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  1. wcv

    Which game to buy

    The Order isn’t a game. It’s a tech demo with gameplay added as an afterthought. i’d say God of War of the ones you’ve listed. Arkham Knight was mediocre at best, and I’ve never played Just Cause.
  2. There isn't a woman blocking the entrance to 7th street at that point in the game. I think you went to the wrong building.
  3. wcv


    They had been locked in. You opened the door and they promptly escaped to cause fluffy mayhem.
  4. wcv

    Traded Exp.Share by mistake

    Paste this into your Saved Games folder, replacing the old file. Game.rxdata
  5. Another vote for Breath of the Wild. The underlying ideas are fine. Except weapon durability. Fuck weapon durability, but the execution of everything was just bad.
  6. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    The "link" between Marill and Pikachu goes back to the initial reveal of the Generation II Pokemon back in the first movie, and one of the earliest was Marill. At the time a lot of people thought it was a water evolution of Pikachu, nicknamed Pikablu. I remember thinking the idea was nonsense in the second grade, but everyone else in the class (this was back when Pokemon was the biggest thing that had ever existed) believed it because of that one kid who's uncle totally worked at Nintendo, despite the fact that none of the claims were ever true.
  7. The Ditto fight is not unfair. From a gameplay perspective at least. From a story perspective, yes it certainly is. But this is POKEMON. One Pokemon, that isn't that much stronger than its opponents, is going to lose to a semi-prepared trainer with a full team and who knows what they are doing.
  8. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    The Marill line is not a Pikachu clone because they don't resemble Pikachu in any meaningful way. They aren't electric type, and Azumarill isn't even a rodent. The only connection between Pikachu and Marill was that old idea that Marill was some kind of evolution of Pikachu, which literally anyone that gave the subject more than two seconds of thought would have realized was nonsense. Yes, even back then. Mimikyu is not a Pikaclone for similiar reasons. Pikachu clones are small, cute electric rodents meant to appeal to existing fans of Pikachu. That's why they all look so similiar.
  9. wcv

    Hurt & Heal: Rivals

  10. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    So far I'm most entertained by the angry Scottish lass jokes being made about the main female character. When I play these I'm definitely role-playing her as exactly that.
  11. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    "All Pokemon attack, therefore all Pokemon are based on weapons." That's more or less the same argument. Anything can have 1 detail that resembles a specific thing if you are willing to squint hard enough. That's not even getting into the fact that all of the other water starters DON'T have something that resembles a weapon. Greninja doesn't, and Feraligatr doesn't. I know people try to clam "brass knuckles" for the latter to which I have to ask, have they ever SEEN brass knuckles? They don't look like that, at all. The ridges on its arms are an extension of the ridges along the rest of its body. Like it legs and side. For Greninja, the "theory" (a term I use extremely loosely since theories have evidence backing them up) gets even MORE nonsense as it had to be modified to include attacks too, which ties into what I said at the top. I guess Charizard is based on a weapon as well since it can use Flamethrower, which is an ACTUAL weapon. So is every other fire Pokemon of course. And most electric types are as well since they can use Zap Cannon, and hey a cannon is a weapon. Let's also not forget every Pokemon that can use Swords Dance. A Sword is a weapon, and since Greninja establishes that being able to use a move with a weapon in its name qualifies so is Bidoof. Hell, Bidoof actually fits BETTER because a sword is an actual weapon, rather than a tool for distraction the way a shuriken was.
  12. wcv

    Favorite 8th Gen Starter

    Issa bunnie. As for me...eh, put me down for the bunny too. Not a giant fan of any of them, but here's hoping for a fire/electric final form.
  13. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    I don’t expect graphics powerhouse, I just think the Pokemon themselves look awful.
  14. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    I’m aware of the reasoning. It’s just the reasoning is stretched so far as to be pointless.
  15. wcv

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    ...no they aren’t.