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  1. Nice! Kind of makes it clear that the power plant and route 1 overlap, though.
  2. Morb

    Pokedex Upgrade

    Thanks, that'll be much faster and also help for when I don't have an internet connection. I'm just honestly surprised that it isn't already in in in-game dex, though I suppose it could be partially because the cannon games try to keep things simple and not let you know about natural stat growth/EVs/IVs at all. Thanks
  3. Is there a mod that adds the stat spreads of each pokemon (and maybe also what level moves are learned at, and/or possible egg moves) to the dex? It seems like an obvious upgrade in-world - I mean, it's not like they'd be referencing bulbapeida every 10 minutes like I do - and if they did, what would they need the dex for? Alternatively, could we get this for ep. 19?
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