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  1. i want everyone to know that, no matter how silly my site maintenance messages may be, the actual process contains nothing for me but pure, unbridled despair.

    not even the fun DR kind either.

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    2. Amethyst


      its ok im just complaining, this is how i get by
      welcome, btw!

    3. Q-Jei


      Don't give up Amethyst! There are more than 40k members on this forum who love what you do and are ready to support you till the end! I'm one of them! Reborn is more than a game to me. And there's something really positive that comes from the community too! This had to be said! You transformed the last two years of my existence and changed them into something more beautiful among all the other years I've experienced in my life! I wouldn't have been the same person as I am today if all your hard work wouldn't have existed! I'm glad to be a member of Reborn Evolved, and I'm glad to be still here two years after I registered on your website! You deserve great esteem and appreciation, you and all those who work by your side! ❤️


      Please, never change ❤️

    4. Amethyst


      okay that is very sweet of you and genuinely appreciated in this trying time
      but also site hosting stuff is dumb and i hate it
      anyway like thank you and stuff

  2. Welcome to this year's Super Secret Santa! just in case you aren't familiar, Secret Santa is a holiday gig in which a group of people sign up and each one is randomly assigned one other person of the group to buy a present for! Whomever you get a gift from and give a gift to is random, but we'll make sure everyone gets something no matter what. In an attempt to minimize shipping headaches, there will be one group for NA and one for Europe. First and foremost, there are some stipulations on entering: You must be at least a Veteran on the forums (or better), to reduce the risk of dropped gifts. You must be from NA or Europe. Sorry to folks from other places :c You must be willing to spend real money on this. The suggested budget is around $25 or £/€20 You must be willing to share your address with us. Rest assured, it will only be given to the person who is sending you your gift. We will cap out at 10 people per region. If all that is okay and you are still interested, then read on! Sign ups will be open until 11/27! In order to sign up, please send me a message here on the forum with the following things: Your region A name that people can ship to A postal address to ship to A wish list of some things or options around the given price range that you would enjoy getting! After 11/27 everyone will be assigned their gift-givee, and it's off to the races with y'all. Just to be sure, I'll ask that everyone sends me a copy of their receipts / orders when shipping things off. If you've provided confirmation that you did send a gift and you somehow do not get a gift, we will personally get you one ourselves instead. No Santa left behind! We'd also like to suggest that folks get their gifts shipped out by 12/7! Then, at the Winter Party, everyone can share what things they got and talk about it! Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread, or privately to me. Otherwise, my DMs are open for sign-ups!
  3. Good question! Every year we create a separate discord server for the party. The link to the party server will be posted here once it's actually time to get going. Award voting will happen on the main server the day before, and the sign ups for Secret Santa will be in this forum
  4. Hello dear friends and children! Where is Episode 19? I don't know, keep playing Sword and Shield. Can't afford a Switch? That's what this holiday season is for. * this message approved by Nintendo of America And you know what else the holiday season is for? Parties! As many of you know but some do not, Reborn hosts two online social events every year, and this Winter's is coming up! Let's take a look at this year's schedule and events. The 2019 Winter Revel will take place on December 28th! Festivities will officially start at 7pm GMT+1 or 2pm EST, and will run for a full 12 hours! Anyone and everyone is welcome to pop in drop by or drop out as they please, so the least you can do is come say hi! Here's this year's schedule! Now as usual, let's talk about each event. Main Events- Members of the Year Awards Hot from their hit debut last year, they're back! Vote for your fellow community members in dozens of categories of awards for the year! Old favorites from last year will return, such as the ever-coveted Smelliest Auth Award ... but will the title change hands? hm.... Joining them will be a fresh shipment of MotY categories. Look forward to new ones such as last year's direly-missed Most Likely To Win Third Place Award, or such new gems as the Hippest Himbo Award! Categories will be officially announced on 12/21 and voting begins on 12/27. Winter Wondertrade The runaround is back! All day long, we'll be heating up Reborn's wondertrade servers with exclusive event mons sponsored by our mods and our leaders! In addition to that we invite everyone to get those bidoofs outta there and put on their best gift 'mons for the holiday season. Keep those trades moving and there is no telling what you may get! Super Secret Santa The classic secret santa shindig returns from last year as well! To participate in this, you must be willing to share your address with us and to spend real money. Participants and their wish lists will be entered into a drawing, and then everybody will be randomly (and secretly??) assigned another participant to buy and ship a gift for! Last year's was a lot of fun, and I still treasure the gift I ended up with, so I hope more folks will give it a shot! More information will be posted for this along with sign-ups on 11/20! There are some restrictions, so make sure to read the thread thoroughly when it goes up. Sign ups will be open for one week until 11/27! Smash Ultimate Tourney Another pow-wow writes itself into the schedule! For those of you who are confident in your brawling prowess and the Switch Online account to back it up are invited to beat each other senseless in another Reborn Party classic Smash Tourney sponsored by the one and ever-absent, Godot! Game Room- The Cockamamie Caucuses A brand new game joins the line up this winter! In this experimental game, the rules are made up and the points don't matter, but no matter whose line it is, it's sure to be a riot! Our expert candidate participants will line up and, in a manner surely most befitting of our nations' leaders, answer perfectly sensible questions such as What's the best way to build a horse out of ketchup, or How do you explain the undeniable connection between Dexit and the historic surge of criminal clown sightings back in 2016? Audience members will then be invited to torment-- I mean, engage the speakers with any questions they may have about the subject matter. At the end, the audience will vote for who was their favorite candidate of all, and that person will be crowned the Cockamamie Caucus Conqueror! Curses One of our favorite recent Summer Social games, Curses has been shifted to the Winter Revel's line up instead! Join us for one of two rounds of increasingly chaotic and destructive wordslaughter! Each player asks each other questions, answers them, and assigns 'curses' in the form of quirky typing conditions, restrictions, etc to the other players. Fail to uphold your curses and you could be called out! Who will be the last one standing? These games tend to get crazy after running for a while, so they are limited to 8 players each. Taboo A classic party game returning after being introduced to last year's party! Taboo features one keyword that must be guessed, but watch out! Each keyword comes with several banned words that you can't say! Make the other person guess your word with other clues before time runs out and collect points to beat out the other teams! Queen's Game The surviving Reborn party staple! Derived from the Japanese drinking game, King's Game, Queen's Game takes the 'dare' out of 'truth or dare' leaving only a wraggle-taggle mess of soul-revealing inquiries to strip you down to your core, embarrass you in front of your friends, and leave you feeling funny about it the next day. Only one rule stands: What happens in Queen's Game, stays in Queen's Game. Lie Alive Snowdown Last year's headlining event is now back as a returning game! Your powers of truth and deception are tested in this tournament-style contest of 2 Truths 1 Lie! In order to survive each round, guess your opponent's lie while keeping yours under wraps to knock them out and advance to the end! A final challenge may await whomever makes it to the top... Free for All- As ever, free use rooms will be available for those who want to start up their own games of Town of Salem, Jackbox, Boardgame Online, Hunger Games, Cards Against Humanity, or whatever else may strike your wicked fancies. Join us in the music channel too as our resident DJs bring to your the local holiday tunes to heat you up and cool you down amidst this frosty frolic! And that's all she wrote! These holiday parties have been a long-standing tradition for the site, and I for one am looking forward to another great year. I hope to see everyone there on December 28th!
  5. streaming Bendy and the Ink Machine, starting in 15 minutes! 


