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A club where you can asks for HQ, shiny, or even rare pokemons. This is also the place to trade with each other. So be nice and have fun!
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  2. shiny ralts female or male available for trade shiny rowlett
  3. Commenting again just in case, cause I'm not sure if this is still the place for trades and such. I am still seeking a shiny stunfisk for my all shiny run. (I caught a regular stunfisk cause I want to trade for a vulpix later, but my rules are I need the shiny now to counteract it) My shiny run has quite a few extras now but if those aren't your interest I have an actual run with every pokemon that I can either hatch an egg or go into my extras there. Here's my shiny run extras and non shinies I got from wondertrades, the yellow area isn't up for grabs, those are for quest rewards.
  4. Hello, if anyone has one, I'd like to request a shiny Stunfisk, any nature, any IVs, I'm playing a shiny only run and it's so rare to find let alone it being shiny. I would really appreciate it. I don't have much to trade on my shiny run account, but I have every pokemon in my actual playthrough if you're interested, I also have three shiny noibats and two shiny bunnlebies that I am just not using if interested. I can also try to provide an item through the pokemon for trade. Thank you so much in advance.
  5. Trying to get a Lileep to round my team out, and don't want to wait so long to get it. I don't particularly care about ivs or anything, but a female would be prefered. I don't have much to offer; just a really bad shiny goldeen and a shiny Deino from wondertrade.
  6. I would like to have a 6iv ditto, because I want to start breeding quality pokemon and I wold be very grateful. I have some shinies to give in return
  7. Hi, i'm triying to complete the mega evolution and z quest, but i released the vanillite from eustace, can someone give me a vanillite that comes from that one and a ditto? I have a sandshrew, sandslash and swinub shiny to trade in return. Thanks I managed to get the vanillite just by hatching an egg in the 7th street so I don´t need it anymore
  8. Lol no I got it through wonder trade while I was waiting so you can keep it
  9. There you are! Do you want your tentacool back though??
  10. I am still on, but haven't seen it yet. Let me try your ID
  11. Sorry i didnt see this! I'm requesting now though
  12. It is Archer in game as well. I am online
  13. Thank you! Do you want anything specific in return?
  14. Pretty sure I messed up the event with Solrock lol if someone could bless me with an egg that would be great! Thanks!
  15. nah IVs or Natures don't matter. My online name is SniperGuny. I'll have a request set up haha
  16. yeah. what's your online play name? and do IVs or natures matter. (perfect or good)
  17. Anyone have a Charmander they could give? And possibly a Prism Scale?

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