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  1. There should be an option to lock the post, but I imagine people will just quit commenting now that you've beat him.
  2. It's been awhile since I've played, but I'm pretty sure it's possible to leave the water treatment plant if you need to do some serious grinding or re-vamping, though it's a pain.
  3. Messed with charizard's back sprite (cuz it bugged me) to better fit my personal preferences. Original is transparent, my tweak is not because I'm lazy.


  4. Maybe we'll be able to just buy them eventually, or trade for them. Wouldn't be too surprising.
  5. Glad it was still there and you could be reunited with your 'Mons! No problem, have fun playing!
  6. Hey, welcome back. Have you looked under the "My Attachments" tab? If you click on your username in the upper right corner of the screen, a dropdown should appear that has "profile" and then "my attachments". Maybe you can find it there?
  7. Huh, that's interesting, I never knew that, I've never given it to him. I could see Karen killing him.... I could also see her making him a pet or something like that.
  8. I just read Pokemon Adventures Red, Green, and Blue. They were pretty fun. It was cool how they followed the games really closely but then also had unique things like


    Surge, Koga, and Sabrina working for Team Rocket.


  9. So I got my undergrad in microbiology. I'm definitely not an expert, but if anybody wants to talk to a person about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, I can hopefully answer any basic questions you have (like what even is a virus?) and point you to some other resources to learn more if you'd like. Feel free to PM me.
    Hope everyone is staying safe. 

  10. Hey guys, finished the first episode and really enjoyed it. I personally liked the rebalancing, the maps looked great, lots of things to do and interact with. Enjoyed the unique items, like the IV adjusting drugs. Good job to everyone. The rest of this is basically a list of assorted "bugs" I noticed. Some of the descriptions for things were too long, so I couldn't see all the text - stantler venison, muskoat pokedex entry, dragon force, Apostrophes appeared as boxes for me Fury attack didn't chain when karrablast in polaris ice water factory used it, it just hit like a normal attack would, like tackle or something Map stuff - could walk on the table on the southern end of the second floor of water treatment plant - Can pass through the ice skaters - can see the void on the southern end of the polaris cave 2nd floor - can see the void on the polaris summit east side - could walk up the wall behind the ladder on the second floor of the dancing deerling When I could fight Isaiah I talked to Elise first, she told me he had something for me, fought him, didn't get anything. Checked the square where he was standing (which appeared empty), got the message "You don't have room", went and deposited a pokemon, came back, no more message. (I don't remember for sure if I checked my party, but I think I would have been smart enough to do that) Reverted to last save, fought him with room in my party, didn't get any kind of message, but when I checked there was deino egg in my party. Congrats again to everybody!
  11. Congrats guys! Excited to give it a go!
  12. So maybe what happened was it was at 40, you used the disc bringing it back down to 0, and then did a few battles, and then the next time you checked it had gone back up from 0 to 33. I would recommend getting rid of EV's in Attack if your Swanna is a Special Attacker, and then "moving" those EVs to Special Defense. If you EV train all your pokemon you'll probably use the Defense disc and special attack discs eventually, but you'll use them when you want to decrease that stat. So use the special attack disc on a physical attacker. Glad we got it figured out! Have fun training!
  13. Hey no worries, I'm sure we can figure out what's up and Chloe will be tanking those special hits in no time! So EV training can make a big difference in how a pokemon performs, it basically helps you specialize them to what role you want them to play (generalist, physical wall, special attacker, etc), so I personally think EV training is great. I don't think you would want to reset her Special Defense to 0 though by using a reset disc? A pokemon can only have a total of 510 EV points across all their stats. So if you want to boost Chloe's special defense you would want to decrease the EV's in other stats while adding more EV's to the special defense stat. Was she at 40 before you used the special defense reset disc? Or a little while after? I don't know about the SpD EV's dropping, but if they won't go up anymore are you at a total of 510 EVs across all the stats? Because once you hit 510 no EVs will increase until you make room by using a reset disc or friendship berries.
  14. Considering reading pokemon manga... Which is best? Where do I start? 

    1. Q-Jei


      In all logic, you can start with Pokemon Adventures: Red, Green & Blue since this is the starting point of the manga series. Then, from a personal perspective, Pokémon Adventures: Ruby & Sapphire has one of the best storylines to me. People might think the manga is super corny, predictable, off-putting and lame like the anime, but it's not the case at all. I would even say that Pokemon Reborn shares some similarities with the manga version. There is a lot more hardcore content with the Pokemon and especially the trainers. And most importantly, it follows the game's plot very faithfully. I can't recommend it strongly enough! Just so you know, the order of release is the same as the one of video games since the name of each story is based on the game themselves. You can check the list down below if you're interested:


      • Pokémon Adventures: Red, Green & Blue
      • Pokémon Adventures: Yellow
      • Pokémon Adventures: Gold, Silver & Crystal
      • Pokémon Adventures: Ruby & Sapphire
      • Pokémon Adventures: FireRed & LeafGreen
      • Pokémon Adventures: Emerald
      • Pokémon Adventures: Diamond & Pearl
      • Pokémon Adventures: Platinum
      • Pokémon Adventures: HeartGold & SoulSilver
      • Pokémon Adventures: Black & White
      • Pokémon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2
      • Pokémon Adventures: X & Y
      • Pokémon Adventures: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
      • Pokémon Adventures: Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
      • Pokémon Adventures: Sword & Shield


      This link will take you to all the chapters of each volume of the manga-based series: http://fanfox.net/manga/pocket_monster_special/

    2. Dante52


      Okay, great! Thanks for your response!

    3. Q-Jei


      You're welcome! 😊

  15. No, I don't compulsively check the Development Blog everyday... why do you ask? 

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    2. Angelkitsune


      crap! why do you have to call me out like that...

    3. andracass


      *nervously checks the "updated" date............................

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      o no, not the dreaded..... circumstances

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