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  1. we have almost all moves done and these are the ones we are left/currently working on, sorry for not responding sooner. I am currently working on geomancy but would still love to see yours if you do one. There are 3 of us doing them so we should be good Roar of Time- Fusion Bolt- Flare Blitz- Searing Shot- Razor Wind- Doom Desire- Autotomize- Geomancy- Lands Wrath- Oblivion Wing- Water Shuriken- Precipice Blades- Dragon Ascent- Thousand Arrows- Diamond Storm- Hyperspace Hole- hyperspace fury- Power Whip- Power Gem- Zen Headbutt- Thief- Shore Up- First Impression- Darkest Lariat- Sparkling Aria- Solar Blade Spotlight- Lunge- Fire Lash- Power Trip- Revelation Dance- Core Enforcer- Trop Kick- Instruct- Clanging Scales Dragon Hammer Fleur Cannon Psychic Fangs Sunsteel Strike Moongeist Beam- ############################################################### Supersonic Skystrike Acid Downpour Tectonic Rage Continental Crush Savage Spin-Out Corkscrew Crash Inferno Overdrive- Devastating Drake- Sinister Arrow Raid- Malicious Moonsault- Guardian of Alola Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Stoked Sparksurfer Genesis Supernova Catastropika- Clangorous Soulblaze Splintered Stormshards Let's Snuggle Forever Searing Sunraze Smash Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom
  2. I don't know but there was a topic on pokecommunity that covered this, go down a bit and cass posted there https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=429390 Edit: I mistook this as a requesting a way to import animations to another game lol
  3. it's partially my fault to I mostly joke about essentials with no malice behind it and I assume that's what others do but it did bring us all together with these fangames and for that we can all be greatful to the creators of essentials.
  4. For the most part it's joking around and hey if it wasn't for essentials we wouldn't have fangames like reborn,rejuv, and many others so that's a plus maybe? I can't speak for anyone else but essentials also has issues I've dealt with in my experience with the animation editor like if a script hangs it closes me out of it without saving,the lag of messing with it's settings and oh arceus I wish it worked better with doubles battles.
  5. the most iconic fault of essentials for me is if the animation editor froze for a few seconds try to open the sound effect manager it would close the editor without saving but as if some strange joke it asks if you want to save but only saves the loctation in game and not the animation work the phrase "hanging script" curses my nightmares
  6. not that goldenleaf was bad before but it really looks like it got a personality 1,000/10 but like the likelyhood of rens mom saying like is like annoying but just like a little
  7. hope I did justice to it then
  8. unfortunatley I cant move the target in thousand arrows/waves because essentials is stupid it would only effect one target so that would look weird in doubles
  9. np I enjoy thinking of how to make the moves look interesting the downsize is i want to go back through old ones which are like 5 years old actually did redo a few since the last episode update so there is that to look forward to maybe there will be even more redone by ep19
  10. question when it comes to production of sprites? do you mostley draw the artwork after the sprites, if so has there been times where you have made artwork that then is turned into a sprite?
  11. Cass suggested coming out of the shadows and be social with a dev blog post so here I be. Please enjoy these animations that were forged from the cursed animation editor (would not recommend using that editor) so with that here are 3 moves that haven't been seen yet Power Whip the canon animation of this move did not look good until gen 6 so that was a bit of a struggle to translate that 3d look into 2d but thankfully Ame made amazing vines for this thing so along with that and trying to throw a ton of graphics onto every frame we got this. Thousand waves went through a few changes originally I was gonna try to make the wave go directly across to the target but there were 2 issues there. The first is if you used this in doubles there was the issue of trying to make the graphics not go over your partner which required me to set every cell to back and then back to front when it got to the target. The second issue is that it's an AOE move so I had to make it look like it hit both targets in doubles. Water shuriken's biggest hurdle was making the shuriken stars but it seemed vital to making it look good so I just grinned and bared through that. Thanks for your time and hope you liked what you saw
  12. he should finish up season 4 and make episode 19+postgame season 5
  13. nice use for the useless postcards did you set up anything special to put text on those or did you type that onto the images outside of essentials?
  14. It's shocking no one has elected marcello so Ember King-> @Marcello also Midsummer Queen-> @Kanaya also also Sunlit Sovereign-> @Inuki
  15. glass edition is for windows users, fruit edition is for mac users and penguin edition is for linux users there are no differences outside of that
  16. posted a long time ago but here is a current photo
  17. are you ever going to do custom moves like rejuv? if so I can help you navigate the animation editor and explain anything you need about it?
  18. congrats on you and ruby becoming devs, it is a wonderful feeling being part of something 1.Do you have a idea of how many episodes/chapters/Versions the game will be?(god have mercy on your soul if you do gen9) 2. Are you going to be adding on more people? 3.How has the work felt?
  19. she'd probably have a budew it's a running joke how much she hates loves that little thing
  20. yeah don't trust april fools jokes especially if they involve the queen of chaos.
  21. Anti-Hex Type: Fairy Catagory: Status PP 8 makes ghosts immune to dark type moves, which would be good for doubles ^^ Pokemon that can learn it: Hatterene, G-Rapidash, Florgous line and Carbink because why not
  22. thanks to all the mods for dealing with all this stuff, I'm sure it's exhausting hope the new set up works for ya
  23. it only has one stat with a single digit iv which is attack, the rest are amazing or is that not the exact one?
  24. Gen1 Starmie Gen2 Smeargle Gen3 Sableye Gen4 Torterra Gen5 Sawsbuck/Beheeyem/Samurott Gen6 Slurpuff/Zygaurde dog Gen7 Lunala/Decidueye/Alolan Sandslash Gen8 Appletun
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