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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!
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  2. hii, i'm looking for alolan vulpix/ninetales and metang with clear body. lemme know if you can spare one!
  3. I can trade y'all. PM me when you're ready to trade :)
  4. Hi can someone trade me a sneasel with icicle crash?
  5. I was wondering if anybody could trade me a munchlax with thick fat??
  6. Can someone trade me a grassy terrain contary servine? im just about to challenge the second gym so i dont have much to offer.
  7. Can i have a grassy terrain contary servine? I am to the pulse tangrowth so i dont have much to the return the trade with. -edit i am actually just about to challenge the second gym but the amount of pokemon i can trade is still extremely limited
  8. Hi everyone. Just wanted a timide mime jr or Mr mime cause i accidentally realeased mine... Anyone can help me? Thanks
  9. ohmygosh thank you. and it knows megahorn. welcome to the team new abby. thanks!
  10. There's an event Absol at Route 4 (east from Calcenon, where there's a waterfall) that I believe knows Play Rough. You need an Ill-fated doll for the event to occur.
  11. Okay im crying because i have a stupid mac and online doesnt work on the mac version. i swear im gonna buy a windows so i can play games without hassling all the time. but, if u dont mind, would you let me know how you bred that absol? what does it breed with, since my female absol i have already seems to hate every pokemon i put it in the daycare with. THANK YOU and sorry about this. damn you mac!!!
  12. you angel! thank you!!! im gonna be so ready when ep 19 comes out . im going to try to figure out how to trade cause im a noob on a mac and it keeps saying my internet connection isnt working but ill lyk soon my trade info
  13. I'm ready to trade, if you are. Just have a trashmon on you and request trade me (ID: Candy).
  14. I can trade you one in a few minutes I don't need anything in return no worries
  15. I really really really want an absol with play rough. does anyone have one? I can trade my Lv 80 shiny camerupt, Lv 85 Shiny Bisharp who I'd be sad to part cause hes a monster who's served me well with but whatever), and all of these shiny options: treveant (58), rapidash (63 looks SICKKKK rainbow unicorn), Zebstrika (68), Aromatisse (71), Lilligant (71), Magcargo (55), Abomasnow (60), Aggron (70 also look insanely sick), crustle (58), alolan diglet (33). There's a few more shinies i could trade but not as cool as the ones listed but you can ask if you want. Or if you're a pure soul who wo
  16. @Variasi Fiksi I'll try again the game ran into an error and closed sorry

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