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  2. For Diligence's part, she was....unfamiliar with war and battle. This was....definitely not something she was expecting. But ready for it, she would have to be. After all, it couldn't be that different from fending off bandits while she was trying to make her way up to her father's old haunts, right? "Here goes!" D10, attack Corporal Dart
  3. Mim takes aim from the forest— the Knight's slow and clunky armor leaves him unable to dodge the volley of Mim's shots, especially when she manages to land an arrow that hits a soft spot in his armor that seems to just push right through him. As the Knight is doubling over in pain, Mim takes advantage of this and nails him in the shoulder. Fey recovers 10 HP! EXP: (19/100) Stats
  4. Life-Recorder did her best to study and memorize the appearances of the enemy group, both the living and the now-dead, as she dashed towards the front line with all her power to get a closer look... until she saw the red-haired woman wound the delegation's healer with dangerous skill. This was a life-or-death situation, if something isn't done about it, both her and Deductions' projects will end where they stand. That cannot be led to pass. Life-Recorder to D8, attack Corporal Dart
  5. Grimacing as the arrow landed on his leg, Shoggy instinctively took out another hatchet, sliding it down to hack off the arrow's shaft as he took step after step at the enemy flier, preparing himself to charge right up and hurl a hatchet at their mount. Soggyshanks moves to E7, and attacks Flies Freely with a Plastic Hatchet.
  6. Ebon grimaced seeing Pinecone go down, as besides Lotus he was by far the most effective one here. Though the distraction didn't last long once he spotted the bug in dark robes that approached him. He wheeled Blackwing that way, delivered his strikes, then glided idly past where he once stood. Then he watched, looking for anything that would tip him off as to who Flies Freely really was. Stab Dark Initiate, Canto A7
  7. Automated Movement Shin to G23, equip Silver Longbow Arthur moves again! Enemy Phase Lance Knight A to O22 Axe Knight B to E22 Axe Knight A to D23 Lance Knight B to P23 Nomad C to P22, canto to R21 Nomad D to P22, canto to R22 Shaman A to P22 Shaman B to Q22 Nomad B to D22, canto to B21 Nomad A to D22, canto to B22 Mage A to C22, equip Arcwind Mage B to D22 As the knights began to turn the corner, they looked alarmed. "Hey, what the hell!?" "Intruders!" The knights hurried in, armor clanking as they both rush in to attack Fey and Arthur from the sides in a synchronized attack. Fey manages to swiftly dodge the hit; Arthur would have gotten hit with an axe had Justine not made a very subtle yet effective impression on the knight just in time for him to get distracted and miss completely, cursing himself. Alerted, the rest of the troop moves in with Arthur and Fey bracing themselves for further attack. As the second Knights on each side move in to hold the line, the pair of Nomads both move in on Fey with a yell, both firing arrows as they perform their hit and run tactics. The first Nomad does a pathetic job of doing anything as he yells in fear of the axe and retreats too early— at least getting out of there in time. The second Nomad that charges in does manage to nab Fey with one arrow, but gets hit back for his troubles. The two dark mages come out of hiding to try and finish Fey off with their cursed magic. Their technique is very sloppy, however, and Fey is able to effortlessly counterattack them for their troubles. Arthur is not alone in also taking Fey's punishment as hoofbeats signal the horsemen riding in. However, Arthur quickly masters his new Warding tome and all of the arrows that get sent his way are completely deflected by his shield. As the second Nomad rides away, Arthur gets pissy as usual— ranting after the second Nomad for wasting his shield with some stupid stray arrow of theirs. In the middle of Arthur's rant, the two Mages run up and prepare their magic. One blasts him with a double-shot of wind, slicing through his shield though giving him a chance to dodge the second. The other Mage hurls a fireball— Arthur is able to dodge albeit with some stumbling on his part making him miss his own spell, and causing his coat to subsequently get set on fire for his troubles. Arthur goes back to angrily yelling as he tries to pat his coat out. TURN 2 Player Phase Siegmund's eyebrows furrowed, pressing a hand to his forehead in frustration. "...Something seems to be wrong... but I can't quite pinpoint what it is..." EXP: (17/100) Stats
  8. As ever, the battlefield is a place of repose, in the most unorthodox sense. Once enemies are ahead, allies — or, at least, those he must protect — behind, and spear in hand, there is no room for doubts. Give into his thoughts, and he would not be thinking for much longer. Still, as sky blues scan the fortress walls, he reflects back to the dark-haired man from the earlier spectacle, re-envisions the way his blade had mowed down a dozen in a single stroke. The fact that his strike had targeted largely horsemen hadn't escaped Ferdiad's notice. So General Ivanovich had been superseded since he had left Ceda, something he would have once heard word of swiftly. The world still moves. L23, equip Steel Javelin. Kane to K23, equip Plague Dart.
