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My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

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I entered the room where Radomus and Cain were and of course, Cain was staring at Radomus in a confused way.



Cain: Did you really swap your silly hat for another?

Radomus: Maybe to you it is but to be honest, there’s really nothing silly about it. I just simply choose the right hat for the job. I ask you young man. Will we not be sleuthing out Gardevoir?
Cain: Speaking of that, quite the change of heart you’ve had.

Matthew: Yea. You didn’t even seem like you wanted to go.

Radomus: Well please do not misunderstand me.

Matthew: What misunderstand is that?

Radomus: Simple. There is no need to do something as rash as this.

Cain: But then why are you-

Radomus: But Luna demanded it. So I will go on this little “rescue mission.”

Cain: -sigh- I don’t get it. I thought Gardevoir were only supposed to be drawn to the most loyal trainers.

Matthew: Wait. Is that true?

Cain: Well at least here in Reborn. I imagine it’s way easier in the other regions.

Matthew: Makes sense. But yea. I gotta agree with Cain. You don’t seem to care at all that she’s gone.

Radomus: Matthew, Cain… Should Black be concerned when the White King places himself in check?

Matthew: Ohh for the love of…

Cain: What is he talking about Matt?

Matthew: It’s chess talk. I have NO idea what he’s talking about.

Cain: Ugh. Let’s just go find her already!

Radomus: As you wish. Now I assume that the 2 of you know about Agate City being closed for the time being correct?

Matthew: Well with the guards sleeping, I have a feeling that’s the case.

Radomus: Indeed. Which means there’s not a lot of places to which he could have fled. I expect that he will attempt to head towards Reborn City.

Matthew: Yea. More places to hide there.

Radomus: But which route will he take? I will follow your lead animous one.

Matthew: Uhh… Right.

Cain: Let’s do this!


The 3 of us walked out of the door and through the labyrinth to get to Route 1. We walked the opposite way me and Laura came from and eventually, I started to see new parts of Route 1. Soon, we came upon a building. I paused in front of it pondering what it could be.



Radomus: Are you curious as to what this building is?

Matthew: Yea. Obviously it’s not where El is but-

Cain: This is where people are trying to repopulate this area with Pokemon.

Radomus: Yes. If you saw those Bouffalant and Tauros, they were brought here to repopulate.

Matthew: That’s interesting I guess.

Cain: Yea. I bet repopulating feels greeeeaaaat.~

Matthew: Uhh-

Radomus: Let us continue. We can no longer go east. It is time to go south.


We all started heading down south. Even though it was far away, I could see a really big door. Cain could see the puzzled look on my face.


Cain: That door is actually on the other side of the Grand Gate.

Matthew: Soo… It’s also technically another Grand Gate?

Cain: Basically. Except this 1 is opened.

Matthew: Alright. When we get there, you 2 stay out here and I’ll go inside and if I see anything, I’ll give you 2 a shout for you both to come in. Got it?

Cain: Mhm.~

Radomus: Right.


I quietly walked in but saw no one in front of me until I saw someone running to the side of the place.



Matthew: Hey! Stop!


But he didn’t. He continued running. I ran after him but when I got into the room, he wasn’t there anymore. There was a huge cog wheel in the way but that was about it. I could hear running footsteps coming from behind me.



Radomus: It would seem our culprit has been cornered.

Matthew: What are you talking about? No one besides us is in here right now.

Radomus: He only had 1 direction to go. Down. Keep pushing forward. I believe there is enough space beyond that gear there.

Matthew: Yeeeaaaa… I’m gonna play it smart and do this. -climbs on top of the gear and walks over it- I’m too big to squeeze through that.

Cain: -gets through the gap- Easy.~

Radomus: Examining this a bit more, this may be more challenging for an adult.

Matthew: Then just do what I did and climb over it.

Radomus: No no. I’ll be fine.


Radomus approached the gear and tried getting in between the wall and the gear. He squeezed in at 1st and started moving towards us but near the middle he stopped. Cain and I both looked at each other with annoyed faces.



Radomus: Umm…

Matthew: No way dude.

Cain: Are you really stuck Radomus?

Radomus: It uhh… would appear so.

Matthew: Great.

Cain: Wait. Why doesn’t this thing turn anyways?

Radomus: It froze. Ergo, so did the Grand Gates. More than a decade ago in fact… Right before Reborn City’s collapse.

Matthew: So basically, these gears are just connected to the doors right?

Radomus: Yes. A lot of people have tried to make them operational again but no luck.

Matthew: That sucks…

Cain: Well still. Even if it’s tight, just force your way in.~

Matthew: -laughs- Ohh Cain.

Radomus: -gives Cain a curious look-

Cain: What? I mean, I don’t usually say that to boys but you know… This is different!

Radomus: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t get that remark.

Matthew: Trust me. Spend enough time with him and you’ll grow accustomed to you.

Radomus: Well then I won’t be hanging around him a lot after this. Alright. Here. We. Go!


With a big push, Radomus finally got himself unstuck and out of the gear. The bad thing about it though was that he got himself out so fast, he ran into Cain, accidentally pushing him off the edge and down into the cavern below.



I ran over to the cliff frantically.


Matthew: Holy shit! Cain! Cain?!

Radomus: Well now I’ve done it.

Matthew: You don’t fucking say!

Radomus: Calm down Matthew.

Matthew: Calm down?! You pushed him off the ledge! He could be hurt or dead!

Radomus: Please regain your composure Matthew. Look. -points down into the cavern- It’s not that fair of a drop.

Matthew: Wait. If that’s the case, then why isn’t he yelling back to me?

Radomus: Well, there’s only 1 way to find out. You ready?

Matthew: I suppose so.


The 2 of us jumped down below us. We both hit the ground. Well more like I hit the ground while Radomus tucked and rolled or whatever. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t see him. I started to freak out a little bit but I saw him up ahead. I calmed down and walked over to him. There were a series of stairs going down.



Matthew: You think Cain went down there?

Radomus: Well since there is no sign of our friend her, I can only deduce that that is precisely where he went. Perhaps in search of an exit. Now it’s our move.


Radomus bolted away. I was left alone. Knowing that Radomus was at least safe, I was honestly glad to be by myself. Now I wasn’t feeling so confused and annoyed being around him. I started walking down the stairs. It was quite the walk down but it was enjoyable. I reached a ladder and climbed down it. When I got to the bottom, I continued my walk but something felt familiar with this place. I walked towards the edge of the place and looked around.



I was surprised to see that I was in the same cave that I saved Victoria in. I never expected to be back in this cave again. I continued my walk through the cave. I had yet been reunited with Cain or Radomus. I kept on looking through the cave until I finally saw a tunnel leading to what looked like to be the outside.



I walked through it and was reunited with Cain and Radomus and also a new face that was standing in front of Gardevoir.



Matthew: Uhh… Am I interrupting something here or-

Cain: Nope. We found something REALLY nice here.~

???: Ahh. So you’re here after all hmm?

Matthew: Wait. You were expecting us?

???: Not at all! But that old man that came running by me told me what was going on. I’m surprised anyone was pursuing him.

Radomus: Pursuing him? Tell me. What exactly did he tell you?

???: You kidnapped his daughter and then brainwashed her into thinking she was your own. So to get her back, he got ahold of your Gardevoir so that you would release her back into his custody. By the way, what in god’s name have you done to this poor thing?

Matthew: Done to what? Gardevoir?

Radomus: Yes. What do you mean?

???: This Gardevoir doesn’t seem to care for you as a trainer at all. Isn’t that right?

Gossip Gardevoir: …Yes. I’ve… I’ve always been afraid of Radomus to say anything about it but… Adrienn, you’ll protect me from him right?

Matthew: Whaaaat is going on right now?

Adrienn: Don’t worry Gardevoir. I won’t let anyone treat you badly. I won’t stand for it. You’re safe with me.

Radomus: -chuckles for a bit- So that’s how it is. Interesting. Very interesting.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hmph! I’ve always hated being with him!

Cain: But back at the castle, you seemed so happy.

Matthew: And really lively.

Gossip Gardevoir: I’m forced to fake my happiness so no 1 knows how horrible he treats me! I am supposed to be in perfect harmony with my trainer! But what any Pokemon can do that with a trainer like him?! All the horrible things he’s done to me… So neglectful and a liar! I even witnessed him brainwashing Luna! Poor girl! You all wanna know something? I was SO happy when El stole me!

Adrienn: And there you have it. You’re such a sweet Pokemon Gardevoir. I can’t believe he is your trainer. I won’t forgive someone for being cruel to such a gracious Pokemon. I will protect her, I will help El get his daughter back and get back his stolen property back too.

Cain: Stolen property? What stolen property?

Gossip Gardevoir: You know Matthew. Don’t you?

Matthew: Uhh… Not really.

Gossip Gardevoir: Lies. You have them!


With swift haste, Gardevoir ran over to me, picked my pocket and held out the Amethyst Pendant.



I was still confused at what was happening but luckily Cain was able to push the Pokemon off.


Gossip Gardevoir: But the Ruby Ring!

Cain: Give that back! That pendant belongs to Anna!

Gossip Gardevoir: No. Both this and the Ruby Ring rightfully belong to El.

Radomus: Hold on. Did you just say Amethyst Pendant?

Gossip Gardevoir: -sighs- I suppose this will have to do. Only 1 key is necessary to reach the aerie… Although I was supposed to get both of them.

Adrienn: It’s clear your guilty of robbery. Thieves and liars relinquish things so easily if they do not belong to you! Let’s go Gardevoir. We’ll get the other 1 later.

Gossip Gardevoir: Yes. -leaves the area-

Adrienn: Radomus and… Matthew right? I’ll remember those names. Do not try to interrupt though unless you plan on releasing Luna. -leaves the area-


Matthew: Dude, what the fuck just happened?

Cain: That was really strange.

Matthew: What do we do now?

Cain: I don’t know. I’m shocked that that’s how Gardevoir feels though. Radomus… did you really brainwash Luna?

Radomus: And how exactly would I do such a thing dear boy? What a foolish thought that is.

Matthew: Well you are the Psychic Type Gym Leader. I don’t think it’d take much.

Cain: Wait. How did you know he was a Psychic Type Gym Leader?

Matthew: Ohh come on Cain. I ain’t that stupid. The way he talks. The way he lives his life. But most importantly? He plays chess.

Radomus: Hmm. You seem to have some really nice detective skills in your head there Matthew.

Matthew: Uhh, thanks I guess.

Cain: Interesting. But come on! We should chase after them before they get too far ahead! -leaves the area-

Radomus: -chuckles a bit- Perhaps this will be interesting after all. -leaves the area-


I stayed behind for a bit. I checked out the big place in front of me. I had never seen anything like it before. I could feel that this place was very important and was holding some kind of secret. I then walked into the place and could see everyone else there, including El.



Matthew: Looks like everyone’s here now. Let’s get this party started.

El: No “party” will be starting here. Just your demises.

Cain: What did you do to Gardevoir?!

El: You and your unintelligible shouting. When you are in this sacred place, please do not defile it. It is insulting.

Gossip Gardevoir: I am telling you all, and especially you Radomus, that El had done nothing to me. The only thing he’s done to me is free me. Is it really this hard for you all to believe?

Matthew: I mean-

El: These heretics remain in darkness. Even if the almighty lord itself, Arceus, bestowed holy Judgment right before them, they still would not believe.

Matthew: Are you really all about the lord and savior shit? Not that I have anything against it but you push it waaaay too much in our faces.

El: How dare you! Gardevoir, Adrienn, come. The light. Ascend with me into it. -leaves the area with Gardevoir-

Cain: This whole situation is weird…

Matthew: Don’t have to say that twice. I hope we don’t have to hear more about this Arceus shit more. It’s bad enough that I hated him when I 1st met him at Serra’s Gym. Now this. Ugh.

Adrienn: I am so confused. I thought for sure that when I fell down here that I’d be trapped all alone forever. But then a girl, at least I think it was, was climbing up the cave wall and that’s when I saw El and Gardevoir… And then the 3 of you. I wonder. Is this some kind of secret tourist spot?

Radomus: With how prestigious this place seems and how El holds this place in high regards, I doubt that is the case.

Adrienn: Well I’m following him. -leaves the area-

Cain: Well now what do we do? We can’t follow them through that door. It won’t budge.

Radomus: If I heard correctly, Matt, you have a Ruby Ring correct?

Matthew: Yea. Ohh I get it. They used the Amethyst Pendant to get through that door. Maybe the Ruby Ring will open 1 of these doors.

Radomus: You caught on fast Matt.

Matthew: Thanks. Uhh… Cain? You ok? You seem puzzled about something.

Cain: That Adrienn person… I’m just wondering if they’re a boy or a girl.

Matthew: -sighs- You’re the only person I know that during a serious situation like this, you’d be thinking of a question like that… Buuuut that’s 1 of the reasons you’re like 1 of my best friends so I can let it slide… Although I’m somewhat curious as well.

Radomus: Well there’s only 1 way to find that out. You must ask them. But anyways, I think it’s time to access 1 of these other doors. Matthew, if you’d be so kind as to find which door will open?


I walked up to each of the 3 other doors to see if they would open for the Ruby Ring. Of course, with my lucky, it was the last door I checked that opened. I peered inside and saw nothing but some kind of circle on the ground. I stepped back out and talked to Cain and Radomus.


Matthew: Alright. I’m gonna go in. Seems like there’s a teleport device in there. I’ll go in and see where it goes and if I need help, I’ll come back. If the area is clear, I’ll come back and signal you guys to come with me. Soung good?

Radomus: Yes.

Cain: Alright Matthew. Just… be careful ok?

Matthew: I will dude.


I entered the room and stepped in front of the device. I took a deep breath and stepped onto it and was teleported to to a different place. I looked around at my surroundings. There were 4 statues. 1 had nothing on it but the other 3 had the Chimchar evolution family on them.



I saw another 1 of those teleporting devices on the ground but when I stood on this 1, nothing happened. I took an educated guess that these statues had something to do with this not working. So I went up to the Chimchar statue and read what it said. “Monferno always tells the truth but Infernape has aligned with the darkness.” I had no clue what this meant. On the side of the statue, there was 2 button of some sorts that said Light and Dark. I had no idea what the answer was or how this puzzled worked but I chose to push the Dark button. Nothing happened. I decided to go over to the Monferno statue but this time, I didn’t bother reading the text on the front. I just decided to choose which 1 of the 2 buttons to press. For this 1, I also pressed Dark. Again, nothing happened. I went over to the Infernape statue but this time I pushed the Light button. I heard a noise come from the teleporting device that wasn’t working before. I walked over to it and stood on it. I seemed to have guessed right with the statues and was teleported somewhere else. When I got to this destination, I checked the whole room to make sure no 1 else was there. When I made sure that the area was cleared, I went back to Cain and Radomus and signaled them to come with me. The 3 of us went through the 2 teleporters and came to the last room I was in before.


Cain: Hey. You were gone for a long time. What were you doing?

Matthew: The area before this, I had to choose if some of those statues were Dark or Light. Then when I got them right, the teleporter that brought us here started to work.

Radomus: Hmm. How curious. Well, I’d say we should press forward if we want to apprehend El.


The 3 of us ventured into the next room. When we got in there, Adrienn was standing there. I looked over at Cain and could see him gazing with lust at the individual.



Cain: -whispers to me- They’re really damn hot.~

Matthew: -chuckles nervously and whispers back- Dude, not now.

Adrienn: El and Gardevoir aren’t here. They continued up to the aerie. Matthew right? Please hand me the Ruby Ring so that you cannot follow us any longer.

Matthew: Yea. I’m gonna have to go ahead and decline that offer.

Adrienn: Didn’t you say the same thing about the Amethyst Pendant too?

Matthew: Well yea but… that was unexpected. You at least just asked for it and didn’t try to take it by force.

Adrienn: But… I feel like you’re not lying. At least you and the purple haired kid.

Cain: The name’s Cain.~

Adrienn: My apologies. But that El person insists that they belong to him. And he does seem to know a lot about them. Like how they would open these doors for example. I’d been wandering around down here just a little while and they wouldn’t budge. El comes here and they started opening up. What exactly is this place?

Matthew: Knowing El, probably has something to do with Arceus.

Cain: Why are you down here anyways?

Adrienn: Well I was inspecting the Grand Gates about an hour ago until I fell down here. Then I saw this old ruin. I have no idea what to make of it. Or all of this as a matter of fact.

Radomus: If we continue to press forward, I do believe the answer will become clear.

Adrienn: I suppose that brings us back to the ring huh?

Matthew: What you mean?

Adrienn: Ugh! Which 1 of you is lying to me?!

Cain: Well, I have no clue what’s going on with Gardevoir but El kidnapped her from Radomus and Luna wants us to get her back! Those 2 are pretty close friends.

Adrienn: Right. And then there’s that Luna girl. I wish there was some way to prove who’s telling the truth and who’s not.

Radomus: Hoho. Elementary, my dear Adrienn. Allow me to give you the proof that we are indeed the people that are telling the truth. -goes up to Adrienn and hands him a piece of paper- On this paper, you will read the ransom El had left for me. These 2 can attest that this is fact and not a forgery.

Cain: Yep.

Matthew: What he said.



Adrienn began reading the letter. I thought that he’d be more relieved but if anything, he seemed even more confused. Radomus didn’t seem to catch this though.


Radomus: So you see Adrienn, I am not that bad of a trainer. If I was, would I warrant the hate Gardevoir confesses, would I have followed El here?

Matthew: Welllllll…

Cain: Not gonna lie here. You didn’t seem happy to go at first.

Matthew: Yea. You seem more… uninterested.

Radomus: But yet, here I am.

Adrienn: -sigh- And none of this is making any sense. If anything, I am even more confused now.

Cain: You’re not wrong but hey! We’re gonna get to the bottom of it! Or the top since we seem to be going up but you know… Well bottom, top, whatever. I’m a switch. Don’t matter to me.~

Matthew: Really? You seem more of a bottom person to me.

Cain: Ohh? And why is that?

Matthew: I don’t know. I guess from all the times I’ve rescued you and you just seeming to be-

Radomus: I’m going to pretend that that conversation wasn’t just about to take place.

Adrienn: Well I suppose the only thing to do now is to find out together. Let’s all go through the Ruby door.

Matthew: The Ruby door?

Adrienn: Well you have the Ruby Ring and it’s the only way to open the door so… Who cares about the name? Let’s just get going.

Cain: Before we go, can I ask you something Adrienn?

Adrienn: Sure. What is it?

Cain: I don’t mean to sound insulting buuuut are you a boy or girl? Haha.

Adrienn: Ahh. Don’t worry about it. Not insulting at all. I’m neither.

Matthew: Uhhh, I’m sorry. You’re what now?

Adrienn: Well you know how some Pokemon are genderless right?

Matthew: Yea but you’re not a Pokemon.

Adrienn: Well despite that, I prefer to think myself as not being on either side.

Matthew: Well… Not like that harms me or anything. That’s cool I suppose.

Cain: I’m confused but also… a little bit turned on.~

Matthew: Ok Cain. Keep your hormones in check for right now. You can let it loose later.

Cain: Fiiiiiine. But then what do we use for pronouns?

Adrienn: Well I won’t explain every single 1 but for example, xe, xem and xyr will be fine for he, him and his.

Matthew: Are you saying that you’d prefer to be called by that?

Adrienn: I would if you didn’t mind.

Matthew: Alright. I’ll try. I apologize in advance if I forget though.

Adrienn: Thanks but I think we have more pressing concerns than my gender. Matthew, if you’d please.

Matthew: Alright but we’re gonna do the same thing we did back at the bottom, alright? You stay with them too Adrienn.


I walked over to the door, held out the Ruby Ring and the door opened. Just like before, there was a teleporting device on the ground. I stepped on it and I was teleported to another room with statues but this time they were of the Tyrogue evolution family line.



I figured it was the same as before. I didn’t bother reading the statues messages and just started to try to guess the right answers. Unlike the 1st time where I got lucky on the 1st try, this took a bit but I finally got the right ones for the statues. Tyrogue was light, Hitmonchan was dark, Hitmonlee was light and Hitmontop was dark. I walked over to the teleporting device and was teleported to another room. I walked out of the door to that 1 and looked around. I felt like I was back into the cave surroundings but higher up and I could see the pillar in the middle of the relic. I went back to the room everyone was at and had them follow me to where I was before. All of us walked around until we finally found El and Gardevoir.



El: It’s just as I thought. The door to the innermost sanctum will not open without all the keys present. -turns to face us- Adrienn, I’m disappointed. You failed to detain them.

Adrienn: I’m sorry El but there are questions that need to be answered here.

El: Questions? Answers? Such meaningless words of humans.

Matthew: So what would that make you then? 1 thing comes to mind and that is a religious nut freak.

El: Silence! This… is a holy place. This is not the place for trifles such as those. Do any of you know what is beyond these gates?

Matthew: Ohh. I don’t know. Arceus?

El: You insolent little… Beyond these gates lies from whose dreams our world unfolds.

Matthew: Soo… Arceus?

El: I demand that you remain quiet! But… you are correct nonetheless. Behold, o unworthy mortal ones, for this is the birthplace of Arceus!

Matthew: Yep. Religious nut freak.

El: It is known that the God of Pokemon did create unto the earth all other species. But this bares the question. Where did the divine itself undertake its existence. For it is known that Pokemon are often found on voyage from space beyond our reach. Here, upon our Earth, doth a meteor crash and-

Matthew: Blah blah blah. It contained Arceus. Cool. Could you move the fuck on please?

El: Child-

Matthew: Dude, I’m 18. Not a child.

