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  1. Okay this mod gives me a one problem at least.. When you land from surf you jump 2 steps instead of one. So you can get stuck inside a wall/tree/rock whatever. I redownloaded the game and it worked fine before I added this mod again in the game.
  2. It is now named Shared box and works completely fine for me.. For some reason it was Box35 at start.
  3. This is amazing! Thank you. Is the Box 35 shared box or is that feature working?
  4. Hi! So I am stuck on this Missing name tag Quest. Didn't talk to Simon at all on earlier episodes so I can't get the fisherman to talk anything about the tag. Hope I don't have to start a new safe file to get the rewards on this quest! Thanks for help in advance Game.rxdata
  5. Reposted later so won't go unnoticed. Game.rxdata
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