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  2. Baldur sighs before heading to the once sleeping and now collapsed Shin, "This is what happens when you let your guard down. Don't let it happen again. I don't want to have to work on that cloak of yours again." The butler then begins to close up the nomad's wounds enough to bring him back to his feet. After Lysander moves, Baldur to V16, Force Lysander to equip Icicle Shower and Heal Shin
  3. Automated Movement Lysander attacks Thief F Lizaveta to W15, Manifesto Monk D Baldur to X14 and heal Justine Ferdy to G14 Boss to G15 Lucy to F14 Lysander sends a blast of wind hurtling at Thief F— striking them down for good. Lizaveta channels forth dark magic from her book— a strange sort of spell that called forth dark tendrils from the ground and stabbed the monk. They didn't have a chance to defend themself. Justine recovers +21 HP! Justine is at full HP! Baldur lives to serve! Baldur recovers +10 HP! Baldur is at full HP! Enemy Phase Turns to Ruslan's reinforcements: 1 Myrmidon E to V16 Nomad B to Y12, canto to Y8 Myrmidon C to H14 Monk C to H13 Thief G to G12 Myrmidon D to G11 Just as Shin had begun to stir awake, the Myrmidon saw no reason to delay when he was faced with the odds— he rushed in, sword in hand, to take a swipe at Shin. Shin awoke just in time for the sword to stick him in the gut, subsequently putting him out of commission. In the meantime, the solemn Nomad lamented the loss of his friend and rushed in to fire at Justine in retaliation. However, she's too quick for him and leans out of the way of the arrow. The group on the left runs forward to meet Ferdiad head on— once the myrmidon and the thief realized they would not pierce Ferdiad's armor, they saw no reason to strike. However, the Monk found an opportunity— striking right through his shoulder armor, but taking retaliation in return. TURN 5 Player Phase Ferdiad recovers 8 HP! EXP: (19/100) Enemies Killed: 21/60 Stats
  4. Automated Movement Kane to X17 and longbow thief F Arthur Wind Tactician C and Press the Assault Kane Kane to X15 and longbow Thief E Godiva's healing touch gives Ferdiad the last little kick he needs! Ferdiad heals +22 HP! Ferdiad is at full HP! Once Lenore opens the chest, she gets a hefty sum of gold falling into her pockets. Lenore obtained 1000 Gold! Kane lets out a quiet curse as the thief dodges the second half of his flurry of arrows. Arthur rolled his eyes somewhat at Kane's failed shot, and sent a blast of wind through the Tactician who quietly accepted their fate. Arthur gave a side-eye to Kane, who felt 'encouraged' enough to move again. Kane moves again! This time, in order to not annoy Arthur, Kane fired two holes straight through the Thief. No sign of flashiness, not even Kane's usual attempts at flair— just two arrows that put an end to the Thief's life. Lysander needs a new action! EXP: (103/100) *LEVEL UP!* Enemies Killed: 19/60 Stats
  5. Godiva continues her work on Ferdiad, moving to G17, using Heal, and then canto'ing to E17
  6. Mim's arrow rips into the Thief from behind and tears a clean hole through their heart; ending their life without even a word from them. Mim recovers 34 HP! Mim is at full HP! "...It appears my time is up. But I won't die so easily..." The Tactician readies themselves for Justine's onslaught— they get stabbed in the shoulder, but retaliate as Justine winds back with a burst of flame that sends Justine reeling back. EXP: (89/100) Enemies Killed: 17/60 Stats