El: In my eyes, you are still a child and since I heed our lord and savior’s Arceus’ name in all it’s glory, what I say is the truth.

Matthew: I’m seriously not enjoying your presence right now man. Just get on with your speech so we can get this over with.

El: Hmph. Much like how you are, how vile is it that the meteor should be buried here in this sanctum so far beneath the filth know as Reborn City. My Lord, I beg for your forgiveness for humanity’s sin. Ignosco, Venia, Defaeco…

Matthew: You done yet?

El: I ask you all. What if this door would open for us? What if… What if Arceus could be born… anew? We would be able to use its holy power but for what?

Radomus: From the ramblings I’ve heard from you just now, everything you’ve named is heretical.

El: You say this to me? You are nothing but a deceiver.

Radomus: It is ironic that you say that. Especially with that Pokemon by your side.

Gossip Gardevoir: I’ve had just about enough of your constant lying Radomus! Admit what you’ve done to poor Luna right now!

El: Indeed. Return Luna to me at once and afterwards, you will get your precious Gardevoir back.

Adrienn: That is, if Gardevoir even wants to go back with him.

Radomus: Cain and Matthew. You both remember how adamant Luna is about staying with me yes?

El: You fool! You brainwashed her! You control what she says!

Radomus: What a foolish accusation.

Gossip Gardevoir: But I know the truth and I was there when you did it! You, Radomus, are an awful monster for what you did to Luna! How could you?! Being your Pokemon was horrible! I hated it!

Radomus: While this has somewhat been fun, how much longer are you going to keep this up?

Cain: I’m sorry Radomus but I have to say this. Don’t you care about her feelings at all?

Adrienn: I second that. You don’t seem affected by what she’s saying.

Radomus: What? A Pokemon like that? Why would I care?

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh! He says such cruel things! Adrienn, please! Please protect me from him!

Matthew: Hmmm.

Cain: I don’t want to believe it but… maybe he really did brainwash her.

Matthew: I mean… maybe…

El: Radomus is a 2-faced swine who has no moral compass!

Radomus: Even if that were the case, better to have no compass at all than 1 that only points south, El.

Matthew: I don’t know why but that sounded like a burn.

Adrienn: Well I believe that 1 of the best measures of a person’s worth is how they treat those in their power. And with how your Gardevoir is talking about you Radomus, she truly seems to resent you. I’m sorry but I do not believe that it should be returned to you at anytime. And also, I think you should release whatever kind of spell you have on this Luna person and let her be with her real father.

Radomus: Well Adrienn, I’m sorry you feel that way.

Adrienn: Your tone. Your voice. That doesn’t even sound like a real apology. Are you really that cold-hearted?

Radomus: No offense Adrienn but perhaps it is better judged by those who actually met Gardevoir and Luna.

Matthew: So what are you saying Radomus? You want us to choose which side we’re on?

Radomus: If that is how you view it.

Matthew: Well then.

Cain: Urgh! I don’t know! You don’t seem to care at all about Gardevoir and certainly didn’t react when she was taken.

Matthew: Yea. He made jokes instead. Buuuut Luna does seem like she wants to stay with you.

Cain: But Matt, he could be brainwashing her. She’d want to do that under that kind of condition. -sigh- I can’t decide.

Matthew: Wait. So it’s all up to me?!

Cain: Sorry but yea.


I thought about it really hard. I thought all about the possibilities. But then I remembered something. Gossip Gardevoir’s ability to know basically anything I’ve done in my adventure. If I was the enemy of her, she would have told El some things about me for sure. I had my answer.


Adrienn: Well?

Cain: What is it?

Matthew: Look, Radomus is a piece of work and weird as hell and doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. But El, and listen to me speaking this part, I HATE you. Severely hate you. I hated you since I 1st met you back at Serra’s place. God knows what you have Bennett doing at this point. And the fact that you’re this religious about Arceus doesn’t make me like you more. Feels like you try to shove the fact that you love Arceus and will obey it or whatever down our throats and I can’t stand that. Besides… if Gardevoir truly hated Radomus, that would in turn make her an enemy of us and she definitely would have told you things about me but she hasn’t has she? So, my answer is simple. I choose Radomus.

Cain: Interesting. Well, I never doubt you Matthew so I’ll trust you on this 1.

Radomus: Well done Matthew. I am relieved that I’m not the only 1 who can see through this charade.

Adrienn: And now I’m even more confused. What do you mean a charade?

Radomus: Your reason for remaining with El is the accusations of my Gardevoir correct? But you’ve never met her. Ergo, you know nothing about her.

Adrienn: She’s right there though. She’s been talking all along. I can see why he doesn’t make sense to you Matthew.

Matthew: Thanks but for once, I actually do understand him. Wanna do the honors Radomus?

Radomus: Thank you Matthew. Ask yourself Adrienn. Is she really there? Maybe you can answer this El.


El had a smirk slowly come across his face. He looked up and looked at each of our faces.


El: So Radomus… you knew all along eh?

Adrienn: Knew what exactly?

Matthew: That Gossip Gardevoir isn’t the real 1.


Just then, the Gardevoir turned pink.



I could see the shocked expressions on Cain and Adrienn’s faces. In a couple of seconds, the pink Gardevoir revealed it’s true form, which turned out to be a Ditto.



Cain: Wait?! It was a Ditto the whole time?!

Radomus: Light and truth do not always go hand-in-hand. I’m sure our new friend Adrienn can attest to that. After all, not everything is that black or white.

Adrienn: What does that even-

Matthew & Cain: Chess talk.

Radomus: The lesson here today is that sometimes light can be even more blinding than darkness.

Matthew: Yea… I’m pretty sure everyone knows that.

Radomus: I’m just content that you weren’t silly and taken in by that dramatic confession of that fake Pokemon.

Cain: Wait. Is that why you seemed so uninterested?!

Radomus: Mhm.

El: Obstinant as ever Radomus. But I find it ironic that you would mention that word. Blindness. Look. Look into my eyes.


Everyone did. I didn’t get why he wanted us to look at them for a few moments but then it hit me. They were mostly white. Which usually meant 1 thing.


Matthew: White? Wait. Does that mean that you’re-

Cain: You’re blind?

El: Once but not anymore.

Matthew: I swear to… If you say it was-

El: No sooner did I undertake a prayer to the all powerful and almighty lord Arceus did he bless me with my vision. Because of this, I’ve followed him ever since.

Matthew: Gah! Stop talking about him man! It’s so pushy and annoying!

El: And now… I hope he lends me his power once more.

Adrienn: Lends you his power? What do you mean?

El: Are you that ignorant? Are all of you?! Don’t you feel it?! The HOLY energy that charges this holy place?! It emanates from the stone of Arceus!

Matthew: Yea. Sure. What you gonna do now though? Have Ditto somehow gather that energy and transform into Arceus? Pfft.

El: Why Matthew. That’s an excellent idea.

Matthew: Say what now?

El: Ditto. Embrace the Lord’s blessing. Take the energy into thyself! Opprimo Oppressi Opprssum!


The place started to rock back and forth. The light that was in this area was going on and off. Everyone watched as the Ditto transformed into Arceus. The presence of this being here made everyone jump back, except for me.




Cain: Ar… Arceus?!

Adrienn: How can that be?!

Radomus: I must say this is extraordinary!

Matthew: Fascinating yes but are you all really like scared by this? If anything, this is only pissing me off even more!

El: Aduro, Creo, Iudex… Mei Divinitus! We will silence the heretics! Let judgment rain down upon thee! In thy qualms, a new light awakens!

Matthew: No! No more! You know what El?! It’s time to meet someone! A different being! Something I’m sure you’ve never seen before!

El: Ohh. Is that right child? Fine. I’ll humor you. What is this other “being?”


I started to laugh almost in a crazy way. I let my head down as I did this. Cain and Adrienn watched in horror but also confusion as Radomus watched curiously. El looked unimpressed.

El: I’m sorry but is this weird laugh supposed to scare me or something?

Radomus: -talking to himself- I get to witness this in person after all.

Matthew: Haha. Ohh El… Wehttam!


Just like back on Pyrous Mountain, I could feel Wehttam’s soul taking control of my body but my soul stayed within. My eye changed to red as well as part of my hair turning gray. El looked on in horror as did Adrienn. Since Cain had seen this happen before, he was a bit more calm but still concerned for my well-being. Radomus was smiling at the transformation. In no time, we were both in control of my body. As what happened before, we both started to talk at the same time.



Mattam: (Wehttam) WONDERFUL! It seems that we are using this new form once again! (Matthew) Yea. This dude was pissing me off. Thought I’d show him this. (Wehttam) Ahh. El was it? YeEeEeEeEeEs. I remember you from being within this vessel’s body.

El: Wha… What is this?! What have you done to yourself?!

Mattam: (Matthew) Ohh nothing. Just had the other soul that resides in my body take half control of my body. (Wehttam) I must admit, I have missed this form quite a bit Matthew. Ahh. And hello there Cain. How are you?

Cain: I’m good… Still getting used to this.

Mattam: (Wehttam) And Adrienn and Radomus. Greetings to the both of you as well.

Adrienn: I… Uhh… Hi?

Radomus: Greetings. Pleasure to finally meet this transformation.

El: This is blasphemy! This is against the lords work! You mortals are-

Mattam: (Wehttam) You are also a mortal El. MmMmMmMm YeEeEeEeEs. You are no different than us. (Matthew) You make it sound like you’re above everyone and it’s really really annoying me.

El: How dare you interrupt me when I am talking! The Lord’s light resides in me therefore making me immortal!

Mattam: (Matthew) Just shut up and battle me, err… us!

El: I can’t believe you… What is a mortal to a GOD?!

Mattam: (Matthew & Wehttam) Well what is a god to a NON-BELIEVER?!


Everyone looked at us in shock. Even Radomus had a shocked expression on his face. We could see the rage build up in El hearing that sentence.


Cain: That… was HOT!~

El: Let the light… be revealed!




The battle was short lived. It only took me a little above a minute to take down this god. But was it really that easy? But then I remembered that it wasn’t the real Arceus. Just a copy of it. Everyone else came closer to us. The Ditto went back to it’s regular form. El called back the fainted Pokemon.



Mattam: (Wehttam) You surely did not believe that the power of a copy could actually have the power of the original did you, the 1 called El? (Matthew) Seriously. That wasn’t even hard. I had a harder time battling Cain the last time we faced each other. (Wehttam) Hopefully, you will learn the next time we possibly have an encounter with us. (Matthew) And hopefully, you shut the hell up about all this lord and divine shit for a while.

El: I should have known. As but just a false idol, it cannot hope to mimic the true Lord’s power. I was a fool to believe it could.

Radomus: Is the entertainment over then?

Cain: Hold on. If that Gardevoir was a Ditto, what happened to the real 1?

Radomus: Indeed. It seems as though it’s my move now. Gardevoir! Teleport, now!


In a matter of milliseconds, Gardevoir appeared behind Radomus. It seemed like she wanted to just hug him but she was holding back.


Gossip Gardevoir: Ta-daaa!

Adrienn: So, is this the real Gardevoir?

Cain: Sure is.

Gossip Gardevoir: At your service.~ Miss me?

Radomus: Of course. But we are not done yet. Gardevoir, if you would be so kind as to use your Hypnosis attack on this person here?

Gossip Gardevoir: As you wish master!~


Gardevoir went over to El who looked directly into her eyes. She started waving her arms around and soon, El fell down face 1st asleep.



Gardevoir: It’s a 1-Hit KO!

Radomus: Indeed. This case is all wrapped up now.


Once again, Radomus spun around very fast and somehow was able to change outfits once again. This time though, he was in a police officers uniform. I could tell Cain and Adrienn were both confused at how that was possible.



Cain: How… How did he-

Mattam: (Matthew) I have no clue. He did that before we left. (Wehttam) But it is interesting how he does it. I give him that.

Radomus: Right. We’ll take this culprit down to the station. He has some time to do.

Cain: Wait. If you could have had her teleport at any time, why’d you bother coming down here in the 1st place?

Radomus: Didn’t I say before? Luna had asked me to.

Gossip Gardervoir: Mhm.~ Could’ve escape at any time. But oh deary me, my darling Master, save me!~ I do make a compelling damsel in distress don’t I?

Adrienn: Well it’s clear that this Gardevoir is more lively… and a bit odd.

Gossip Gardevoir: And you! So precious! Saying things like “I will protect you!” and stuff.~ But I shall never leave my Masters side. He is perfect!

Adrienn: Phew. I’m just relieved that everything is alright… Apart from him… them? -points towards me-

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh yes! I almost forgot! It’s great to finally meet you Mattam!

Mattam: (Wehttam) It is also a pleasure to meet you as well, Gardevoir of the lady. (Matthew) I figured you 2 would know about this. That’s why I’m not shocked.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hmhm.~ I can see that.

Radomus: Anyways, you shouldn’t be so shocked. I asked you in the 1st place. Why should I be concerned when the opposing king places himself in check?

Adrienn: Chess talk?

Cain: Chess talk.

Radomus: El thought he could strike at me by using Gardevoir but he made 1 mistake. He underestimated her.

Gossip Gardevoir: Please please. Hold your applause and flash photography for me until we’re back in the comfort of home.

Radomus: On that note, I think it’s time we got out of here.

Cain: Right. Let’s go! Ohh right. Mattam right? Should we leave you 2 here by yourselves for a little bit.

Mattam: (Wehttam) If you wouldn’t mind. (Matthew) I’ll catch up with you when we’re finished up here.

Cain: Alright. Let’s go then!


Adrienn, Cain, Radomus and Gossip Gardevoir, while also carrying the sleeping El, left the area. It was just us at this point.


Mattam: (Matthew) Well, thanks for the help Wehttam. I know this was probably not needed buuuut- (Wehttam) It is no problem my friend. It seems we have been able to stay in this form longer than our previous encounter of this kind. (Matthew) I guess we’re getting used to this form. Which is good. Haha. So I guess you’re gonna go back now? (Wehttam) Indeed. Until next time my friend. Good bye.


I could feel his soul residing back into my body as mine took total control of my body. My eye color went back to its original color and the gray part in my hair went back to normal. I felt right as rain and went to catch up with the others. When I got back to where Radomus had pushed Cain off the edge, something bothered me. The gear before was not moving but here, it was. I didn’t pay it too much mind though and continued forward. And met up with the rest of the gang.



Adrienn: Ahh! Man it’s great to be out of there and above ground! I feel like I was down there for ages! Here I come fresh air! -runs out of the Grand Gates-

Matthew: Umm… I know I’ve only been here for a couple of months but… is something different?

Radomus: Now that you mention it, something here is strange.

Cain: Bgfjdevafvwdgskfqewja! The Brand Date- The Hand Fate- The, the Gland Hate- -gets smacked in the head by Matthew- Thanks for that Matt. I needed it. Anyways… The Grand Gate! It’s opened!

Matthew: You’re welcome. But I thought they weren’t working anymore?!

Gossip Gardevoir: It’s been sealed for years! And now it’s opened? Why?

Cain: I’m gonna go check it out.

Matthew: Right with ya buddy.

Radomus: Indeed, this is most curious.


We walked outside back into the city yet again. It felt like a long time since I was back here. We all looked at Adrienn but xe seemed shocked and confused.



Adrienn: What… What is this?!

Matthew: Uhh… Adrienn? You ok dude?

Cain: Umm… it’s the Grand Stairway.

Matthew: Team Meteor blew it up. I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

Adrienn: That’s not what I mean. Well, I mean it somewhat is but… This isn’t… I don’t… Umm…

Radomus: I say. Are you quite alright?

Adrienn: As a matter of fact, no. No I’m not. I’m so confused. Where exactly are we?

Cain: We’re in Reborn City and this is the North Obsidia Ward. I thought you said you lived here? Well not here but you get what I mean right?~

Adrienn: No. No no no. This isn’t the city. Seriously, where are we?

Matthew: This is Reborn City.

Adrienn: No… This can’t be Reborn. I thought this was… Where’s the center? Where are all the cabins? The port? And the- Wait. Is the lake… brown?

Cain: -walks up to Adrienn- Ahh I see. You must be new here.

Adrienn: I’m not! I’ve lived in Reborn City my whole life!But this is NOT the Reborn City I know! This place is different and not in a good way. It’s disgusting… Nothing like the quiet city I grew up in.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hehe. I think someone’s gone a bit Looney-tone.~

Adrienn: I’m not! This is… I don’t get it. What-

Radomus: Hmm. I have a possible theory on this. You said the last time you saw this city, the lake was properly colored correct?

Adrienn: Yes. A perfect, brilliant blue. That’s how it got its name Azurine.

Matthew: Hmm. Makes sense.

Radomus: Hmm. What else do you remember?

Adrienn: Let me think. Umm… It was very lush, trees all over the place, this waterfall, the Celestinine Cascade, umm… Ohh yea. At the corner of the lake, there’s a gorgeous little port and my gym-


All of us were shocked when we heard xyr say “my gym.” Incidentally, as soon as xe mentioned that, xyr eyes shout open and xe got a concerned look upon xyr face.


Adrienn: Wait! My gym! What if something’s happened to it?! I’ve got to go there immediately! -leaves the area-



Radomus: I think it would be best to not leave xem alone at this current time.

Matthew: Wait… His, I mean err… Xyr gym? Hold on. I remember there being a destroyed building in the Coral Ward. Is that-

Gossip Gardevoir: Someone’s finally figuring it out!~ But I knew it all along.~ We did have a reserve but it seems xe’ll be taking xyr position back now.

Cain: Come on everyone! Let’s follow xem now!


We all raced down to the Coral Ward and went to the destroyed gym. We saw Adrienn there and as we expected, xe was devastated. Xe was holding back tears but they were slowly coming out.



Gossip Gardevoir: Who wants to place a bet on if xe cracks at this sight right now?

Radomus: Not now Gardevoir.

Adrienn: This… is a joke right? It can’t be. This shit is too elaborate to be a joke. I know what it is. I’m dreaming. That can be the only explanation. Why else would all of that other stuff have happened? The religious person, that temple, Arceus, that person changing and then all of this. Yea. I’m dreaming. I have to be.

Radomus: But alas, it is not a dream. If it were, it’d be all easier.

Adrienn: Urk… I feel sick.

Matthew: Dude or… Hmm… Xude, I’m sorry this happened.

Cain: Wait. Xude? The heck is that?

Matthew: I just made a pronoun for dude.

Radomus: Silence the both of you. Now Adrienn, I want you to answer me this question. By how your acting to all of this, it is safe to assume that you were not expecting to find your gym in this mess correct?

Adrienn: Yes. It was fine this morning and now it’s… this. And thos whole city is just… wrong.

Matthew: Wait. Wait. This morning?

Cain: That… can’t be possible.

Adrienn: What do you mean?

Radomus: Allow me to explain. When this city was repopulated from the disasters that struck this place, Ame, leading the restoration project, designated several buildings to remain untouched. In general, these were historical artifacts that had been left from long ago or other places of significance. This gym was 1 of those buildings. After the city way restored from all the blackouts and earthquakes, it was left alone. I’m not sure why but perhaps she believed that the original owner would soon come to attend to it. That’s you correct?

Adrienn: Wait. What are you talking about? Blackouts and earthquakes? Those never happened.

Radomus: All of this is new to you, yes?

Adrienn: I’ve never been this confused in my life.

Radomus: Understandably. Allow me to clarify another thing. Before, you said “this morning” that this gym was normal to you. You also said that you arrived at the ruin around “an hour” before us. Everything I’m saying is right so far yes?

Adrienn: Mhm.

Radomus: I see. I know this is going to sound strange but I am serious when I say this. Based on your description of this city and your testimony of what’s happened, there’s is only 1 conclusion that can be reached.

Matthew: -whispering to Cain- I’ll bet you 100 PokeDollars that this will be over the top.

Cain: -whispering to Matthew- Psh. He’s crazy but not that crazy. You’re on.

Radomus: Somehow, you’ve been frozen in time.


Everyone, except for Gardevoir, stood there dumbfounded. How could anyone be frozen in time? It made no sense to us. I made a notion for Cain to hand me the money and he did so without taking his eyes off of Radomus. I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t interested into how he was going to explain this.


Adrienn: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude but every time you say something, I just get even more confused.

Cain & Matthew: Thank you.

Radomus: When you fell down into the ruin, how’d you get there?

Adrienn: Well, like I said, I was checking something out in the Mechanical Hall behind the Grand Gates. Apparenlty, someone had reported that they seen some kind of flashing light shining through the floor. So I went there and decided to dismantle part of it to inspect it. I crawled down there but that’s when I lost my footing and fell underground. I didn’t know what else to do so as I was following the tunnel, I came across that place.

Radomus: And you accessed the Grand Gates from the Grand Stairway?

Adrienn: Yea. Why?

Radomus: Then it’s confirmed. Those gates have been inoperational for years. In fact, it’s been about a decade since they ceased to work.

Adrienn: That’s crazy though. I don’t remember anything like that.

Radomus: Of course you didn’t young man. You were inside the ruin that entire time. In fact, you might have been the cause of their malfunction.

Cain: How does that make any sense?

Radomus: I only base that on logical deduction. Because xe was inside, the gates did not function but as soon as xe left, they began working again. But I must admit that I do not know how the method behind how that works. But it’s also the only explanation we have.

Adrienn: When I saw the light, it seemed like it was shining somewhere underground. I thought that maybe it was somehow the ruin. Perhaps both the Gates and the ruin are connected somehow. But I have no idea how that explains how it could stop time.

Radomus: If we are to believe what El has told us about that being the site of Arceus’ birth-

Matthew: No! Not that again!

Radomus: I am only using it as an example Matthew. I am not as religious as him. As I was saying, there’s no telling what kind of energy afflicts that place.

