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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!
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  2. Hey I dont know if this page is still active if so i would need a male ralts (with the dawn stone if posible) and a gligar(shiny if possible)
  3. Hey I dont know if this page is still active if so i would need a male ralts (with the dawn stone if posible) and a gligar(shiny if possible)
  4. hey guys just curious if anyone has these for trade? i dont need high ivs or anything :D they are my favorite pokemon and i rly want to use them ^^ thank you. so any stats and if possible low levels so i can use them, thx. also i dont know if u must trade kadabra to evolve or i can get item for evolve? thx :)
  5. I'm now able to trade. If you add me on Discord, it would make it easier, probably.
  6. Hi are you ready now? I didn't catch your reply until now. sorry!
  7. Hello there! I've got a Torchic ready for trade. It has 5 IVs and Baton Pass egg move. Do you want it? Tell me once you're ready. My Discord is thetrueinterceptor if you can find me.
  8. Hi, Can I please have a lvl 1 torchic? I will trade a squirtle with aura sphere. Thanks.
  9. Hi there! I should have one on extra in my box. Not home rn though, so can't trade now. Maybe in a couple of hours. Let me know when you'll be online.
  10. Hi! I need a gastly to complete my pokedex. (My game file has a glitch where I can't access the event where you get gastly, and I didn't get it in my mystery egg) I can send back any other pokemon you want, except Tropius. Thank you!
  11. Hi! I need a gastly, is anyone able to send it to me? If you want I can send back any other pokemon except Tropius.
  12. Hello, do you have any male ralts with alba stone?
  13. Hello, good afternoon, I would like a zubat with a lot of attack and little special attack.
  14. Sure, I can trade you a Ditto. Let me know when you are free and what your online username is.
  15. Hey! I'm a new player and I didn't knew about the Ditto event in the Blacksteam Factory. I teleported the guard into the cage and now the Abra does not respond. Can someone trade me a Ditto? Thanks!
  16. I got past that gym... Do we get a ralts later on in event or in wild grass? If in events... then I'll try reaching there, but if its in wild grass, Ill take it Thanks And also, do you have a sandile or its evolution? Im stuck at calcenon and cant access reborn city for me to go and catch one.... And sorry I didn't see your message.... I thought the club was dull.... so didnt bother checking it....
  17. I have better pokemon now, if somebody was waiting for that before they answered.
  18. Hey, can somebody get me an Axew? I don't have any really good Pokemon right now, but I have a rattata lol
  19. I can give you a level 1 Ralts, which you can train yourself to become a mighty Gardevoir. I don't need anything in return, just give me something you want to get rid of. DM me to discuss a trade time. (I'm in GMT+8 rn.)
  20. Hey.... If it's not too much to ask, I would like to request a Gardevoir... I don't have any nice Pokemon to give in return tho.... I'll be trading my lvl 42 Stoutland..... Please Trade with me....
  21. np. I spend way too much time thinking about how to cheese some of these boss fights.
  22. I don't know a pokemon that could efficiently beat it alone, but a few of geodudes with sturdy and magnitude could do the job.

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