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Welcome to a group for all things Touhou. Both canon and fanmade games, music, art, lore, memes and news can be shared and discussed here, as long as it's related to the Touhou Project. Kind of dead......probably should have made it a different type of club. There's not really much here, but feel free to join.
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  2. bump to prevent archival.....just in case. Some random stuff from the 1-3 translation thread that I wanted to copy here. Feel free to ignore
  3. Translation LP links and original SA thread links Thank you to everyone who worked on the fan translations of these games! LP Archive links for FMW 1-4 translation LPs: Scarlet (1) https://lparchive.org/Fantasy-Maiden-Wars-E/ Mystic (2) https://lparchive.org/Fantasy-Maiden-Wars-P/ Eternal (3) https://lparchive.org/Fantasy-Maiden-Wars-I/ ----bonus: 30 Reimus https://lpix.org/sslptest/index.php?id=25376 Dream (4) https://lpix.org/sslptest/index.php?id=153605 *Not currently on LP archive, but this has all the current links organized ----bonus stage 1: https://lpix.org/sslptest/index.php?id=154371 ----bonus stage 2: https://lpix.org/sslptest/index.php?id=154726 ----bonus stage 3: https://lpix.org/sslptest/index.php?id=155214 Something Awful FMW 1-3 translation LP https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3644693 Something Awful FMW: Dream translation LP (Dai-4-ji Fantasy Maiden Wars: Golden Edition) https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3828853
  4. Well Touhou fans, l decided to create a thread about the Fantasy Maiden Wars fangame series that I've been going on about in status updates and PMs. Mostly I wanted to post a list of the music and animation playlists with the games, at least to show off the work the FMW team put in. Sorry if this shows up on the front page because we are an open group. As a lover of turn-based strategies, this series has really hooked me. Based on the Super Robot Wars crossover games, FMW takes many of its mechanics and adapts Touhou mechanics into the formula for a much different experience than what I was expecting. It definitely takes advantage of the crossover nature of the series to tell the stories of Touhou 6-12 in a far different order and with interactions with characters from beyond just those 7 games. To group members: Feel free to create a thread highlighting any Touhou fangame you wish, if you feel like it. I just wanted to post everything here if you saw/heard something you liked. Official Links Official Site Official Twitter DLsite link for purchase of games and soundtracks Gameplay Help/Reference Sites http://akurasu.net/wiki/Gensou_Shoujo_Wars (mostly complete lists/charts in efficient format and translation patches) http://akurasu.net/wiki/Gensou_Shoujo_Wars_Complete_Box (WIP of Complete Box details) -Complete differences list (completed for 1.04; slightly outdated) https://pastebin.com/k75zhZ6m https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Gensou_Shoujo_Taisen/Characters_(Yume) (FMW Dream character database) https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,16751.0.html (forum thread for direct questions) https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,21389.0.html (alternate download for translation patches) Translations LP links are in the second post in this thread Youtube Links Music playlists (separated by game)---Includes ALL music, not just character themes: Character theme Playlist (mostly numbered order by debut game) A mostly complete "All Attacks" playlist---animation showcase A few others not on the main playlist. Most importantly, Rei'sen's attacks and the Aki's new combos

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