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  1. "Spend enough time sailing and you get all manner of crew. Some good at what they do, some not so much. You could say I learned a bit from those experiences," Fey tells Lenore as she assists in taking care of Mim, seeing as how Baldur was being taken care of. "I'm going to have to have a talk with Snowbird after this probably but, what can you do. Need anything from me for now Rose?"
  2. "Again, calm down. Now that he's been patched up a bit, he probably shouldn't be in too much trouble with a bit of care. I'll leave that to you Scarlet. Keep calm, and everything will be alright," Fey remarks, patting Liz on the back before taking a glance at Mim after hearing Lenore and moving to Tabitha. "As for you Rose, we have some more pressing issues to deal with now. Ficus will be managed, so you get to come with me and help out these two." Fey says before unceremoniously throwing Tabitha over her shoulder and running over to the other injured parties. "Did someone ask for a healer? Cause I've got one right here," she announces, putting down Tabitha next to Mim. "Rose can deal with Snowbird for now while you can help out Orchid. None of you get to die today, and that's non negotiable." Fey announces before bringing out some of the medicine on her person in case it might help.
  3. Managing to wade through the combat, Fey dives into the lake unimpeded, and manages to grab Shin and find some treasure along the way. As she begins to surface, she notices a face close to the water's edge, along with a scream. Recognizing it, she surfaces with only her head at first to talk to Liz. "Calm down, Ficus is retrieved and alive...barely. How's Mim holding up?" Fey asks as she begins to exit the lake.
  4. The sudden turn of events that transpired honestly made Fey completely speechless. "What did...why...huh?" Fey stammers, very confused to the events that just transpired and their valiant, if very questionable motives. It takes her a moment to properly respond to Kane. "Yeah, I can try and drag him up but just...why?" Fey shrugs before going towards the lake, before also turning to Death in the process, taking note of that situation. "You can answer me after I drag his waterlogged corpse out of the lake maybe, but does Virtuous double as a performance group. Cause this is one heck of a clown show," Fey asks, not entirely expecting an answer before heading into the lake.
  5. "Guy who decides to take hostages calls us lowlifes. Sure, whatever," Fey shrugs, not amused with the situation. "And besides, most of us were probably willing to answer some questions before and you weren't too keen on the idea. Any particular reason you want us to answer them now?"
  6. Move to O15 take and drop Mim onto N15
  7. "Not bad, not bad at all. Now then, let's clean up around here," Fey remarks as she sets her sights on the tactician. G15, hatchet the tactician.
  8. "That's gotta sting," Fey winced seeing Crimson taking a shot like that. "I'm leaving him to you. I'm going on ahead," Fey announces, readying her axe and getting some cover. Fey to G17
  9. "Wait, so then the reason you didn't wear your hood before was just because you didn't like it? Then again, I can kind of understand that a bit, so you do you," Fey remarks. "As for the names thing, I am a merchant so keeping names straight is part of the job. And its not like people don't use aliases in business either, so its nothing new. I'll ask just in case, but do you prefer Famine or Horace?" Fey asks, even though she has an idea of his preference.
  10. Upon seeing the four people approaching, Fey takes a look at them and just...stares at them for a while. "You know Horace, I really shouldn't be surprised. But I'm still amused by this situation just a bit. At any rate, how have you been? Is the family healthy?" Fey jokingly asks, chuckling just a bit.
  11. "Someone's seriously in a rush here," Fey mutters before recalling a bit of information she heard from a certain new friend of Mim. Deciding to go on a bit of a limb, she decides to make a statement. "Oh right, I nearly forgot. I think there was a bow lying around somewhere that I didn't recognize. Would it happen to be either of yours by any chance?" Fey asks, carefully watching the pair's reactions.
  12. "Err...I'm not sure how long you were asleep exactly, but i feel like worrying about being late now is a bit...pointless. At any rate, what's this brother of yours like anyhow? Just in case we somehow run into him if he decided to go look for you?" Fey decides to ask.
  13. "Virtuous? What, you mean the theater troupe guys? Or some other virtuous group? Or rather, I'm fairly sure there are a bunch of people who wear masks here and there. I don't remember Virtuous buying out the entire mask market. Actually, I wonder if they did do that," Fey responds to the panicked girl, before pondering to herself about the potential mask stocks of the group. "At any event, are you looking for them or something, or expecting to find them? I don't think they're performing at the moment you know," Fey replies in a completely serious voice.
  14. "Lily huh? Eh, calling you that is fine then I suppose," Fey shrugs, finding her behavior slightly suspicious, but still amusing. Moving to keep the person in place, Fey decides to try and keep her around for a bit longer. "You said you wanted to meet your brother right? Do you even know where he is. I don't know how long you were asleep for, but its entirely possible they could be somewhere else right now you know?"
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