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  1. oh damn it i forgot to respond
  2. oops forgot to respond You are really setting of my scum alarms, I hope you are ready to claim a role because no matter what I am questioning you tomorrow on every single ability you've used and on who  Unfortunately I don't think there's enough time left in this day to question you thoroughly, but you better tell a believable story tomorrow are you saying that me speaking out my mind and being smart is mafia? then you must be pretty towny rn jk can you explain how I'm scummy
  3. Wait, since Nano claimed as Watcher, doesn't that put him into the risk of getting night killed? Though I'm not sure if his claim is believable since his N0 NA is about Bok and Cass, who are both dead. There's also Newt, but given that he soft claimed Cop (?) which turned out to be false since Kiet was town I think, I don't suppose anyone would care to have a look at him. So yeah, I'm somewhat hesitant to believe Nano is the Watcher. Also, apparently I was told "Your action failed."
  4. nicki got it also excuse me i posted that around 7 in the morning I'm not that super happy-go-luckily active all the time mind you,,,,, in other news, i think Newt is a Lyncher, but it doesn't have to survive until the end of the game to win..... maybe Amber changed that or something?
  5. I agree with Lykos. also hey guys let's lynch Newt for the lolz xD ]eliminate newt[
  6. welp, might as well vote. I agree with Lia. Jace's claim was so sudden. [Eliminate] Jace
  7. ...............jace why did you claim, it was just one vote against you now I'm certain mafia might go after you because of that claim and then probably start the famine :<
  8. I agree with Lía. You can't really have anything to defend against "[player] is mafia" other than "no I'm not", especially this early during D1. To be honest, it's nice to actually see some discussion going on in D1 since most of the players are speaking out, rather than just random voting. It was pretty common in where I originally played mafia. Though the blind following of the bandwagon of some persons is kinda suspicious to me. The thing is, if Newt is the cop, he could either be paranoid or insane cop if Kiet's telling the truth about his role. There's also a possibility that he could be the Lyncher, as Cass found the role in EM and what Alaris said. I was thinking Kiet could be a Miller, but since he claimed Vanilla then I dunno,,,
  9. umm is newt normally "i'm voting for X lynch me after if I'm wrong" aren't we all, the town, supposed to survive? what if kiet's actually a baker and it could start the famine D: also why are you guys just blindly hopping onto the bandwagon when newt's reasoning is just "i feel like it's kiet so yeah" :thonk:
  10. In this is taken from epicmafia right Amber LOL
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    hi I'm here now I don't think so, Ali Perhaps it's Corso next?
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  15. Hello, i hope you're enjoying this invasion ^^

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