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  1. looks like Fern has a phobia of smoothies, who knew?
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🙂🎂

  3. I think jan will probably put those in in the next update, along with the pace holder gen 8 animations (some of which were actually worked on and can be found in the animation editor of reborn but only like 6-7 are not place holders)
  4. Starlight divide, it'll be a original ip made by ame and the rest of chasing selene. It's one of the tabs on the top of the website.
  5. in the game folder there should be a icon that says updater use that, it'll tell you what version you have. The latest update is 19.07 I believe.
  6. cass is great, also vulpes,perry,marcello and whoever else touches the code to make magic happen, Like I swear they have to have done some dark arts to make things work
  7. who is out here asking non questions?
  8. sorry for being late but I made a simple one for ya, if you want somthing fancier I'd probably want paid but consider this simple one free edit: fixed a little error
  9. if you want a exact number it's 2,826 which took 4 months mostly due to off and on drive and the tedium of messing with icons. The base party icons were ones I found online with slightly different colors than rejuvs and I made the outlines darker so black shinies could work better, then of course shinied them. I already had the egg icons done forever ago but made them better by using party icons to better match tone and there were a few shinies that have changed since ep18. TL;DR I like pain
  10. I just want to say TheInsurgant I believe their name was the, is one who gave me the idea to make shiny icons but I kinda made my own since I don't think they are around anymore. So to be respectful I made my own, especially becuase some shinys got changed but the shiny eggs are all my idea because why not. I'm glad people like them and if you're out there @TheInsurgent thank you. don't want to double post so edit:
  11. double heartless, I want the 3rd to be in form of a tarot card lol
  12. yeah I originally came to see if anyone noticed that lol but remember we still have other things to do but 0 quests is a nice start
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