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  2. so at one point, i just yeeted EVERYTHING out. excluding graphics (characters). and now we are back in square.. zeroish. cuz i did do some work but like chapter 1 is now nowhere near done for both protags. i also forgot about this. thats really it. cya. asfo-
  3. Hey there! This time the Dev Blog is not here, and won't be any time soon. But, it is here: https://rentry.co/SIBJOURNEY10THDEVBLOG Yes, from now on I'll be just reminding Archives link: https://rentry.co/SIBJOURNEYARCHIVESOFFICIAL Cya~ Asfo-
  4. LAST ON SITE DEV BLOG Welcome! As the title for this section says, its the last dev blog on the site! Why? Well, I decided that I might change it a bit. So from now on, the project has a rentry page, called "Sibilings Journey Archives". The link will be provided at the end of this post. More or less, Rentry doesn't have the 2MB limit. NEW MAPS Yeah. New maps, woohoo! (For now only RMXP footage because of... Reasons.) (remember, this might not be the final footage) New Character(s)! The Loyal Servant of [REDACTED] - Adrienn! The Professor of Cestella - Anna Educere! Archives Link! https://rentry.co/SIBJOURNEYARCHIVESOFFICIAL END And with that, I'm wrapping the post up! Sorry! More character reveals on the next post! Cya~ Asfo-
  5. So! One of the beta testers, told me that I could make a post about grinding! And so, here I am. First things first, I recommend using the *checks docs* LESSGRIND password! For obvious reasons. (the reasons are you get heart scales, and also access to audino trainer pretty easily) And then, uh. time to get on with the train. Evos - friendship evos axed, thats all i wanna say regarding to em rn Evs and Ivs - So, you might know it from the first post, but we have the ev allocator! Meaning ev's arent something you have to worry about (also i dont think you can get them in battle now) And then iv's. Simple as fuck, they are forced to be 31 at all times. And no, you wont change them with debug, i axed that long ago Thats pretty much it, i guess????? Cya~ Asfo-
  6. not a hiatus!!! got some work done on the game! but i also started making a novel so.... i guess my workload is split! no seriously just wanted to give an update! anyway, there wont be any dev blogs for now? atleast i think so. probably the next one will be once i start chapter 2 - aiden, or somewhere around chapter 1 - aiden sidequests! thats it! Cya~ Asfo-
  7. so if you arent on the discord server (why???) you know that when i was still on my hiatus, i got engaged!! meaning my hiatus got bit longer now im back to work! ill say ill post a thing by the end of the month? maybe? idk???? thats it though. Cya~ Asfo-
  8. so uh, postponing again there isnt much happening lately and i need to clear my mind a bit considering i feel bit unmotivated when thinking about working on the game itself so just, going to take a small break, not gonna do much, just some smaller brainstorms thats it Cya~ Asfo-
  9. so. this post was originally meant to be a dev blog. the thing is. i didnt feel motivated for the past month as much, meaning, i dont have satisfaction with what i wanted to bring. this post meant to be the blog, but honestly. im postponing it. i dont know till when, but just, not now. thats really it Cya~ Asfo-
  10. So hi. its dev blogging time First things first, new art!!!! yay!!! Today i reveal to you Sophia, the 12th gym leader, and the Elite Four member. https://imgur.com/a/Ehh4UaO So, another thing we want to showcase is the neat poke search function! Just look at the gif below: https://imgur.com/Cp4NWe7 You know, its kinda funny for me because im genuinely writing this blog in a private section of the dev server. and so the last thing was like posted there 4 days ago! Oh well. So uh anyone likes magikarp? ye same and so heres the eclipse forms for magikarp! Solar and Lunar, aka both! I still dont know what its sig moves will be ! edit: it was all a lie i know what it is now https://imgur.com/a/LI4MkDi ***also funfact: the reason the last post was 4 days ago is because the battles broke and i fixed it just a second ago as of writing this now ((02.03.2023, 19:07)))*** I find it kinda funny that i showed this in sneak peaks