  9. Arthur to H24 Justine to H22, perform Arthur Arthur to F22 and equip Sacred Fire
  10. Baldur clenched his fist in anger and disgust. Such a massacre, such a waste of human life. Pointless. Of all it. Pointless. Both rulers want nothing more than to expand their power using whatever means necessary, even at the expense of the people under them. Both disgusting creatures unfit to hold the throne. "Do you honestly think our rag tag group is able to face a small well-armed army? We should clear the area of all nearby troops then go around the side. The more we take advantage of our element of surprise to get closer to that shadow master, the less we have to deal with his trickery." Lucy to L22 Baldur to G22
  11. Ferdiad was not the only one who had been distant from the group recently. Lizaveta had spent most of her time at the beach far away from everyone, sitting against a tree and sort of just staring out at the water and going through her thoughts. She felt... almost as if she were being pulled in half. She kept finding pleasure in darker and darker and darker things... she'd enjoyed killing a lot of the lecher-king's guards, she'd enjoyed killing the members of the army of Gul, and she'd wanted Darcy dead so, so so very badly, it had ached. She'd toyed with Ferdiad just to grasp at an advantage, with little regard for Pestilence herself. And another part of her reacted with fear and confusion every time. Why did she react to the things she did the way she did? Why was it that she couldn't seem to stop? Always, she kept sitting here feeling sorry for herself, but it never changed, did it? Always, when the next thing came along that fit into her motivations, that that dark part of her wanted to enjoy... she did. And this battle was no exception. Ivan Ivanovich carved through the damned Perusians, the scumsucking bastards reduced to going around him because they couldn't handle his might, for all their arrogance, all their money, all their pride, all their continental power. And then their army was torn to pieces in one sweeping blow, a tidal wave of blood. Finally, they were getting what was fucking coming for them. They couldn't step on the world forever and avoid retribution. Oh, they thought they did, they thought they did, but now they were getting taught the fuck otherwise, weren't they? She almost felt bad for trying to raid the Rian castle, but of course Ruslan was a fucking monarch like the rest of them, and his hands were drenched in blood, blood less guilty than the organs and flesh and limbs and dead that littered that battlefield-- Lizaveta had held her arm to her mouth for most of the past few hours, continually hiding a smile that threatened to form, continually holding in the vomit that threatened to come. Smile? Vomit? Which... both, maybe, maybe it was both. She swallowed heavily. "I'd be for going straight in, personally. We aren't going to have that much time before they call reinforcements in, since they're already a traveling army and might be prepared for attacks on their camp." K22, equip Worm.
