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  1. Cool! Do you need any more help with the update? I'd be happy to help!
  2. I remember that editing PBS files can sometimes cause the game to not load. I had some script errors so I had to delete the game and redownload. I don't know how this happens. I recall edting the PBS in Reborn (even though nothing happened) to make Latias have an 100% encounter rate somewhere. The game never crashed though. Oh, and I haven't played Spork in a while (or Reborn) I don't really like Pokemon all that much anymore and therefore don't play often. I still found Spork way better than any other Pokemon game, though, so are there any updates or stuff like that?
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    I'm kind of new to competitive. I still despise EVs and IVs but I am now a fan of Smogon and have been more careful with my items, abilities, moves, and BASE stats. I really decided to do competitive when earlier today my Pidgeot (Non-Mega) beat a Yveltal in Pokemon X. I was fighting some girl with the most cliche team ever. A starter, mega, and legendary. Pidgeot, Krookodile, and Chesnaught somehow won, though. But that's getting off topic. ANYWAYS, I have some lovely ideas for buffing mons. And BOY, do I know what I'm gonna do for the first one. I love me some Cryogonal. After watching the Mine Song one million times, I noticed how Cryogonal and "This triagonal sign" rhymed. And If you say Lazytown memes are dumb, one Lazytown meme made me find out about Reborn. So that's wonderful. Anyways, Cryogonal got a little buff in SM, but I was like, LAME! And Cryogonal needs stuff like Shadow Ball and even better Amnesia. Yes. I am aware that a snowflake cannot get Amnesia. But Pokemon never made any real sense. So while I'm on that topic, Cryogonal should maybe get Slush Rush or Snow Warning which now that I think about it Is way better. So Cryogonal should probably use this set If I got my way and Cryogonal was better. This Battle Is MINE! Ice Beam Amnesia Iron Defense Protect/Toxic/Flash Cannon Ability: Snow Warning Item: Never-Melt Ice And A side of the Mine Song Next Up on my weak little list Is a Water Type. Oh, I mean Dark-Psychic type. Seriously, though. Why is Malamar not part Water? So I'm actually pretty shocked that MALAMAR is in NU. After all, It's a good troll. Opponent: lol used Swords Dance Malamar: Oh? (Uses Topsy-Turvy) Opponent: I hate you. Malamar: Superpower. Opponent: Hah! You lowered your stats! Malamar: Oh? Malamar's Attack and Defense rose Opponent: Of COURSE it has contrary. What else can be said about Malamar? It's not bad, It just could be better. I know how. First, make It a Water type. Then there would be know more fairies. Yeah, I don't like fairies. They're dumb. And I truly learned this In Pokemon Spork. A certain Witch thought Sylveon could be more viable with more coverage. But I need to stop getting off topic. Malamar needs more ways to take advantage of Contrary. And I know how. PSYCHO BOOST. Yes, It's Deoxys' signature move, but it could easily be expanded onto more Pokemon. Like how First Impression somehow got onto Farfetch'd. A plus two special attack boost every time? Yes, please! SO, in conclusion, Malamar should be like this: Ultimate Troll Psycho Boost Superpower Knock Off Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Happy Hour Item: Normalium Z/No Item Ability: Contrary Note: Would be Water type maybe Welp, I'm done. One day Cryogonal will be really buffed. I will sneak into Game Freak and leave a note that says: Buff Cryogonal to have 999 BST before doing anything else! Then my Cryogonal sign will laugh in the face of my pitiful enemies...
  4. Thanks. Yes, I redownloaded the game and it fixed all the errors.
  5. I'm not sure what to do next. I've beaten Alumia and have the Mega Ring, and I also beat Ice Cream Sand Witch. Where do I go next?
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    Pokemon Word Chain

  8. Hold on now I'm getting another error about the Sprite Window Script I think I'm onto something.
  9. Hold on.... So I clicked on Game.rxdata (The one you sent back to me) And it downloaded my file. But how do you put it into Spork? Only my old file is in there now. Edit: I put In the new file (It didn't appear at first) and it still showed the error.
  10. Thanks! My computer that can run games takes forever and a day to turn on, so It'll be a couple minutes before I can check it out!
  11. Alright. I'm about to go check it out, but I have no clue what's wrong. Maybe It's because I didn't learn my lesson and thought I would be OK to edit the game again. I did exactly this: 1: Copied the Rival music from Reborn 2: Went into Spork's audio/BGM folder and pasted the music 3: Renamed Battle-Gym Leader to Battle-Gym Leader old 4: Renamed Battle-Rival to Battle-Gym Leader 5: Played Spork and Battled Aretha. The Music was the same as the Gym music. But before the Gym music looped again, It played the Gym Leader theme instead. 6: Lost to Aretha and saved and quit Spork 7: Played Spork and got the error Could you send me my save back? Maybe you did something to fix it. But before you send it back, put my character in Alioria MEADOWS. Maybe that fixes it? This error seems to be pretty random because Flareon and Music have nothing to do with Pokemon cries. Thanks!
  12. Ok. Thanks Game.rxdata
  13. Ok. That's fine. I'm sure I can find someone else to take the roles of those characters. Actually, I have some back-ups right now! But I have some more things to say: 1: My game is not set in a way similar to Spork. It does take place on earth, and it is quite different from Spork and Reborn, my two inspirations for the game. 2: The Evil Team is just evil. They plan to make a colony in space and leave Earth to be destroyed. If this was OK with you for including a self-insert, I probably still wouldn't do it anyway because I'm horrible at making sprites and I don't think my own ICSW sprite would be as good as the one in Spork. But like I said, I have replacements, so it should all work out. Thank you for taking your time to message me about this, but I have one more thing that I need help with... I got the line 78 error AGAIN in Spork. I think it must have something to do with Aretha's Gym or Aliora City in general. Because I got the SAME error in the SAME spot. I don't want my adventure to end here again, so any suggestions?
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  15. Ok thanks. Also, I’m making my own Pokémon Fangame and I was wondering if I could use some resources from Spork (With credit of course) I have a plan to make the three agents of the evil team the creators of Spork, Reborn, and Rejuvination.