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  1. Mimi asking for mass claim was kinda sus but at this point I still don't know much, been really busy. Can someone tell me what do we know so far.
  2. dont hate any member from team meteor coz I am gonna beat them all anyway at the end of the game and Lin will bow down before me. Also welcome to the cartel.
  3. can someone give me a brief on whats going on so far please, I've been super busy. Hopefully I'll be here again within those 22 hours.
  4. just to clear myself, I am the Retributionist and have served my purpose. There is nothing left for me to do but lynch the scums. But thanks for the confirmation Ali, we can now move things forward. Anyway can anyone tell me who claimed what, I've been very busy lately.
  5. DAY 2 : THIS IS NOT WHAT I PAID FOR. I WANT A REFUND AND AND A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP CARD WHICH GIVES ME A MILLION BREAD The captain relaxed in his cabin, free from those cheapskates, eating his delicious Golden Bread and drinking the Chicken Soup when all of a sudden, he heard people shouting and fighting. Exasperated, the captain rushed out to see what happened. The sight that greeted him was a grim one. Quite a few of them was choking somebody and trying to push them off the ship. The Bread told him that they were unhappy with sharing their bread with somebody and wanted to get rid of other people to get more bread, and also because they want to use the blood of the dead people to use as flavoring . The captain immediately tried to stop them and asked for other passengers to help him but they were too busy. Some of them was eating bread and drinking water while one of them was eating what they called a pizza. The captain yelled for them to stop but to no avail. They were hungry and bloodthirsty. They wanted wanton death. The captain knew he couldn't save both of them and the fools were very likely to turn on him too. "Hungry cheapskate halfiwits," he swore. The captain rushed to his quarters and took a glass bread out of his safe before immediately throwing it to the floor, breaking it into pieces. Light emanated from where the bread was and expanded, engulfing everything around it. The sphere of light grew, unstoppable. He only hoped that the poor chaps could be saved. But the captain was too late, Nano was already dead, his head plucked off by Newt and his body thrown into the sea by AMINE. The light covered everything, including the ship, and then there wa- NANO4 WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED. HIS NAME WAS WIILIAM AFTON. ALDO, BOAT, ASTRA ate their breads and drank the water. The Bread God is happy. One of them was blessed. The residents gathered in the town hall, awaiting the forum that was called to capture the culprits behind the death of the poor mayor and Nano4 that was brutally murdered yesterday. They looked at each other with suspicion. After all, who could have known that some among them could be responsible and capable for such a bloodcurdling act. Who could have known that some among them was part of an underground society. They were all apprehensive. They feared that their once peaceful life would be disrupted. They feared that they could be next. Tension could be felt in the air. A young man walked up the stage, wearing a mask over his head. The man proclaimed his name to be Nano IV, and that he was an emissary of the Bread Master, sent to help them resolve the recent murders. He suggested for them to lynch somebody to show the villains they they are not to be trifled with. The residents eyed him with scrutiny. None among them have ever seen him before and few could see any reason to trust him. Yet it's not as if his suggestion was not without value... The day begins. Vote for somebody to lynch and whether to reveal roles present or ability of a role. Do so with the format below [ELMINATE] GAMETHROWER [REVEAL] ROLES / [REVEAL] CANDY Daily Challenges Day 2 daily challenge : Plagiarism is the way! Whenever you have any doubts, always to remember to copy pasta and life will be without troubles! Task: Encourage all players to meet the activity requirements for this Day Phase. To succeed all players must post at least three times and vote out another player. Reward: All players will know exactly how many players there are of each alignment alive. Residents 1. Bazaro 2. Anti Loser 3. Nano4 - William Afton 4. Nickcrash 5. Nicki 6. Newt 7. Arch 8. Lykoshand 9. Alistair 10. Amine 11. Falirion 12. Dragoknight 13. Mimi 14. Bok Choi 15. Aldo 16. Astra 17. Lia 18. Hypurr 19. Crimsondragon 20. Sailboat inferior 21. Jelly 22. Candy 23. Scammer Divergent 24. Sopheria 25. Digitalamber 26. Yin 27. Seal 28. Eric 29. Nano IV pasta to everyone
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