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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. oh no he's hot (I'm super looking forward to seeing what else this temple has in store for us!)
  3. Trying (and probably failing) to be blunt but hopefully not rude: A. We don't know, and probably never will. B. It should not (and does not) matter, because in the end xe is still nonbinary regardless. C. There are many people who are born under the binary but don't identify in the binary (hi yes hello), so assuming those are the only three options is incorrect and also rude. D. Don't equate somebody's gender identity to their, uh, "mating" capabilities, that's also incorrect and rude.
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  6. So I've applied quick patches 1 and 2, but the guy still spits me out in the cave on Route 2. Do I have to restart the game from scratch, are the patches bad, or is there just flat out something wrong on my end? (attached my game data just in case) EDIT: yep, had to restart the game. It's all good now, though. Looks great!
  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

  8. And those are.....? Gyarados is unavailable as of right now (and might not be available in E17, either), Octillery's decent but Flamethrower and Fire Blast are non-STAB and that's if it doesn't get OHKO'd because its speed stat is absolute garbage, and the only other thing I can think of is HP Fire which would be handy but (IMO) a pain to breed onto a water 'mon if it's just going to be used for one field/type. Am I forgetting any? Anyways, if you're going to use water types on this field, the only thing I can think of just by glancing at the field effects is to hit with ice-type moves; I'm personally a fan of Masquerain, using specifically Quiver Dance/Ice Beam (or Blizzard if you're willing to slap a Wide Lens on that bad boy) and Infestation (or Bug Buzz) as a backup plan, especially in the higher field stages.
  9. Dunno if there's an E16 troubleshooting thread yet, but I'm getting a fatal error whenever I try to soft reset? Look at me, forgetting an entire troubleshooting subforum exists. Besides that, though, E16 was well worth the wait; my inner open-world gamer sighed happily when I saw how much had changed.
  10. Anybody can be a movie star; we all have actin in our blood.

    1. Alistair
    2. Exalted


      i know people who would devastatingly prove your statement incorect

    3. Eloquent Liar

      Eloquent Liar

      In a scientific "people with genetic disorders" way or in a "your acting sucks" way?

  11. Name: El Age: 21 Birthday: November 26 Location: ATX Height: 5'2 Hair Color: Dark brown Eye Color: Brown Live With: Roommate; moving in with friends next year Pets?: N/A Relationships?: Girlfriend Crushes lately?: Does my girlfriend count? Dream Job: Voice actor, PokeTuber, or Author Currently Playing: Fantasy Life Favourite Food: Either puto or Filipino spaghetti Favourite Drink: Chocolate milk Favourite Color: I like patterns more than solid colors, so basically anything that's a pattern between black and white Favourite kind of Music: Anything that isn't country Favourite Band: either Falling in Reverse or Bring Me The Horizon Favourite Album: That's The Spirit, by Bring Me The Horizon Favourite Game: Anything by Atlus, preferably in the SMT franchise Favourite Genre of Game: RPG, specifically JRPG, specifically specifically with dating and/or social link mechanics Favourite Hobbies: Swimming, reading, writing, drawing, playing piano Favourite Movies: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Favourite Shows: Yuri!! On Ice, other various anime
  12. tfw you find your first wild shiny, go for an attack and [shadyPenguinn voice]

  13. This isn't exactly shaping up to be my magnum opus, so as far as feedback is concerned, grammar preferably comes second to how easy/enjoyable it was to read. Of course, I'm still a spelling/grammar nazi, I'm just saying that I'd really like a lot of feedback on how you enjoyed the content itself. Fun game: see how many anime references you can pick out. There's only two or three for this chapter, I think? Unless I accidentally made more that I didn't notice. That happens sometimes. It's primarily going to be updated here on my AO3; however, I'll post the first chapter here (under a spoiler tag) for convenience. EDIT: the chapter was so long that I couldn't post it on here, so I'll just link it again. PokéRangers! Episode 1 The Start of Something Magical! I'm a PokéRanger? If anybody's curious, word count for episode/chapter 1 comes out to 7,078. This is literally the first three days worth of my NaNoWriMo project. Also, for those of you who like visual references rather than written ones (like me):
  14. Shoutout to myself for lowering my own expectations.

    1. HughJ



      I mean

      not hype

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