Matthew: Well… if that’s the case, maybe… maybe it was the meteor that he was mentioning as well.

Radomus: Hmm. The energy the meteor concealed inside the ruin might have had the power to warp the flow of space and time.

Adrienn: Well if that’s the case, shouldn’t you have all been stuck with me then?

Radomus: A valid concern, however, we had something you did not.

Matthew: Wait. You mean this? -pulls out the Ruby Ring-

Gossip Gardevoir: Ding ding ding! We have a winner!~

Cain: Ohh yea! The keys! The Ruby Ring and the Amethyst Pendant!

Radomus: Again, this is only a educated guess but perhaps with their presence and the energy they bear connected to the ruin, it was enough to unlock you from the spell of frozen time.


Everyone stood there looking shocked. It was crazy to hear but weirdly enough, it actually made sense what Radomus was saying, despite it sounding so crazy.


Adrienn: So… all this time… I was underground for more than 10 years until you all found me and I didn’t have a clue… But to me, it just seemed like an hour… This is just crazy… But now I feel less confused that before. That’s… not a good feeling.

Cain: So what are you going to do now?

Matthew: And if you need any help, just let us know.

Adrienn: Well, for 1, I am not just gonna leave this place like this.

Gossip Gardevoir: If you’re gonna try to fix your gym, that is gonna take a while.

Adrienn: No. Not just the gym. The whole city.


Everyone was shocked but also confused by this. How was xe going to fix the entire cite? It had been 10 years since things started to go downhill and there didn’t seem to be a chance of it getting any better.


Radomus: You really intend to fix the whole city?

Adrienn: Yes. I love this city too much to just leave it like this. I might as well just leave if I didn’t care about it. Is there someone in charge I can talk to?

Cain: Wellllll, the cham- er, I mean Ame is usually around the Grand Hall at the city center.

Matthew: Yea. She’s really cool and nice. And she wants the city to get better too. I’m sure she’ll love the help.

Adrienn: Is that so? Well thanks. And especially for getting me out of there too… if that is indeed what happened.

Gossip Gardevoir: Well good luck fixing the whole city.~ Maybe you’ll want time to stop again so you can fix it faster. Hehehe.~

Adrienn: Haha. Yea. Maybe I will. See you all around.


With that, Adrienn left to go meet up with Ame.



It kind of felt weird not to have him around but if he could indeed turn the city around and make it how it was before, I would be alright with that. Radomus finally broke the silence.


Radomus: Well that turned out to be an ordeal.

Matthew: You’re telling me. Man.

Cain: It was cool to meet Adrienn and Wehttam again. Still gotta get used to you transforming though.

Matthew: Yea. That was still weird for me too but you know. Guess I gotta practice it.

Gossip Gardevoir: This is most definitely gonna make a niiiice juicy story.

Matthew: I’m not the only 1 that find that creepy right?

Radomus: In any case, Gardevoir, before you headline any news, I shall be needing you. After all, these 2 still have Gym Battles to wager.

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh! I almost forgot about that.~ Well if that’s how it is, so be it.~

Radomus: Gardevoir, teleport us all back to the castle.

Gossip Gardevoir: As you say Master.~


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 57

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: (Before) Focus Sash/(Now) Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 57

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 58

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 57

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 58

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 57

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura (❤️/10 NO CHANGE!)


Cain (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Felt pretty cool traveling around with this dude again. Just like the good... bad... just like the alright times. But it seems like he has a new crush to add to the many crushes he has already.


Gossip Gardevoir +1 (6/10) - I am actually glad she's alright... Still too lively for my liking but still glad she's safe.


Radomus +2 (5/10) - I suppose I'll give him some credit that he figured out a lot of the stuff on this crazy journey. But he STILL confuses the hell out of me. Ugh.


El -1 (0/10) - Way. To. Religious. With. Arceus. I can't believe he pissed me off so much that he basically made me call out Mattam. Ohh well. Maybe he'll stay away for a while now. But god damn it. And no pun intended there.


Adrienn +7 (7/10) - Wow... This... person has been through so much. Meeting us rangy tangy group, having to learn the truth about El, learning that the city he once loved has now all went to hell, find out his gym has been destroyed and learned that he possibly has been frozen in time for about 10 years. I cannot be mad at this dude. I mean... xude. But he wants to change the whole city. I hope he can do it.


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We were teleported back to the castle but for some reason, I was outside while everyone else was teleported inside the. Or at least I had hoped so. I walked in and thankfully, everyone was in there. But I had noticed something. Radomus had changed hats yet again.



Matthew: -whispering to Cain- Did he just-

Cain: -whispering back to me- Yes but he was like that when we got here. I have no clue how that happened!

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh Luna darling.~ We’re home.~



Luna came running into the room along with Laura. We both smiled at each other.



Luna was so overjoyed but also relieved that her good friend was back. Gossip Gardevoir went up to Luna as Laura came down to me. We both embraced in a hug.


Laura: I’m so glad you’re back Matt. Are you ok? What happened?

Matthew: I’m fine. We followed that person down to some kind of chasm, met a person who considers themselves neither female or male, learned that he has been stuck in time, also learn that he’s the Reborn’s own Fairy Type Gym Leader and I defeated, albeit a fake 1, Arceus.



Laura stood there looking at me dumbfounded. I must admit, if someone threw all of that in my face as soon as they came back from somewhere, I’d be pretty shocked too.



Cain: Ohh yea. The Grand Gates are working again.~

Laura: Wait. What?! Are you serious?!

Radomus: We are. They are indeed back into working order.

Luna: Ohh Gardevoir! You’re back! I’ve missed you!

Gossip Gardevoir: But of course my dear.~

Luna: Never go off disappearing like that again.

Gossip Gardevoir: But dear Luna, what’s a girl without a little excitement in her life, eh? Besides, my Gallade-in-shining armor came all the way to save me!

Matthew: Uhh… And me and Cain?

Cain: Yea! Not like we didn’t do nothing.

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh I know but master here is my TRUE hero!~

Radomus: Well in any case, there was hardly much resuing involved.

Luna: Ohh master! You are without a doubt so wonderful! I am pleased to be in service to you.

Cain: Hmm? Ooo.~ That sounds very-

Matthew: Cain! Not now!

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh my!~

Radomus: Now, now. Everyone please calm down. We mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. I am just a humble Gallade.

Cain: That reminds me. Why do you keep switching silly hats?

Matthew: -thinking to myself- Thank you for asking.

Radomus: Why, these hats aren’t silly. Your words hurt me. I only dress for the job.



As soon as he got done saying those words, he did his hat changing routine. But to be honest, this look suited him more. He looked like himself.



Radomus: Ahh. But this 1 defines me I must say.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hmhmhm.~ The peasantry knows nothing of my master’s divine fashion sense.

Luna: I also find them amusing. Don’t you all agree?

Laura: Well…

Matthew: They are amusing. Although, with how I’m thinking about it, I don’t know that’s a good thing or not.

Radomus: Well, I have somebody to introduce to you all. Matt, Laura, if you both would be so kind as to step out of the way?

Matthew: Ohh. Uhh, sure.

Laura: Yea.



The 2 of us went to the other side of the entrance way. When the person came in, Cain, Luna and myself were shocked and confused at who had come in. It was El but his attire was way different than what I had seen him wearing in the chasm. He went from wearing a somewhat tan robe to something of what a butler would wear.



Luna: That’s-

Cain: Huh?!

Matthew: You kidding me?

Laura: Wait. He looks… familiar.

Radomus: Everybody, please meet the estate’s newest butler, Elias!

Elias: I am pleased to serve.

Matthew: Dude, what the hell is going on?

Laura: Wait. I know him! He’s 1 of the-

Cain: Why is he here?!

Elias: Let me know if there is anything I can do to make your stay here more comfortable.



Luna looked at her possible real father and backed up in fear. I didn’t blame her. I would feel the same way if I was in her situation.



Luna: Master… Why?

Radomus: Hoho. Why Luna, you seem as if you had just seen a ghost.

Cain: Well her father is standing right there!

Luna: I am confused by your words. Master here is my only father.

Radomus: It is rather strange to accuse our new attendant of such a thing. Elias have you-

Matthew: Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here or what you’re gonna ask him but this is still fucked up. At least try not to have them in the same room.

Luna: I’m sorry master but I have to agree with him… I wish to leave. I beg your pardon.

Gossip Gardevoir: Luna dear! Wait!



Luna ran off with Gardevoir following her. I kind of felt bad for her. She spent all of this time trying to get away from her father for some reason and now her adoptive father somehow managed to make him a butler and come here to live with her. That was madness.



Elias: Master, have I offended?

Radomus: N-

Matthew: Yes! Very much so!

Radomus: As I was saying, no. It is no fault of your own. Ahh. Yes. I’ve almost forgot. I understand you have procured a certain rare object?

Elias: Ahh yes. I know what you mean. Speak no further. Here it is. -hands the Amethyst Pendant to Radomus-

Cain: You know, I completely forgot he had that.

Radomus: That will be all. You are dismissed.

Elias: Thank you my lord. -leaves the room-



Cain: So now that you have Anna’s Pendant, can we-

Radomus: Before you finish that sentence, I must ask. How exactly did the 3 of you acquire this object?

Laura: Well it’s from a friend of ours.

Matthew: Team Meteor took and we got it back but then El or Elias or whatever his name is took it and well now you have it.

Radomus: I see. Such a… precious thing to lose…

Cain: Are you ok Radomus?

Radomus: Yes yes. I’m fine. But believe me, none could understand better than I.

Cain: Good. Soooo can you give that back to us now?

Radomus: I would but I insist, with all my greatest sympathy, that I refuse to give it back yet.

Matthew: Aaannnd that would be for what reason?

Radomus: I know this is may cause alarm but I implore you all to just believe in faith alone.

Laura: But…

Radomus: I promise you all. I will keep this piece of jewelry and you will not find your trust abused.



I thought about it for a moment. Radomus was a very, VERY weird individual but he didn’t seem to be the type that would be evil.



Cain: I’m not sure.

Laura: It is Ann-

Matthew: Alright.

Cain: Wait. What?

Laura: Are you sure babe?

Matthew: He’s not a bad dude. Maybe severely weird, and not the kind I like, but he’s not a bad guy. So sure. You can hold onto it for a while.

Radomus: Thank you Matthew. Now with that out of the way, I do believe we have a gym challenge to get to, correct Matthew?

Matthew: Ohh yea. I almost forgot that you’re a Gym Leader with everything that’s happened so far. Yea. Let’s do this!

Radomus: Very good. I shall be awaiting your arrival at my arena. The doors to the Challenge Hall are opened. Your friend and girlfriend are allowed to watch from the rafters. Best of luck to you. -leaves the area-



Laura: Matt, are you really sure that was a good idea?

Cain: Yea. I’m starting to think it was a bad idea siding with him.

Matthew: Trust me. I get what you 2 are saying but he really doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

Cain: Yea… I suppose you’re right. Although, I’m curious about something.

Laura: What’s that?

Cain: Well Elias had the pendant and now he’s here as a butler? I mean why would he agree to do that?



I got a chill up my spine when I heard that. Cain was right. Elias did all of that to try to get the keys and his daughter back and now all of a sudden he’s just decided to work as a butler for Radomus? Which he seemed to have a huge disgust towards. I started questioning if I had made the right decision. I couldn’t let Cain and Laura see me like this though. I regained my composure.



Matthew: Ohh. I’m… I’m sure something made him see the light and he changed his mind and whatnot. Haha…

Laura: Yea but Matt, he’s also a-

Matthew: Nevermind that now. I got a Gym Battle waiting for me.

Cain: Alright. Come on Laura. We’ll go wait for Matthew.

Laura: Well… alright. Good luck Matt.

Matthew: Thanks babe.



We hugged and kissed and the 2 of them left. I stood there with my worried face back on again. I knew I had to shake this feeling off though or else I wouldn’t be able to beat Radomus in our Gym Battle. I calmed myself and walked into the room Radomus said was now available to me. When I walked in, I was puzzled by what I saw. It looked like a chess board with all the chess pieces set up.



I looked up and saw a balcony there and Radomus and Gardevoir were there.



Radomus: Greetings Matthew! Welcome to the puzzle room. Or rooms I should say.

Gossip Gardevoir: Helllllooo everyone! We are live here at the Vanhanen Castle Gym with the challenger, Matthew.

Matthew: Wait. Is this being televise-

Gossip Gardevoir: Today, Matthew hopes to earn his 8th official Reborn League badge! Will he fly or will he fall?!

Matthew: Well I mean I’ve been undefeated so far so-

Gossip Gardevoir: We’ll find out soon enough.~ But! The gym battle alone is not only trial that yet awaits our eager hero!

Matthew: Let me guess. It has to do with chess board thing?

Radomus: You are quite right my dear challenger. Allow me to explain.

Gossip Gardevoir: As you may have remembered, master here is a world-renowned master of chess.~

Radomus: I say Gardevoir. I would like to do the honor of explaining this to our challenger.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hehehe. Oops. Got carried away.~

Matthew: Ohh brother. Can I know before I grow old?

Radomus: Patience young 1. Now, you undoubtedly that the floor is arranged like a chess board.

Matthew: Yes. I know.

Radomus: It’d be unfair for me to ask you to face me in a game of chess.

Matthew: Well considering I have no idea how to play this game, you’d be correct.

Radomus: This maybe harder than usual then.

Matthew: Greeeaaat.

Radomus: Nonetheless, you must obey the rules of each chess piece and arrange the pieces in such a way that I will be placed in checkmate. Good news for you though is that I may not move my pieces. Bad news though is that you may not capture them. You have an infinite number of turns to find the solution of checkmate.

Matthew: Well… I suppose that’ll be easier but I still have no clue what I’m doing.

Radomus: When you think the solution is correct, come up to the door and I shall see if you have the pieces in the right order. And if you are victorious, you may proceed. Best of luck to you Matthew.

Matthew: Yea… Thanks. -thinking to myself- Ohh man. I have NO clue how to move these pieces or how to do checkmate. -sigh- It’s ok Matthew. It can’t be that hard right? I can do this. I’ll be ok.



Before I started the puzzle, I noticed the computer that’s connected to the Grand Hall to the side of me. I hadn’t talked to Ame in a long time and I thought I’d also get to learn some things about Radomus and his gym. I walked over to it and pressed the button. In no time, Ame’s face popped up on screen.



Matthew: Hey Ame. What’s up? Been a while huh?

Ame: Hmm? Ohh Matthew! What’s up? It has been a while. Was worried something might have happened to you.

Matthew: Naw. I’m totally fine.

Ame: That’s good. So it seems you’re about to challenge Radomus this time huh?

Matthew: Yea. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ame: Hmm. Well Radomus is 1 of the Gym Leaders that likes to battle in Doubles Format. He also likes to focus a strategy using Trick Room.

Matthew: Hmm. So he’s using slow Pokemon huh? Weird for a Psychic Gym Leader but it’s weird. Fits him.

Ame: That is true. Also, his team is bulky and hits hard so don’t let them set up too much. If you do, it’s gonna be a rough time for you then.

Matthew: Good to know. Anything else I should know about?

Ame: Well… you might have to be careful of the chess pieces.

Matthew: Uhh… Why?

Ame: He can move them around with his psychic attacks which deals extra damage.

Matthew: Isn’t that like illegal or cheating or something?

Ame: Nope. Just keep in mind that like any good chess game, Pokemon with high intellect or strategy-based attacks will do here.

Matthew: … Ame, how long have you spent around Radomus to be talking about chess so casually like that?

Ame: Bye Matt! Good luck!



With that, the screen went to black. I took mental notes what she told me and turned back to the puzzle that was before me. I took a deep breath and tried to solve the puzzle. I pushed the 2 white pieces to any place I could think of to get a checkmate but no matter where I placed them, Radomus would tell me that it was incorrect. A half hour went by and I still wasn’t any closer to completing this. As I kept moving the pieces, I looked up and I could see Radomus whispering to Gardevoir. I thought for sure he was telling her how badly I was doing with this puzzle. Suddenly though, a thought of how to solve the puzzle shot through my mind. I pushed them into position and finally, Radomus gave me the ok that it was right. I was so relieved.



Radomus: Congrats on solving the 1st puzzle Matthew! But I must also tell you another addition to this trial.

Matthew: Ohh no.

Radomus: Do not fret. This 1 I believe is more up your alley. Once you solve the puzzle, you must fight the king!

Matthew: Fighting the king? What are you tal-

Radomus: I shall see you at the end. Farewell!



He rushed off through the doors. I was confused by what he said. As I turned around, I saw the black chess piece starting to rise up. I was really afraid for a moment for what could have been doing that but then I saw hands grabbing the bottom part of the piece. It was tossed aside and underneath it was a person. I was relieved and then got what Radomus meant by fighting the king. After a quick battle, I went to the next room. It was the same as the other room except with way more pieces.



I looked up at the balcony there and noticed Cain and Laura looking down at me.



Laura: Hey babe. How are the puzzles?

Matthew: They’re uh…

Cain: Too hard for you huh? Well… I mean I like it when things are hard but that’s more personal.~

Laura: Ohh my!

Matthew: … Ohh jeez. What are you 2 doing up there anyways?

Cain: Well Radomus thought we’d get bored waiting out there.

Laura: And considering it’s been a half hour and you just now got here-

Matthew: Ok. Ok. I get it. I suck at chess.

Cain: Well I would help you but I also suck at chess.

Laura: Uhh, but I’m sure you can figure this out babe!



I felt down again. More pieces meant it was most definitely that I would take more time on this 1. Yet, just like what happened at the end of the 1st puzzle, I got a thought of how to do this puzzle as well. I moved all the pieces to their places and looked up to Cain and Laura for approval.



Matthew: Well?

Laura: It’s uhh…

Cain: I think that’s it! Great job Matthew!~

Laura: Yea! Nicely done hun! You did it way faster than the 1st 1.

Matthew: Yea. I somehow got a thought of how to do it and I just did it.

Cain: Well anyways, this is our cue to go back.

Laura: Yea. We’ll see you at the arena sweetie.

Matthew: Alright. Later guys.



I watched them go through the doors and then turned around to face the king, now knowing what to expect. I battled that guy and continued to the 3rd room. Same as the other rooms just with more pieces.



I felt confident since I solved the last 1 so fast. I looked up at the balcony of this room and this time, it was Luna.



Luna: Ahh. Challenger. How do you do?

Matthew: Annoyed but fine. You?

Luna: I am fine as well. For this challenge, I will be your attendant. If you need to know something, please inform me and I shall help you in anyway I can. I’ll offer you a clue. Here, infinite potential will be your guiding force. Aaannnd begin!



As I looked at the pieces, a thought of how to solve the puzzle came into mind. I immediately pushed the pieces into place. When I finished, I walked towards the door and looked up at Luna.



Matthew: Sooo… did I do it right?

Luna: Hmm… Lovely! It seems you’ve done it!

Matthew: Yes!

Luna: I cannot wait until I can meet you in the darkness soon.

Matthew: Umm… What do you mean by that exactly?

Luna: That shall be answered in due time but for now, master awaits. Good bye.



Luna left the room but her words weirded me out. What did she mean about meeting me in the darkness soon? The sound of the king chess piece hitting the floor snapped me back into reality. I turned around and had the quick battle I was supposed to have. After that, I entered the next room which was another chess board puzzle.



I was getting tired of these puzzles. I just wanted to have my battle with Radomus for the Gym Badge. This time up on the balcony was Gardevoir. As usual, she has a smile across her face.



Gossip Gardevoir: So you’ve made it this far!

Matthew: How many more puzzles are there?!

Gossip Gardevoir: Luckily for you, this is the last 1. You’re almost to your destination.~

Matthew: Thank Arceus. Ok. Tell me what you need to tell me.

Gossip Gardevoir: As you wish.~ Can you surmount the final trial?! We’re about to find out now!

Matthew: Is that it?

Gossip Gardevoir: Yep!

Matthew: Well… alright then.



I looked at the pieces and once more, the thought of how to solve this puzzle raced through my mind. As I was moving the pieces, however, I could see Gardevoir in a weird trance of some sort. I finished putting all of the pieces in place.



Matthew: Hopefully, I did this right.

Gossip Gardevoir: Has our hero finished the final trial oh so soon?~ Well, what a pity.

Matthew: NOOOO-

Gossip Gardevoir: You got it right!

Matthew: Ohh…

Gossip Gardevoir: Congrats! I’ll be seeing you soon it seems. My master though is the finest in the world. Do you really think you can defeat him?

Matthew: I think I have the power to do so.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hehe. Well we’ll find out soon.~

Matthew: Wait! Before you go, I want to ask you something.

Gossip Gardevoir: You’re going to ask me why looked so weird while you were doing this puzzle?

Matthew: Yes.

Gossip Gardevoir: Well… master told me to use my psychic abilities to lend you a hand with these puzzles since it was taking you forever to solve them.

Matthew: Soo… all this time, it was you giving me the solutions to these puzzles?

Gossip Gardevoir: Yes. I would apologize but-

Matthew: Thank you! I bet I’d still be on the 1st 1 if you didn’t do that. Alright. I’ll see you in the other room with the others.

Gossip Gardevoir: O-Ohh… Well you’re most certainly welcome.~ See you soon challenger.



With that, she exited the balcony and I battled the last king. I walked through the doors and could see a platform I was supposed to stand on. Everyone was there. I looked across from me and stared at Radomus.



Radomus: Well met Matthew.

Matthew: It’s ok Radomus. I know you had Gardevoir help me with the puzzles. And I thank you for that.

