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  2. With only a nod of understanding to Ferdiad, Kane returned to the group, still mulling over the choice. Arthur looked at him quite curiously and Lucy did her best to avoid eye contact with anyone. "...We're going to Fort Andromeda." Arthur simply shrugged. ————— A light snowfall surrounded the area, which provided optimal cover as the group was able to hurry up to the front door. There were no guards around it, but it seemed a patrol route would be coming this way quite quickly. "We have a few options here. We can kick down the door and go in guns blazing— not my style, but if the rest of you think that's what we should do then that's what we should do. Otherwise, we have the option of a pincer attack at the side doors, or focusing all of our forces down one side of the building. Each choice has its pros and cons— but let's all make our decision quickly." Meanwhile, within the fortress... "I'm just sayin', what if we get attacked!? Like, right now by Perusian—" "You are forgetting my dark magic, Karl. The second any Perusian idiots take so much as a breath within this fortress, they will fall under my eyes of death. Killing them then would be a cinch for Ivan and the rest of the guards. For now, we focus on making sure that the rest of the troops are healed." Soldiers were being tended to by Godiva in the barracks upstairs. At that time, Godiva was finished and able to head downstairs upon Siegmund's request. "Those soldiers will be in your debt. However, if you wish to walk away, I will allow you to house here for a while and focus on healing, then put in a good word for your uncle that you worked honestly once this war is over." "What the heck, boss!?" "You're just gonna let that noble chick walk all over ya!? You're better than—" "I'm sorry, I was under the impression that I was appointed General, foolish as that decision may have been. But please go ahead and tell me about how I am better enough to force a noblewoman to kill when there is no desire. When you've killed as much as I, you know better than anyone else to not force someone to kill if they do not have the stomach for it. I've killed over fifty today— how many have the two of you killed combined, today? Go on, I'm waiting. Aleksandr? Karl?" "..." "..." "Exactly what I thought. Now get back on patrol." TURN 1 Player Phase Objective: Defeat the boss! EXP: (0/100) Stats
  3. Baldur will take the Lucy support and I will force him to to the Shin support as well even if it puts my life in danger.
  4. Uhhh unless I can have 3 C instead of 2 C and 1 B, the only ones I can take are the NPC ones. If I can take a third C... Gimme Fey. I'll circle back to Baldur when I have a 4th slot
  5. "Now all we need to do is to get out of here!" "There is a rendezvous point outside the castle where we can meet up with Sir Thanatos. It should be a place where Lord Hades wouldn’t think to look from what he’s told me." The group's moment of relief would not last long, however. Suddenly, all of the runes everyone thought were long since deactivated began summoning revenants once again and at a much faster rate than before. It would only take a few moments before the entire group found themselves surrounded by a sea of these abominations. Something that was different about these new waves of zombie creatures were their sharp and glowing purple eyes. "Damn, we've been played! Everyone group up!" The bull held out his arm and from the ground underneath bursted out an axe of much higher quality than the one gifted to the party. These words echo echo only in the minds of the players, "Sorry Folks, but I can’t exactly have you getting out of here. Call it nipping the bud before it sprouts. No hard feelings right?" An equal parts cocky and maniacal laughter echoes before fading away. Before the party could react, parts of the swarm latched themselves onto the massive crystal in the center of the room and began clawing and smashing it. New Failure Condition: The Party doesn’t escape within the next 3 turns. The gem glows harsh with light beams piercing from the ever growing amount of cracks on its surface. The ground begins to shake violently and small pebbles and dust clouds escape from the ceiling. "Y-yea this isn’t good! Not at all! We need to carve a path through this horde and fast or we’re all going to be toasted!" The boy tries his hardest to make a dent in the hoard with little success. “Move aside boy!” The Bull grabs him by the hood and pulls him behind before a large pillar of stone erects from the ground in-front of him before he bats it into the hoard forming a small line straight towards the entrance. “Go! Now!” Everyone’s body almost seems to move on its own from everything happening so quickly. Soon one by one you all make it through before Owena gets jumped and is knocked off from her wyvern. “Grrr! You all keep running I’ll try and get her!” The Minotaur then turns around and weaves through the mass. "W-wait! I can’t just leave her!" Before the boy could even think about jumping back in he gets a harsh slap across the face. "Do you wanna die too?! There’s nothing we can do, just keep moving!" She grabs the boy’s arms and tugs him along, the prince looking more than a little frustrated for not being able to do anything but run. ------------ As the group approaches the exit of the building larger and larger chunks begin to crumble and fall from above and the vibrations in the ground only get intenser. Finally breaching the fresh cinder filled air of asphodel. A thundering crash echoes behind the group as the center erupts in a violet fiery explosion before the entire structure collapses in on itself. Everyone keeps pushing forward, lungs and legs burning alike. Well, maybe not Mercia but I’m sure she’s feeling a different kind of burning pain. Eventually, the group finds their way to the hidden supply stash camp, the adrenaline finally starting to wear off. "This… *huff* Should be… *puff* the place." The only thing that breaks the silence is the sounds of boiling magma. Seems even the boisterous prince can’t keep his enthusiasm after what just happened. There seems to be no sign of Owena or Asterios either. "We should rest here for a bit. It’ll be awhile before we’re in any real danger of being found."