on the discord server but didnt on the last dev blog! Like literally! This is a thing for some days! Like the pc modified and added to the party screen, like. https://imgur.com/a/uKA2HoW so you all know like these all amazing sprites candii did alone right? well now, they arent alone! We have a new spriter/artist! And i will show their work later in this blog so um look out for that! So um, a second ago i finished the Aiden's part of the prologue. Now i start doing ch 1 for Crescent and so, i wanted to share the name! CHAPTER 1 - PRISON OF FEAR | CRESCENT Okay, basically i made a route of how the development goes in. and i forgot to post it ! here it is: [DEVELOPMENT ROUTE] PROLOGUE AIDEN -> CH 1 CRESCENT -> CH 1 AIDEN -> CH 1 SIDEQUESTS FOR AIDEN -> CH 2 AIDEN -> CH 2 CRESCENT -> CH 2 SIDEQUESTS FOR BOTH -> V0.5 / FIRST BETA VERSION BREAK CH 3 AIDEN -> CH 3 CRESCENT -> CH 3 SIDEQUESTS FOR BOTH -> CH 4 AIDEN/CRESCENT -> CH 4 CRESCENT/AIDEN -> CH 4 SIDEQUESTS FOR BOTH -> BETA -> V1 RELEASE As i said earlier, we have a new spriter and so heres the show off! Its our Eclipse form: Lunar ((EL:F for short)) Froslass! https://imgur.com/a/bQfE0GH I swear to god im posting the back like few hours apart. Help. uh oh i coded like 3 new abilities send help. heres all of em! [ROOM OF TRICKS] - [Activates Trick room] https://imgur.com/a/arNdOFL [note: it may be changed] [POWER OF FOCUS] - [Huge power but special attack] [EERIE SOUL] - [Transistor but ghost type] ALSO ALSO for all my having issues with no door or something transfers, i have solved this one! Im now placing some shadow when i need you to go in a place that isnt much obvious. ***it was all a lie. you will get 2 forms sprites =)))*** https://imgur.com/a/4vgpyU7 e n j o y And with this, today's dev blog is finished! Next one in a month.... probably. Cya~ Asfo-
  11. yes. you heard the title, we have the protag sprites finally LOL, aiden didnt get a remake like i said he would buttt he got a smirk now :D (((He finally looks good help))) wow yes thats a random compilation that totally wasnt made last minute and doesnt clip into itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wdym!!!!! the point is aiden finally got some love LOL and yes thats a following mon. to activate them you gotta talk to the nurse in a pokemon center. any center works tbh another thing to preview is uh, yeah just watch diz: https://imgur.com/a/124zxFl yeaaaaaaah pog right! we also have a new member in the deving! Apples is our new mapper and scripter! hoooray!!! this one isnt that long buttt i can show the 3 terrains backgrounds! all made by Candii, of course- Yeah honestly i have no idea on what to put here- Oh wait. There's something. And that something is portraits! Now i think that's it... Yeah honestly it was mostly scripting work i did last days- so um, yeah! Next dev blog will be 15.03.2023 [europe] Cya~ Asfo-
  12. So like, the current way i do dev blogs is a dev blog per few days. I decided i just change to on X date you will get one, that being said next one could be today- And another thing is, we are recruiting beta testers now! you can just join https://discord.gg/RsK69NMarK rly. That's it. Thanks! Cya~ Asfo-
  13. yes we are now captioning the bitches so, first things first, dont expect a lot from this one! seriously! dont! we were mostly doing text shit! aka i will tell you most of the stuff because screenshots who is she????????????????????????????????????????? (((no but who is she??))) second things second, the game has a twitter acc @sibjourney is the name so uh, you can go check it out??? i dont know if this is legal but... i guess????? third things third, i am going through hell ((not irl, just metaphorical)) why you ask? you know how passwords exist right i have to compile them if you use more then 1 meaning, eventually ill have to do uh TONS of combinations in checks. but, im done with 2 passwords now, im moving to more then 2 aka 3!! then 4 is just so easy god forbid ill have to do this again. and uh, i guess, fishious rend and bolt beak are now egg moves for some mons ((hi feraligatr and boltund)) thats it. no seriously thats it. well except this: 8/15 - megg list flittle nymble smoliv espurr galar ponyta azurill tinkatink glimmet dreepy as you can see we are somehow through aiden's megg list ((you get 15 different meggs for aiden, and 5 different mmons [mystery mons] for crescent)) so thats it, for real now Cya~ Asfo-
