't seem to upload a screenshot or a save file because it's say I can only upload 81.92kb
  4. Which file does the script.rxdata go into?
  5. Thanks, I can move again.
  6. I can't open the menu and I was going up, down, left, right. Also, when you say download you mean download reborn from the download page?
  7. This is the first time and i'm playing the first episode 18 version. I'm just stuck in this one spot.
  8. I was playing my game and it just crash out of nowhere. Could someone fix it it please? Save file: Game.rxdata
  9. Hey, i'm stuck at kakori gym depths before entering. Can someone help? Here the files: Game.rxdata
  11. Pata733

    E19 Release

    Is starlight divide a pokemon game or a different rpg?
  12. Pata733


    so pulse Pokemon can hold items now is what he saying
  13. You need a mothim the boy version not wormadam you can head butt a tree at the beryl cemetery and then trade it with a hiker in the house that in the chrysolia forest

  14. Sorry to ask this again but does anyone know where to a dawnstone at in Pokémon desolation
  15. Does anyone know where to get a Dawn stone at
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