  6. hello i am video :


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    2. DreamblitzX


      oh! I actually saw this in my youtube subs before here lol

    3. Maqqy


      Alistasia suddenly rose from the dead omg

    4. Amethyst


      is sudden name reveal yes

      and the radio star is SO dead

  7. i would really like to live in a world where every game i want to make doesn't turn into a multi-year project, but i don't think this is that world also hi this post is brought to you from my actual desktop chair which i haven't sat in in weeks. and i am still only half-sitting. but i'm gonna call this a win anyway. still nobody expect anything from me yet though ;~;
  8. i cant really say i'm at it again yet. updating that file is just recordkeeping for things that come up on discord so i dont forget them later i still can't really sit up (sit down?) so until that time my functionality is probably still fairly limited
  9. its ok no one plays that reborn... they just watch it. @Ikaru please come appreciate this person since no one else will
  10. this is fine, i support her. but yeah sorry for the slowness folks. i've had a lot less energy the past few weeks than i would've liked for stuff since this has been looming over me. gonna be very glad to have it done. thanks for being patient!
  11. It is currently a known bug, sorry.
  12. if you do end up making a topic like that, shoot me a ping on here so i can pin it and keep it up and stuff~
  13. happy birthday jan! can't believe you just turned 24 today!

    1. Jan


      I just turned 35

  14. for the safety of our team members, the newest estimate for release is now summer of 2052.
  15. This doesn't sound terribly unintentional. Each 'region' in Reborn has a certain type of weather that its predisposed to, and rain is definitely the preference for tanzan/spinel. This is how, with the same weather roll, it can be clear in Route 1, raining in Spinel, snowy in Ametrine and sandy in Tourmaline all on the same source weather. It is possible you've rolled some very rainy weather patterns a couple weeks or so in a row, and although those patterns aren't 100% rain, since it updates in 8 hour segments including when the game is off, it's also possible that it just hasn't landed on a clear weather spot in the times that you've happened to play. So although it may be a little tiresome after a while, as far as it sounds to me, there isn't actually a bug here.
  16. for the record if your save file was started after e16, it's okay if you evolved them-- it goes by the original trainer id releasing is an 'oof' though.
  17. are you sure that it's not indigo? love you
  18. i really appreciate that he noticed what the lyrics cain was singing were from. i think that's the first time someone in a playthrough i've watched has immediately known on their own
  19. oh you did it! good! i hadn't even seen the thread before, oops. these are definitely very good though, you have a very cute and clean style. also, the forum attachment space is limited but if you embed from a site like imgur you won't have to worry about that
  20. nuzlocke can be turned off if you die like a bitch the rest would require debug
  21. it's already been fixed for 19. there's already a patch for it on the forum as well
  22. i'm not sure if you didn't see it or just chose not to use it because some details have changed, but map 148 in editor (the parent tourmaline map) is actually a hollistic view of all parts including scrapyard and mirage tower (at least, when it's there). it might be easier to edit using that?
  23. for the record, i would actually like to be able to add something roaming just for like, 1-3 of them to have them be different from everything else. however, i tried to do roaming events (teddiursa, zangoose, zorua, one more?) in the early episodes, and just have them roam around peridot only, or roam between alleys and they just never showed up for anyone so i can only conclude that the roaming code is broken anyway and it would be impossible. (hence why those encounters became more like hide-and-seek instead)
  24. Do you wanna PM me the script piece for it?
  25. normally? no. however, it will be easy to do with debug mode.
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