  14. wow yes im dead mentally!!! yes i am working!! so uh i decided, that the whole place you know with the white and all that stuff where i said u dont worry about it? i scrapped it! it was bad. srsly. rly. bad. so yeah!!! but, hey, i made some new stuff too! Like implementing reborn/deso way of adding passwords!! they work. they do. i also decided the first version will be like 3 or 4 chapters long, subject to change, beta testers may get a 1/2 chapter version, (((you know you can catch me on discord if you want to be a beta tester right))) well anyway, theres some new stuff! like this gal. meet ELF Froslass ((eclipse lunar form)) a sneak peak of another form! its a counterpart to a mon that doesnt get a form, but deserves a type. also i minimazed grind by alot with passwords! without them too rly like, you have a 50/50 for a hidden ability, max 31 ivs, all eggs hatch after 1 step just to name a few that arent password involved password involved are: breeding from wherever you want, being able to fight exp+money trainer, if you add a password from breeding and the fight exp+money trainer one itll just be in one place! cuz they use the same place anyway! theres also a password for easier evos, which, only works with the fight exp+money trainer one- i might been too lazy ok... but oh well its definitely fun! also, we got another member to the team, a story writer ((really good one if u ask me)) Also remember when i said: yeah uh actually we redesigning protags meet crescent hi crescent also did you know we are using gen 6 TM list with also adding some new ones too?? gen 6 and 7 one are the best tbh i dont get why they changed them in gen 8 and 9 , just add more tms lol i swear to god im forgetting something https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehRmMbDLbMibn8Kdh_YnnK6lCvterbPK0oRmgXUVjdjPH85Q/viewform?usp=sharing thats what i forgot, the buff suggestion thing. yeah, here you can just, suggest a mon buff LOL poor weak mons.... we have to make them funn!!!!! you can speculate for what mon it can be ig it is a form asfo from the future: so uh i am creating this blog at like few different hours, and right now i just separated easy evos from the exp+money trainer password yeah. common events lord and saviour did you all know we already have spoiler locked passwords???? yeah we do i made this cool sheet with the new story writer on how many mons got a solar or lunar type and what mons also got it!!! and thats it! Im going to play realidea now Cya~ Asfo-
  15. yes i realised i named the last one wrong, but just now. anyway, new stuff! Here you can see what happens when you combine 2 passwords! Day care everywhere and less grinding! Day care everywhere lets you generate, disintegrate, collect and deposit eggs and mons! I uh also made every mon hatching step to 1, oh and lets not forget that the shiny chances are now 1/90! I also sat down to even more eventing! Including the first pokemon battle ever in the game... And let me tell ya. It matters in the story. YEP, you see their egg group! Yeah now you see their stat changes! ALSO ALSO i updated the field effects! Terrains dont sadly have a BG but give a message if a move is boosted so hey thats a plus imo! sadly (((or happily) there wont be z-moves, because zud plugin fucks up extra hard with the ev allocator LOLOLOL uh were currently like in the stage of crescents concept art and uh, yeah! (((note from candii: itll be better as a sprite, they promise))) Another thing is uh, were actually making some docs as the development goes! Theres passwords, items and pokemon doc so far~ What else could i say hmm... Oh if you want to give a suggestion you can meet me in reborn discord server in the #game-development channel (asforcia | E6 | V13 | E19 | is my nickname) or just do it here in the replies! Yeah, back to grinding. I still have nature farming issue to solve... And ill may solve it with less grinding password! Thats it for today, Cya~ Asfo-
  16. guys i dont bite, you all can comment freely ya kno!!!
