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  1. for the record if your save file was started after e16, it's okay if you evolved them-- it goes by the original trainer id releasing is an 'oof' though.
  2. are you sure that it's not indigo? love you
  3. i really appreciate that he noticed what the lyrics cain was singing were from. i think that's the first time someone in a playthrough i've watched has immediately known on their own
  4. oh you did it! good! i hadn't even seen the thread before, oops. these are definitely very good though, you have a very cute and clean style. also, the forum attachment space is limited but if you embed from a site like imgur you won't have to worry about that
  5. nuzlocke can be turned off if you die like a bitch the rest would require debug
  6. it's already been fixed for 19. there's already a patch for it on the forum as well
  7. i'm not sure if you didn't see it or just chose not to use it because some details have changed, but map 148 in editor (the parent tourmaline map) is actually a hollistic view of all parts including scrapyard and mirage tower (at least, when it's there). it might be easier to edit using that?
  8. for the record, i would actually like to be able to add something roaming just for like, 1-3 of them to have them be different from everything else. however, i tried to do roaming events (teddiursa, zangoose, zorua, one more?) in the early episodes, and just have them roam around peridot only, or roam between alleys and they just never showed up for anyone so i can only conclude that the roaming code is broken anyway and it would be impossible. (hence why those encounters became more like hide-and-seek instead)
  9. Do you wanna PM me the script piece for it?
  10. normally? no. however, it will be easy to do with debug mode.
  11. new post to announce some features we definitely already directly pointed at in this thread~
  12. hello so there are some features that ame had thought she might or might not eventually implement into the game, probably very late in development after everything else was done unfortunately, ame is very impulsive and thus, she decided to do them immediately. as of episode 19, new players starting the game will be given an option for 'special instructions', or the ability to enter a text password during the intro. the passwords available for this are listed in the readme, but i'll talk about their effects here: Password: hardcap - Changes Reborn's level cap to a hard cap in which Pokemon no longer gain EXP once they hit it, a la Rejuvenation Password: mono(type) - Where (type) can be replaced by any of the 18 types, guarantees that all randomized early game events, including the mystery egg, will generate with Pokemon of the chosen type when possible. Also adds an early game Rock and Ice type so those types have something before Julia. Password: nuzlocke - Prevents Pokemon from being healed when their HP drops to 0. Can be turned off after a loss. In order to account for different types of lockes, no other restrictions are applied. Password: randomizer - Randomly shuffles Pokemon species and moves around for a playthrough. Online play is disabled in this mode. Shout out to @HauDareYou for the initial framework. Password: easyhms - Allows any Pokemon to use any TMX move provided the machine and badge are held. Thanks to @Waynolt for letting us integrate this one. there are also other hidden passwords that can be found in-game... any of these passwords can be used with each other, including the monotype ones for dualtype runs. however, i don't promise there won't be some wacky interactions. who knows, really i hope you will look forward to playing the final game in various ways~
  13. Oops, a bit late. At any rate, I'm not officially connected with the reborn wiki, that's pretty much solely a fan-propagated project. So please feel free to contribute as much as you'd like, I think. ^^
  14. All TMs have been moved around and are now obtainable before E19 content. They've all been reset for older files too so you shouldn't be able to miss anything if you didn't get it before. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well two of those things you don't need to wait for postgame for one of those things is definitely happening and one i've still got to care enough about to learn in the first place.
  15. There's nothing wrong with talking about debug or mentioning it in a case like that. It just shouldn't be proposed as one of the first solutions to an otherwise manageable problem.
  16. Apologies for the downtime earlier... Unfortunately, we suffered an unexpected security breach. ...Tbh I'm not really entirely sure how that happened, but whatever the case we're back online and I've taken the opportunity to upgrade the server environment and make some adjustments for performance and security... So hopefully none of that will happen again. I can only imagine the recent slowness and downtime we've had in the last couple days has also been a result of the same group trying to hack into the site, but... With any luck, today's changes will put an end to that too. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. While we're all here in the announcement section, there is one matter that we should also mention. As of today, we're adding a new warning and guildeline for the site-- for 'Debug Dealing'. Before anyone panics, I'll say upfront: We're not outlawing debug mode. Y'all are still welcome to use it and play however you want, and even share it when it is needed. However, what we want to ask is that when it comes to players who are new to the game and community, please give them a chance to play the game for itself as intended before recommending they solve whatever problem that have with debug mode. If it's something that can't be done normally-- great, debug away. But for many of the cases we've seen, it hasn't been needed, and when it's suggestion #1 (or 2, or 3...) it can really take away from the core experience. The accompanying warning is worth 0 points, as an ettiquette warning, and is just a tap on the shoulder to say "hey, please don't. thanks," If you have any questions about that, please also feel free to ask here or ask a staff member directly. That's all-- once again, sorry about the downtime. And enjoy the new version!
