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  1. Where you able to find bidoof? I've been looking forever xD
  2. Need to find another anime to watch, least till i go home at some point this week!

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    2. Another Felix

      Another Felix

      Or, if you want an American show that is surprisingly good, Gravity Falls.

    3. HakuTaku


      KHR, Psycho Pass, Fairy Tail, Magi, DRRR, Maria Holic...ect

    4. Chevaleresse


      PMMM, Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night (the new one), Parasyte

  3. Name: Patrick Kilbane Age: 19 Birthday: September 17th, 1993 Location: Strongsville, Ohio Height: 6'2 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Live With: Friend and his parents Pets?: Not my own unfortunately :/ Relationships?: Looking but no luck :/ Crushes lately?: Not recently Dream Job: Child Psychologist Currently Playing: Pokemon Reborn, Kingdom Hearts Favourite Food: Cake xD Favourite Drink: Chocolate Milk Favourite Color: Blue Favourite kind of Music: Techno Favourite Band: Don't really have one Favourite Album: ^^^ Favourite Game: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Favourite Genre of Game: RPG, Action, Platformers Favourite Hobbies: Watching Anime, Hanging out with friends, being active at least somewhat xD Favourite Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Favourite Shows: Angel Beats, Yu Yu Hakusho, The Cleveland Show, Doctor Who
  4. Semi recent, i think over the summer
  5. That feel when you have just graduated High School and work is taking over your life and you can't see most of your friends ever
  6. It was a little ironic that I ended up being my favorite type but I got Water and I'm happy about it
  7. Wait never mind it works, and i just donated
  8. Will this work with a debt card..? Probably a dumb question but I have never used Paypal before xD
  9. Wow I'm pretty impressed so far, congrats on the good work so far
  10. This is all pretty amazing, the map was very nicely drawn and the descriptions were all beautiful. I was beyond impressed when i 1st saw this, Ame awesome job!!!
  11. Conor im surprised that you dont have a Golem on your team. You always have one on your FR teams. Also i just beat Misty. Shine lv 20 (now a Ivysaur) BEE DEAD!!! lv 19 (Now a Beedrill) Queen lv 22 (Now a Nidoqueen) I plan on adding a golbat (eventually Crobat), tentacruel, and gengar on my team.
  12. Well i just took a look at this topic today and started a mono Poison team on Leaf Green. so far i have: Shine (Bulbasaur): lv 9 legit shiny i spent about a day trying to get it shiny lol BEE DEAD! (Kakuna): lv 8 Queen (Nidoran F): lv 9 And i just hit the Pewter City too i gotta train before facing Brock. I also have a good idea for the rest of my team too.
  13. dude u see my picture i know I'm not
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