  17. Now that i finished e6, and did some more for the past few days, im going to say this: BANGER GAME!! and now time for the blog! so first things first: credits: eriedaberrie Pronouns. alot of them. so yeah there are passwords. For now its only eevee and murkrow as bonus starters- very cool footage anyway, IS THIS THE CHEESE STICK?! also dont mind the stats i was funzying with EV alocator (((pls do mind the stats this is why this part exists... srsly...))) Protagonists are getting updated too! As in they'll go under the new process Candii makes sprites now, which is, concept art -> trainer sprite -> ow sprite Map showcase! This is the protagonists room! Right is Aiden, left is Crescent. More info on them: - Crescent is 15 years old and Aiden is 17 years old - Crescent has a Starly while Aiden has a Luxray - Crescent is a shy artist while Aiden is a lil bit of a jerk book nerd ~~- Aiden was supposed to be named Twinary~~ i wont say more~ did i say i deleted roaming??? like literally deleted from the scripts??? no??? well now i did!!! lemme say this: it aint worth it lol ***srsly*** anyway, did you know the mom's protag has a very cool larvesta that i wont say more about but basically silther wing iron moth volcarona thats it. for this part lol i have more to show... next blog ofc Cya~ Asfo-
  18. i finished e6 and now im thinking of challenge runs, same for candii, we are enjoying e6 ok. so ye no work for now
  19. Hi yes, im dumb, and u are???? Weeelll i didnt really do much last days ok.... But deso is coming today!! I have lil bit sneak peakys from earlier ig dont worry about that white part. srsly. dont. itll look like something else in game! anyway, i uh, besides that i dont have anything to show besides the male protag lmao Meet Aiden! I think i didnt exactly mention female protag name??? Im not sure but, she's Crescent! Thats it, this one is shorter, because its only these stuff and me overhauling all the names behind the scenes aka switches, variables, animations and tilesets! Cya~ Asfo-
  20. hi yes im dumb, i realized ia doesnt actually have the code :))))
  21. I still have to get it tho :kekw: im waiting for IA to gib the code to me tho
  22. I like the houses, they look cozy in a rough mountainous place. I like the idea of building 2 different teams in the same game. You get to play the double the amount of different pokemon in the same run. I hope there will be points where the both of them join forces in double battle sections! I'm also glad to see more people like my EV allocation system for their games :)
  23. seriously. i wanna thank everyone that joined recently, or viewed. Im just happy people are interested in this!!!!
  24. Eventually i was like here sitting, looking, and damn! So much people looked at my post at which im very gratefull! I got an idea, that is just, you all can ask me questions on what could be possibly in the game. Overall FAQ! So yeah, thats it. Ill post something later... If ill have that something ofc Cya~ Asfo-
  25. It happened. I have gathered the courage or something... Well, im definitely having some stuff to show... Or talk about. First things first, starting town! Yeah uh i already started eventing it.... I swear to god. Another thing i could show is uh.... Ig this???? And another thing im gonna say is uh, no more iv worrying... Its guaranteed to get 31 ivs! Let me look at my notes that totally do exist... Oh yeah EV allocator. So you all know probably about Moto's Rejuv MM mod right. And you know how EV's are given out? Yeah this is the plan. I personally dont like gamefreak difficulty, and rather have ev'd trainers and also, field effects that are possible to BIGFriv. More things i wanna talk about is definitely the battle UI. Like, girlie, ya need a change, a glow up. And it is planned! I promise... @Candii is helping me as a spriter... Well technically its only us right now so we just both sit like nerds, write story and think of funny teamcomps... Eventually i also make them do spriting stuff- I swear to god i feel like im forgetting something- OH YEAH So theres uh *looks into google drive* Eclipse forms... Apparently there are 2 types of them???? Uh Solar and Lunar apparently idk they have new types too... It looks like they are weak to eachother, resist fire and fairy / dark and ghost respectively idk man.... and ye they are also neutral on everything else. I could also show you a concept art of a scythe! I know, it looks like a stick with bones, moon ornament and bananas glued to it but this is just a concept art, not the final product! Last thing that is imagey is the female sibiling! And yes, you do play as both of them. Irc something like ashen frost swapperonis (I promise the sprite is smaller in the game and not actually this big!! I resized so its better for your eyes ok) With that, we end the image section, and now pure text- For this section i have planned basically talking about some new changes Like Eclipse form (Solar) Milotic! And also Eclipse form (Lunar) Froslass! Unfortunately i do not posses any concept arts nor sprites of them, as of now they are just an idea to be We have much more concerns then them... After all they are planned for chapter 3 if not 4 Another change is uh Palafin... Ye so i dont like the idea of it being just swap out idk Instead it needs to hold "Suit of a Hero" Item. There will be a sidequest for it that is split into 3 parts... One being battle free, and the rest being harder Also, because one of the protagonists has access to the quest, and the other no, while also the other one having palafin in possibilites of encounters, i decided they will share the bag Basically? Found something as the male protagonist? Welp female protagonist also has it then! I uh also buffed Thievul. It deals damage now. Let me list these changes: Has: 80 hp, 120 attack, 90 defense, 40 sp atk, 90 sp defense, 100 speed Making it have 530 BST It also aquired the fairy typing. Things that are also very good is... Pokemon locations and Item locations docs already made while developing the game! This is all! Cya, Asfo~

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