  6. "Well, I'm glad it turned out at least somewhat good. You better not loose or mess of that new clip either, I'm not getting you another one. Though knowing you..." Taking notice of what Shin stumbled onto, the butler follows up. "Yea... about that. I found those letter sewed on as I was fixing it. Do those letters hold any special meaning to you at all?"
  7. [Sometime in the past] "Oh! Thank you, Baldur... hmm" Shin takes up the cloak and runs his hands through it. "This.. is really good.. thank you." He spares no time before putting it on. "It's.. perfect. Again.. thank you Baldur." He runs his hands through the cloak still, until his fingers happen upon a rough patch along one of the edges. "Oh hey.. what's this part?" Upon taking a closer look... It seems to be some very faintly embroidered letters ..C.. S. "H..huh.."
  8. Famine, a serial poisoner... It seems he's missed much. Though it is true he has been keeping his distance of late; even he can't deny that it's simply a natural consequence of the space he's kept, assigning himself regular patrols of the area, anything to remove himself from the others as long and often as he can. There was a time he would have known anything the moment Kane did. But was it not himself who had made the decision to step away? It is not his place to be saddened. The most stalwart and honorable among us. Is that what Justine had called him? "... Then that is settled."
  9. Kane only could nod slowly in response. "Unfortunately, it is the truth... If you wished to confirm for yourself, I'm certain Pestilence would not have any qualms with doing so in order to prove herself." Kane listened further to Ferdiad, and nodded. "With Death how he is, and learning Famine's true identity as a serial poisoner around Perus, plus War's unwavering loyalty— I can assure you that none of us will attempt to stop you. We will not accept any further defects from them."
  10. Unaware that they had been overheard, Ferdiad frowns as Kane recounts the information Pestilence had apparently told them. He surmises that this had been revealed before he had walked into the kitchen that day. But his expression visibly changes once he hears of the mark, and of Death's apparent status. The blood of the Lion...? He feels the ground fall away under his feet again. It seems that's been happening a lot lately. More than usual. It takes several seconds for him to recollect his bearings, enough that whatever protest he'd prepared — that Pestilence is likely a spy, parading among their ranks and sending information back to the others — dies away, even without the assurance that they would meet the Icons of Sin sooner than he thought, or that Kane may be able to predict their movements. "The true prince...? But that's impossible..." Royalty would do this? Stoop to such wretchedness? It's all lies and deception, he wants to insist. Pestilence had fashioned something to trick them — with magic, maybe. Wasn't she skilled with that? Or maybe Kane was lying to him. No, he wouldn't... ( But wouldn't he? Hadn't he already? ) He wouldn't. Kane was not a deceitful man. "... If we find him and the other three, I must kill them, or die in the attempt." He sounds nothing but resolute, but his eyes don't meet Kane's. "I'll accept no other recourse. If you or the others try to stop me again, I'll have no choice but to consider you an enemy of my purpose."
  11. Siegmund noted Godiva's troubled expression. However, he said nothing in response— this was war and it was a reality she would have to accept. ————— Kane allowed himself to be excused for a moment. Reluctance spread across his face for a moment— he was still having some difficulty with this decision, but this matter had to be attended to now. Arthur gave a little shrug as he went away. He listened— that pondering and troubled expression not leaving him throughout Ferdiad's questioning. "I understand your concerns— however, Pestilence has given us one critical piece of information. The Icons of Sin work with Perus; not just with Perus, but the very King himself despite many not even knowing the King exists. Pestilence showed it to us— she has a broken form of Perus's Mark, and insists that Death has the true Mark and is the true Prince of Perus. Considering this war, there is an exceedingly likely chance that we will run into the Icons of Sin; especially if we go to the castle. As you say, Death could be sinking his poisoned arrows into another king. However, I am absolutely certain that that next king will be Ruslan. Death is not the type to wait— we might even meet with him tonight. As for Pestilence... She has advocated for her brother's crimes, but her role in the Icons is admittedly unclear. At the very least... if we run into the Icons of Sin, we can see how willing she is to go against her own brother." ————— "..." Lucy certainly picked up a few things from her brother, and stealth was one of those things. However, while she was definitely able to keep herself hidden from Kane and Ferdiad, it was clear to the group as she crawled out of the woods that she had been peeping. "...I... needed a... moment." She was good at stealth, but not good at lying. The pain on her face was evident, even past her cloak.
