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Three problems

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Put simply, I have just three problems:

- Doing the goomidra quest, after I battle against Goomink, and I beat him, the game freeze, and autosave( always autosaving in the worst situation), restarting the game, I'm still stuck, so... Kinda need some help (I see that some people put some archive, I don't know which one, so a good soul would please say Wich archive I need to upload).




- My character don't change its clothes when I want him to change






-If I not mistaken, in the  basement where we fight against Gardevoir I received a Focus Sash, but I can't find anywhere my Focus Sash, could someone just... Put there for me? If I'm wrong, and remembering wrong, please ignore this last request.


Edit: Now, I have discovered how to put a savefile.





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