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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!
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  2. Yo, i can give you a beldum, wimpod and gastly with 5 to 6ivs with egg moves. You dont have to give me anything important, jus what u don't want. Plz do message me to discuss trade times
  3. Hello! I am offering near fully perfect IV Togepi (4-5 31 IV with 31 SpA guaranteed) and Torchic (4-5 31 IV with 31 Atk guaranteed). No shinies & egg moves for this category. I have shinies but the IVs are mixed/not up to par with my first offer. I am looking for near perfect IV Gastly, Wimpod, Beldum or anything that will complement my team. IVs wise, I hope it matches with my offer (4-5 31IVs with the needed stat being 31IV depending on the pokemon to be offered. No need for egg moves or shinies but I'd appreciate it if you have. You can also offer me other pokemon but no guarantees. My current team is Blaziken, Togekiss, psychic Silvally, Dragalge, Krookodile & Empoleon but I'm planning on removing Silvally and breeding new replacements for the last 3 after receiving a good Ditto though it's been a pain and I'm out of funds after getting my ideal Torchic and Togepi. Stock wise, I can't guarantee for sure since I still have many unhatched eggs from trying to farm shinies but so far these are available for trading. Please send me a screenshot of the pokemon you will offer and I will send mine as well. You can contact me via Discord (more active) or through this thread but I don't reply immediately, it usually takes me a day to a week to reply depending if I'm busy atm. This is my first time trading and using the forum so please tell me if I'm going out of line. Thank you!
  4. Unfortunately I have already given it away but I do have a shiny gible egg still if you would like :)
  5. First come, first serve o/ Taught Gible Earthquake and Dragon Claw. EV trained the attack stat.
  6. As title says; Giving away a 6IV shiny Budew that is holding a shiny stone. First come, first serve o/ Edit: its traded.
  7. Hello, I am online right now. I will be online at 1 to 2 pm and at 8 pm (Europe time). Thanks for the help
  8. Hello, I got one, plz message to discuss trade time
  9. I need a Lunatone to complete the Pokedex quest and get Poipole. I KO’d the lunatone during the game and it is the last pokemon I need to complete it. I can give any other pokemon in exchange for it.
  10. I should still have one in the box, but I don't have access to my computer until Wednesday. So if it can wait until then, I'd be happy to help you out.
  11. Hi, need abra or kadabra/alakazam if anyone is willing to trade, just for story its my favorite pokemon :D
  12. Hi I accidentally killed Lunatone during his even, does anyone have one to spare? I'm desperately trying to finish the pokedex...
  13. Hello, I can trade with you now if ur ready, else message me plz to discuss trade time
  14. I want a Nincada and the forest egg unfortunately was a Stantler. My ID is SokaX.
  15. Hello, are you online for a trade now? if so what's ur trade ID so I can send u the requestt. Edit: if you arn't online, plz do message me to discuss trade time
  16. I accidently KO'd the Lunatone and the last save was a long time ago. Is there anyone willing to trade me one? I have most of everything aside from legends.
  17. I mostly just need a Manaphy for the pokedex and i will trade it right back to you if thats requested. Can also trade for a specific pokemon. Thanks in advance :))
  18. Hi there, I can give you a data chip, though I can only give you in about 9 to 10 hours thoughh
  19. so does anyone have a spare data chip? i dont got much as of yet but im willing to trade for it if need be. need it so i can get the weather mod an obtain a Tynamo
  20. Would Love a duskull/dratini/meditite if you're willing to part w/ one.
  21. I appreciate the heads up. That's good to know, though I'll prob see if I can obtain a legit shiny one with a decent HP stat. Thanks though.
  22. Go here to get a save file with a perfect ditto and then do a self-trade :): (and yes it is also shiny)

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