  17. i never weak!!! cookies have no pull on m-- wait, did you say chocolate we're done with AI for now. i hope. probably not. cries.
  18. so, we've finally finished cleaning up from our several supervised test periods, and we're shipping off to internal. but for those who haven't heard, we are not doing a full test cycle right now-- internal will be the last test. the purpose here is just to make sure that if we for any reason have to drop the project and release as-is, the main story will at least not be horribly bug ridden for y'all. we'll have another full test cycle again (one that will probably span eons) once postgame is complete. that said! it's been a minute since i talked about some of our new features and changes. let's start with the thing i've been screaming about. hint: it's AI. we've made a number of improvements and fixes to a lot of facets of it, but there's two things in particular that have really just knackered my knickers: the first is what we've just started referring to as the 'speed bug'. basically, there was a certain line of code used in default essentials that, when we reworked AI, we reused a lot. it speed like a nice, strapping young line of code, and we had no reason whatsoever to think it might be completely broken. so naturally, it was, and we copied it into 200 places. this caused the AI to basically always think it was faster than the player, even when it definitely was not, which as you might imagine, has caused a lot of issues and a lot of emotional pain. this has now been fixed, unleashing never-before-seen chambers of code into the wild for the first time. that can come with its own issues. basically: aaaaaaa the second we just discovered a couple days ago. let's call it the 'switch-reversal bug'. basically, when deciding what pokemon to switch in, the parts of the code that checked type effectiveness got switched around. thus, it has been intentionally sending in pokemon with bad type match ups the entire time. this was an easy fix, but also frankly it's amazing that switching has worked well enough to this point that it wasn't completely obvious but. here we are. those are the big bois but like even aside from those i've been fixing dozens of case issues for the last week or two. it's gonna be good. or i'm gonna cry. what else! check this out: by popular demand, we've merged the multi-move mod into the main project! Huge shoutout to @Waynolt for getting this going and letting us adapt it. We've also made some convenience improvements that you can see in the above gif-- Instead of selecting each pokemon through the menu, you can just hold Ctrl when you select them to automatically add them to the multi-move queue. We've fixed some other misc things too, the fishing animation that's been missing for years, some PULSEs have been buffed, and we found an issue with hidden power where the player's hidden powers weren't actually properly set to the static 60 BP even though we tried to change that before. Very sorry about that, guys :c One more update for you today. This one comes from our animator Vulpes, and it's exactly what the move deserved: That's more or less where we're at. So since we're not moving on to later stages of testing, there's no set end date to internal-- we'll just fix stuff as we go and as we work. And thus, internal will simply evaporate into the distance, as must I.
  19. For the record guys, I usually don't let myself count for nominations. Nominate other people!! This is for you all, not me! (Thanks anyway though )
  20. nevermind the party is cancelled.
  21. It's technically still the 22nd in Alaska if I post this within the next 22 minutes. From the original thread~ And yes, the thing about Azery is serious. Beyond that, feed us your nominations! There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate, or that can be nominated so post without abandon. A current list of nominations will occasionally be collected in this topic. Ember King: Jan Marcello SilverAngelus Bibs Sardines Posty Arkhi Kyle Alex Wolfox Alistair Commander Budew Azery Midsummer Queen: Ruwuby Zumi Candy cass Lía Marcello Jan seki108 ICSW Nicki Crimson Dragon Amethyst Bibs Azery Sunlit Sovereign: Ama seki108 Alex Posty Ruwuby Kyle Starry Knight Maqqy Budew Bibs Azery Top Secret Super Emperor Category: Azery i can't believe they found out.
  23. Amethyst


    No plans for that, since it is stated that goal for restoration would be within the next couple years in-game time... I.e not within game's playable scope. However, there is one individual who was making a mod and afaik plans to continue it after e19 so you can do just that
  24. Amethyst

    E19 Release

    no no no... You're on the good list currently no plans to implement them since they're also from the weird and warped world of let's go No plans for ShSh content especially not until we know what kind of mechanics they're changing Earlier content is liable to have some changes
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