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  1. check here for the stone, a couple of heart scales and a king's rock
  2. swift swim ludicolo is the perfect counter to amaria, just take down seismitoad as soon as it appears. If you want to go with ferrothorn, I would choose flash fire chandelure and swampert or any other water/ground.
  3. Excadrill is perfect for balancing your team. As for the other two, if your ampharos is mega, go with chandelure and ludicolo.
  4. luis

    LF Ditto

    enjoy it!
  5. luis

    LF Ditto

    ok. going online
  6. luis

    LF Ditto

    Just trade me something that you don't need. can you trade now?
  7. No need, thank you. btw I can give you a kabutops, rampardos, azumarill and a xatu, if you are interested.
  8. just give me something that you don't need. can you trade now?
  9. hey, I can give you Shuckle, Sigilyph and Minior
  10. I do and thank you for the offer but I don't need anything in return. Grab two mons that you don't need and send a request to "lis"
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