Radomus: Indeed. Then I do believe that if you are ready, we should get started.

Matthew: Hell yea I’m ready! It’s been a while since my last Gym Battle!

Cain: Goooo Matthew! Beat his butt.~

Laura: You can do this hunny!

Gossip Gardevoir: Ahaha.~ As if anyone could beat my master.

Matthew: No offense Gardevoir but he’s the 8th Gym Leader of the region. I’m pretty sure the rest of them could defeat him.

Gossip Gardevoir: Hmph! Why I never!

Radomus: Please please. Calm down Gardevoir. Pay her no mind Matthew. She can hardly help it. I do, however, wish you good luck in this battle.

Elias: This battle shall be a 6-on-6 double battle! Either trainer will be allowed to make substitutions! The battle will end when all of either trainer’s Pokemon have been knocked out!

Radomus: Ahh. The tactics and art of Pokemon. You know, I’ve often said that they are somewhat like the game of chess.

Matthew: Seriously? Right now of all times dude?

Radomus: Very well. I do believe that it’s high-time for black to make the 1st move!

Elias: Begin!



The battle was actually quite tough. It seemed we were both equally strong but in the end, I was able to squeeze out on top in victory. Radomus called back his Gardevoir. He closed his eyes and smiled.



Radomus: The end-game is ever-paining.

Matthew: What did you-

Radomus: Matthew, my dear boy. That was an excellent battle. A worthy victory indeed. You now own the Millenium Badge. Gardevoir, if you’d please?

Gossip Gardevoir: But of course master.



Gardevoir used her psychic abilities to lift the badge into the air and float it over to my spot of the arena. I held my hand out and it gently floated into the palm of my hand. I now had 8 Reborn Gym Badges in my possession.



Laura: Congrats babe!

Cain: Yea! Congrats Matthew!~

Luna: I must agree. It was a lovely performance. Both Gardevoir and you Matthew did well.

Matthew: Thanks guys. So I guess the question is now where do we go for the next badge?

Luna: Have you forgotten? I am a Gym Leader as well.

Matthew: Ohh yea. Sorry Luna. Slipped my mind. Sooo… we just gonna battle here or-

Gossip Gardevoir: Ohh yes! Dear Luna.~ Will you be facing him here or in the valley?

Matthew: The valley?

Cain: Where’s that?

Luna: Hehe. You’ll soon see. As to answer your question, I prefer the valley. The stones and shadows of the rabbit-hole we call Iolia Valley make such such an excellent blackground for a battle.

Matthew: Well I’m not sure where that’s at but it sounds like an interesting place.

Luna: You would be correct Matthew. There is no better stage than the shadow of death.

Matthew, Cain & Laura: Uhh…

Luna: Plus it compliments the type I use: Darkness.



As if on cue, the lights in the castle shut off. Everyone, from what I could see at least, were looking all over the room trying to search for the call of the blackout.



Matthew: Umm… Was that planned?

Laura: If so, it was genius.

Radomus: Well as far as I know, it was not panned.

Luna: I agree master. I at least did nothing for this event to take place.

Radomus: Perhaps something happened to the power. Let us exit this place at once. -leaves the room with Gardevoir-

Luna: Ahh… The darkness… Ever-feared and ever-misunderstood… I shall leave in the darkness. -leaves the room-

Laura: You know what? I’m gonna go with them guys. I’ll see you in a bit babe.

Matthew: Alright. Don’t bump into anything or get hurt in the dark hun.

Laura: I won’t!



Laura left the room. It was just me and Cain in the room now. It felt awkward and weird to be in such a dark place. I started to wonder back to when Radomus asked me to keep Anna’s pendant and whether it was right to agree to let him keep it. Cain broke the silence in his Cain way.



Cain: Well Matthew? It’s just you and me now.

Matthew: Yea… I know.

Cain: All alone… in the dark.

Matthew: Mhm.

Cain: Matthew?

Matthew: Yea?

Cain: Do you… Do you feel the moment?~

Matthew: -chuckles- Dude, really?

Cain: -chuckles back- I’m just kidding with you.~ But, I think I’m gonna leave as well. See ya on the flipside!



With that, Cain left the area. Now it was just me. With no real reason for me to stay there, I went back through the puzzle rooms, just this time with the lights off. When I got to the main room, Elias was standing there.



Elias: Ahh. Young master. Please follow me. I’ve secured an escape route from our assailants.

Matthew: Assailants? You mean some bad people are here?

Elias: Yes. This way. Swiftly.



Elias ran into the other room. I followed suit but I slowed down. My brain started to figure out how exactly Elias would know this. Then it clicked. He wasn’t fully brainwashed or whatever Radomus tried to do to him. He was still being himself. But by the time I realized that, I was already through the door to the next room. That’s when El dropped his facade. 2 people pushed me forward and blocked the doorway I just came through.



Even though it was dark, I could make out the outfits. They were Team Meteor. I looked back to El. I could see the evil smile on his face.



El: Well, as they say, checkmate.

Matthew: I should have figured you weren’t fully on our side. Unfortunately, it seems I’ve found this out at a bad time.

El: You are quite smart. It is unfortunate someone such as yourself would rather side with that swine than with someone who prays to the lord.

Matthew: Well, not too sure how much I can trust him.

El: In any case, I am curious as to why he would allow me into the estate. Perhaps he thought he had brainwashed me all the way as he did my daughter.

Matthew: Listen, I don’t know what’s going on between you and her but she clearly doesn’t like you. Maybe you should just leave her alone.

El: Hmph! You insolent brat! I shall suffer none to stand in my way! Matthew, I know all about you and your interferences with Team Meteor. Solaris has told me all about it. He also told me how he left you a nasty scar upon your face. Though it is dark, I remember seeing it down in the chasm in our last encounter. Does it hurt?

Matthew: Shut up. I’ll deal with him when the time comes. And you too!

El: You think you have a shot right now? I’ll let you know right now, I shall not permit you to interfere with their plans any longer. They have a devine purpose.

Matthew: Are you still on that nonsense dude?

El: Silence! We will eradicate the unclean city, restore the ruin below to its greatness! And to anyone who dares try to thwart that design, judgment shall-

Cain: Nidoking! Shadow Ball!



A dark ball of energy came through the doorway and blasted the 2 Team Meteor grunts in the back, either killing them or incapacitating them. At this point, I didn’t care which. The Nidoking, Cain and Laura came through the entrance.



Cain: Matthew, they got Luna!

Matthew: What?! -turns to El- Dude, let ger go and leave her alone!

El: She is my daughter! I may do to her as I please! And as for you, they should have gotten you as well.

Laura: Well, I was there to help.

Cain: Well, I don’t go down without a fight. Or at least some sweet talk 1st.

Matthew: Man Cain. No matter what situation we’re in or how dire, you always seem to crack out a joke… I admire you for that.

Cain: Thanks Matt.~



Cain and Laura stood beside me.



We were all prepared to fight. Well, almost all of us. After me and Radomus’ Gym Battle, the only Pokemon I had the was able to fight was Pistol Pete and even then, it was in no condition to fight.



El: Your lecherous implications only condemn you further. Do the 3 of you honestly think you can best me?

Cain: Ohh please. I’m not stupid. You’re attacking now because Matt’s team is all worn out from his Gym Battle.

Laura: That’s right. So Cain and I-

Cain: No. I’m gonna fight you alone El. Laura, you and Matthew need to get out of here.

Matthew: But Cain-

Cain: No butts!~ Matt, your team is in no condition to fight and you need Laura to get out of here.

Laura: But Cain, I can take him on. You’re not at his level yet.

Cain: It’s better this way hun. Besides, Matthew surpassed me a long time ago. So even if I do lose, it doesn’t matter. He needs to make it.

Matthew: Cain…

Cain: Now the 2 of you get out of here and I’ll hold him up! You 2 have to rescue Luna now!

Matthew: We owe you big time! Come on hun!



I ran out of the castle fast. Laura was following but stopped at the doorway. She turned and looked at Cain.



Cain: What are you doing?! Go!

Laura: You know about him don’t you?

Cain: Yes. I know he’s apart of the Elite.

Laura: Alright… I just wanted to know… Good luck Cain. -leaves the castle-




Matthew: -tries to catch my breath- What were you doing in there?

Laura: I just wanted to make sure Cain knew what he was doing.

Matthew: I’m sure he’ll be fine. Now come on. We gotta get out of here and look for Luna.

Laura: Alright. Let’s go!



We started running through the maze but just as we were thinking we were getting away, we spotted a Team Meteor grunt up ahead. Luckily, he didn't spot us.



So we were able to go back and hide behind some of the hedges.



Laura: Why hide? I could probably deal with them.

Matthew: There’s prob a good amount of them. I know you’re part of the Elite but the numbers would eventually get to you and you’d lose and God knows what would happen then. It’s better if we try to avoid them.

Laura: Alright. Let’s go the other way and see if there’s an escape way that way.



We got up, looked around the corner and ran towards the opposite way of where I saw the grunt from before. But as we continued, we could see another grunt up ahead.



Laura: What do we do? There’s a grunt there.

Matthew: Well… there seems to only be 1 grunt here. If we can take him out quietly, then we can keep looking for a way out.



We ran up to the grunt and stood our ground. The grunt came up to us. I looked at this person for a bit and they seemed rather different from the other ones.



Team Meteor Grunt?: Stop right there!

Laura: We’re gonna take you out right-

Matthew: Babe wait. Is… Is that you Radomus?

Definitely Not A Team Meteor Grunt: -smirks- Was that convincing? -spins and changes his outfit-



Laura: Wha- How did he-

Matthew: Not surprising.

Radomus: I had to wear this to fool them. As I said before, I choose the right hat for the right job.

Matthew: Yes I know. But right now-

Radomus: Although, 1 might wonder why I had this outfit in the 1st place.



I froze up for a second and I felt like Laura did too. Why did Radomus have this Team Meteor outfit? He didn’t seem like the type of person to be involved with them. Radomus’ voice snapped me back into reality.



Radomus: Quickly you 2! Follow me!



We walked up in between some hedges. While we couldn’t be seen easily, me nor Laura could see an exit and were confused on why he brought us up this way.



Matthew: How do we get away from here?

Radomus: Before I provide you the escape route, allow me to leave you with this.

Laura: What’s that?

Radomus: Firstly, you have heard of Luna’s capture correct?

Laura: Yea. They got her so fast, neither me or Cain could get to her in time to save her.

Radomus: Also, you must realize by now that Elias may portray himself as a holy man but his true nature has been made clear.

Matthew: No shit man! Can you get to the point already?!

Radomus: I believe Team Meteor is not the only shady dealing he has. I must make myself scarce and ask you to follow in my lead for I believe I may know of where they may have taken her.

Laura: Where’s that?

Radomus: 7th Street in Reborn City.

Matthew: 7th Street?

Laura: I think I’ve heard of that place. It’s like a black market basically.

Radomus: Correct. But if you can’t find the place, I think some of the gangs that inherit the city may know where it is. You will have to gain their trust though.

Matthew: So I gotta join a gang. Joy.

Radomus: Also, I beseech you to allow me to hold onto the Amethyst Pendant a bit longer.

Laura: Why? You’ve been shady to me since Elias seemed to be somewhat brainwashed.

Matthew: I’m sorry dude but I agree with her. Why do you need to keep it for a while longer?

Radomus: I once heard a story once about these keys being purchased from a travelling merchant.

Laura: Alright but what does-

Radomus: I wonder who it might have been? As we have said before, not all is black and white or dark and light.

Matthew: Please don’t do the whole reverse thing speech. We get it.

Radomus: Very well. Let me just say this before I leave. Learn to read between the lines. Or in this case, walk between them. Until then, farewell.



A staircase leading up on top of the hedge suddenly appeared. Before either of us could say anything to Radomus, he zoomed up them and escaped. Whether we liked it or not, we now had to trust Radomus with the Amethyst Pendant. We had no other choice but to go on top of the hedges and make our escape. As we walked along them, we looked down and could see some of the Team Meteor grunts.



Laura: I guess you were right. I didn’t think there’d be that many of them.

Matthew: Yea. Let’s just hope they don’t look up here. I think we’re almost there.



We continued walking on the hedges and eventually we made it to another pair of stairs. We walked down them, made sure the coast was clear and made our way through the exit of the maze. We were finally safe. We ran up a bit before stopping and taking a breather. I looked up at Laura and our eyes met.



We were both scared of what was gonna happen next but we knew we had to rescue Luna. With no words exchanged, we started running back towards the city.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 59

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 59

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 59

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 60

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Dark Pulse



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 59

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 59

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura (❤️/10 NO CHANGE!)


Luna +1 (6/10) - Finally got to see Luna again. Idk how I feel about the way she talks about darkness and death buuuuut she's a Gym Leader so I'll put up with it. Unfortunately, she's been captured. Now we gotta get her back.


Cain (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Dude... I just hope he's ok. He took on an Elite 4 Member. I have no idea how he is. Whenever I find him, I so gotta repay him back for this. I might even let him kiss me on the cheek for it if he wants. Heh...


Radomus -1 (4/10) - Radomus is starting to seem suspicious to me. Somewhat brainwashing El for a bit? Wanting the Amethyst Pendant for some reason and also having a Team Meteor uniform. I gotta keep an eye on him when I can.


El +1 (1/10) - I do not like him 1 bit and I know he's a bad guy... But... he could be right about Radomus and brainwashing Luna. I'm not sure who to believe here anymore.


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Laura and I ran towards the Grand Gate and made it inside. We stood there for a few moments looking at the Grand Gate actually being opened.



I looked over to Laura who had a shocked expression on her face. I could only imagine how she was feeling at this point. I’ve only been here for a couple of months but she’s been here for a long time and to see something working again when it hadn’t for a long time must have been making her feel emotional. Despite what she was seeing now though, we had to continue our way to our destination. The problem was we didn’t know where that destination was.


Matthew: I know this is astounding to you but we have to keep moving.

Laura: Yea… Yea. You’re right. But where do we go?

Matthew: Hmm… Let’s go to the PokeCenter in Lapis Ward. We’ll be able to collect our thoughts there and come up with a plan.

Laura: Alright.


We walked through the opened Grand Gates and proceeded our way to the Lapis Ward PokeCenter. It felt weird being back here after being away for so long. We had originally escaped here from getting away from the police. I was curious if they even cared now of what had occurred at the Orphanage but I wasn’t going to walk up to 1 and find out. We finally made it to the PokeCenter. We went in and Laura sat down on a chair while I kept standing.



Laura: -breaths a slight sigh of relief- Alright. We’re here now. Away from all of those… Meteor guys…

Matthew: Yea. That was wild.

Laura: I really hope Cain is alright.

Matthew: Me too… But he’s surprised me before. And no. Not in that way.

Laura: Haha. I wasn’t even thinking in that way. Cain seems to have really rubbed off on you Matthew.


She was kind of right. Back in the beginning of this wild journey, I despised his constant sexual jokes. But since the whole thing with the Orphanage and Kiki and saving the children, I’ve grown to really respect him and even admire his personality. Although, I wasn’t sure if the sexual jokes were always just jokes.


Matthew: Heh… Yea. But look. He’s fine. We need to figure out a way to find this 7th Street.

Laura: Well, Radamus said to ask 1 of the gangs here.

Matthew: Ohh yea… I forgot about that. Alright. Look. You rest here and I’m gonna go to 1 of the gangs and see if they’ll tell me anything about 7th Street.

Laura: Alright. I am a bit tired anyways. I might take a short nap while you’re away.

Matthew: That’s probably not a bad idea for you to do babe.

Laura: Ohh yea. Just so you’re not aimlessly roaming around looking for gangs, there’s 2 around here. 1 is actually here in the Lapis Ward and the other is in the North Obsidia Ward.

Matthew: Thanks. Alright. I’ll be back in a bit.

Laura: Bye hun.


We hugged, kissed and then I went on my way outside. With my luck though, it had started to rain while I was inside.



This angered me a bit but then I remembered that I was trying to find Luna and needed to stay focused on the task. I decided to go to the gang in North Obsidia Ward 1st. I looked for alleyways as I assumed that’s where they would be staying and I was right. I found a couple of guys standing in the way.



Matthew: Can I get through? I need to speak to your-

Magma Gang Member #1: Heyo, dude. This is the Magma Gang.

Matthew: I don’t care. I just wanna-

Magma Gang Member #1: I think it’d be best if you just be tailin’ off.

Matthew: Look, all I wanna do is-

Magma Gang Member #2: Yo, are you deff or something?! He said to go! Buzz off!

Matthew: Ugh!


I had no choice but to leave. These 2 bozos wouldn’t let me speak. I was super annoyed with the outcome of this but then I remembered that there was 1 in the Lapis Ward as well. I ran over there and searched for an alleyway. When I did, the same basically happened as the other 1 except these 2 people were in blue clothing instead of the red clothing and they called themselves the Aqua Gang. I couldn’t help but get a feeling of Team Aqua and Team Magma from the Hoenn Region with these 2 gangs. But as soon as I was about to leave the alleyway, 1 of them spoke up.



Aqua Gang Member #1: Hey wait a minute buddy!

Matthew: What is it?

Aqua Gang Member #2: You seem somewhat strong.

Matthew: Well, using that word right now would be an understatement but continue.

Aqua Gang Member #1: How would you like to join our gang?


The moment was here. Despite not really wanting to join, I knew this probably would be the only way I’d get to find out where 7th Street is.


Matthew: Uhh… Yea. Sure.

Aqua Gang Member #1: Excellent!

Aqua Gang Member #2: Now the only way to get access is to battle me and my Aqua mate here.

Matthew: You sure you wanna do that?

Aqua Gang Member #1: It’s the only way you can meet the boss.

Matthew: Well, if you 2 insist. Godra Goodra! Pistol Pete! Come on out!


The 2 of them popped out of their PokeBalls and landed in front of the 2 Aqua Gang Members. I waited for them to throw out their Pokemon but the expressions on their faces said enough. No battle was going to take place here. You could see the fear in their eyes but also something else but I wasn’t sure what.


Aqua Gang Member #2: On 2nd thought, you can go right in and see the boss.

Matthew: Thank you.


I recalled my Pokemon and headed towards the end of the alleyway. When I made it there, a boy but in a bit more proper clothing stood there. He looked at me and seemed impressed.



???: Well, well, what’s this? So you’ve decided to join the Aqua Gang huh?

Matthew: Uhh, yea. I did. May I ask you something though?

Archer: Yes but 1st, introductions! I am the leader of the Aqua Gang, Archer. What is your name?

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Archer: Welcome to the Aqua Gang Matthew! If you passed their test, or in your case, scared them out of their test, then you’ve already met Mannie and Razzy. Then there’s DeFacto and the other 1 is Pierce. He doesn’t talk much.

Matthew: Ahh. You have quite the crew here.

Archer: Thank you. And I believe with you here, we will be able to throw the Magma Gang out of here.

Matthew: Yea. I guess I can see that.

Archer: Hmm. You don’t seem to be thrilled about our goal. What is on your mind?

Matthew: Look. The only reason I’m here is because I need to know where the 7th Street is. I’m not really here to join the gang.

Archer: Hmm. I see. While it disappoints me that you do not want to be apart of our gang, I appreciate your honesty at the very least.

Matthew: Yea. Sorry about that.

Archer: Hmm… Tell you what. I’ll make a deal with you. You help us with those Magma scums and I’ll tell you about the whereabouts of the 7th Street.

Matthew:… You promise?

Archer: Yes. You have my word.

Matthew:… Fine. What do you want me to do?

Archer: We’ve got a gig. Meet us in an old shack at 4th and Hydrangea and we’ll discuss what’s going down there.

Matthew: Alright. See you there then.


I watched as DeFacto, Pierce and Archer walk out of their hideout. I soon followed suit and exited as well. I searched the signs and eventually found the shack that Archer told me he wanted me to meet him at. I walked in and was greeted.



Archer: Ahh. Matthew. I’m glad you have arrived.

Matthew: Yea. Hey. How come Mannie and Razzy stayed behind?

DeFacto: We left them behind at the base. They’ve been assigned to be the guardianship of the base.

Matthew: Ahh. Ok. So what’s going on?

Archer: Here’s the situation. Magma Gang’s got their eye on a rare Pokemon owned by 1 of Lapis’ wealthiest residents. Knowing them, they’ll try to steal it and frame us for doing the job. So what we have to do is bust in and stop that from happening. Maybe even take the Pokemon from ourselves.

Matthew: Alright. So who’s this wealthy resident?

DeFacto: The target’s name is Ms. Elena Craudburry.

Matthew: Craudberry? Why do I have a feeling she’s not the nicest woman I’ll meet?

DeFacto: You’d be right. Although, I think the proper word to describe her would be spinster. Or hag. Or putrid witch who called the city police on me just because I looked at her for like a millisecond.

Matthew: Uhhh-

DeFacto: Wretched old lady if you do or don’t know her, although you got the better end of the stick.

Pierce: Nobody cares DeFacto.

Archer: Can we get back to the conversation at hand? Our reputation and safety are at stake here! Let’s go! We gotta put an end to Magma’s schemes! Meet us there when you’re ready Matthew.


The 3 of them exited the shack. I stood there for a moment thinking to myself what I had gotten myself into. But this was the only way I could get the info about 7th Street. So I made my way over to this lady’s house. When I entered, I saw Pierce making sure the old lady couldn’t interfere.



As I walked by, she continued to yell about me and how she would kill me. They were right. She was horrid. As soon as I walked into the next room, I was confronted by a Magma Gang Member.



Magma Gang Member #1: Stop right there Aqua scum! My MANLINESS shall stop you!

Matthew: -sigh- Really? I don’t got time for this. Deal with this dude Pistol Pete! Aura Sphere!


