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  1. Upload your save file and I'll give you one. Instructions here if needed: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/
  2. Unfortunately I think in your case the only thing that can be done is going back to one of your backup saves.
  3. wcv


    You get some relationship points, a battle change-up later, and some modified dialogue; but that's it. Its not really worth starting over for. As for beating him. There's lots of ways. Pretty much all of them involve Focus Sash or Sturdy. My favorite is Power Split. Basically you take most of Garchomp's attack away and give it to something else, then wail on the stupid thing until its finished. Also burn it. And leech seed it if possible. Cofagrigus and Shuckle work pretty well I've found.
  4. You can find a Numel in front of the train station when it rains or buy a Slugma from the game corner. But don’t expect Flora to lose to a fire type. Kricketune will be a better choice.
  5. The exact same thing could be said for people who are overly positive, since it comes across as sweeping GF's long-rooted issues under the rug yet again in order to pretend that everything is all fine and dandy. Which will only encourage the creators to decide that they have done absolutely nothing wrong, and therefore should push even further next time. Look, I've been a fan of Pokemon since it was released in the US. I was literally one of the first people in my area to buy a copy of the games (as in the first person that the store SOLD Pokemon Red to), and have bought at least one of each pair of games they've released since. I think at this point I'm allowed to look back on the multitude of bad decisions that have been made culminating in this and express some negativity about it. On the actual stuff. I don't like the cake Pokemon. I'm not sure exactly what it is that rubs me the wrong way about it, maybe its just my disdain for things that are designed to be sickeningly cute, but it looks bad. Not as bad as the legendaries, but still among my least favorite of the revealed Pokemon. Rolycoly looks better, and I'm holding off judgement of Duralaudon for now, but give tentative thumbs up to it. But...well, the Pokemon continue to look like toys. Not in design, but in the way the light gleams off of them. They look fake. Yes, yes I know they are fake, but in the previous games this wasn't an issue. At least not one that I've noticed before. The models are off.
  6. wcv

    Classic Mon's

    Meowstic. I use her till Aya normally, and have been using her past that now that Ralts is further back. Beyond that, eh none really. I’m easily satisfied by the very best though, so typically the strongest Pokémon available make it in. Also yes, Manley was available at Viridian City in Yellow. It was one of the options added to make beating Brock possible. It’s wasn’t a good option since Nidoran could also be found there, and Butterfree’s confusion would wreck Brock without trying, but it was there.
  7. I wasn't the one who posted that.
  8. What do you need it for? I can think of two right off-hand. There's the Slugma from the Game Corner, and you can grab a Numel down near the train station while its raining.
  9. I’m personally kinda torn. Megas were an interesting idea that was horribly executed. Too many already powerful Pokemon were given megas to make them even better, Salamanca, Garchomp, T-Tar, Gengar, Metagross and all legendary megas all spring to mind. Pokemon like the Kanto starters, Beedrill, Pidgeot, and Ampharos were fine since they suck and needed help to be decent. But can’t have one group without the other. As for legendaries, kinda the same situation. Sure some of them are OP, but on the other hand Articuno.
  10. Actually I probably won’t. Skipped Let’s Go because they looked awful, and based on current information I’ll probably be skipping these too.
  11. Looked over the new Pokemon, and I'm sorry but these two legendaries awful. They look freaking hideous, and frankly stupid. Both of them. One is basically just Sif, but without the pathos that made you ignore the fact that a dog holding a sword in its mouth is ridiculous. And the other one is, if anything even WORSE. It looks like a literal toy. Not a toy that looks like a dog of some kind mind you, but rather one of those megazord type things that has folded up to be the chestpiece. These might just be the worse legendaries Gamefreak has ever created, and considering they made Hoopa that's saying something.
  12. I've done a pseudo-legendary playthrough (and let me just say fuck Serra during that playthrough), and while it was fine for the early game, and indeed maybe a bit harder than normal, once you got to Noel the difficulty really fell off. The enemies just weren't ready to deal with a Dragonite and Salamence stomping them flat at that point in the game. So, IMO you'd need to rebalance quite a bit to let them in earlier. They're fine where they are.
  13. Game.rxdata Huh, when I walked up to the Hideout there were two of Aya's mom, then the game crashed. That looks like some kind of bug, not sure how to fix it. Are you using the most updated game?
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