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  1. It was a gift from Jan for helping with the sprites. Don't know if it's available in this version. what @seki108 said
  2. nothing, just send me mons that you won't need. going online now!
  3. I can give you all 4 of them
  4. I have more pkmns in the pc but these were the main 6 for v12.
  5. Where can I find the dark material?
  6. Where should I go after the pyramid?
  7. Rotom - wash, hydreigon or greninja
  8. check here for the stone, a couple of heart scales and a king's rock
  9. swift swim ludicolo is the perfect counter to amaria, just take down seismitoad as soon as it appears. If you want to go with ferrothorn, I would choose flash fire chandelure and swampert or any other water/ground.
  10. Excadrill is perfect for balancing your team. As for the other two, if your ampharos is mega, go with chandelure and ludicolo.
  11. claydol crest: +20 to hp or sp atk gastrodon crest: reduces weakness to grass golurk crest: boost hp, def and sp def by 10 hitmonchan: gives stab boost to the elemental punches
  12. If it's already purified then enter it trough the safari zone. You'll nee a spice powder and surf.
  13. You need to purify it and then enter the cave through the safari zone.
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