Clawitzer popped out of its Pokemon and launched a powerful Aura Sphere attack at the Magma Gang Member. It made him fly across the room and against the wall. He fell to the ground unconscious. I made my way to the northern part of the room where there seemed to be a double battle. I saw another Magma Gang Member standing there. Before he could even speak, I ordered my Clawitzer to use it’s Water Pulse attack on him. The gang member was engulfed by the water circle and then it exploded, knocking the gang member to the ground unconscious. DeFacto and Archer seemed impressed with what I was able to do.


Matthew: Archer. DeFacto. You guys get whatever is on the desk. I’ll make sure these 2 don’t get in the way.

Archer: Alright. You heard him DeFacto.


The 2 of them called back their Pokemon and went to take everything off the desk. The remaining Magma Gang Member and what I assumed to be the leader of that gang just stood there but did not command their Pokemon to attack.


Archer: Alright. We got everything!

Magma Gang Leader: Damnit! They got it… You picked up a new member?

Archer: Of course I did Maxwell. And now the downfall of the Magma Gang begins now!

DeFacto: The city police will most likely be here shortly. We should go.

Archer: Right. Let’s retreat now then!


DeFacto and Archer ran out of the building. The Magma Gang Member and Maxwell recalled their Pokemon. The gang member ran out while Maxwell stood where he was for a second.


Maxwell: You… I’ll make sure you’ll be dealt with.


After saying that, he left. I too evacuated the building and went back to the Aqua headquarters. I could see Archer was very pleased with me as I walked towards him.


Archer: That went off without a hitch! Matthew, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how we would have made it out of there.

Matthew: Well, you’re welcome. Now can you tell me where 7th Street is?

Archer: Ahh. That. I have 1 more thing for you to do.

Matthew: Dude, you promised me.

Archer: Don’t worry. I will keep that promise. This is the last thing I need help with.

Matthew: Fine. What is it?

Archer: It’s time to finally eliminate the Magma Gang!

Matthew: Whoa whoa. You mean kill them?!

Archer: No no! I just mean to run them out of the city.

Matthew: Ohh. Ok. So what’s the plan?

Archer: We’re gonna storm their hideout and take them down and we need everyone available to do this. But what we’re gonna do is have you enter 1st and distract them. That’s when the rest of us will sneak in. Got it?

Matthew: Yea. I’ll head there now.

Archer: Good man.


I exited the Aqua hideout and headed towards the Magma hideout. As I was walking, the regular rain storm turned to a thunderstorm. I didn’t know why but I felt like this was gonna be trouble for me. I entered and was greeted with the 2 Magma Gang Members last time but this time they were trying to insult me. I was growing annoyed with their bickering.


Matthew: Alright! Enough! You 2 are annoying! We gonna battle or what?!

Magma Gang Member #1: Sure. If you insi-

Matthew: Actually, just send out all of your Pokemon and fight me 1 on 6.


The 2 of them looked at me as if I was dumb for saying that. But they complied with my request and sent out all if their Pokemon. I sent out Clawitzer and obliterated all of their Pokemon with 1 Water Pulse. The members of the gang were shocked that they were defeated in literally seconds. I recalled Clawitzer but when I looked straight forward, I saw that the Aqua Gang Members were dealing with the other Magma Gang Members. Archer walked up to me.



Archer: Nice job Matt. We’re in now!


Archer went up ahead. I could see though that a Magma Gang Leader had stopped him and started to engage in a battle.


Archer: Urgh! Matthew! You go deal with the leader! End this for the Aqua Gang!


I looked over to Maxwell and he looked at me. I could tell he had hatred towards me for stopping his plan back at the old lady’s house from before.



Maxwell: So… you’re their new ace. Is that it?

Matthew: I suppose so.

Maxwell: Heh. So be it then. Once I’ve turned the tables on you, then they’ve got nothing. And the Magma Gang will rule these streets! This has lasted long enough! For glory baby!


Maxwell sent out his Ninetails as I sent out Clawitzer. It got taken out with 1 hit of a Water Pulse. The same happened when he sent out his Charmeleon. Before sent out his last Pokemon, he stared up at me.


Maxwell: You think you’re so good just because you’re using that Clawitzer.

Matthew: Well… I am part of a water themed gang here so-

Maxwell: Use your ace. Use the Pokemon that you wouldn’t use til you had no other choice. Whoever wins will be the true gang of this region!

Matthew: Uhh… If you say so.


Maxwell sent out his Houndoom as I sent out my Arbok. While his Houndoom was able to get off a hit on me, in a matter of 2 Poison Fangs, his Houndoom was down and out. I had won the battle while also making the Aqua Gang the true gang of this city. Maxwell knelt down beside his Houndoom. Archer witnessed the whole thing. I turned towards him when he yelled out to me.



Archer: Yes! The Aqua Gang is triumphant! Nice job Matthew! You have given our city back!

Matthew: You’re welcome I guess.


Now I don’t know what Maxwell was doing when I had my back turned towards him. Maybe his Houndoom wasn’t completely out or maybe he used a Revive. Everyone in that alleyway heard a disastrous scream. I turned around and saw his Houndoom up.





Houndoom did as it was told and fired a Flamethrower at me. It was weird though. This Flamethrower attack seemed more powerful than any other 1 I’ve seen despite it being in the rain. I flinched as I prepared to feel the affects of the flames but instead, I heard a blood curdling scream. But it wasn’t a human. It was a Pokemon. I opened my eyes and looked in front of me as I witnessed Arbok being cooked alive by the flames. I couldn’t do anything but watch.



Matthew: Wha… Jessie! Nooo!



The attack finally stopped. Maxwell recalled back his Pokemon. Luckily, the rain swiftly put out the flames but the damage had been done. I knelt down next to my Arbok and held it. I looked back up towards Maxwell who had a smirk across his face.


Maxwell: Not what I intended but I still like the results. Magma Gang, we’ll fall back for now!


And with that, the whole Magma Gang disappeared. Archer came over to me and looked at my Arbok. The flames had horribly disfigured it. Although, I couldn’t tell from the dark what exactly was done to it.


Archer: Matt… I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that he-

Matthew: Archer… just tell me about 7th Street…

Archer: Yea. You got it. So 7th Street isn’t really a street. It’s more of a black market. You can get there by entering a building in the Lapis Ward. I’ll tell the person there that you have access to it. It’s the apartment on 3rd and Dahlia.

Matthew: Thanks…

Archer: Is… Is there anything I can do for you?

Matthew: Just go dude. I need to be alone for a moment.

Archer: Sure. Maybe we’ll see you again. Maybe in 7th Street.

Matthew: Yea…


Archer left. I stayed there with the rain pouring down on me looking at the Pokemon who risked its life for me.


Arbok: Charrr…

Matthew: I know it hurts Jessie. We’ll get you back to the PokeCenter.


I took out its PokeBall and returned it back to its PokeBall. I slowly got up and made my way back towards the PokeCenter. When I got inside, I walked up to the desk. Laura saw me and ran up to me all happy. She hugged me and I hugged back. When she saw my face, she could see that something was wrong.


Laura: Matt hunny. What’s wrong?

Matthew: It’s my Arbok. She got…


I took out the PokeBall with Arbok in it and sent her out.



With it now in the light, I could see the damage that was done to it. Any part that had black on it were now a lighter gray and there were a lot of it’s skin now a browner/tan kind of color.



I didn’t know how it wasn’t screaming out in pain right now but it was definitely still in pain. Laura looked at my Pokemon with sadness in her eyes.


Laura: Matt… What happened to Jessie?

Matthew: She protected me when 1 of the Gang Leaders tried to burn me with Flamethrower. I didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.

Laura: Matt… -looks at Arbok and pets its head gently- You’re a good friend Jessie.

Arbok: Ch-Charbok…

Nurse Joy: Ohh my. Your Arbok seems to have sustained critical burn marks.

Matthew: You can say that again.

Nurse Joy: Well… We can at least heal your Arbok to where it won’t feel pain anymore but as for its scars-

Matthew: As long as you can take its pain away, that’s all that matters.

Nurse Joy: Very well. But we’ll have to keep it for a couple of hours. You won’t be able to take it with you.


I looked up at Arbok. I could tell it would be in no shape to battle but I also didn’t want to leave it behind. Then, Arbok slithered its tongue onto my cheek. It was awkward but I knew it was just trying to get my attention. I looked up at it and it shook its head yes. In its own way, it was telling me it was ok to leave it for a bit. I smiled at Arbok and looked back at Nurse Joy.


Matthew: Ok. I’ll leave it here with you then. Please make sure it feels better Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy: Don’t worry. It’ll be fine before you know it.

Matthew: Ok. I guess it’s time to go then. Come on babe.

Laura: Alright. Later Jessie!

Arbok: Charboook.


We exited the PokeCenter and walked towards the apartment building that was supposed to be 7th Street.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 62

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb 

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 62

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 62

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 62

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Dark Pulse



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 62

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 62

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura (❤️/10 NO CHANGE!)


Archer +5 (5/10) - Seems like a nice dude. But still... If it wasn't for him then my Arbok wouldn't be in this situation. I can't be totally not mad at him.


Maxwell +1 (1/10) - This dude tried to severely hurt me/kill me just because I basically disbanded his Gang... And now my Arbok is really hurt. I might lose it on him next time we meet.


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As we walked towards the apartment, Laura could see that I was still saddened about leaving Arbok in the PokeCenter.


Laura: Hey hun. It’ll be ok. When we get Luna out of there, Jessie will be all better.

Matthew: I know… I just wish none of this happened.

Laura: I know but everything will be ok.

Matthew: I know hun. Thanks.


We made it to the apartment and walked in. Only the receptionist was there at the desk. We walked up to her but we were nervous. We didn’t know what to say. Before we did though, she spoke.



Receptionist: Hello and good day. Admittance to these apartments are for residents only.

Matthew: Well, uh… we-

Receptionist: But fortunately for you, I’ve already been informed that you’re a new “resident.”

Matthew: Uhh… my girl is 1 too right?


The girl turned around and dialed up a number on her phone. I don’t know what was said but a few seconds later, she turned around and opened the door next to us and allowed us in. Whatever was said over the phone allowed Laura to be granted access as well. When we went to the next room, we were greeted by 1 of the Aqua Gang Members.



Mannie: Yooo Matthew, buddy. What’s up?

Matthew: Just going down to 7th Street.

Mannie: Cool. Yoooo. Is that your gi… Wait a minute? Is that… Laura?! From the Elite 4!?

Laura: Wait wait. Mannie right? Look, I don’t care what you or your gang or whoever else is doing down here. Me and Matt are only here to find a friend of ours. She’s been kidnapped and we heard she could be here. So please. Help us.

Mannie: Well… alright. I can do that.


Mannie hit the button and the elevator went down. When we reached the bottom, we exited the elevator and into a storage room. But after going through the next door, we were in, what we assumed to be, 7th Street. It was kind of awesome. It felt like a city underground but with actual buildings.



Laura: Wow… I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s kind of creepy.

Matthew: It’s kind of awesome.

Laura: What?!

Matthew: Well I mean… I just like stuff like this. I’m sorry.

Laura: -sigh- It’s ok. We just need to find Luna.

Matthew: Right. Let’s go look around. Maybe ask some of these people if they’ve seen anything.


We started looking around the place. We looked inside buildings and asked some people we came across if they saw anything weird recently. We’d either get weird looks, answers that didn’t pertain to the questions we asked or they just wanted “rare candies.” I also came across some now former members of the Magma Gang and engaged them in battles. As we were continuing the search, I told Laura what I had to do to get the info about 7th Street. She seemed shocked by what I did but didn’t seem to hate me for it. As we were about to go up, we heard someone yelling. Laura didn’t know who it was but I did. I knew exactly who it was.


Laura: Who the heck is that?

Matthew: Remember the old woman I told you about?

Laura: Yea?

Craudburry: Miserable lout, PATHETIC inventory! If this is really all you’ve got, you ought to be ashamed of your scruffy-rumped self!

Laura: Why is she down here?

Matthew: I have no clue.

Craudburry: Do not call me again until you have something worth my time!

Matthew: I think we should leave now before she-

Craudburry: Ohh great. It’s you.



Matthew: -sigh- Hi…

Craudburry: I should have known I’d see low-life scum like you lolligagging around down here!

Laura: Don’t call my boyfriend low-life scum!

Craudburry: And you missy! Don’t think I don’t know who you are! You are 1 of the Elite 4 and you are with this heathen of a druggy?! You’re just as bad as the rest of these dumbasses!

Matthew: You motherfuc-

Craudburry: Don’t talk to me criminal swine! You aren’t worth my breath or you’re unattractive whore there! Drivelling musus with every step… Bah!


She walked away after insulting my girlfriend. I didn’t care what she called me but she had no right to say that to Laura. I was filling up with anger and rage. But just then, another familiar voice reared its not so ugly face.


Archer: Could hear her on the other side of this place. Quite the mouth that 1 has, doesn’t she?

Matthew: -turns around with Laura- You can say that again.



Laura: Who are you?

Archer: The name is Archer. I am the Leader of the Aqua Gang. It’s a pleasure to meet you Laura.

Laura: Nice to meet you too I suppose.

Matthew: So what do you want?

Archer: I know I said I’ve already asked enough from you but I wanted to ask you for help for 1 more thing.

Matthew: Look Archer, you’re not a bad dude but I-

Archer: It’s about that hag, Craudburry.

Matthew:… Alright. I’m listening.

Laura: Matt, we-

Matthew: Hold on Laura.

Archer: That bitch. She pretends to be such an upstanding citizen but she just plays the streets down here with her wealth.

Matthew: I get that she’s been a thorn in your side for a long time, prob a lot of other people too, but can you just get to the point?

Archer: Of course. That Pokemon we stole from her before was 1 she had bought illegally here. That’s why I didn’t feel bad for targeting her. But nonetheless, her attitude is insufferable. Yet, no 1 down here wants to risk having their ears blown off by that woman’s blabbering if they try to stand up to her.

Laura: So you want Matthew to shut her up. Is that right?

Archer: Precisely. You have quite a smart girl here Matthew. I do apologize for what she called you by the way.

Laura: It’s ok. But we don’t have time for-

Matthew: Alright. I’m down dude.

Laura: What?! Matt, we don’t have time for th-

Matthew: I know. We’re getting off track but this will only take a couple of minutes. Alright Archer. Let’s go.


The 3 of us journeyed back up to the surface. We walked to her house and stood outside planning what to do.



Archer: You’re obviously a powerful trainer Matthew. You go in there and take her on and show her what happens when you mess with the people of 7th Street.

Matthew: And for disrespecting my girlfriend.

Laura: Matt-

Matthew: You stay out here with Archer.

Archer: Yea. We’ll make sure no 1 interferes.

Laura: -sigh- Alright but just hurry it up alright Matt?

Matthew: It’ll be over before you know it.

Laura: I hope so.


I walked up to the door and prepared myself. Not for the battle but for whatever that bitch was about to say to me. Luckily for me though, it would take a lot to get me annoyed. I opened the door and walked in. She was standing right there. When her eyes met mine, she had gotten a horrid, angry look upon her face.



Craudburry: So! The filth has followed me back here has it?

Matthew: Seriously. You’re just as much as filth as me. You were down there too. Or is your old age finally affecting your memory?

Craudburry: How DARE you say that to me! Why are you even here?! To desecrate my house again?! Or maybe to shit on my life once again?!

Matthew: I ain’t gonna mess your house up but the 2nd option sounds about right.

Craudburry: You litte… I could pay the dogs in 7th Street to kill you and your whole family if I wanted!

Matthew: Bitch, you don’t even know where my family lives!

Craudburry: Do not cross me wretched pigling! If you won’t leave then I will MAKE you leave!

Matthew: Yea? How you gonna do that?

Craudburry: After that little incident with your scummy friends, I decided to invest in a bit of self-defense.

Matthew: Sooo you just bought illegally owned Pokemon and you think they’ll be able to crush me right?

Craudburry: How did you-

Matthew: Kind of obvious where that was going. Plus, I just made it quicker to get to the point.





Craudburry: GRAARGH!!! I can’t believe these… These Pokemon are WORTHLESS! Why I oughta-

Matthew: Shut the fuck up! Christ almighty!

Craudburry: I should get the person that sold me those Pokemon arrested!

Matthew: Wow. You’re stupid.

Craudburry: Excuse me!?

Matthew: You’d be admitting to buying stolen Pokemon which is a crime which means YOU would be arrested.

Craudburry: You… You…

Matthew: Now listen. I’ll let you off the hook easy if you do a couple of things. Firstly, and I can’t say this enough, stop with your stupid bitching. It’s annoying and no 1 pays attention to your crazy ass self. Secondly, never go back to 7th Street again or I’ll have some of my boys take care of you. So, we clear here?

Craudburry: Grrrrr…

Matthew: Good. You understand. Ohh yea. Before I leave, I wanna here you apologize for disrespecting my girlfriend.

Craudburry:… I’m sorry…

Matthew: Good. I’m done here. Enjoy the rest of your day, you old hag.


I exited the house. I felt so much better after all of that. I walked towards the side of the house where Laura and Archer were.


Archer: Ahh Matthew. You’re back. How did it go?

Matthew: Easy. She won’t be yelling anymore and I doubt you’ll be seeing her in 7th Street ever again.

Archer: Excellent! We’ll finally have peace down there.

Matthew: And she said sorry for calling you names hun.

Laura: Thanks Matt. But come on. We gotta go back.

Matthew: Yea. You’re right. You wanna come back with us Archer?

Archer: Sure. Let’s go.


The 3 of us ventured our way back down to 7th Street. When we got there, Archer went on his way. We were about to go searching for any clues as to where Luna might be when I heard a voice I never heard before.


???: Laura? Is that you?

Laura: Arclight? Is that you?



Arclight: What’s up? Been a while since I last saw you.

Laura: Yea. A lot’s been going on.

Arclight: Who’s this?

Laura: This is Matt. He’s my boyfriend now.

Arclight: Really? Well congrats man. You got yourself a good girl right here.

Matthew: I know. I’m so lucky. So who are you exactly?

Arclight: The names Arclight and I’m the DJ of the Reborn Nightclub. Only Ace Trainers can get in there.

Matthew: Why only those?

Arclight: Ohh. I don’t actually mean the ace trainers. I just mean the Elite 4 and the people who have defeated the Elite 4.

Matthew: Wow… That’s kind of awesome. Maybe I’ll see you in there 1 day.

Arclight: Yea. It’d be cool. But right now, I’m down here for a different reason.

Laura: What’s going on?

Arclight: There’s a vendor down here that’s selling stolen Pokemon and I’m here to take care of him. But I can’t just walk in there and do my thing. He’ll run with the Pokemon as soon as that happens.

Laura: Well what are you gonna do?

Arclight: I’m not sure but I… Wait a minute. Matt right? Would you buy the Pokemon from him and just keep them safe? I’d feel better if they were with someone good and I think that someone is you.

Matthew: Umm… I guess-

Laura: Yea. We’ll help. No problem at all.

Arclight: Sweet. When you buy them all, give me a sign and I’ll take care of him.

Matthew: Alright. -turns around to walk to the vendor- Now who’s wasting time?

Laura: I just wanna help.

Matthew: Haha. It’s cool. I know you do.


We walked up to the area and walked up to the vendor.



You could tell he was a shady kind of person. I looked at the Pokemon in the cages. They seemed familiar. Then it hit me. These were the same Pokemon that were in the cages back in the Blacksteam Factory. I felt good that I was saving these Pokemon.


Vendor: Hey there. What can I do you for?

Matthew: Yea. Uhhh, I’d like to buy all of the Pokemon here please?

Vendor: What?! You serious?

Matthew: Hell yea.

Vendor: Let me see some shards then.


I went into my bag and pulled out all the shards I had. The Vendors eyes lit up with excitement. He then put all the Pokemon into PokeBalls and gave them to me. He seemed pretty pleased. We waved good bye to each other and left the area. Laura gave Arclight the thumbs up to signal him that all the Pokemon were caught. I have no idea what happened after that but I did hear some of the cages rattle a bit. As we were about to walk into a little cave of sorts, Archer ran up to me and stopped us from going in.



Matthew: Archer, what are you doing?

Archer: I’m so glad I caught you in time. Listen, I got word that Maxwell is in there and is itchin’ to battle you.

Laura: Maxwell? You mean… The person that-

Matthew: Yea… He did it.

Archer: I just wanted to let you know before you just waltzed in there. Good luck in whatever you do. -walks away-

Laura: Go deal with him.

Matthew: Wait. Really?

Laura: Yea. Something tells me he’d go looking for you after a while and we don’t need that right now. Better to get this over with now than later.

Matthew: Yea. You’re right. Thanks babe. You stay here alright?

Laura: Alright. You and your Pokemon be careful baby.


I walked into the cave like place and saw Maxwell. He also saw me. The look on his face told the whole story. He had deep hatred for me. But you could tell he was satisfied for what he did to my Arbok. I confronted him.



Matthew: Alright. Heard you’re looking for me. What’s up?

Maxwell: Heh. I used to be the king of the jungle called Reborn City. But then you showed up and dethroned me.

Matthew: Dude, I’m sure you’ll be-

Maxwell: No! Let me speak. The Magma Gang… is no more and that’s all your fault! Now, I’m here in this dump. And guess who’s fault that is?

Matthew: Min-

Maxwell: YOURS! I always speak of glory but this? There’s no glory in this. But I’ve been waiting for you. It’s time to reclaim my fame! It’s time Matthew! For glory baby!