  7. Automated Movement Shin to W16 Lizaveta to W17 Lysander hold Lucy to F19 and Dance Mina and Mim Mim to G17 and Steel Greatbow Tactician D Mina use Elthunder on Soldier B Lenore aims a well-placed knife into the Soldier's chipped armor, putting that extra damage in that causes the Soldier to fall. Mina and Mim move again! A volley of arrows flies through the Tactician and leaves him heavily wounded, but before Mim can land the final blow, he manages to sneak by a single fireball that singes her torso quite badly. (7 - Payday!) Mim obtains a Gold Bar! Mina fries the Soldier with a bolt of lightning— despite his rather healthy appearance, he was quickly taken out without a chance to yell. Enemy Phase Turns to Ruslan's reinforcements: 2 Thief C to E18 Myrmidon E to W12 Thief F to W15 Thief E to W13 Monk D to V14 Tactician to X14 Nomad B to Y12, canto to U11 The Thief looks around, seeing all of his fallen companions with a rage in his eyes... "D-Dammit- Dammit!!! You'll pay for this, you'll die with me!!" His wild, enraged attack is easily telegraphed, and all he can do is stand and furiously look at Mim. Meanwhile, on the other side... The Myrmidon takes a deep breath, focusing... Myrmidon E activates Leaf on the Wind! The Thief rushes in first with a sleeping poison in hand. He glares down Shin, and lands the knife in his body. It doesn't hurt much outside of a mild stinging, but then Shin finds himself nodding off... leading Scoopo to wonder what is going on. "Hm... This might be our time to strike. You— follow my lead." "Hell yeah, man! I'm fired up, I'm ready to fight!" The Tactician and Nomad rejoin the fight. The Tactician eyes Arthur down, sending blasts of Fire magic after him— while the Tactician gets singed with light magic for their troubles, Arthur looks very pissed about the fact that he was hit twice. "I'm comiiing!" The Nomad yells as he comes in; firing a barrage of arrows at Arthur and causing him get even more annoyed despite the relative lack of harm that he faced. TURN 4 Player Phase Ferdiad recovers 8 HP! EXP: (80/100) Enemies Killed: 16/60 Stats
  8. Fey throws an axe into the shoulder of the opposing Soldier— once more, causing them to throw off their javelin's aim. However, the Soldier attempts to still stand strong despite the injury. EXP: (59/100) Enemies Killed: 13/60 Stats
  9. Slides on to E20, sends soldier C a Short Axe question
  10. Boss lands a vicious blow despite the Thief's general speediness— the attack leaves him heavily injured and unable to properly throw his weapon. Justine gets shoved! "Right," Kane picks the chest open— opening the chest and swiping the contents. "Gold— that'll help our supplies." Kane obtained 1000 Gold! The stalwart knight rises again with the help of Godiva's healing. However, he still continues to stand at death's door. Ferdiad recovers 11 HP! Ferdiad is back up! EXP: (57/100) Enemies Killed: 13/60 Stats
  11. "Don't fret Knight, I've got you." Godiva moves to H18 and uses her Healing Staff on Ferdiad, then cantos back to H21.
  12. "Phoenix, open that chest. Everyone else stick to the side and move up." Baldur moves to X16 and Shoves Justine to Y17 because he can Kane to AC16 and OPEEEN DE CHIST Arthur to Y15, equip Sacred Fire
  13. The Soldier doesn't get a chance to respond— the first lightning attack messes with his body, causing him to stumble and throw his javelin wildly and then get blasted into oblivion. However, the stray javelin from above rakes Mina through the shoulder, causing a nasty injury. EXP: (51/100) Enemies Killed: 13/60 Stats
  14. Move Mina to F 18 and uses Jolt on Soldier A "Sorry in advance"
  15. The Sentinel flashes Mim a look of disgust as she loads an arrow. "Coward! You dare to not engage me one on one!? I spit at your lack of fighting spirit!" (78; no Payday) The Sentinel falls to the ground. "How... pathetic..." Are his last words. The rest of his squad looks relieved that he's shutting up now. EXP: (46/100) Enemies Killed: 12/60 Stats
  16. Mim use vuln on self, spendthrift one gold bar, steel greatbow Sentinel A
  17. "Our best course of action is to keep to the sides for now and coordinate with the other side— if things start to look bad, we can move back to the center as quickly as possible and support each other from there."
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