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  2. "Are you well?!" Mina canters over towards to Shin, still unsure if he was still alive. "Do you have brain damage?"
  3. A few— well, most of the Rian soldiers were looking at Baldur with disdain and confusion. However, Adelaida's presence alone was enough to get them to start muttering and then hurriedly nodding. Once again, however, the guy Adelaida referred to previously as 'Nazariy' let out an audible groan. "Whatever. We've all pretty much accepted that we're gonna die without a commander, so why don't you just shack up anyway? You don't need our opinion." Adelaida made her way towards Nazariy. He continued to stare at her with an uncaring expression— all the way up when Adelaida clo
  4. The eyes pressed against the boy all felt like daggers. He wasn't much one for public speeches either, though someone has to do it. He takes a deep breath before he begins, "I won't bore all of you with something long and drawn out so I'll get straight to the point. I ask is that some of ours be allowed to rest here before we begin leaving and moving forward. That is all." Glancing around at everyone's condition he adds, "And... if you would wish it of me I shall be glad to help heal the wounded if you all would grant us stay." He stands firm waiting for their responses with b
  5. "Sure. I'll give you an introduction." Adelaida led Baldur down to the basement— almost immediately, they were greeted with an infirmary setting. Rian soldiers were in bed, resting. Some peer up as they hear the door open. "Oi! Dickheads! Get up— Stay in bed, though, I'd rather you all not pass out." Most of the Rian soldiers sat up, puzzled. One stayed laying down. "Yeah, I see you, Nazariy, don't even try to go back to sleep, get your ass up." The last one laying down groaned as he tilted himself up, rubbing his eyes. "Adelaida, reporting for duty. Got some news for y
  6. "I suppose that does work in our favor..." His voice trails off a bit at the end there before he quickly shakes it off, "Lets head down then. Better to just pull this band aid off quickly than to have it be long and drawn out." He waits for the warrior to lead the way down.
  7. "Eh, sure." Adelaida shrugged. "I'm not exactly the most charismatic person in the world, so you'd probably be better at doing the talking. I'll just be here to tell people to shut it and stop thinking about General Richter... Hm. Might have to break it to them that the guy's dead, too. At least that part wasn't our fault, that'll be points in favor of us."
  8. "Hmmm, this is quite the issue now isn't it. We can't just leave the girl freezing there either." Baldur tilts his head and ponders for a moment, "I don't believe those men will be too willing to listen to an enemy in a suit any time soon... Though perhaps they might be more willing if a former ally came along as well." Turning his gaze back towards Adelaida he continues, "Would you by chance be willing to accompany me down there? I'd sooner like to get the confrontation over with than risk a surprise assault sometime soon."
  9. Arthur blinked a few times at the deer meat. "Mmmmh... Damn, I guess I am kind of hungry... But we don't really have time to eat. Can it wait?... Or are you two headed somewhere?"
  10. As the assistant's wounds were tended to by Brilliant Deduction, the pain did not subside much. Life-Recorder knew that most weapon-ready poisons didn't last long, even untreated, but it was still a bit much. "Thanks. I don't know what I'd do without you." Not exactly true for this moment (her personal medicine still had a few doses), but it was broadly true, at least. H11, Hold
  11. If Soggy misses, stay at I9 and stab Sniper B (J9). Else, Move stands (Go to I13 and Hold).
  12. The ant fire mage's loudly declared, hasty attempt to flee found itself almost certainly being too little, too late, as he was promptly run down by a very unhappy, very large bee holding a spear. "Hold on now, is there a need to be so relentless-" Pinecone wasn't really listening. He's already made his decisions, and the javelin clutched in his hand was stabbed towards the mage without hesitation. Pinecone attacks Black Ant Fire Initiate B! The poor ant didn't even stand a chance. Although he made a very spirited attempt at avoiding Pinecone's thrust, Stardust's prese
  13. Bounce up to I13 and delete whomever's left between fire initiate and sniper ( in case both are, sniper over inititate).
  14. Boss shakes her head. "Got it today." Vaughn's head suddenly lunges at her hand. Boss grabs her by the snout and holds the meat away from her. It's reminiscent of a guardian keeping a child from sticking their fingers in uncooked pastry by pushing their forehead. Except, in this case, the child is a large adult wyvern with very sharp teeth. Otherwise, Boss completely ignores her, continuing to address "Arrrrcrimson". "Do you want some?"
  15. Despite his previous failure, Pinecone was extremely persistent in charging after the one he marked for death. Pinecone to I12, Guard everyone adjacent, javelin into Fire Initiate B's face
  16. "Yeah, sure..." Crimson muttered an inaudible not really in response to Mina. His eyes were drawn to Boss— "Wait, you have- where did you get that? Deer meat is not that fresh— don't they have that stuff cooped up in the cold weather for days?"
  17. Arrrrcrimson. What a long name. How many R's is that? Boss's spelling has always been a bit spotty. But very legible, she promises. Not like Vaughn's. (Boss is unaware of how low of a bar that is.) "..." "...I have deer." She holds up a bag, with wrapped packages of deer meat inside. They're from earlier today, very fresh.
  18. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Crimson, let me try and help your friend out" From Shin's horse Mina used some of her memory magic to heal up Shin
  19. Shin responds a small bit to his name being called out. He's still not fully up yet, however. "Mh...........wh........."
  20. Arthur had just a smidge of relief once Shin looked like he was stabilized. "Well... He's been through more than that, at least. One crazy bi-... someone dropped a meteor on him once and he was fine. My name's Arrrrrrrrr..." Arthur's voice trailed off, catching himself in the act of giving some questionable information. "...Crimson... Yeah. Anyways, we need to get going. Like. Soon. Quickly. Before dark... How long until Shin comes back into consciousness?" Arthur looked to Mim without dropping her name.
  21. Seeing that Mina is safe and the man now on the floor is presumably alive, Boss notices someone talking to her. Following suit, she points at herself. "Boss." She points at her wyvern, who makes a chuffing sound. "Vaughn." That's her entire introduction. Her stare is utterly blank. To be fair, it's immediately obvious that she is a wyvern rider. She pauses. After a moment of silence: "Sorry."
  22. As Mim began to question her, Mina managed to snap out of her shock for the who situation, quickly managing a reply. "Oh where are my manners! My name is Mina Noma and I'm just a Sage passing through." The magic user attempted to maneuver Scoopo towards his owner as she began to apologize to the girl who was questioning her. "I'm truly sorry about landing on your friend. It really wasn't my intention to do so, but hey he did manage to break my fall"
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