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  2. guys i dont bite, you all can comment freely ya kno!!!
  3. Now that i finished e6, and did some more for the past few days, im going to say this: BANGER GAME!! and now time for the blog! so first things first: credits: eriedaberrie Pronouns. alot of them. so yeah there are passwords. For now its only eevee and murkrow as bonus starters- very cool footage anyway, IS THIS THE CHEESE STICK?! also dont mind the stats i was funzying with EV alocator (((pls do mind the stats this is why this part exists... srsly...))) Protagonists are getting updated too! As in they'll go under the new process Candii makes sprites now, which is, concept art -> trainer sprite -> ow sprite Map showcase! This is the protagonists room! Right is Aiden, left is Crescent. More info on them: - Crescent is 15 years old and Aiden is 17 years old - Crescent has a Starly while Aiden has a Luxray - Crescent is a shy artist while Aiden is a lil bit of a jerk book nerd ~~- Aiden was supposed to be named Twinary~~ i wont say more~ did i say i deleted roaming??? like literally deleted from the scripts??? no??? well now i did!!! lemme say this: it aint worth it lol ***srsly*** anyway, did you know the mom's protag has a very cool larvesta that i wont say more about but basically silther wing iron moth volcarona thats it. for this part lol i have more to show... next blog ofc Cya~ Asfo-
  4. i finished e6 and now im thinking of challenge runs, same for candii, we are enjoying e6 ok. so ye no work for now
  5. Hi yes, im dumb, and u are???? Weeelll i didnt really do much last days ok.... But deso is coming today!! I have lil bit sneak peakys from earlier ig dont worry about that white part. srsly. dont. itll look like something else in game! anyway, i uh, besides that i dont have anything to show besides the male protag lmao Meet Aiden! I think i didnt exactly mention female protag name??? Im not sure but, she's Crescent! Thats it, this one is shorter, because its only these stuff and me overhauling all the names behind the scenes aka switches, variables, animations and tilesets! Cya~ Asfo-
  6. hi yes im dumb, i realized ia doesnt actually have the code :))))
  7. I still have to get it tho :kekw: im waiting for IA to gib the code to me tho
  8. I like the houses, they look cozy in a rough mountainous place. I like the idea of building 2 different teams in the same game. You get to play the double the amount of different pokemon in the same run. I hope there will be points where the both of them join forces in double battle sections! I'm also glad to see more people like my EV allocation system for their games :)
  9. seriously. i wanna thank everyone that joined recently, or viewed. Im just happy people are interested in this!!!!
  10. Eventually i was like here sitting, looking, and damn! So much people looked at my post at which im very gratefull! I got an idea, that is just, you all can ask me questions on what could be possibly in the game. Overall FAQ! So yeah, thats it. Ill post something later... If ill have that something ofc Cya~ Asfo-
  11. It happened. I have gathered the courage or something... Well, im definitely having some stuff to show... Or talk about. First things first, starting town! Yeah uh i already started eventing it.... I swear to god. Another thing i could show is uh.... Ig this???? And another thing im gonna say is uh, no more iv worrying... Its guaranteed to get 31 ivs! Let me look at my notes that totally do exist... Oh yeah EV allocator. So you all know probably about Moto's Rejuv MM mod right. And you know how EV's are given out? Yeah this is the plan. I personally dont like gamefreak difficulty, and rather have ev'd trainers and also, field effects that are possible to BIGFriv. More things i wanna talk about is definitely the battle UI. Like, girlie, ya need a change, a glow up. And it is planned! I promise... @Candii is helping me as a spriter... Well technically its only us right now so we just both sit like nerds, write story and think of funny teamcomps... Eventually i also make them do spriting stuff- I swear to god i feel like im forgetting something- OH YEAH So theres uh *looks into google drive* Eclipse forms... Apparently there are 2 types of them???? Uh Solar and Lunar apparently idk they have new types too... It looks like they are weak to eachother, resist fire and fairy / dark and ghost respectively idk man.... and ye they are also neutral on everything else. I could also show you a concept art of a scythe! I know, it looks like a stick with bones, moon ornament and bananas glued to it but this is just a concept art, not the final product! Last thing that is imagey is the female sibiling! And yes, you do play as both of them. Irc something like ashen frost swapperonis (I promise the sprite is smaller in the game and not actually this big!! I resized so its better for your eyes ok) With that, we end the image section, and now pure text- For this section i have planned basically talking about some new changes Like Eclipse form (Solar) Milotic! And also Eclipse form (Lunar) Froslass! Unfortunately i do not posses any concept arts nor sprites of them, as of now they are just an idea to be We have much more concerns then them... After all they are planned for chapter 3 if not 4 Another change is uh Palafin... Ye so i dont like the idea of it being just swap out idk Instead it needs to hold "Suit of a Hero" Item. There will be a sidequest for it that is split into 3 parts... One being battle free, and the rest being harder Also, because one of the protagonists has access to the quest, and the other no, while also the other one having palafin in possibilites of encounters, i decided they will share the bag Basically? Found something as the male protagonist? Welp female protagonist also has it then! I uh also buffed Thievul. It deals damage now. Let me list these changes: Has: 80 hp, 120 attack, 90 defense, 40 sp atk, 90 sp defense, 100 speed Making it have 530 BST It also aquired the fairy typing. Things that are also very good is... Pokemon locations and Item locations docs already made while developing the game! This is all! Cya, Asfo~
  12. As the title says, this is dead. Why? I really forgot about this... I've been like, working on many different games, that eventually led to their own demise. Some are just on hold, because i was burnt out, some are just poofed, but one is in development! ladies, gentlemans, nonbinary people Pokemon Sibiling's Journey is a thing!!! It tells on the journey, of, like the title suggests, siblings however, they arent traveling together... Thats it. i may do a development blog here but yeah this is it.

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