  12. Ebon Knight (krim): 83, 81, --, 20, 93, 24, 19, 65 +SKL, +DEF, +RES Faithful Diligence (ElfCollaborator) 65, __, 25, 90, 14, 90, 38, 5 +HP, +MAG, +LCK, +RES, +SPD Life-Recorder (Unlurking Sentinel): 44, 11, 1, 59, 16, 9, 20, 87 +HP, +STR, +MAG, +LCK, +DEF, +RES Lotus (Raindrop Valkyrie): 74, 88, --, 40, 33, 100, 61, 16 +SKL, +SPD Mercy Harefoot (kj1225) 30, 88, 57, 68, 95, 98, 26, 38 +HP, +MAG, +SPD Pinecone (RedMageCole): 15, 57, --, 67, 27, 44, 12, 52 +HP, +DEF, +RES Secluded from Illumination (Trash): 63, --, 47, 9, 55, 6, 16, 93 +MAG, +SKL, +DEF, +RES Soggyshanks (Yours Truly) 41, 4, --, 22, 50, 18, 87, 91 +HP, +STR, +SKL, +DEF Stardust (EXLink32): 80, --, 1, 84, 70, 41, 80, 82 +MAG, +LCK from preferred stats Sting (ctsun): 24, 63, 65, 73, 61, 89, 58, 27 +HP, +SPD Brilliant Deduction: 67, --, 57, 60, 4, 42, 96, 60 +MAG, +LCK, +SPD Recruit Bend: 46, 85, 52, 45, 97, 71, 48, 84 +HP, +SPD from preferred stats, +DEF from preferred stats
  13. "Aaaaaa get away get away get away get away-" Even wounded and focused on other party members, the nearby axe-ant was terrifying to the gangly moth, and without concious thought Secluded pulled up a scintillating purple mass from her tablet - which she inelegantly hurled at the nearby enemy with all the finesse of, well, something without finesse. Blast AxeRecA
  14. Not to be left in the dust by everyone, at least figuratively. Lotus decided to chip in her little part to the beginning of the fight, drawing an arrow from her quiver, pulling back the string of her mightily-sized (at least relatively) longbow, quietly aiming in on an as-of-yet-untouched member of their band of adversaries, and... Lotus attacks Axe Recruit A! Big, meaty, gormless, and somewhat armored, the axe-wielding black ant stood no chance at even noticing Lotus' arrow before it zipped across the sidewalk and collided with him, let alone dodging it. And so the ant found himself rocking back and grunting loudly, before he looked down to see that there was an arrow jutting out of a black plastic plate at his side. And before he even finished reacting to that, there was another arrow suddenly sticking out of the same plate of armor. "W-what-- aw, man. I knew this was going to happen when you guys had me go out front... and they already took down Quivers, too... aw man..." The axe-ant hefted a sigh... but also hefted his weapon. TURN 1 ~ ENEMY PHASE Despite his weapon now being upraised, the axe-ant visibly took a few moments to size up his competition before stumbling over to the side to try to strike at the bug that had just gone and shot him. His axe began its journey downwards, the ant grunting loudly as he threw his entire body into swinging the axe downwards, but to his surprise, by the time it reached its destination, a particular bee had already thrown himself in the way of the axe. Axe Recruit A attacks Lotus! In that moment, it suddenly became clear exactly why such a slow-witted bug had been chosen to follow along with a little raiding band such as this (well, aside from... unflattering summaries of the black ant band as a whole). While the axe-ant may have been sluggish in several respects, as it turned out he was a wall of muscle. The wooden axe came crashing downwards, a splintering sound ringing out as the axe knocked a gouge into Pinecone's shoulder plate, carving through it to deal a serious blow to Pinecone. Being a tough bug, Pinecone was still standing mostly strong, but it had been a frankly titanic blow. It wasn't something that Pinecone let go totally unanswered, as a poke of his javelin drew a little blood, but he didn't quite have the power to respond in equal force. Still, the axe-ant was barely standing now. "Ahaha... almost, huh? Well, guys, now would really be the time for you to follow up..." There was a sigh from the rear, where one of the ant mages spoke up. "Well, Muscles," there was a slight hesitation here, because the ant had always thought that name was stupid, "The Corporal is going to kill us if we let you die without doing anything about that." Taking in the situation, and how the large bee seemed to be there to throw himself in front of attacks for the others in whatever traveling group he was in... "Let me and Charred go first." Dark Initiate A attacks Ebon Knight! The ant mage held onto his tablet, focused on the representation on its surface, abstract as it was, and a cloud of thrumming black energy was sent in the direction of Pinecone... where it met his body, it channeled blasting force into him, and he was soon beset by a crisscross of wounds across his front as currents of energy in the miasma of dark magic whipped across him. The bee was, by this point, a mess, having taken two deadly attacks... but, incredibly