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  1. Sorry, I'm not in discord. Pm me when you are available, I'll leave this tab open If its speed, then go with life orb. from the guide: +TM27 Return Tourmaline Region Tourmaline Desert/Upper Right Path Area - Drained Oasis (middle the drained oasis area)
  2. @Soulplayer You have a very balanced team. you should keep the excadrill, you really don't need a 4x weakness to ice and you needa steel type for the sp defensive fairies. my opinions: rotom- heat: Shadow ball should work better than hex since you don't have status inflicting moves, unless you are expecting to paralyze the other pkmn with thunderbolt. Or go with will-o-wisp instead of pain split. excadrill: iron head for smart strike, you can teach it in the 7th street. Life orb or leftovers, depending on the evs/ivs. Greninja: the moveset is solid for a protein greninja, at least until ice beam is available. why don't you use an expert belt and save the life orb for other pkmn? Naganadel: same as greninja. Life orb would be perfect for it. decideye: moveset is ok until SW is available. Its z-move is very powerful so I think you should keep it on. Kangaskhan: Moveset seems very weak for a mega. Power-up punch+ Bulldoze (-2 speed)+max hap return or crush claw (for the def drops)+ shadow claw ( for ghosts) should work better. I can trade you the items that you need like the life orbs, if you want.
  3. luis

    [DONE] LF Trainer ID numbers

    Are you still looking for the other 3 numbers?
  4. luis

    V11 Sidequests

    Go to goldenleaf town, enter the house above the truck guy and talk with the guy on the left. Then go to kristiline town and talk with the director in the Sapphire museum. Go back to goldenleaf town and talk with the guy and, finally, return to the museum.
  5. If it's already purified then enter it trough the safari zone. You'll nee a spice powder and surf.
  6. You need to purify it and then enter the cave through the safari zone.
  7. luis

    Looking for a Shieldon

    Hey! I can give you a bastiodon, don't need anything in return
  8. I'm using the v3 patch and found 12 crest. You will need strenght, rock smash, dive, a water and rock pokemon, and pokemons to deal with a lvl70 cofagrigus,3 luvdiscs and a team of 6. here's a quick walkthrough to get all of them:
  9. luis

    V11 Sidequests

    Yes, that was it. I guess I missed that last time.
  10. luis

    V11 Sidequests

    Ups maybe I was the one that didn't do everything in the previous version and just assumed it was new content
  11. luis

    V11 Sidequests

    @Araxel there's also a wimpod in the safari zone and the search for chansey, the pokemon in cages in carotos mountain, the statue in kristiline town, the missing miltanks in the ranch and the pokeflute, the aquamarine ore in aquamarine cave and tyrogue, the chikorita trade in route 2, the castform trade in terajuma jungle, the sandstream cave, the zorrialyn labyrinth, the mincinno in the hotel, the lvl100 budew in gearen park and you can "continue" a quest in the underground. @Milotic finish all of the gearen city help quests and challenge her in the gym
  12. Sorry, didn't see it on time
  13. luis

    In need of gen 6 fossil pokes

    Have fun!
  14. luis

    In need of gen 6 fossil pokes

    lis. will be online in a min