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  1. I've placed you back at the beginning of the route. Game.rxdata Okay so, there's not a good way to fix this. I can move you out of the building, but you won't be able to get back in without me just randomly dropping you back in until we hit the right room, which takes a LONG time. Any idea what might be needed for you to beat her? I saw no issue when the game was loaded. Try starting up this file. Game.rxdata
  2. Let's see: S - Shelly, Titania A - Julia, Amaria, Serra, Ciel, Charlotte B - Amaria, Florinia, Shade, Radomus, Sampson, Shade C - Corey, Aya, Hardy, Kiki D - Luna, that guy on there with the Pokeball and dark hair. I can't even remember who he was or what types he used, so I guess he didn't make much of an impression.
  3. Here you are. Move this into yours saved games folder, and say yes to replace the old one. Game.rxdata
  4. Frankly unless Funimation has done something far worse than what I've seen, this case is going to crash and crash hard. As a public figure he's going to have to prove they acted with actual malice, which is a REALLY high bar to climb, even if he was innocent, and I still see nothing to indicate that.
  5. My family plays it a fair bit. I've tried every class, and from what I've encountered Death is the best, Myth is the worst (sorry). I think I got to Zafaria before I got bored and quit, just couldn't be bothered to keep slogging through that world. Dragonspyre was easily the best world overall.
  6. Erm, EVs always start at 0. Or did you mean IVs? In that case, its really just luck. I tend to focus on just the attacking stat of choice and speed. If those are good (above 20) then I'm good.
  7. About a hundred hours in my main game. But I only have about ten Pokemon I really rotate through, and I SR every time I lose, so I can adjust things prior. I used the Shared Box to get all the Pokemon trained up, so can probably add another fiftyish hours onto taht since I did it in other playthrough, but its not reflected in play time.
  8. There is no Mary Marvel on this list. Therefore the choice is invalid, and obviously a trap.
  9. Yeah, because Texas, a state which still teaches creationism, represents reality in the most thorough ways possible. That’s not what defamation means.
  10. wcv

    SH3'S B4CK

    My biggest question is what the heck "Bepsi" means. Also what all the Pix's above are about.
  11. Right off-hand, you don't have enough Pokemon. The others have given great suggestions, but in Reborn you want to try and have a full team throughout if possible. Every gym leader is going to have six Pokemon, and Florinia is one of the more straightforward leaders. If I was to add to any of the suggestions given though, you can buy a Nidoran IIRC at the Game Corner if you're willing to play enough Voltorb Flip, Its a good Pokemon who's Double Kick can deal solid damage, and it will also be excellent against the next leader since its a Poison type. Alternatively, grabbing a Trubbish with Toxic Spikes and setting those up early would hurt her team a lot since it would be consistent damage she can't deal with. Beyond that, Kricketune would be a solid choice as noted, though you are at the end of its useful life in this game, so it might not be worth bothering to train. This would also be a danger with Trubbish.
  12. Okay, I don't actually remember how this section goes if I'm being totally honest. Try this though, you're on the right section at least. Game.rxdata
  13. I had no problems, but moved you outside to be safe. Game.rxdata This one would not open for me. Did you pull if from the Pokemon Reborn Saved Games folder? If so, try going back a few backups and see if one of those will work. I had no issues. You missed a short scene with Victoria, and need to go to the spot where a hole was blasted in the grand staircase. Game.rxdata Sorry, could you give a bit more information. I'm not sure what the issue you're facing is.
  14. Yeah, its almost as if proving this sort of thing comes down to testimony of the parties involved. But frankly, when a significant number of people repeat the same allegations, its likely there is at least some truth to them. Normally a whole lot more than some. He's guilty. Yeah, it might never get proven, but as someone who doesn't care a whit about the industry he's in, but has looked at the facts provided, the guilt comes across pretty clearly to me. If any lawsuits make it to actual judgement rather that settlement I hope the court throws the book at him, and that it leads to crackdowns all across the entertainment industry regarding this sort of stuff. It won't, because the whole thing is scummy and actually taking action rather than talking bit would require the perpetrators to face punishment and that might, horror of horrors, make audiences realize that people they look up to and respect can also be completely horrible people, and we can't have that.
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