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  1. It was a gift from Jan for helping with the sprites. Don't know if it's available in this version. what @seki108 said
  2. nothing, just send me mons that you won't need. going online now!
  3. I can give you all 4 of them
  4. I have more pkmns in the pc but these were the main 6 for v12.
  5. Where can I find the dark material?
  6. Where should I go after the pyramid?
  7. Rotom - wash, hydreigon or greninja
  8. claydol crest: +20 to hp or sp atk gastrodon crest: reduces weakness to grass golurk crest: boost hp, def and sp def by 10 hitmonchan: gives stab boost to the elemental punches
  9. If it's already purified then enter it trough the safari zone. You'll nee a spice powder and surf.
  10. You need to purify it and then enter the cave through the safari zone.
  11. Please make the legendaries hard to find or related to some quest Also, a battle frontier Also also please don't overwork yourself!
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