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  1. It's shocking no one has elected marcello so Ember King-> @Marcello also Midsummer Queen-> @Kanaya also also Sunlit Sovereign-> @Inuki
  2. glass edition is for windows users, fruit edition is for mac users and penguin edition is for linux users there are no differences outside of that
  3. posted a long time ago but here is a current photo
  4. are you ever going to do custom moves like rejuv? if so I can help you navigate the animation editor and explain anything you need about it?
  5. congrats on you and ruby becoming devs, it is a wonderful feeling being part of something 1.Do you have a idea of how many episodes/chapters/Versions the game will be?(god have mercy on your soul if you do gen9) 2. Are you going to be adding on more people? 3.How has the work felt?
  6. she'd probably have a budew it's a running joke how much she hates loves that little thing
  7. yeah don't trust april fools jokes especially if they involve the queen of chaos.
  8. Anti-Hex Type: Fairy Catagory: Status PP 8 makes ghosts immune to dark type moves, which would be good for doubles ^^ Pokemon that can learn it: Hatterene, G-Rapidash, Florgous line and Carbink because why not
  9. thanks to all the mods for dealing with all this stuff, I'm sure it's exhausting hope the new set up works for ya
  10. it only has one stat with a single digit iv which is attack, the rest are amazing or is that not the exact one?
  11. Gen1 Starmie Gen2 Smeargle Gen3 Sableye Gen4 Torterra Gen5 Sawsbuck/Beheeyem/Samurott Gen6 Slurpuff/Zygaurde dog Gen7 Lunala/Decidueye/Alolan Sandslash Gen8 Appletun
  12. sorry it took a sec was trying to get use to the save switch mechanic ^^; Game_2.rxdata
  13. sure I'll help, send the save file name game it should be in the folder that called saved games eg: C:\Users\name\Saved Games you can post it here or send a private message whichever you prefer
  14. yeah think the pulse abra is the last time he saw zel. On a another note that thumbnail is killing me it looks like a jpeg ugh it's all pixelated
  15. appletun This mon is like a dragon doggo that has eye ears and apple core belly, what isn't lovable about that? I am a little concerned about the dex entry stating that children eat the back skin of appletun, yet another reason children are the worst.
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