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  1. So today I replayed ep.18 and I saw a few thingies It's worth noting it's still the community release (I just realised) so some issues may have already been fixed, but I'm posting them here anyway just in case Part of the wheel of the bike can be seen. She doesn't look at me when she's talking to me Feisty, perhaps?
  2. I can confirm that, not a bug. Go down the waterfall, activate the crystal, come back here and use rock smash.
  3. [E18 Spoilers] obviously I still haven't finished the episode, but I like it very much so far. Congrats, Ame and dev team!!
  4. Alaris

    E18 Cat' Stats

    "if you suffer, i suffered first." I loved that bit hahahaha So the story will be forever branched... interesting. That's really cool! I'll have to start a new playthrough to explore the other path, though (I didn't need it for ep.17 since I was on Reshiram's, but I suppose that both routes will be getting content in ep.18). Well, thank you very much for the effort!!
  5. This is soo kingdom-hearts-ish!!
  6. Well, it's really nothing if you think about the whole development time! And I'd rather wait a few more weeks to play a stable game than being unable to enjoy it because it crashes or because you can live wild and unexpected adventures skipping parts of the story... XD (I'm looking at you, episode 12). Let's just wait a little more and then we will enjoy it even more. And thanks to all the developers and testers for the hard work!! Keep it up!!
  7. No m'esperava trobar a ningú més de Mallorca per aquí... ;)

    1. MarcusBalearius


      No m'esperava que algú em contactàs aquí xD

  8. You should post it here: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/23098-e16-minor-errors/
  9. oookay... so far, the fields were challenging now THIS is scary ...and I feel that we are going to battle Lin in it...
  10. There was that "Mirage tower" down there... you know, it's a tower why not You know, I'm also somewhat concerned by that. Most of the fields could be changed (which I really didn't like as the player's advantage greatly increases), but this time, if the leader is too OP, perhaps would have been our only chance to surviving... Oh dear, that's going to be fun
  11. Today I hitted a gym and the "leader" had a f*cking Dragonite with 1300+ CP. Seriously, how does people find these things? My best pokemon is a Golbat with about 200 CP Ú_Ù
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