After the battle was over, I looked up at Maxwell. I could tell he couldn’t believe that he lost to me a 2nd time. He slowly raised his head and looked up towards me. He had such hatred for me. But it didn’t bother me.


Maxwell: No… REDO!

Matthew: Yea no. I just beat you dude. Move on.

Maxwell: I can’t believe I still couldn’t… Shit man. What does it take to beat you?! I’ve lingered here in a desperate hope that if I beat you that I could rebuild the Magma Gang. But it seems as if that won’t be happening now.

Matthew: I’m sure you have better things to do than this. Reclaim your “glory” in another way.

Maxwell: I hate to say this but… maybe you’re right. Maybe I could take up a factory job and have a real life or something along those lines. I’ll die here-

Matthew: Uhhh-

Maxwell: And be reborn a better man.

Matthew: Ohh. Ok. You meant metaphorical.

Maxwell: Yes. I still have deep hatred for you but… I suppose I should thank you. In the end, the glory was a prison. So thank you for that.


Maxwell then left. I stood there trying to figure out what the hell just happened and what he was trying to say. But I didn’t stay there for long. I went back out to Laura who came out and hugged me. She explained to me that a red headed boy came out of the cave but seemed more happy. I told her what happened. Like me, she seemed kind of confused by the whole thing as well but was just happy that nothing happened to me or my Pokemon. We then restarted our quest to get info on where Luna could be.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 62

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb 

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 64

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Dark Pulse



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura (❤️/10 NO CHANGE!)


Archer +1 (6/10) - He's somewhat cool. He helped me with the Craudburry problem and warned me about Maxwell. He was also really nice to Laura.


Maxwell +1 (2/10) - Well... apparently me beating him in a battle made him realize what he was doing was not all that "glorious." Hopefully I don't see him again though.


Arclight +10 (10/10) - Dude is a DJ at a Nightclub for members that have beaten the Elite 4 and takes down bad guys by questionable means? He's pretty cool.


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We searched for more clues or anything that could tell us where Luna was. We were just about to give up when 1 of the Aqua Gang Members noticed us and headed over our direction.



We told him our dilemma and for the 1st time since we’ve been down here, we had gotten some kind of info. He told us he saw someone weird talking to 1 of the dealers down here. We rushed towards the dealer to ask him what he saw. It took a bit before he told us but he eventually informed us that the person just left and headed upwards. As we headed to the north, another Aqua Gang Member stopped us. We told him what we were doing and he then told us that he saw someone weird going into the Watering Hole. We rushed into it but when we got there, it was empty. There was no sign of anybody in there. The 2 of us walked out of there. I stood there thinking what we could have missed.


Matthew: Urgh! What could we have missed?

Laura: Hmm?


Laura looked over to her left.



She shook me to get my attention. When I looked over to where she was looking, I saw something head into the cave like area. The 2 of us rushed over and into the area. When we came through, I couldn’t believe who I was seeing standing in front of me in a robe like clothing. It was Bennett. The 2 of us walked up to him.



Matthew: No way…

Laura: Who is-

Matthew: Bennett… What are you-

Bennett: Ahh. Matthew. I had a feeling you were following me.

Matthew: Dude, what happened to you? Why are you dressed like that?

Laura: I’m sorry. Who is this?

Bennett: The name is Bennett my dear. Pleasure to meet you. But I do believe that we should cut the introductions short there.

Laura: A-Ahh… I see.


I looked over at Laura. She seemed weird. Like she had seen a cute looking guy or something. It was odd. But I couldn’t focus on that right now. I couldn’t believe I was seeing Bennett like this. I didn’t like him much to start off with but I wouldn’t want this for him. And what would his mother think?


Bennett: I must be honest. I did not expect to see you down here Matthew. Or your… girlfriend I take it.

Matthew: I never expected to ever see you in a place like this Bennett.

Bennett: True. I suppose this isn’t the sort of place someone like me would choose to be.

Matthew: Are you still helping with El?

Laura: Wait. El? How would he be helping El and why?

Matthew: I-

Bennett: Those questions will be answered soon my darling. If you must know why I am here though, I was asked to get some supplies for our ritual.

Laura: Ritual? What ritual?

Bennett: The ritual to save Luna’s soul from Radomus’ spell.


It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach when Bennett uttered those words. I wasn’t sure if it was me being scared or worse. Mattam being scared. Maybe the sound of a ritual saving a soul of sorts made him uneasy. Which started to get me uneasy as well.


Laura: Wait. You mean Luna’s here?

Bennett: She is.

Laura: Well we came here to rescue her.

Bennett: Ohh? So the 2 of you are attempting to save her as well?

Matthew: Uhh, yes! Yes we are.


I was hoping Bennett would take that as him believing I was saving her the same way he was. He seemed to have bought it.


Bennett: Great. Then we have the same goal. I’m sure they will understand. I shall leave the entrance to our chamber opened for the 2 of you but I have to hurry ahead. I shall meet the both of you there.


Bennett ran off. Me and Laura prepped ourselves up for this and left the area as well. As soon as we got to the city like part of 7th Street, we could see a door that we did not see before. We carefully walked through the door and entered some kind of concrete alleyway. It felt really weird to be there but it was the only way to get to wherever it is Bennett had Luna. We carefully walked through there and came upon another door. We slowly walked through and saw ourselves in a church like place. Now the creepy feels were kicking in. We moved forward and soon enough, we saw Bennett. The 2 of us walked up to him but as we got closer, a bunch of robbed people walked up to us, cornering us. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, El came walking down completely blocking us from any escape.



Laura: Bennett? What’s going on?

Bennett: I’m sorry about this Matthew and Laura. Elias is actually the 1 who asked me to let you 2 in here.

Matthew: Son of a bitch.

Bennett: I bet you thought I was actually that dumb, didn’t you Matt?


I kept quiet. I didn’t want to admit it to him because I would feel defeated somehow. My silence however was all the answer he would need.


Laura: Bennett… I didn’t think that at all…

Bennett: Thank you Laura dear. But I’m not surprised. Most people don’t seem to think very highly of me. I mean I guess I can see why. I prefer the company of bugs rather than people.

Laura: Well that wouldn’t bother me.

Bennett: Ahh Laura. You are an angel among us. But I must apologize for my standoffish attitude. It’s not for any personal disdain.

Matthew: Seriously, what are you doing here Bennett?

Bennett: I am simply here to do what is best for my future. To do what is best for Luna.

El: And you have done well Bennett. If you continue your diligence, I will surely secure you a position in the Elite 4 for sure.

Laura: Wait. What? How can you do that?

El: I have my ways girl.

Bennett: Thank you sir.

El: I must admit, my original intent for Bennett here was to just ask for help in finding Luna However, he has become a massive help to my plans.

Bennett: Of course sir. I want to help Luna just as much as you do.

Matthew: Come on Bennett. You gotta know somewhere in that fucking brain of yours that this isn’t right!

El: Silence! We will begin her purification ritual posthaste. Until then, lock up Matthew and Laura here in the dungeon.

Bennett: I’m sorry to have to do this to you Laura but I must obey the rules.

Laura: It’s… uhh… It’s ok…

Matthew: What?!

El: We will deal with these 2 laster. As of right now though, we will eradicate any memory Luna has of that swine Radomus. She will soon see where her loyalty lies and return to the light.

Bennett: Laura? Matthew? Will you please follow me? I mean, it’s not like you have much of a choice anyways.

Matthew:… What would your mom think of you if she were to see you like this Bennett?


Bennett seemed shocked to hear me say such a thing. It had been a while since the last time I saw Serra but I do remember the 1 thing she asked of me and that was to keep an eye on Bennett. I couldn’t make him do anything but I could at least try to make him feel guilty and stop all of the foolishness. However, that wasn’t the case here. He regained his composure and, with the help of the other robed people, brought us into a cell in the dungeon.



When the robed people left, we pondered what to do next. We couldn’t get out of here and there didn’t seem to be any kind of hidden exit either. But there was 1 thing eating at in my head and I needed to know.


Matthew: Laura, what got into you before?

Laura: What do you mean?

Matthew: With Bennett. You seemed… I don’t know. Like you were in a trance by him or something.

Laura: I just… I don’t know! I felt bad for him!

Matthew: It better have been just that.

Laura: Wait. What are you implying?!

Matthew: -sigh- Nevermind. Let’s just… Let’s just think of a way out of here alright?

Laura: Yea. Let’s do that.

???: Do I hear a bickering couple in here?


The voice startled us. We looked all over where we could see but couldn’t see anyone. The voice spoke again.


???: Well do I?

Laura: Wh-Who are you?

Matthew: And where are you?

Randall: Name’s Randall friends. How about y’all?

Matthew: I’m Matthew and this is my girlfriend Laura.

Randall: Well howdy to the both of you. You know, they’ve kept me down here for a few days.

Laura: What?! Are you ok?

Randall: I’m fine. I actually don’t mind it.

Matthew: Why is that?

Randall: Well for starters, they feedin’ us and this stuff is a hell of a lot better than on the streets. Although, I suppose that’s not saying much now is it? But I can’t say I’m hatin’ it. They also kind enough to give us some educational reading too.


For what seemed like hours, we listened to this guy talking and talking about what he was reading in these books and how they thought it was all bullshit and how he was detoxing here for a bit. I saw a book that seemed different from the rest on the ground. I don’t know why but I had a gut feeling that this book would be important. So I picked it up and put it in my cargo shorts pockets. Luckily for me, these pockets were large and these books were sort of small. I snapped back into the conversation when I heard him talking about the guards.


Randall: The guards ain't around right? If I’m honest with the 2 of you, I could let myself out of here anytime I want to.

Laura: How?

Randall: Well 1 day, they dropped what seemed to be a “master key” of sorts. And so I gave it to my buddy.

Matthew: Wait. Do you have someone hiding here to let you out?

Randall: Even better. Come on out buddy!


At 1st, we could see what was sent out. But then, I could start hearing a jiggling sound. Like if someone was jiggling keys in front of a baby. Then, it came into view. It was a Klefki! It unlocked the cell and went back to its owner. The cell door slid open.


Randall: There you go fellers. If you need help with that again, I got your backs.

Laura: Thanks Randall.

Matthew: Yea. We owe you 1 dude.

Randall: Naw. It’s all cool. Just go do what you have to do.


Me and Laura ran out of the cell and quickly checked out the room we were in to make definitely sure there was no 1 else here. We then carefully walked up the steps. We peaked around the corners and could see a couple of robed people.



Laura: Ohh man. This reminds me back at the castle with all those Team Meteor grunts.

Matthew: Yea. You’re right. We gotta sneak past these weirdos without getting caught.

Laura: Alright. I’ll follow your lead hun.


We started sneaking around corners, in and out of hallways trying to avoid these people. It was really intense. A couple of times we almost got caught. We soon came across a door. We quietly opened it and walked in. We planned on staying there just for a minute for a breather before going back out. Laura started looking over the room and discovered something.



Laura: Hey hun. Remember that book you took from the cell?

Matthew: Yea. What about it?

Laura: There seems to be a couple more in here like that.

Matthew: Ohh wow. You’re right. We should take them.

Laura: Why?

Matthew: Something tells me we might need them. Come on. We’ll both carry some.


We collected all of the books. Luckily, there was only a couple of them so it wasn’t hard to carry. We walked back to the door and carefully opened it and continued to sneak our way through the room. It took some time but we managed to make it through the room unnoticed.


Matthew: Ohh thank Arceus for that.

Laura: Yea. Tell me about it.


Just then, a speaker blasted through the room calling all the sentries up to the sanctum for a worship service. That had to be where Luna was being kept. Me and Laura ran up the steps and hid and watched as the sentries all walked straight up to the area ahead of us. Before we could reach there, a gate closed itself. We regrouped back near the stairs.



Laura: Alright. Now what do we do?

Matthew: Hmm… Here. You take half of these books and I’ll take the other half. You got to the left and I’ll go to the right. You see any sentries, battle and beat ‘em.

Laura: But what are the books for?

Matthew: Just take them in case you need to use them.

Laura: Well… alright. Be careful hun.

Matthew: You too babe.


We both went opposite ways. I had to battle some sentries but it wasn’t all that hard to get through. I then came up to a statue that seemed to have a code screen on it.



I had no clue what the code could be though. I read the description on the statue. Then I had an idea. I quickly looked through 1 of the books, found a number and put it into the code screen. It accepted it. I knew what I had to do now and hoped Laura did too. I repeated what I did 1 more time beating up sentries and getting the code to the next statue. I then started going back to where me and Laura had split up and miraculously, Laura was running towards me.


Laura: Matt! You were smart to take these. The numbers in some of these books were codes to unlock the gate.

Matthew: I knew they would be useful. Now let’s stop this thing and get Luna the fuck out of here.


The 2 of us ran up towards the sanctum. When we got there, we were horrified what we were seeing. Multiple sentries, El and a chained up Luna. The 2 of us ran up to try to get Luna free but before we even touched the chain, El spoke.


El: Matthew and Laura… You both are not only foolish but impudent to disturb our practice.

Matthew: Shut up. We’re here to save Luna and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Luna: Matthew? Laura? You both came for me?

Laura: Of course we did. We’re your friends.

El: Well if you want, you may observe. But that is the ONLY thing you will do.

Matthew: And if we don’t oblige?

El: Bennett?


We looked ahead of us and were shocked to see Bennett bringing Cain into the room.



We had a weird feeling about this. We were happy to see that he was ok but we were also worried that he was hurt in some way. El pointed towards Cain.


El: If you even so much as move a muscle, my assistant will put an end to the boy’s life.

Laura: You wouldn’t dare.

El: Wanna test it?

Cain: Sorry guys. Don’t mean to show up here all tied up and stuff. Can I at least ask for a safe word though?

Bennett: Please stop talking like that.

Matthew: Heh… You never stop do you Cain?

Cain: You know me Matthew.~ And to comment to you, I ain’t taking orders from you. Sooo not my type. What is your hair even doing?

Matthew: Actually, now that you mention it-

Bennett: My time is better spent on studies that perms, thank you.

El: Urgh! Enough! I would be disgracing Arceus if I were to permit you to continue to desecrate this holy place with your indecorus babbling. Let the ritual proceed.


I would try to do something but I didn’t want to risk getting Cain killed. Bennett had changed since the day I met him. If that Bennett that I met the day I walked into the gym was here right now, I know he wouldn’t kill. But this Bennett was different. I wasn’t sure what he would do if I moved.


El: Luna my daughter, once and for all, we shall cleanse your mind of the taint that is the swine Radomus. You will remember who your true father is. Me.

Luna: You are NOT my father! Release me at once!

El: It’s clear. His poison has warped your fragile mind. Please Luna, my daughter, return to your father and you shall return to the light.

Luna: Will you stop saying that?!


El then started to chant some kind of religious words. I had no idea what they meant or they even existed. None of us knew what to do. At this point, my stomach started to groan. Was it Wehttam? Were these chants actually doing something? I didn’t know and it seemed like the end until 1 of the sentries spoke, which shocked all of us.


???: I think that’s quite enough of that. Gardevoir?

Matthew: Wait. Is that-

???: Lights! Cameras! Draaamaaaa!~


Just then, the lights went off but the candles that were in the room were enough to see what was going on. A Gardevoir appeared next to 3 of the other sentries that were in the room with us and teleported them away. The Gardevoir appeared next to me. I looked up at her in shock.


Matthew: Wait. Gossip Gardevoir?

Gossip Gardevoir: At your service.~

Matthew: Then that must mean that that sentry is Radomus!


Indeed it was. Radomus had disguised himself as a sentry. How he had the costume I had no idea but I was so glad to see him as well as Gardevoir. Radomus then snatched back the Amethyst Pendant from El. Gardevoir teleported over to Bennett and got him away from Cain. Bennett stepped back in disbelief as if he couldn’t believe Gardevoir would do something like that.



Bennett: How… how could you Gardevoir? We lived together with my mom. How could you do that to me?

Cain: Laura! Matt! Help me get Luna free!

Matthew: Ohh yea. Come on hun!

Laura: R-Right!

Luna: Everyone…

El: Radomus! Unhand me at once you swine! And return that gem!

Matthew: Just saying, you really like calling him swine don’t you?

El: Keep quiet boy!

Gossip Gardevoir: Hmm? Ohh yea. I suppose you did live there didn’t you? But honestly, I was only there for Luna. Besides, you were always shut away in your room! How rude can 1 be?!~

Radomus: I’m afraid I cannot. This pendant is very important to me in particular.


Me, Cain and Laura all looked at each other in confusion. Why would the Amethyst Pendant be important to Radomus? It belonged to Anna. But I was happy it was with Radomus than El, despite not fully trusting Radomus.


Gossip Gardevoir: And honestly Bennett, I never liked the way you looked at Luna. It was… creepy.

El: I have already reported to have obtained 1 of the keys… So I only have 1 thing to do.


In a surprising fast motion, El snatched what looked to be an Emerald Brooch from Luna’s neck while she was still chained. Luna’s eyes filled with sadness but also rage. The 3 of us were still trying to get the chains off of her.


Luna: Give that back! My father gave it to me!

El: You ignorant little girl! I AM your father!

Bennett: Hey! How I look at Luna is of nobody’s business but my own!


Finally, the chains were unhooked from Luna’s wrists and ankles. She was finally set free. Luna stood up on the table and shook her hands and feet. Probably to try to get feeling back into them.


Gossip Gardevoir: Is that so? Well what if you were making it uncomfortable then? Can you really get off thinking like that? Ohh, but perhaps you really do! Is that why you were always locked away in your room with the door locked?!


Everyone stopped and stared back at Gardevoir and Bennett. No 1 was prepared to hear that diss from Gardevoir. Without taking my gaze at Bennett, I slowly lifted my hand up in the air. Gardevoir teleported over my way, high fived me and then teleported back to where she was.


El: Bennett, I would hope for what that annoying wannabe tv reporter said is not true.

Bennett: It’s not! I-

Radomus: Alright Gardevoir. That’s enough. No need to torture the poor boy. He must be confused enough if he has chosen to side with El here.

El: Excuse you but I do the Lord’s work.

Matthew: So the Lord told you to tie up your “daughter” to perform a ritual on her?

Laura: Bennett… it’s ok to be confused but this isn’t the way to do it.


Bennett’s eyes met with Laura’s eyes. I could see that he smiled slightly for a quick second but then went back to his embarrassed look. I could see Laura somewhat smiling at him. I didn’t know what she was thinking but now wasn’t the time to be overthinking stuff.


Bennett: I just… I want what’s best for Luna…

Cain: You consider this to be best for her?

Gossip Gardevoir: Yes! Just chain her right up! You kidding me?!

Radomus: Consider what’s TRULY best for her Bennett.

Bennett: What do you mean?

Radomus: Is blood a stronger tie of family than those who care for her?

Gossip Gardevoir: Be that as it may, no 1 but I can be closer to my dear Luna.~ Isn’t that right?

Luna: Blood? You are my father master. I know no other.

El: This is absurd. Even in these sacred halls, your perversion abounds.

Cain: I think I’ve heard that 1 before. But, guys, aren’t we over-staying our welcome?

Radomus: Quite right. Well, good bye old friend. Gardevoir, if you’d please?

Gossip Gardevoir: Hold on tight everyone.~


The lot of us were teleported away. When we were back on our feet, we saw that we were right outside the place we had just teleported away from. I’ve been teleported away with Gardevoir before but this felt different. This was a “get out of there fast” teleportation. But the lot of us felt happy to be out of there.



Gossip Gardevoir: And THAT kids is how you storm a castle.~

Matthew: Man that was close.

Cain: Wait. Can you really call that a castle?

Radomus: Gardevoir can call anything she wants to-

Matthew: Dude was just saying it wasn’t a castle. Move on.

Radomus: Ahh. Yes. Apologies.

Luna: Everyone… I’m so grateful to you all. You risked your lives to save me. I formally apologize for the inconvenience I’ve caused.

Laura: It was no problem really.

Matthew: We came looking for you as soon as we heard you got kidnapped.

Cain: Yea. Couldn’t just let you be captured and not save you.

Gossip Gardevoir: And darling, you know master and I would never abandon you!

Luna: Thank you. All of you.

Cain: It’s no problem. Buuuut I need to stop getting my butt captured, too.

Matthew: You probably wouldn’t mind it if it was by the right person though. -laughs-

Cain: -laughs- You ain’t wrong Matthew. But on a serious note, If this keeps happening, I’m never gonna be the very best like no 1 ever was.

Radomus: While I do enjoy this chit-chat, does anyone else think it’s a good idea to do it right at our enemy’s doorstep?

Laura: That’s… actually a good point.

Luna: I, too, wish to escape from here.

Radomus: I do not believe it would be a smart choice to return to the castle. At least, for me. So I apologize Cain but I’m afraid we must put our Gym Battle on hold. I have other business to attend to as of right now. But I do thank you for the lead Cain. Gardevoir?

Gossip Gardevoir: Ta-ta dears!~ Stay tuned for our next big entrance!

Cain: Wait. What do you mean “Thanks for the-


Before he could finish his sentence, Gardevoir teleported herself and Radomus off to somewhere. The rest of us wondered what he meant by that as well but we wouldn’t get our answer at this point. Then Luna asked a rather odd question.


Luna: Ahh. Hearts beat faster in the darkness. Do you know why?

Cain & Matthew: Because it’s better with the lights off?

Luna: Ohh my.

Laura: Matthew!

Matthew: What?! I figured that’s what he was gonna say.

Luna: Well be that as it may, that’s not what I exactly meant. In a different vein, darkness is quick to fester in one’s heart. Tell me Matthew. Are you afraid of the dark?

Matthew: I uhh…

Laura: Yes. Yes he is.