  12. For much of their journey, he has not complained. After all, despite his personal opinions, it was not his place to in the moment. But as they drew close to the border of Ria and Perus, countries now thrown into the full throttle of war — as though what they'd seen weeks ago at Castle Ceda was nothing by comparison — he couldn't tamp down the rising sense of unrest any longer. "Kane. I would speak with you." They haven't talked since the incident with Death and Ferdiad's reappearance in that forest glade, not past necessity and basic courtesy, as though whatever tenuous potential there had been for renewal had been stretched too thin by the group's decision to harbor Pestilence — Lucy — it didn't matter what they called her. Kane had been a dear friend to him. It was to honor that bond that he agreed to fight alongside Virtuous towards what he believed was their common goal, even if he was not strictly speaking one of them anymore. But friends did not undermine their vows to each other. Keeping one of the so-called Icons of Sin in their own ranks? He leads him some steps away from the rest of the group, where they won't be overheard, and addresses him as a stranger might. "I would ask you to tell me why we are here. I understand the task Her Majesty gave you, but I can't ignore it any longer. You told me that we sought the same end, Virtuous and I. The end of the Icons of Sin. And yet she is here; you know who I mean. Why am I still fighting alongside you if we no longer share that goal? While we search for the relics, that monster could be sinking his poisoned arrows into another king as we speak."
  13. When it came down to it... Godiva truly didn't know the real levels of war and death that she would witness taking up this burden for her family. In a way, it felt like the General was deliberately making a point, an example to test her spirit. He had certainly been accommodating enough once she had arrived, but now, staring as he tore apart the opposing army with nothing more than a flick of the wrist, it felt like watching a different person. She had been hesitant to ride back to the fort, partly out of a sense that an extra weapon fighting for them would be better than one waiting for them to return, but it was painfully obvious that hers didn't matter much next to the General's power. "..." Still, though she initially bared a look of shock and horror, Godiva simply ended up closing her eyes, letting out a deep breath and bringing a closed hand to her mouth. Though they was a mixture of allies and enemies, Godiva offered a whispered prayer to those who would never return home. Then, after offering her words to the departing souls, Godiva turned her horse around, riding off back to the fort, as she was ordered to. She had a bit of prep work to do before they made their way back to the castle.
  14. As you all watch the man with absolutely no connection to any snake women whatsoever absolutely destroy everyone, you all get to ruminate on your friendships! Available Supports Shin x Baldur (B) Arthur x Justine (B) Lucy x Mim (B) Arthur x Mim (B) Baldur x Lucy (C) Baldur x Mim (C) Fey x Mim (C) Kane x Lizaveta (C) (Reminder that you have a maximum of two C supports and one B support; GMPCs do not count towards this total and can be accepted without limit.)
