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  1. Put simply, I have just three problems: - Doing the goomidra quest, after I battle against Goomink, and I beat him, the game freeze, and autosave( always autosaving in the worst situation), restarting the game, I'm still stuck, so... Kinda need some help (I see that some people put some archive, I don't know which one, so a good soul would please say Wich archive I need to upload). - My character don't change its clothes when I want him to change -If I not mistaken, in the basement where we fight against Gardevoir I received a Focus Sash, but I can't find anywhere my Focus Sash, could someone just... Put there for me? If I'm wrong, and remembering wrong, please ignore this last request. Edit: Now, I have discovered how to put a savefile. Game.rxdata
  2. After a long time without visiting this forum, I decided today to revisit my save, so, I have no ideia of what/where I supposed to do/go. I have 7 badges, Melia is ill, I believe that I didn't fight Aelita, but I can't find her anywhere, I thought maybe I already beat her, but the douche fight type gym leader isn't in Sheridan.
  3. [[TITANIA]] Swampert LV 82 mystic water Torrent Rain Dance Waterfall Dive Earthquake Magmortar LV 82 Charcoal Vital spirit Flamethrower Lava Plume Thunder Punch Confuse Ray Scrafty LV 79 Zoom Lens Shed Skin High Jump Kick Crunch Rock Smash Rock Climb Metagross lv83 Clear Body Twisted Spoon Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Hammer Arm Zen Headbutt Torterra LV 80 Miracle Seed Shell Armor Earthquake Crunch Wood Hammer Giga Drain Togekiss LV 78 Serene Grace nothing Air Slash Moon Blast Aura Sphere Extrasensory In rotation: Drapion, Crobat, Venusaur, Vaniluxe, Sivally(only with fighting memory), Grumpig, Gyarados PS: If someone suggest some good moveset for each of my pokemon (Especially for the first six, plus Crobat, Drapion and Sivally)
  4. I'd like to restart my game, but with my original team , so could you please put all the pokemon in the PC BOX named "MAIN TEAM" ?But preserve their initial form, same IVs, same natures(with exception of crobat, please i wanna him to be adamant and shiny). Game.rxdata
  5. Btw now that i realized that I have on my team a togepi and I need another shiny stone(because I aready used on roselia so besides MT Hardened exist another one? And the underground battles... Does happen something if you just keeping winning? Like, someone kidnapping you or stuff? And someone could tell me where i can find two keys to unlock a door in one of the houses in Blackview?
  6. Someone would be nice to explain to me how I get a trapinch? And two link stones or whatever name the dev give to this And if have any shiny stone to evolve roselia
  7. Man, it will have a way to get a magmarizer any soon? Or I need to Soft Reset until i got one and get the risk of got the wrong IV?
  8. So up there says that Elgyemis not to be found, but i found him in hidden library
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