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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!
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  2. I breed froakies for a living and wondering if anybody could offer me one with 31 IVs in attack and defence (preferably female) i have many 31 IV speed/sp attack froakies so if anybody is interested my in-game user is Avex
  3. try using the debug mod and get one yourself, join the discord for more info, also use CRYOGNAL and WALRIEN both are great ice mon i used both to beat terra when i didnt have one
  4. As I am locked in Agate circus and struggling with beating Terra (damn her tanks, healing moves and synthetic seeds) I've decided to train up an alolan vulpix just to try and beat her ass, however, I realized that I cannot access an Ice stone to evolve it into ninetales, any help would be appreciated.
  5. yeah i could give you my revived one....for your helix fossil....the thing is i also mined all my rocks as well (post city restoration and all that) so i have literally no way to obtain them lol
  6. I could trade you the pokemon u get from doing that or one of them and the fossil of the other Only have one helix let tho sadly and mined all my rocks
  7. as the title says i want a helix fossil not because i want to revive it...but because i want it to get the fossil in 7th street (and they won't notice you till you get a helix fossil in your bag) i have already revived mine as such i have no helix fossil left if someone can trade me one for the revived one it would be much appreciated otherwise i have a bunch of eeveelutions (sylveon, espeon, umbreon, vaporeon, flareon and jolteon) and an aegislash or two.....or i can just borrow it from you
  8. Hello there! I would like to trade for 3 2 Pokemon: Gible, Larvitar and Deino. (IV's dont have to be perfect.) I have something to trade back for each: a choice of 3 2 out of 4 shinies (1 for each trade): Crabrawler, Graveler, Kantoian Sandshrew and Ekans. Edit: Actually, Nature doesn't matter. Thank you in advance! Edit: I cought new shines that I am willing to trade: Bouffalant, Ribombee, Skrelp, Panpour, Venipede, 2 Kantonian Grimers, Foongus, Golbat, Palpitoad and Comfey. Edit: Shiny Spheal and Klink cought for trade
  9. Hello does anyone have a espurr I could have for the gym I'm stuck at? Thank you
  10. Yes, I have discord, just search for Duskfang#7434; it should be the same profil-pic I have here
  11. hey do you have a discord we could talk over? this thread is starting to be a lot longer than expected and i don't expect you to go to the forums everytime discord is a little more nice and portable for trading
  12. Alright! Back sooner then I realized, though still afternoon for me ^u^
  13. A few hours, don't know how many exactly but I'll be back on this afternoon.
  14. I'm not going to be able to be on for a while, I'll let you know when I'm ready, though. Feel free to prepare them however you wish ^u^
  15. YES drowsee and koffing for trapinch and beldum this time you are going to send request and i am going to be on waiting, make sure you have good internet connection as i will too....let me quickly prepare koffing for you....ehh?
  16. Ah, if you're stuck at the circus perhaps a Mienfoo, Rufflett, or Vullaby? I know Smoochem are gotten through an event, so I don't really need one. Drowzee might be nice, though! A koffing and Drowsee for Trapinch and Beldum, then?
  17. hmmm...not sure where they are available but i certainly can hook u up with koffing....if you can tell me locations of tympole or dewweble as soon as I get out of agate circus i will give you....i have a smoochum btw if you want...it is non event.......what about drowzee? it is certainly rare (atleast for me it was)....if you want like a tympole or dewweble tell me the locations [:>
  18. Sorry, ended up falling asleep. I can certainly get you a Beldum. All starters are available regardless if you get them in the grand hall or not, and I don't really need them. Non-event Pokemon would be nice - maybe something like a Buneary, Koffing, or Sentret - would be nice, but I'm not picky. If you could get me a Tympole or Dwebble to save me from some extra breeding, it'd be great!
  19. i can give you any starter Pokémon in return (if you want them) since I don't think they available outside grand hall starters

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