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  1. Alright look it doesn't matter to me anyway if get lynched now or not because I will die anyway by the end of the Night phase if I don't get healed. I wouldn't reveal any of them if I actually don't needed healing to survive. But now that most of you suspects me and healer is among them it won't change anything either way. Anyway, I didn't like Drago's post about me, seemed too opportunistic. [Eliminate] Drago
  2. I just said I didn't know that Newt didn't knew about who gave the gun until your previous post. I don't know what else is there to think that I am twisting things. You are not clearly pointing out how I am more suspicions yet.
  3. I thought that Newt knew who gave him the gun so I said Newt should know mafia wouldn't give the real gun to town. Which Flarion cleared me that Newt didn't know who gave him the gun. Wow when did I said Aldo and Amime are mafia? I just have suspicion on Amine for reason I've said. Did you read my post or are you making this up bro? As for the first reason, you suspect me just because I suspect them and you don't? What kind of reason is that? How does that make me mafia? And how do you think they are town for sure?
  4. You are saying why wouldn't he claimed that late? It could be anything, maybe he expected it would change the lynch, maybe he didn't knoe the time. But I don't know why you are bringing this up as if it is the reason I think Newt is mafia. And you are saying I am twisting things. How exactly am I twisting things?
  5. Why do you think they are buddies? Did I ever said anything like that? What I said was, if Nicki was mafia and had real gun she wouldnt give it to town, which should be obvious, but Newt still suspected her. Can you elaborate how you think I am mafia?
  6. you guys are so wrong if you think I am mafia. If you guys are town you are going the wrong direction.
  7. Anyways @Townies I visited Amine, I am the town Bard(roleblocker) but apparently something happened to me and I've been informed that I'll die by the end of Night 2 unless I am healed. So please help a fellow townie here
  8. Alright I'll admit I didn't read much except the major events in the game up till now. But after rereading the game again (it was painful), I am still suspicious of you @CrimsonDragon21. Because first of all not only did he assumed that Aldo is vanilla when he himself never said that, but after Amine said that he had the same result as Aldo, Kiet quickly called out Amine for being a vanilla too, without thinking why would two vanillas (one of them didn't even claim) give the same information, when one already gave that who wasn't even a vanilla. Which leads me to think that him and Amine are both mafias and Kiet somehow misinterpreted what Aldo said and thought it was a good idea to claim vanilla since its confirmed townie and told Amine to claim. Though I might be tinfoiling too much, but Amine at first said that he had the same information as Aldo but later when asked to elaborate he said that he wanted to reveal the town NPCs that he got ninja'd by Aldo. I dont see how that is the same news as Aldo? As for Newt, I just want to know why or how are you guys are seeing him as confirmed townies, am I still missing something. Given that how he killed Nicky, when she was the one that gave him the gun and it should be obvious that there is no way a mafia would give a gun to a townie instead of their buddies. Also, I dont like the way Kiet has turned 180 degree and started to defend Newt, when they were going at each other just the previous day. [Eliminate] Kiet
  9. Not townish vibes. So why don't you vote me and suggest whom to takedown with me
  10. Right now Ali, Nicki and Aldo are somewhat looking less scumish.
  11. Alright town fellas I am about to make an offer that you cannot refuse. Its simple I am the jester, and I want to get lynched, if you guys lynch me I'll take down whoever you guys choose. Because it is almost 50/50 and now that I've revealed myself, there is a less possibility that the mafia shoots me, instead of a townie. If you don't lynch me now there is a high chance that it will be a mislynch this phase casue there are too many mafia still alive. So do what is right. [Lynch] Arch I hope I am not too late
  12. The thing is we are focusing too much on game mechanics than scum hunting. We are 18 players. The worst possibility is that the third party is a faction like the mafia and the least worst possibility is that the they are just survivors. If there are 18 players we can assume there are about 4-5 mafias and 2-3 third parties. There is not way to know unless they want to reveal themselves or dies in lynches or NKs. Anyways I am not feeling that good about Kiet, and want to eat some popcorn and chill. [Vote] Kiet
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