Matthew: Laura!

Laura: You are! You were afraid when we were in the depths of Tanzan Mountain.

Luna: That’s quite sad to hear. Darkness is love. There’s nothing to fear.

Matthew: Well maybe to you but-

Laura: Well he maybe afraid of the dark but I know someone who isn’t and I’m sure he’d love to meet you Luna.

Luna: Ohh? And who might that be?

Laura: You’ll have to wait and see when we come up to your Gym Arena.

Luna: Interesting. Then I invite you 2 to visit me in Iolia Valley. Here. Take this.


Luna walked over to me and handed over, as she called it, a Crystal Key. I had no idea what this was used for but it looked pretty cool. She explained to us that this is the way we’d be able to enter Iolia Valley and that the only way to find it was to find a single tree back in the labyrinth towards the castle. I was intrigued by this but at the same time, I was severely tired. I was up for almost 24 hours.


Matthew: Thanks Luna.

Luna: You’re welcome. The darkness in Master’s heart bores a hole that I cannot hope to fill no matter how hard I wish I could. But I can still pretend right?

Laura: Huh?

Luna: Laura, Matthew, I’ll be waiting and I’m curious who will be battling me as to what you said before Laura.

Laura: Ohh. Trust me. You’ll like it.

Luna: Hmm. Farewell. -leaves-

Cain: Welllll, I have absolutely NO idea what she was talking about but I’m gonna get out of here as well. I’m gonna go rest. And since Radomus flew the coop, I guess the only thing I can do is to see if I can get those guards at Agate a wake up call.

Matthew: Yea. That was a weird thing to see. Good luck with that dude!

Cain: See ya! And good luck in your Gym Battle Matthew!


And with that, Cain left. Laura and I started to walk towards the exit of this place as well. It was mostly silent but for multiple reasons. Her weird behavior with Bennett, my tiredness and what she meant with someone she knows who’d Luna would love to meet. When we got back to the surface, we started to head towards the PokeCenter so I could get Arbok back. While we were walking back, I had to ask Laura something.


Matthew: Laura?

Laura: Yes babe?

Matthew: What was going on with you whenever Bennett was around?

Laura: I just felt bad for him Matt. Am I not allowed to feel like that about someone even if they are somewhat bad?

Matthew: You just seemed like you liked him or something. I’ve never seen you do that with anyone before.

Laura: Ok Matthew. I love you. That’s it. End of discussion.

Matthew: Well I love you too.

Laura: Good. Now drop it.


I knew I loved her and vice versa but it still lingered in the back of my mind. We went inside of the PokeCenter and I got Arbok back. Despite having visible discoloration and some scars, it didn’t seem to have any pain anymore. I hugged it and it licked my face. I placed it back in its PokeBall and me and Laura headed outside.


Laura: So what are we gonna do now?

Matthew: I definitely need rest and you seem like you need it too.

Laura: Well should we head into the PokeCenter and just rest there then?

Matthew: Naw. They don’t have any beds.

Laura: Well where do we go? We can’t go back all the way to my house. It’s too far of a walk.


I thought for a minute and then remembered something. I took Laura up to Shelly’s Gym. It had been a while since I was last here. This is where all the stuff with the orphanage started from. It brought back bad and good memories. We headed upstairs to Shelly’s room and sat on the bed.


Laura: Do you really think this is ok?

Matthew: Of course it is. Shelly wouldn’t mind.

Laura: Well I hope so.

Matthew: Hey. What did you mean before that there’d be someone you’re sure Luna would like to meet?

Laura: Come on. You’re afraid of the dark. Remember last time?

Matthew: Wait. You mean Wehttam?

Laura: Yea! I’m sure he’d love to be out here again. It’s been a while.

Matthew: Well technically, it’s only been a couple of days. We did that thing again where the both of us at the same time took control of my body.

Laura: Ohh.

Matthew: But I’m sure he wouldn’t mind be out here again.

Laura: Good. -yawns- I’m tired.

Matthew: -yawns back- Me too. Let’s go to sleep.


The 2 of us got under the covers, closed our eyes and fell fast asleep. I couldn’t wait to wake up and get my 9th Gym Badge.



Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 62

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb 

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 64

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Dark Pulse



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 64

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura -1 (10/10) - I love her a lot but the way she acted towards Bennett is just really weird to me. Maybe I'm just overthinking this but... I don't know. I just don't know.


Bennett -3 (1/10) - This dude joined a cult to basically just get to a girl he "loves." That's just totally fucked up. Maybe he is confused and stuff but wow. And I feel like he was somewhat trying to be sweet with my girl. NOT ok.


El -1 (0/10) - This dude is straight up fuuucked up. Like if Luna really is his daughter, she's better off staying with Radomus. Even if he did brainwash her, it's better than whatever was going on if she was with El.


Cain (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - My main dude. He survived whatever happened back at the castle. I'm so glad he's ok and still has that sexual joking behavior. Wouldn't change it for the world.


Luna +1 (7/10) - Finally found and rescued her. I'm glad she's ok. I wonder how she's gonna fair being by herself though? Next time I see her though, it's gonna be battling her in a Gym Battle... but is it really gonna be me battling her?


Gossip Gardevoir +4 (10/10) - She went from annoying me to being someone I could hang out with. And she BURNED Bennett. That was really awesome.


Radomus +1 (5/10) - He's  weird and shit but I'm glad he was able to disguise himself and get us the fuck out of that predicament. Still though. Why does the Amethyst Pendant interest him so much?


Also I wanna say I'm just about 10 views away from hitting 5000. Thanks so much to the people that are reading this and anybody that's new to reading this, I hope you're enjoying it. It's only gonna get more awesome from here so don't miss out!

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Laura: Matt?! Matt! Wake up! We’re back at the Sanctum!

Matthew: Err, what? Babe. We’re fine. Go back to sleep.

Laura: Matthew!

Matthew: Ow! The hell was- Huh?


Laura smacked me in the face to wake me up. But when I opened my eyes and sat up, we weren’t in the bed anymore. We were on the table thing that Luna was chained onto. Laura was freaking out but I knew what this was.



Laura: I don’t understand. We’re back here but… But there’s no other place in here. Where are we?

Matthew: Wait wait. Chill babe. I know where we are… But the real question is how and why are you here?

Wehttam: Welcome visitors!

Matthew & Laura: Ahh!


Wehttam had appeared out of nowhere as usual. But I was still wondering how Laura was here with us.



Laura: Wehttam? How are you here and not with… What’s going on?!

Matthew: We’re dreaming.

Laura: We’re what?


I tried to explain to Laura the best I could of what all of this was and why we were here. Wehttam filled in the blanked of where I was right and wrong. After I got done explaining everything, Laura had a shocked expression on her face.


Laura: Sooo… we’re dreaming and this is the only way you and him can talk face to face?

Matthew: Yep.

Laura: Well… I don’t feel as weirded out now.

Matthew: But what I wanna know is how and why she’s here.

Wehttam: To be honest my friend, I have no clue as to why she is here. This has never happened before in all of our history. This is the 1st.

Matthew: You seem to be experiencing a lot of firsts here dude.

Wehttam: Hmm. You’re correct. If I had to guess as to at least why she is here, I would say it’s because of how close the 2 of you have become. She now has the power, as long as she’s close to you that is, to come here with you.

Laura: That’s… amazing!

Matthew: Yea. It is. So what brings us here tonight?

Wehttam: That ritual chant from earlier… It was affecting me.


My mouth dropped open hearing that. I thought maybe he was just scared and was moving around with fright. But to know that this was affecting him now was quite terrifying.


Matthew: Whoa… Are you ok?

Wehttam: I’m fine. That fellow, I believe you call him Radomus right, stopped him in time.

Matthew: Well… what was going on?

Wehttam: It felt like I was changing or dying or something. It was weird. I have never experienced this before. Or anyone of my kind for that matter.

Laura: Why did it affect you?

Wehttam: I have no clue. And to be honest, I don’t wish to find out.

Matthew: Well, as long as you’re fine then everything’s ok right?

Wehttam: As I’m aware, yes.

Matthew: Alright. That’s good then. Is that everything?

Wehttam: Yes. That’s all I needed to tell you.

Laura: Uhh… Wait. Wehttam?

Wehttam: Yes my dear?

Laura: Can I ask you for a favor?

Wehttam: Of course you may.

Laura: We’re expecting to go to a place that’s dark apparently and you know how Matt is with the dark.

Matt: Hey!

Laura: Will you take over his body and battle Luna in an Official Gym Battle?

Wehttam: Me? I… I don’t know. I’ve never been in a Gym Battle before and-

Matthew: Yea you have. Well sort of. Remember Corey?

Wehttam: Ohh right. That unlucky fellow. Threw away his life.

Matthew: And… I’m not opposed to you doing it.

Wehttam: Well, I am supposed to only take over when you’re scared and that does consider as being scared so… why not? Sure.

Laura: Thank you Wehttam!

Wehttam: It is no problem Laura. Now with that all out of the way, I believe it is time for you 2 to return to the world of the awake as it were. YeEeEeEeEeEeEs.

Matthew: Alright dude. Later.

Laura: See you soon. Uhh… Wait. How do we get back?

Matthew: Ohh. Just lay down and fall asleep.

Laura: Ohh. Ok.


The 2 of us laid down and closed our eyes and soon enough, we were fast asleep.




Wehttam (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Well this visit was certainly interesting. A little bit of shock. A little bit of worry. And a little bit of happy. I'm glad he's doing ok and I kind of wanna see what he can do in an actual Gym Battle that hopefully doesn't end in well... Nvm. But this is gonna be awesome.


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Laura and I woke up somewhat late into the morning but the both of us felt fully refreshed. We stayed in the room talking for a bit to wake up a bit more before venturing out back to the castle. Today, I, or I guess Wehttam, would be getting my 9th Gym Badge today which would mean I would have half of the Reborn’s Gym Badges then. It felt like such a long time ago since I 1st came here and was new to this place. Now it kind of feels like a home to me. Sometimes, it feels like a prison but… this place speaks to me.

After waking up more, we got ready and started our journey back to the castle. We went through the Grand Gate and through Route 1. It still felt wild that the gate was now opened and I had something to do with it. We talked about stuff as we walked through Route 1. Basically about our relationship, Team Meteor, El. Stuff like that. It felt nice not having to worry about something horrific right now.

We made it to the labyrinth of the castle. It didn’t take long for us to find the tree but we were shocked to see stairs going down.



Matthew: Wow… Where do you think that leads?

Laura: There’s only 1 way to find out hun. Let’s go.


We ventured onward down the stairs and ended up being in a cave. We journeyed further into the cave until there was a dead end. We were confused but then I spotted something. It looked like a red crystal on the ground.



Then I remembered the Crystal Key Luna gave me. I pulled it out and realized it was the same color as the crystal. I then touched the crystal with the key. The stone wall in front of us then became red. Laura and I were confused. We felt it and it felt softer than the other parts of the stone. So we had our Pokemon break it down. When we got to the other side, we were stunned by where we were. It looked like charcoal black stone and it was making the cave really dark. Laura could see the look on my face.



Laura: Alright Matt. I think it’s time.

Matthew: Wh-What do you mean?

Laura: I can tell clear as day that you’re scared of the darkness right now.

Matthew: Ohh shush. -sighs- Fine. I am.

Laura: So bring him out.

Matthew: Alright. Alright. Wehttam!


And just like that, my soul resided further into my body as Wehttam’s took control of my body. I felt like I would be like this for a long time. Wehttam stretched his arms and then looked at Laura.


Wehttam: Ahh. It feels great to be in the world of the living again. Hello there dear Laura yeeeees.

Laura: Hey Wehttam. You ready for the Gym Battle today?

Wehttam: Ohh I’m ready as I’ll ever be dear.


They started walking through the cave. I could tell that Wehttam seemed intrigued with the black stone walls inside the cave. I must admit. I did too. They went through another tunnel and through the exit of that, they came out to a valley. There were landscapes, a waterfall. It looked so beautiful. I wished I was there experiencing it with Laura with control of my body but this worked as well.



Wehttam: Wow… So what’s this place called?

Laura: Luna said it was called Iolia Valley.

Wehttam: Interesting name. I assume I’ll have to use this Crystal Key the same way Matthew did before he had let me take control of this vessel yes?

Laura: Mhm.

Wehttam: Alright. Well, let’s continue.


The 2 of them started walking through the valley. Laura was asking Wehttam a lot of questions about himself and why he was inside of my body and many more questions. Wehttam was quite enjoying his time on the outside world. They encountered a few of the crystals and went inside more black stoned caves. Before long, they came across another key.



Wehttam: Is this another 1 of those Crystal Keys?

Laura: I would assume so. But this 1 is green.

Wehttam: I saw some green crystals at the bottom of the hill before we went though those caves of which had the stone of black. Yeeeees.

Laura: Alright. Let’s go back then.


They retraced their steps and ended up back at the beginning. They went to the hill below the 1 they were on and Wehttam touched the green crystal with the green Crystal Key.



The big bush in front of them turned into a broken crystal. Laura used her Pokemon to break it apart so they could continue. As they were about to go through another cave, someone surprising showed up.



Bennett: Ah. So that’s where you 2 went.

Laura: You? What are you doing here?

Wehttam: Bennett correct? I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced. I am Wehttam.


Bennett stared at Wehttam like he was crazy. Bennett never saw him take over my body in person so it made sense for him to look so disbelieving.


Bennett: What are you talking about Matt? What’s a Wehttam? Just stop distracting me.

Laura: Bennett, what are you doing here hun?

Bennett: If you must know, I was tailing the 2 of you so I could find Luna. But then I managed to lose the sight of the both of you.

Laura: Does that mean that-

Bennett: Ohh no no. This has nothing to do with El. I came here of my own accord. What happened with Luna was wrong. But when I say that I want to save her from Radomus, I mean it.

Wehttam: Interesting. And… you say you have feelings for her?

Bennett: Of course I do. But anyways, I’m going to find her and apologize to her. And…

Laura: And… what exactly?

Bennett: I… Uhh… Well never you mind that. It doesn’t concern the 2 of you. But I would appreciate it if you 2 would leave the 2 of us alone. Good bye.


Bennett then left the upper area. Wehttam and Laura looked at each other puzzingly but it didn’t let them stop them from continuing onwards. Through more caves and bushes turned to crystals and eventually they found another Crystal Key.



This time, it was a blue color. They went back to the entrance once again and this time went to the bottom of the valley. Wehttam touched the blue crystal with the blue Crystal Key. To the side of them, what seemed to be an icy bridge appeared out of nowhere.



The 2 of them slowly walked across it and onto the other side and did most of the same thing as the other side. They went into 1 cave and was just about to get what looked like to be another Crystal Key when Bennett made another appearance.



Wehttam: Ahh dear Bennett. What are you doing here mortal?

Bennett: Hmm. This appears to be a dead-end as well. No matter. I’ll find her eventually. She has to be here somewhere.

Laura: Look Bennett. I think that-

Bennett: No Laura. Whatever transpires next will be between her and myself. You 2 must stay out of it.

Wehttam: I am sorry dear boy but I was invited to her place and I intend to keep it that way. But… you are free to join if you find the way.

Bennett: Do… Do you mean this Matthew?

Wehttam: Correction 1st. The name is Wehttam. Matthew is still here but not the 1 controlling this vessel. But if you insist, sure.

Laura: Are you sure Wehttam?

Wehttam: Well if he wishes to try to make this girl happy, why not let him try yes?

Laura: I… Yea. I guess so…

Wehttam: You seem upset Laura. What is the matter?

Laura: It’s nothing. Nothing…

Bennett: Well I suppose I’ll just wait to see what your next move is then.


And with that, Bennett left the cave. Wehttam went over to get the Crystal Key which was purple this time.



This key when used had reorganized the cave it was used in and were able to go somewhere else.



As they traversed through the valley, Laura wanted to know something.


Laura: Wehttam, why did you allow him to follow us if he could find us?

Wehttam: If he only wishes to make his feelings known, it cannot be all bad.

Laura: I suppose that’s true…

Wehttam: Dear vessel that is you Laura. You seem troubled. Do I detect a crush of sorts on the young boy that is Bennett?

Laura: What?! No way! I only love Matthew. No-No 1 else!

Wehttam: If that is what you state then so be it.

Laura: Yes. Good…


They continued back over to the other side of the valley for there were a couple of purple crystals over there as well. The last 1 they found brought them to a place they hadn’t been to before. They found a red crystal, activated it and at long last found Luna. She seemed please to see them.



Luna: Ahh. Welcome Matthew and Laura. I am glad you both have reached here safely.

Laura: Actually Luna. There’s a correction there. You know how Gossip Gardevoir knows of Matt’s transformations?

Luna: Yes. She has told me of 2 of them. I believe 1 is called Wehttam and the other Mattam but that 1 is only called that when they both control the body at the same time.

Laura: Well this is Wehttam.

Wehttam: Hello there dear Luna Master of the darkness.

Luna: Ohh my! I have never been referred to as master before. It’s quite… flattering. It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Wehttam.

Wehttam: The feeling is quite mutual Luna.


Just then, Bennett came rushing in.



Luna backed up in a state of shock and disbelief. She didn’t foresee Bennett coming into the valley at all. Bennett rushed up to her and started to profusely apologize to her for his wrongdoings of before. Wehttam observed Laura while all of this was going on. She seemed kind of jealous. But then Bennett said it.


Bennett: Luna I… I love you!

Luna: I’m sorry. What?

Wehttam: I’m not sure of your humans emotions but I believe this is not going well right?

Laura: That would be right.

Wehttam: You seem relieved.

Laura: What?

Bennett: Luna, please! Would you be mine?!

Luna:… I’m sorry. I can’t continue with this. I have to go now. Wehttam, you have the Crystal Keys. He will not be able to proceed if he does not have them. Proceed when he has gone away. I will await your arrival til then.


And with that, Luna disappeared. Bennett seemed depressed that the love of his life basically turned him down and hard, I might add. He turned around to us. Muttering to himself.


Wehttam: Is he going to be ok?

Laura: I hope so.

Bennett: She didn’t give me a proper answer. I don’t get it. Why?

Laura: M-Maybe she just you know…

Bennett: Maybe she needs time to think or she just feels the same way about me but is just too shy to say… or maybe I’m just pathetic.

Laura: No Bennett.

Bennett: Heh… Thanks Laura. But you Matthew. I bet you think I’m like that don’t you?

Wehttam: I do not think anything except this. Your heart might feel broken at this moment in time but it shall heal. And I am called Wehttam at the moment.

Bennett: I don’t get it… Why is she letting you through? Matthew-

Wehttam: It’s Wehttam.~

Bennett: Gah! Stop that nonsense! Give me the keys.

Wehttam: I’m sorry but Luna does not wish to see you so I cannot oblige to your demands.

Bennett: Fine then. I’ll just have to take them from you instead!




Laura: Bennett…

Bennett: I’m just a fool for even attempting to do all of this… aren’t I?

Laura: Of course not!

Wehttam: Well if that is how you wish to view yourself.

Laura: Wehttam!

Wehttam: I am just being honest.

Bennett: I’m just stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Stupid to tell her. Stupid to be here. Stupid to think I could beat you. Yet… I’m going.

Laura: Going where?

Bennett: El promised me a spot in the Elite 4. I’m gonna hold him to that promise. And when I’m at the top, she’s regret refusing me! Just you watch Matthew!

Wehttam: Wehttam.

Bennett: Shut up! You’re irritating me with that outlandish word! Ugh… Nonetheless, good luck in your battle. Next time you see me, things will be different, I promise you that!


Bennett then left the cave and presumably Iolia Valley. Laura seemed to stare at the cave exit in total blushing form. She soon snapped out of it though. She suggested Wehttam to use the monitor over by the corner but to pretend he was me. She didn’t know if Ame would try to have me arrested or something for being so weird. So Wehttam went up to the monitor and pressed the button where Ame’s face popped up on it.



Ame: Hmm. Ohh Matthew! It’s been a while! And hello there Laura!

Laura: Hey there Ame.

Wehttam: Uhh… yes. Hello Ame.

Ame: So I take it you’re at Iolia Valley?

Laura: Yea. How’d you know that?

Ame: Signals a little weak whenever someone uses the monitor from there all the time.

Wehttam: Yep. We’re here alright. Just about to battle… Luna.

Ame: Ahh yes. Luna. Really loves the dark that 1. Well the gems in her cave warp light energy and make it behave in odd ways. In those caves, dark and light based attacks will be stronger! Anyways, good luck with the battle! Talk to you another time!

Wehttam: Right. Umm, bye!

Laura: Later Ame.


The monitor went off and Wehttam started to walk upwards to the purple crystal. Laura was following behind him but he stopped and turned around to her.


Laura: Wehttam? What are you doing?

Wehttam: I’m sorry but I think it would be best if I were to enter alone.

Laura: Why is that?

Wehttam: I believe it would be more beneficial for me if I do not have prying eyes watching as I battle my opponent. I hope you understand.

Laura: Ohh yea. Yea. It’s alright.


Laura stepped back as Wehttam advanced towards the crystal. He took out the purple Crystal Key and touched the purple crystal with it. The cave where Laura was at completely disappeared and where Luna was appeared. Wehttam was completely surprised by how different the cave changed. While the other caves changed, they weren’t this drastic. He walked up towards Luna who seemed relieved that Bennett did not accompany him.



Wehttam: Hello there Luna. Quite the place you have here yeEeEeEeEs. And you do not have to worry about the person you refer to as Bennett. He has left the area.

Luna: Good. Let me do this once more. Welcome Wehttam. I am glad you were able to reach me here. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but children and even some adults are scared of the darkness.