  15. Chapter 5 Bloodied Fortress Andromeda The numbers of Virtuous begin to wane as tensions in the world increase to a boiling point. With the civil unrest in Ulux due to their king being missing, Tabitha and Cecily both accompanied the dancer Emelia back to their homeland to help with the kingdom's reconstruction; all three of them hoping to make it a better place for everyone in the otherwise-hopeless kingdom. Reiko, on the other hand, fled to Ria to gather information about her father's sword. With the advent of war, there is no telling how Reiko is doing... all the group could do was pray for her safety. On a diplomatic ship bound for Ria, Virtuous acted as a stowaway. There, Kane prepared to take the group to a nearby fortress to witness the battle firsthand... The group split off from Albert and the rest of the diplomatic convoy early on to go their separate ways, and Simeon and Sid also made sure to split off to find a decent campsite in the forest. The sounds of shouting and clashing of metal were heard well before the actual battle came into view as the party trudged through the icy wastelands of Ria. On Kane's signal, everyone was able to find a vantage point in the forests to hide out and see the battle over the river. Kane was able to speak over the battle without much worry about interruption. "Here's my plan— there is a small fort just by the border known as 'Fort Andromeda'. Apparently, that is where the topmost soldiers of Ria will be residing during this battle... However, in the nighttime, they will be returning back to the castle. Obviously if that happens, combined with the guards already in the castle combined with the King and Queen who are no pushovers when it comes to combat, we're practically jumping into a suicide mission. Here... It will be exceedingly difficult, but we will be fine. However... a lot of our success depends on Perus's success in this battle." The battle continued to clash— Ria's side was led by a man clad from head to toe in heavy armor, attacks bouncing off of him like they were nothing. "Har, har, har! Come, you stupid Perusian dogs! I vill tear you asunder like the scrawny manchildren you are!" The heavily armored man whipped out a spear, blazing with a magical inferno, and hurled it into the fray. It looked similar to a comet as it barreled through the front line warriors, and equally so as it came right back into the man's hand before he let out another hearty laugh. "Hm... Sergeant Ivan Ivanovich is in the fray? I could have sworn he'd have retired by now, the man is somewhat of a legend in Rian military... Hmph." "Legendary or not, this battle might actually go in our favor." Kane had a bit of confidence as he overlooked the battle; though Ivan was tearing through his opponents, they began to take advantage of his heavy armor versus their horses to maneuver around him and take on the easier folks. "Though I detest Perus, they clearly have the upper hand... Why does Ria's military not have many horseback riders...?" "...You're about to find out... You better have a lot of confidence in us getting to that fort." "Oh? You charge past me, cowards!? Typical Perusian tactics! Vell then, I look forward to seeing how you take on the general himself! Gwahahahaha! Someone tell that noble girl to get back and vatch the fun!" The soldiers parted a small line in their defenses. From the vantage point, Virtuous could see a single man approaching through the line, a woman on horseback with a staff right behind him. "Coventry, get back to the fortress and make preparations to treat the wounded. This battle is over." The man silently came to the front, as he drew his sword. It was impossibly large— a sword made for crushing amplified to an unreasonably large size. And yet, the man seemed to have little difficulty with controlling it. Even from above, the man radiated the aura of a killer. "Ruslan's lapdog. I wish that was all I could say about him, but he's not favored by Ruslan for no reason... General Siegmund Richter, the man who spills the blood of his enemies and doesn't leave a single drop himself." "On my command, I will destroy you swiftly... BELLEROPHON!" In an instant, Siegmund threw his sword into the air with a burst of dark energy coming off of it that seemed to black out the daylight that only had a few more hours left to live in the day. With a single swing, the chained sword smashed itself into the ground, a burst of dark magic and an earthquake stumbled the footing and cleaved through the front of the Perusian army. With a single jerk of his wrist, the blade flew into the air and dared to hit his own Rian army— yet it was only a single swiping motion that changed its trajectory completely to bowl over the Perusian army without any mercy. Screams pierced the air as the mounted units were completely torn asunder, unable to dodge the blade's sweeping motion like some of the more fortunate foot soldiers were able to. The dark magic began to wane, as Siegmund pulled his sword back to his hand and dug the tip of the blade into the ground. In a moment, a man with another large sword came to the forefront of the Perusian army. "You are a fiend of dark magic, thinking that you can just cut down my men like that! Now you face Gideon, hero and champion of Perus! Your cursed sword won't—" "You Perusians only know one thing, and that is how to run your mouths. You only face me now that half of your army is wiped out? You're pathetic." Before Gideon could have a chance to retort, his sword seemed to be moving of its own accord, the same time as Siegmund's free hand glowed with another dark energy. "Wh-whuh!? My sword-!? Hey! What the hell is-" "Begone." With Gideon completely unable to do anything, a spike of dark energy emerged from Siegmund's hand, piercing him through the chest. He coughed up a great deal of blood, holding there and shaking, unable to do anything... and Siegmund allowed him to stay there until he went completely limp— only then did he retract the spike. That was enough to call a retreat from the Perusian army. "Hmph... They kill as much as they please, but then they turn tail at the very last second... that is what differentiates them from us." Siegmund turned to his men, beginning to walk back the way he came. "We make our way to Andromeda and tend to our wounds. We'll return to the castle before nightfall— His Majesty would like to know the results of our first battle." "Bwahahaha! And they say this man doesn't know how to fight compared to me! The new generation is truly a sight to behold!" The clanging of armor was all that could be heard as the Rian army dispersed. Kane looked significantly more frustrated, and Lucy was quite literally quaking in her boots. "Well? You still want to storm that fortress?" "..." Kane still looked like he wanted to say yes, but a lump was getting stuck in his throat. Godiva may post!
