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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!
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  2. So far, this list accurately reflects available shinies. However, while the Bulbasaur is avaliable, it's being used for IV and shiny breeding (the latter for other players, like you). Thus, it's less preferable as of now, to trade it off. Likely, by the time one responds, I'll have more shiny bulbasaurs.
  3. Ah, nevermind. I guess your request's been resolved, Hoko.
  4. And about the larvesta I just realize I had one in the box so don´t worry.
  5. I have a ditto, and it would be great if you can give me a larvesta when you can get it.
  6. I just want a larvesta level 1, it doesn´t matter the EVS or IVS. Please and thanks in advance.
  7. Hello everyone, it's Rowigrath, back from the dead! Anyways, I lost my laptop, and I have thus lost all of the Reborn data I had, so I unfortunately don't have any way to breed Pokemon right now. I am working on that, however, and I'll do my best to return to breeding ASAP. I will need a bit of help, though, namely in the form of a Ditto. I'm in no rush to get one right now, since I'm at the very beginning of the game at the moment- haven't even gotten my starter yet, lmao- but if there is anyone with a spare Ditto around (hopefully with a few perfect IVs to make breeding easier) t
  8. Does anyone have a 3 or more 31 iv ditto that they do not want? I really want to start breeding competitive pokemon! Please respond if you can help!
  9. Hello again. I've come to make another request. I would like to request a Thick Fat Munchlax, with Curse and Zen Headbutt please.
  10. hello, I am looking for a random Mr. Mime, a random rowlet, and a male clamperl (if possible with a deep sea tooth, that would be carried by mime or rowlet) I'd like to make a baton pass team but I cannot find theses pokemons where I am (Ashen Beach) Maybe someone have one of them ? In exchange I have for example some torchics, shiny sandshrew, shiny skorupi.
  11. Well, right now I´m locked up in Agate Circus, I need a moonstone so I can evolve my clefairy that I got from the same circus. I don´t have much to offer, I can give you a shiny luxray, magcargo, beartic or woobat. Or you can ask for another specific thing, Thank you!!
  12. As long as the species can be female then yes! Pokemon that are male only will obviously not ever give a female though. Usually, when I get a Pokemon I know I'll want to breed, I try to get a female if I want the species and a male if I want the IVs. Like the Budew you get in Reborn really early in the game? I try to get a male Budew with good IVs, that way when I'm able to breed (and after I get the Destiny Knot), I can chain those good IVs from it to other Pokemon. That's one great thing about baby Pokemon after gen 5- when you encounter them, they usually have at least some per
  13. Does breeding a male pokemon to a ditto again and again can give you a female pokemon as an offspring as well?? :O
  14. No prob! Yeah, unfortunately (but somewhat understandably), baby Pokemon can't breed. Hope that helped and good luck!
  15. Whoops, sorry I forgot to say, Riolu is a "baby" Pokemon, and is therefore unable to breed. So what you'll have to do is evolve it into Lucario, then it'll be able to breed. Voila!
  16. Yes I do have a ditto and I tried that however, the daycare just wouldn't give me an egg and I read somewhere that it won't always give you an egg so I just went to the forms cause I got tired of waiting.
  17. Do you have access to a Ditto? What I've done when I only have the male form but want to breed it is breed the male with a Ditto until I get a female, then breed that with the male. Or breed the female of the species with a male in the same egg group that has good IVs, giving the male a Destiny Knot.
  18. I'm new to forms so bare with me one that or just add me on discord (Behemoth#9544).
  19. Hey there, I face the opposite issue you do, I've not yet accessed somewhere to revive my Helix fossil (and others), but do have a fossil. Maybe you could breed a omanyte, or chain member, for an egg, and I send you the fossil? Does this sound good? Sorry if you don't need assistance, still.

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