Wehttam: Ohh yes. I think I know that. -chuckles-

Luna: Ahh yes. I forgot. But I always ask myself this question? Why? Why be afraid of the darkness?

Wehttam: They do not know what is confined in the darkness. In the unknown. They are scared of what may harm them. They do not like knowing what cannot be seen.

Luna: Hmm. That’s quite an answer. And yet, despite that, there are even more spooky things that are visible in the light.

Wehttam: But for some people, like you I would assume, it draws out their greatest potential. You like knowing the unknown do you not?

Luna: You would be correct. But it is time. Are you ready to do battle in darkness?

Wehttam: Let us proceed!




It was a close battle but Wehttam proved to be the batter man… Err, well an entity. The 2 called back their Pokemon. Luna seemed pleased with the outcome.


Luna: You fought especially well Wehttam.

Wehttam: As did you Luna. I was not so sure I was able to defeat you.

Luna: Well I expected no less from you. Here. I present this to you. The Eclipse Badge. -hands the badge to Wehttam-

Wehttam: -takes the badge and puts it in the bade case- Thank you Luna.

Luna: I do hope you and Matthew and the rest of your companions have a safe journey to wherever you might be going next. For the meantime, I am going to stay here. Much life with children to monsters, I feel safer in the dark.

Wehttam: Then me and you are alike. I too adore the darkness. It is quite comforting I must say my mortal friend.

Luna: Well farewell until we meet again.


Wehttam waved goodbye as he went over to the crystal and used the Crystal Key again to get back to the other part of the cave. Laura saw him return. She ran up to him and she showed her the 9th Gym Badge in the badge case. Laura smiled slightly but seemed kind of down. The 2 of them started to walk back towards the exit of the valley. For the whole time, none of them spoke. When they finally made it out and exited the labyrinth, Wehttam turned towards Laura.


Wehttam: I will be returning back inside Matthew’s vessel of a body now.

Laura: Ok.

Wehttam: Before I go though, I have 1 advice for you. Be honest with Matthew.

Laura: Wait. What do you-


But before she could finish her sentence, Wehttam had already began residing back in my body as I once again took back control of my body. When I was in full control, I looked at Laura but not with love eyes. I was upset. She clearly had a thing for Bennett. She was somewhat all over him whenever he popped up in that valley.


Laura: Matt, it wasn’t like-

Matthew: Stop it Laura. We’ll talk about that later. Right now, we gotta go up to Agate and see what’s going on. We’ll prob meet Cain at the gate if the guards are still sleeping.

Laura: Right.


The 2 of us started walking up north but for the 1st time since we were together, we weren’t holding hands. We weren’t gazing into each others eyes. We weren’t even talking. We just walked up as if we were almost strangers to each other. And it wasn’t a good feeling.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 64

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb 

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 64

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Crabhammer/Dark Pulse



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura -5 (5/10) - My girl was clearing gawking over another dude who is just way out there weird... I can't believe this is happening. I don't know if this can be saved but right now I can't focus on this.


Bennett -1 (0/10) - He straight made Luna uncomfortable and also is making Laura fall for him. Like what?! I know I promised his mom to look out for him but this is just... Ugh!


Luna +1 (8/10) - Luna is actually a pretty cool girl. I still might not be able to see why she likes the dark so much but I don't dislike her for that. I do actually hope we can battle when it's me in control of my body 1 time.


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The 2 of us entered the gate to Agate City. When we went in, we saw Cain and also the 2 guards. They were still sleeping. How were they still sleeping? The last time Laura and I came up here, they were still sleeping and that was a day or 2 ago. It baffled me. Cain turned around and was happy to see us even though me and Laura weren’t really thrilled with the situation we were both in with our relationship.



Cain: Hey you guuuys. Is… everything ok?

Matthew: I’m not sure buddy.

Laura: Yea… Anyways, what’s up with the guards?

Cain: I don’t know. They’re still asleep for whatever reason.

Matthew: How long can someone sleep? Especially in this position.

Cain: I wonder if something happened to them to have them doing this.

Laura: Maybe Sleep Powder?

Matthew: Naw. They’d fall asleep but not for 24 hours or however long they’ve been out.

Cain: Well just a fair warning, if we go through, it maybe a long time before we come back. You 2 cool with that.

Laura: I suppose so.

Matthew: Suuuure.

Cain: Alright then. Nidoking, get us in!


The Nidoking popped out of its PokeBall and busted the door off its hinges, into the air and crashed down onto the floor. We were also surprised that it did that. Nidoking was called back into its PokeBall and we all headed up through the gate to Agate City. When we got to the outside, it felt weird. No 1 was really around and it was really quiet.



We walked up a little further into city and looked in all directions. Nobody but us were out in the city. This was really starting to weird us out. Why in the world would there be no 1 out in the city at this time of day? The 3 of us shouted out calling out anybody hoping someone would hear us and answer back or come out of their house or something. But nothing happened. It was silent.


Matthew: What the hell is going on here?

Laura: I’m not sure but having a city dead silent is not usually a good sign.


Cain walked up some steps as me and Laura stayed on the bottom level to see if anyone would walk by or out of their house. Then all of a sudden, we heard Cain scream a word.


Cain: Aya?!


The 2 of us came running up to Cain. When we got to where he was, I was shocked to see Aya and Hardy laying face down on the concrete. Laura went over to Hardy and tried to wake him up but to no avail. Cain tried the same with his sister but she would not wake up.



Matthew: It’s just like the guards at the gate. Fast asleep and nothing is waking them up. -yawns-

Laura: Why would that be the case though? -yawns-

Cain: I don’t know but… -yawns- A nap doesn’t sound too bad right now. Maybe I’ll nap next to her until she wakes up.

Matthew: No Cain! Don’t-


Just then, we heard a loud, weird yelling noise. The 3 of us looked all over but couldn’t see the source of the yelling. And then out of no where, a girl with rainbow hair and a huge mallet jumped over the houses. She swung the mallet down and almost mashed Cain into the ground but luckily he moved out of the way. We were all baffled by what had just happened.



???: Whups.

Matthew: Holy fucking hell!!!!

Cain: That was close! What in the world do you think you’re doing?!

???: ME? WHAT AM I DOING? YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT YOU TO BE DOING?! … this Saturday night babeh, we go out and get down and funky. Get down tonight~ Get down tonight~ knowwhatimean nudge nudge wink wink

Laura: I did not understand a word of that.

Cain: Well usually someone would ask me that before trying to pund me, not after.


This weird, mysterious girl then somehow put away her giant mallet. Where she put that thing, no 1 knew. Even Cain was curious as to where she put it but the girl was making remarks about how he was checking her out when he was doing that.



Cain: Matt, you’re an honest person. Am I that bad?

Matthew: Wellllll-


Laura: Why is that?

Cain: And who are you?


Matthew: Jesus Christ lady! Calm down!

Terra: I’ll calm down when you stop lookin’ at his bOOTAY!

Matthew: Wha- I’m not looking at anyone’s-

Terra: By the way, youallwilltotallyfallasleepifyoustayhere. ~You will totally fall asleep if you stAaAaAaAaY HEEEERRRRRREEEEE!!!!~ Oh yea. I also go by Terrawr, Terraria, Terrawrrawrrawrrawrr, MEGATERRA, super 1337 lion tamarrr and Quenn o’BOOTAY!

Laura: What just happened!?

Terra: And as for you sweet babyboy, I got some sweet sweet words of sugar for you baby now lend me your ear ~I want you to be the very best and LEAVE! GET OUTTA HERE PRETTY BOY AND FRIENDS!~

Cain: Ow! Why’d you do that?!

Terra: Cuuuuuz if I’z didn’t you booty would be asleep on da floor. Like deez people right here. Therewasanotherpersonbutiatehim. Delish.

Cain: Is it because of this place? That everyone falls asleep?

Terra: YO! DINGALINGLING! WE GOTZ A WINNER IN YOU! And if we friends, you wanna friend in you too?

Matthew: She’s worse than you Cain.


Matthew: Noooo thanks.

Laura: What is wrong with this girl? Like seriously.

Terra: Btdubs, I got your friends they gonna be going on a 1 way 1st class ride to safety

Matthew: Aaannnd how are you gonna do-


Terra whipped out her giant mallet from wherever she had it and smashed the ground. Aya’s body went flying up in the air and then Terra swung the mallet again. She sent Aya flying in the air but to where, I had no idea. I thought we had just seen a murder. Then she did the same thing to Hardy.





Matthew: I don’t… Did you just kill them?!

Terra: Naw playa dey just went to the circus orz at least 1 of them did I guess. Iz no worry though they safe and now it’s all of your turns!

Laura: Holy- No!

Cain: We’ll just walk! Just take us there normally alright?

Terra: Aww fine. But I is going to sing! I needs to.


The walk to the circus was an interesting 1. Everyone was silent except for Terra who was singing The Pyroar King song Hakuna Matata except she was adding in her own lyrics. It went something like this.

“Hakuna my tatas!

What a wonderful pair

Hakuna my tatas!

Would look better bare”

Weird choice of words but I tried not to think about it. We went into another gate building and when we came out to the other side, we were in the circus. I was never 1 for circuses. I was always bored at them. Terra flipped around ahead of us.



Terra: We here bitchez, deg famous Agate CIRCUS! Iz no sleepy people here. Well until iz nighttime. Anyway, you friend probz dropped her soda somewhere around here.

Cain: Good… I think.

Matthew: Are you 1 of the clowns here?

Terra: Was you paying attention before?! I says I was the FIERCE LION TAMER! No no wait. FIERCE LION TAMRAWRRRR! And I also tame ciel

Laura: Ciel?

Matthew: Who’s that?

Laura: If I remember correctly, she’s a Gym Leader here.

Matthew: Hmm. Interesting.

Terra: I’m leaving. Gonna go hit the shoerzzzzzz. PEACE BITCHES! ~Cha cha reallll smoooooooth~ -chas chas out of the area-

Cain: Do you think she’s ok?

Matthew: Seriously? Did you see how the fuck she talked?!

Cain: What? No! Not Terra! I mean Aya. I mean she was knocked over a mountain wall by a giant mallet…

Matthew: Yea. I hope she’s ok.

Cain: Let’s just split up and look for her. I guess you 2 will be-

Laura: Actually Cain, I’m gonna go look on my own.

Matthew: Psh. Bet you wouldn’t say that if Bennett was here.

Laura: Will you stop that!? Ugh!

Cain: Ohh boy. I’m… just gonna go look for her… Bye! -leaves the area-

Laura: Matt, what is your problem?

Matthew: When Wehttam was out in Iolia Valley and Bennett was around, you were totally eyeing him up like I didn’t exist.

Laura: Well technically you didn’t at that time.

Matthew: Seriously? That’s fucked up. I know what I saw Laura.

Laura: Whatever. Let’s just go find Aya.


With that, Laura walked away. I walked downwards. I could feel the spark between us fade and the love drifting away. Luckily, some of the clowns of the circus were itching for a battle so that kept my mind off of that. After searching the whole circus, I still couldn’t find Aya. But I did hear a woman talking on a stage. I walked up to her.



???: Everything will be fine… Hopefully. Ohh hi. Can I help you?

Matthew: You work here right?

???: Yes.

Matthew: Well this is gonna be a long shot but have you seen a girl anywhere around here? Basically all in purple?

???: Ohh my! Yes! The girl! That’s great! Everyone! Things are under control! Finally. What’s your name young man.

Matthew: Matthew. Yours?

Ringmaster: Just call me the Ringmaster.

Matthew: Alright. Well where is she?

Ringmaster: In the circus tent. It was the weirdest thing. The girl just sailed over the ride and plopped in the middle of the circus.

Matthew: Ouch. Sounds like a rough landing.

Ringmaster: There also seemed to be a boy that did the same thing except went further away.

Matthew: Ooo. Hope Hardy’s alright.

Ringmaster: Ahh. You know him too? But yes! The girl! I don’t know how she survived.

Matthew: Me neither. Especially when Terra hit her with that giant-

Ringmaster: Ohh. Terra did that huh? Makes too much sense now.

Matthew: Is this a regular occurrence or…?

Ringmaster: No but it doesn’t shock me. But we should help find him. Or else it’ll look bad for us. Ohh yea! Umm… Here at the Agate Circus we bring you the Big Top top-tier entertainment! It’s an experience that can’t be bought and guaranteed to make your draw jop!

Matthew: Umm… You mean jaw drop?

Ringmaster: Ahh dang it! -sighs- I’m sorry. I’m new at this. My father was the original Ringmaster but he just… Nevermind. Well to be honest with you kid, we’re having a rough time here.

Matthew: Why’s that?

Ringmaster: Agate City had to be closed because anyone who had passed through would instantly fall asleep.

Matthew: Yea. That’s what happened to a couple of guards I saw and our friends before Terra… “helped” them. But why is that hurting you?

Ringmaster: We can’t get as much business from Agate or Reborn City because of that. It’s tough to keep going. And now Terra’s causing problems again!

Matthew: It’s uhh… It’s no big deal. I mean honestly, if it wasn’t for Terra, me and the rest of my friends would have fallen asleep too.

Ringmaster: Thanks… Anyways, if you wanna see your friend, Samson carried her into a back room in the tent. You should go talk to him. I have to finish up here.

Matthew: Well where can I find him?

Ringmaster: He’s usually around the High Striker.


I walked around the circus searching for the High Striker. Then I realized something. I had no idea what the heck that was. So I was once again aimlessly looking around the circus. But this time, I couldn’t find it anywhere. This somewhat muscular man called me over to him and he had a big smile on his face.



???: Hey man. What’s up? Seems like something’s on your mind.

Matthew: Ohh. Just… Relationship problems and-

???: Ahh man. I’m sorry. But hey. There’s someone out there for everyone.

Matthew: Guess that’s true. And also I can’t find the High Striker to talk to this Samson guy. I’m just frustrated.

???: Ohh. Well I can help you with that.

Matthew: You can?!

???: Yes. Actually I can help you out with both of those things. The High Striker? Right here.

Matthew: Wow… I feel stupid now. But where’s that Samson guy?

Samson: You’re speaking to him.

Matthew: You couldn’t have said that before!?

Samson: -laughs- Just trying to have some fun buddy. What you need? Ohh yea. Before I forget. I am the Circus Strongman.

Matthew: The Ringmaster said you took my friend into the Big Top.

Samson: Ohh yea. Your friend. Come on. We’ll go there now.


The 2 of us walked up to the Big Top but when we got there, there were a line of people in front of us. Without any hesitation, Samson screamed at the top of his lungs for them to move out of the way. Within seconds, everybody moved out of the way. The 2 of us proceeded to walk into the Big Top. A woman in all blue was standing there. She was about to tell me something about the show not being until later until Samson intervened.



Samson: Not here for the show. He’s here for the girl. His name is… Actually, what is your name?

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Ciel: Ahh. Hello there Matthew. My name is Ciel.

Matthew: Ahh. So you’re the 1 “Terra tames” huh?

Ciel: Ohh boy. Well anyways, I’m the spotlight starlet of the Agate Circus speciality show.

Matthew: And that would be?

Ciel Aerial ballet.

Matthew: Hmm. Interesting.

Ciel: Come with me to your friend. She’s in the back.


The 3 of us walked to the back of the Big Top. When we got back to the room, they took me over to a couch where Aya was resting on. We all walked over to her. I was relieved to see she was alright. The Ringmaster came in with some more people.



Ringmaster: We have a few more visitors here.

Cain: Aya!

Ringmaster: By the way, the hell is up with Terra?

Laura: What you mean?

Ringmaster: She ran up, punched our showers and then ran off.

Matthew: That psychotic son of a bitch really “hit” the showers.
Laura: Not as psychotic as you thinking I like Bennett like that.

Matthew: Not now Laura. Fuck.


Cain tried his best waking up his sister. At last, Aya’s eyes started to move and they finally opened. She then started to sit up on the couch. When she was fully sitting on the couch, Cain gave her a tight hug. It was cute to see those to embrace after hearing about their family crumbling apart.


Cain: I’m so glad you’re ok Aya.

Aya: Heh. Been a while.

Cain: Yeeeaaaa. Sorry about that. So is mom still being-

Aya: Don’t ask. Hey. Where’s Hardy?

Matthew: Apparently, went flying over the circus.

Ciel: Ohh. You know him as well?

Matthew: Yea. I actually met him when I went to battle Aya for her Gym Badge.

Aya: Ohh. Hey Matt. Been a while. And Laura.

Laura: Hey.

Samson: So why were you in Agate City in the 1st place.

Aya: Ohh yea. Hardy was gonna show me his gym but then… I don’t know. I don’t know what happened when we got there.

Samson: Y’all were knocked out. Agate has been closed off since.

Cain: We found the both of you asleep in the middle of the street. We almost did as well but thankfully, I think, Terra showed up.

Ciel: Ahh yes. Her. Apologies.

Ringmaster: Yes. She maybe rambunctious-

Laura: You can say that again.

Ringmaster: We do have to keep her around! After all, it wouldn’t do for the Agate Circus to lose 1 of its famous Gym Leaders!

Matthew: Wait. That psycho is a Gym Leader?!

Ciel: Along with Samson and I, yep. We are the newly called Agate Ace Triumvirate!

Matthew: What does that word even mean?

Ringmaster: That’s right! The Gym Battles make fantastic shows!

Matthew: You guys do them in front of the crowd?

Samson: Correctomundo.

Ciel: Flying Type Leader at your service.

Ringmaster: Terra is the Ground Type 1 and Samson her is the newly joined Fighting Type Gym Leader.

Cain: Ahh… You’re the new 1 huh?

Samson: Yep. Wasn’t expecting the last leader to retire all of a sudden. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity.

Matthew: Yea…


Me, Cain and Laura all looked at each other after hearing that. Flashbacks of Kiki’s death were going through our heads. I thought I had forgotten about that but I was wrong. Samson could see that we didn’t seem happy when he said that.


Samson: Did I… say something wrong?

Laura: I guess you didn’t hear did you?

Samson: Hear what?

Matthew: The Fighting Gym Leader was killed…

Samson: Holy shit… Now I feel like an ass…

Cain: It’s ok. You wouldn’t have said all of that if you knew. It just… we saw it happen.

Samson: Ohh… I’m sorry.


The room went silent for a while. No 1 seemed to know what to say. Maybe it felt like it would have felt bad in Kiki’s honor. Finally, Aya spoke up.


Aya: So… Hardy isn’t here?

Ringmaster: Naw. But by the looks of where he was going, he probably landed somewhere in Route 2.

Aya: Then that’s where I’m going too!

Samson: No way little lady. You’re staying here.

Cain: You really like him don’t you?

Aya: What?! No!… No. It’s not like that. I just wanna be a good friend and… make sure he’s alright. That’s all.

Cain: Uh huh. Suuuure.

Aya: That’s the truth!

Cain: Aya’s got a boyfriend.~ Aya’s got a boyfriend.~

Aya: Will you shut up?!

Ciel: My my. Such hostility.

Samson: I’m surprised you can talk, let alone walk after what Terra put you through.

Ciel: Surprisingly, I agree. With the condition you’re in? You should stay and rest.

Aya: Then how are we gonna find Hardy?

Matthew: You know what Aya? I’ll go find him for ya. I need some time to myself anyways.

Aya: Thank you Matthew!

Matthew: It’s cool.

Cain: Yea. Seriously thanks dude. I wanted to spend a little time with her. I probably owe her that. -chuckles-

Matthew: Hey man. It’s cool. Catch up with her. I’ll be back.

Ringmaster: That reminds me. If you’re going to route 2, you’ll need a Powder Vial. Here. On the house. -hands over a powder vial-

Matthew: Why do I need this?

Ringmaster: You’ll see why.

Aya: Great. Uhh… Not that I miss him or anything… Just please hurry and find Hardy.

Matthew: Alright. See you all later.


With that, I walked out of the room and ventured to Route 2 with the Powder Vial in my hand. This would give me some time alone and think about my situation with Laura who I didn’t know was still with me or not.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 65

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: Poison Barb 

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Coil/Glare



Goodra (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 65

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gliscor (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Poison Heal

Held Item: None

Moveset: Acrobatics/X-Scissor/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clawitzer (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aura Sphere/Icy Wind/Dark Pulse



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 65

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Black Sludge

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Laura -2 (3/10) - Things between us are just not getting any better and I don't know if they ever will. I think we're on the last rope and I think it's gonna be cut... But I think she's gonna have another rope to hold onto while I fall into the lava below.


Cain (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - I appreciate this dude so much. Putting up with my relationship problems. Almost getting smashed to death by a girl carrying a larger than life mallet. And now spending time with his sister. I hope those 2 work things out.


Aya +1 (8/10) - It feels like forever since I last saw Aya. Seems her and Hardy have become... real close. I hope her and Cain become closer again. Those 2 need each other. But apparently she needs me to get her dude but ohh well. I don't mind.


Terra +2 (2/10) - What. In. The. Fuck. Kind. Of. Medicine. Does. This. Bitch. Take?! I can barely understand her and she has a giant mallet and is somehow a Gym Leader and what the hell?!


Ringmaster +7 (7/10) - Very helpful with finding Aya and I'm glad her circus crew took care of her. She seems to really care about her crew too. Can't believe that have someone like Terra though on their team.


Samson +6 (6/10) - Strongman of the circus. That's cool. But I hate that he didn't just tell me who he was right out of the gate when we 1st met. Buuuut... he was also sorry about Kiki's death so... He's alright I guess.


Ciel +10 (10/10) - She is like the nicest of them all. Small glimpse of light in a dark, dark hole. Hope I can hang out with her more. I could use more kindness right now.


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