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  1. Screw it, switched to Easy difficulty in Rejuv. I want to see the story, not figure out the optimal way to cheese bosses.

  2. Trying to get back into playing this game, but when I try to launch, it tells me the script is hanging and the game just closes. Any thoughts on how to fix it?
  3. Riot games is making a fighting game. Ahri is playable, so I've already got my main.

  4. Is Episode 19 going to be the final chapter of Reborn?

    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      as well as postgame, yes

    2. andracass


      yup! though there's the possibility of a DLC-esque update sometime later on, though story content isn't going to change.

  5. After beating episode 18's gym leader, is there more story content?

    1. Lucky98


      Main story - no

  6. I just realized the original theme for Reborn was a remix of Route 10 from Black and White.  It took hearing the remix in Smash for me to get this.

  7. Pools for Super Smash Con are up. Hoping I can at least make it out of mine.

  8. Local was small today, came in 3rd in singles, 2nd in doubles with my cousin. It was his first tournament and he did really well. Puff is definitely going to end up as a decent counterpick character.

  9. I know what Joker's white costume is based off of, but you can't convince me that it isn't Seto Kaiba.

    1. Wolfox


      Asketchi would disagree

  10. I just registered for Super Smash Con!

  11. Swanna has served me well, but I can finally get a Gyarados. Good. I needed a good water type

  12. So I just cheated strategized against Titania for a win while my team was pretty underleveled (Mostly around Lv. 77.) I'm really glad only the player can use Revives.

  13. I got to the Toumaline desert. Where do I go?

    1. seki108


      IIRC, follow the tracks.

    2. Vinnie


      Follow the tracks until you reach the massive mess of train cars. From there you'll have a sort of puzzle to solve. 

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