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  1. I don't think grinding is much of an issue at that point considering you have access to the breeder in Sashilla that gives you XL Exp Candies iirc
  2. Are you on v13.03? The change log for the new patch says the issue should be fixed
  3. you don't actually send out mons in the safari zone so I don't think it would activate
  4. Alternatively, you can also find nosepass in one of the safari zone areas at a slightly higher rate (10%). You just have to catch them each time to check.
  5. It's a two word anagram. From the investigate feature, you learn that one of those words is "labor." You're supposed to figure out the rest. If you want the answer:
  6. My team is Infernape, Torterra, Gengar, Hydreigon, Mega Gardevior, Magnezone For aggron, I lead with torterra with its crest. It kept going for blizzard which barely did any damage due to the crest while I 3HKOed it with earthquakes. For the majority of the team I kind of cheesed it with destiny bond Gengar + some revives. The only real problem was the mega metagross which outsped so I had Magnezone thunder wave it first. For Duraladon I OHKO’d it with Close Combat from Infernape
  7. Thank You!!! So incredibly hyped for this!!
  8. Lucky98


    Jan said on Tumblr that all Rockruffs were moved back
  9. Thank you to everyone who worked on the game! You all are amazing. I know it was an intense 2 years working on this version, but we appreciate all of your hard work. Looking forward to this release and the future.
  10. Lucky98


    No. This is Version 13/16 or 17
  11. Lucky98


    coming out later today
  12. Lucky98


    look again
  13. Lucky98


    the hype is unreal
  14. pretty sure it’s just supposed to be you, as in the person visiting the webpage.
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