enough, he remained on his feet to launch a javelin at his assailant. Not having expected his target to stay moving, the ant dark mage was caught entirely flatfooted, managing little more than a wheeze. The other mage sounded... less than impressed. "How did you not manage to take him out???" "I don't know!" "Leaving it to me... typical." Fire Initiate A attacks Ebon Knight! Having made her statements, the black ant mage conjured a small bolt of fire, which she winged in Pinecone's direction. ...there was a brief silence as she missed entirely, the spell disappearing into nothingness with a small paff on hitting the ground. And then that silence was broken as Pinecone, ever diligent, nailed the enemy mage with a javelin, causing her to shriek and her arms to wheel backwards, evidently totally unprepared for a physical strike. "AAAAAAA NONE OF YOU SAY A FUCKING WORD!" At that point, another wild bolt of fire was sent Pinecone's way, and this one burst across him, the bloodied bug finally toppling over with a loud noise (and nearly taking Stardust out in the process). Pinecone is down! Next up in the attacking squad of ants was a wood-armored bug with a large wooden halberd in his hands. "Focus less on the bickering, and more on the battle." As he chided his teammates, he approached the biggest, most terrifying target on the field, and just went for him. Halberdier A attacks Ebon Knight! However, as the halberd-wielding ant discovered, for all his stoic bravery, there's a large gulf between being courageous enough to attack an intimidating foe and being skilled enough to successfully attack an intimidating foe. His halberd was thrust slowly, and Ebon Knight's crow was able to step backwards with a large stride out of the way -- only for Ebon to drive it around the ant's halberd, opening the ant up to a pair of strike from Ebon's lance. The halberdier's armor, however, was heavy, thick wooden plates, and it would have protected him from much of the harm... would have, if the second jab dealt out by Ebon hadn't been a mighty one, the mediocre thwok of the first strike shown up by the meteoric CRASH of the second. The halberdier's chest plate splintered away when faced with the powerful blow, and then there was no further obstacle to Ebon's lance. Halberdier A is dead! "Ah, shit, shit, shit, FREELY! We need your people to help!" With that increasingly desperate command, Dart, well, darted down to make her strike, completing the flank to the party's right as she ran with shocking speed right up to Harefoot. Corporal Dart attacks Mercy Harefoot! The ant corporal didn't have any of the problems faced by her underlings, as the target she chose was one much less able to defend against her strike, let alone counterattack. Dart moved with an odd sort of staccato grace, quick motions made one after the other, a release of a sort of thrumming physical tension that ended up taking very deadly form. With one motion, she was right up to Mercy Harefoot, with the next motion, she had a dagger suddenly out in her hand, with the third motion, that knife was buried into his neck. With the fourth, she'd pulled it out and was prepared to keep fighting even after her opponent's collapse. Mercy Harefoot is down! Meanwhile, across a crack in the sidewalk... "Well, I suppose you heard the lady. Take some shots, yeah?" "Only one real good vantage spot I can see here, Freely. You'll have to help with that." "Gotcha, gotcha, I'll have your back." Sniper A attacks Soggyshanks! Sniper B attacks Soggyshanks! What followed was slightly absurd. The first sniper (the one who'd spoken) stood at the edge of the crack, aimed his bow upwards, putting it at a precise angle with a squint, and then he loosed his arrow, which flew all the way over to Soggyshanks and landed true, striking against a relatively unarmored area in his leg for painful damage. Then the pigeon-riding mantis literally swept him off of his feet, pulling him out of the way and then putting him down on the other side of the bird... leaving room for the other sniper to take his shot. That shot missed, shattering to pieces against the sidewalk, but surely it was the bug-handling shenanigans that counted. TURN 2 ~ PLAYER PHASE Map Notes Status EXP: 106/100, LEVEL UP!
  15. Lotus to B8 and attack Axe Recruit A Brilliant Deduction to B10
  16. "Good. I will ask you to tend to the soldiers once more before we move back to the castle for reinforcements— for now, take a moment's rest."
  17. "I appreciate the thought General, but I'll be fine. Today was certainly an eye opener, but I'm still willing to push on. Besides, if things go well, it wouldn't matter if I 'walked away' or not."
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