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  2. Justine's dance doesn't go unnoticed by Lucy— who quivers a bit and seems to completely and fully lose herself in anxiety... Baldur and Mim move again! Lucy has been Paralyzed for a turn! With the last drops of her vulnerary, Mim manages to heal Arthur back up and calm his anger... Just a little bit. Arthur recovers to full HP! And with a zip in her step, Mim fires a volley of arrows off at Siegmund. The first embeds it in his shoulder, but he's swift to dodge the second one. "Hmph... So this is what it comes down to, then?" Siegmund m
  3. Siegmund simply watched Baldur yell, remaining levelheaded. Finally, he closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. "Sorry, but you don't have a choice. If you'd rather whine than take an opportunity that was given to you on a silver platter, then I will kill you and finish my work." Siegmund swung his sword— gaze continuing to bore down at the party.
  4. "Wait... J-just hold on a second. I didn't even know you were still alive until a moment ago." The butler takes a step back, "You drop a bombshell that I had another birth family in Perus and now you want me to end your life? You're not even one of the people I seek justice against and you want a be a martyr for me? What kind of bullshit is this!? I don't even care about my 'original' family that you killed, I never even knew them! Do you want me to kill you because you think that'll ease your conscious? Death by the kid who's family you murdered, that's so cliché it makes me want to puke!" He
  5. "Sh- I-I mean- F-Ficus...? P-Please be careful..." The meek Lucy had little will to do her usual dance after Siegmund's revelation as well as being somewhat intimidated by Shin's sudden determination to kill, but tried her best nonetheless to allow Shin a burst of motivation. Shin moves again! Siegmund simply continued to glare at Baldur, his expression unreadable as he listened. "Your Perusian family is dead, boy. Father and mother. I don't know the life you led afterwards— but judging by how you lead a life of anger; shouting at your own teammates in
  6. The boy was quite shocked at first, hearing that his father was somehow alive. “Adopted? Heh... I guess that makes it three families now huh...” The butler says oddly relieved. His tone quickly turns into disgust as he continues, “I should’ve know you’d be still alive, you always have been a cockroach. Here I thought you were a casualty of that raid to spark a war with Ria, or maybe your debts finally caught up with you and they sent hit men to finish the job. Tell me, is mother still alive or is that too much to ask for?”
  7. Mim to J-6, take iron longbow back (lul),hold Lucy to I-7, perform Shin Crimson to K-5, wind Fighter B
  8. The arrow tears into Siegmund's shoulder— deeply. Yet he doesn't seem to even flinch despite it all, with him focusing on Baldur instead. "...Is that all?" He idly comments. However, he still spoke down directly to Baldur. EXP: (65/100) Stats
  9. "...I hope you've said enough, because those words.. will be your last." Shin dashes to J5 and fires at Siegmund with the Silver Longbow, before ducking to I6.
  10. Perhaps Siegmund couldn't help but look a little bit flustered at Lenore's first set of words— only his stern face managing to hide the twitched lip and eye which was gone in a slow exhale. "I won't be forgotten. I can't say the same for your band of thieves if you fail here and now." His composure was ever so slowly being tested— Mim's words seemed to bury into him like a knife, his grip on Bellerophon tightening as he used much of his effort to keep it together as she spoke. There was the occasional scoff— an attempt at brushing off what he would say were nothin
  11. "...for someone who boasts about killing, you sure do like to do nothing but talk.." The boy says, clearly disgusted by how lightly the man before him speaks about all the lives he took.
  12. "Please, if your memory is so grand you should know that the Anton family was of Rian blood. Just another poor family who's worthless head uses the money he makes by having his wife sell herself on the streets to ease his alcohol and gambling addiction. The Anton family was nothing more than another pile of gutter rats trying to skitter by on what little they had." The boy is surprisingly calm, considering his previous outbursts. So outward signs of frustration or anger. "It seems if your own all mighty memory falters just to make your own deeds so grandiose. Its a shame you only realize this
  13. "There is that self-importance I was talking about. Killing is not a sport. It is killing. It is nothing more and nothing less. Maybe the killing I do here today will lead someone to try to kill me later - I do not care. It is what it is. I have already long ago made the decision that I am willing to kill to do what I need to do. You are in the way of that. No matter your public image, or your reputation, that means that I will fight you to the end - yours." "And I am but one. I have my revenge. Arthur has his revenge. Knight has his revenge. Phoenix has his cause. They all ha
  14. Mim glanced at Crimson, her heart going cold. A lady... Part of his past that clearly was still hurting. Perhaps that explained some of his actions, why he was so willing to try and take the hit for her. And it was the fault of this man. Or at least partially. Turning her gaze back to Siegmund, she coldly spoke as she went to nock an arrow on her bow. "It's funny, you know. You act like knowing the faces of those you've killed make you better than us. Maybe I don't know the face of everyone I've fought. But you do know what I remember? The faces I've saved. The people who have
  15. Lenore raises an eyebrow. "How long did you rehearse that? Couple of hours? That sounded like you took it from some hack's idea of a great play. You can spare me the professional talk; it's dirty business is what it is. But you're right, we'll be unsung heroes. And you'll be forgotten about the moment we walk out of here."
  16. "...Welp." The door creaks open as Lenore's lockpicks work their magic. Light poured in through the windows on the side of the building and revealed the man himself— General Siegmund Richter, who faced the throne away from the rest of the group as they enter. The two Fighters flex their arms and take a few practice swings with their axes, the two Clerics prepare their healing magic, while the two Spies cower in the corner before they can even begin their escape as they realize what is going on. Siegmund lets out a low sigh, the presence of his eye disappearing from view
  17. Automated Movement Lysander to H-10 Lucy to H-11, perform Lysander Lysander to I-8, blast Knight B "...Gotcha." Adelaida isn't sure of how to respond to Justine's flowery language, but seems to pretend like she totally gets. At least the last part was understandable enough. Lenore, on the other hand— "You mean this is normal? Oh Horse, what have I gotten myself into.." Lucy gets her confidence back, enough to perform for Lysander. Lysander moves again! Enemy Phase The army moves closer... Siegmund's eye briefly dri
  18. As the topic of vulneraries and healing are going about, Shin, at the exact same time is still left with the various wounds that are sharpening his instincts. Against his better judgement, he presses on and moves to I9 and has his longbow returned to him from Mim. The determined boy says nothing as he tries to say focused, with the fire in his eyes like him, persisting.
  19. “Hmph, as if I would need to use a Vulnerary. A protector who can’t keep themselves alive on their own isn’t a good one. Granted I do keep some on me for emergencies but I’ve never had any need to use it.”
  20. Lenore passes by their newly acquired ally. "Welcome to the circus. You can pick up your clown suit when we're done here." I10
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