  16. For going into Chapter 5: PC’s Baldur: Store Vulnerary (1/3) Combine the QL of the Heal Staffs Purchase a Rescue Staff (530$) Ferdy: Take the Heavy Lance from the convoy Fey: Store the Hand Axe in the Convoy Take the Hammer from the Convoy Purchase Bolas (300$) Justine: Take the Steel Sword from the Convoy Lenore: Store Inspire in the Convoy Lizaveta: Use the Element Ring (+1 Res) Lysander: No Changes Mim: Purchased Iron Lance Take a Vulnerary (3/3) from the Convoy Shin: Purchase Silver Longbow (650$) NPC’s Kane: Store Iron Knife (23/40) Store Vulnerary (3/3) Take Lust from the Convoy Take & equip Relic of Ulux from the Convoy Arthur: Purchase Sacred Fire (450$) Lucy: No Changes Convoy No Changes Total Spent: 1930$
  17. Arthur was happy to stay with the hug until Mim pushed back, a little smile coming across his face as well. He gave a gentle nod in response to her, more than content with how everything went... until Mim's kiss immediately snapped his gentle smile into a face unable to comprehend how flustered he could possibly get in that moment, freezing up completely. It certainly wasn't the first time Mim had kissed him, but he had forgotten the feeling— it was obvious he didn't mind, though. "..." He managed to come up with the words just before Mim turned and left. "...Th... th-th... thank you..." He didn't stop her— opting to turn around and gently pat himself on the forehead a bunch of times while looking at the ground; an extremely strange ritual that only a male who had no idea what to do after suddenly being kissed would undertake.
  18. Mim let the hug continue. It was nice. Arthur felt so comforting in that moment. She could have stayed there forever... But she knew she couldn't. After a long moment, she finally pushed back slightly, looking up at him with a smile. "For now, all we can do is live in the moment, right? You'll be great, I promise. And you'll have all of us with you. Even me. I promise." She hesitated, a small blush creeping up onto her cheeks, and then she quickly stood up on her very tip toes and kissed Crimson on the cheek. "T-there. For good luck. And to remind you that you've got a better family than the one you were born with." The blush now a bright red and fully covering her cheeks, she started to turn around, hoping that he wouldn't stop her.
  19. Mim's hug was appreciated— and even for a brief moment if Mim gave him enough time, reciprocated. "...Thank you..." Arthur's eyes got a bit watery for a moment, but he managed to hold it back. "...I'm happy to have all of you as my family... I will try not to worry about the future, at least just for now."
  20. Mim hesitated for a long second and then gave him a quick hug. "I believe in you. And so does everyone else here, I'm sure. And it's not like you'll be alone. Virtuous will still be your family. And I'm sure there would be people here who would go with you if you asked. Like Baldur. Or... Justine."
  21. "...You're right..." Arthur said with a little understanding sigh, the last of his self-loathing finally giving up and calling it quits. "I... hope that I can keep to that standard. Especially if I do have to take over..."
  22. "I mean... Same. We both have that side of us. But you aren't scared of me, right? And I'm not scared of your temper... It's something people in our country struggle with. The fact that you know that and don't want to let it control you makes you heaps better than your dad already as far as I'm concerned."
  23. "...I... hope they don't." Arthur was very obviously stinging himself— Mim's words would comfort him, but he didn't seem to be allowing himself to feel better. "I'm very lucky that I have... better control over my temper than my father, but even then it sometimes slips out still. I don't want to give people a reason to fear me— but I am sometimes afraid of myself. I don't know when I'll next explode at someone for something stupid..."
  24. "Well, I mean, you aren't your father, are you? You have to understand, the people don't know you at all. So while there will be the whole scared of royalty thing as a general practice thing... I don't think they'll hold your father against you. I mean, I didn't. I don't see why they would either. You're different from your father. They'll be able to see that. Just like the rest of the people will. Maybe the throne doesn't have to be suffocating... You'll be different from your father, so maybe it won't weigh so heavy on you then."
  25. Arthur sighed a little bit at being reminded of his inevitable fate. "...I do... hate that fact. Even if it is the truth... I don't think I'm ready to leave Virtuous... I've been somewhat... fond of being here, actually. Like I can breathe for once. If I take the throne, then it's back to suffocating... but..." He took a deep breath, trying to clear his mind. "...You really think they'd be fine with it? I'm no stranger to how Rian people often fear my father more than anything... I do not wish to scare your parents either." There was genuine sadness, even some fear sprinkled in.
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