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  1. L__Haze

    Advice on team

    So i'm the battle with Charlotte, I'm close to beating her but i'd need to change things up, other than that, Anything I should do to my team for the next couple gym badges due to being stuck in Agate - Calcenon area. Blaziken Level 70 Ability: Speed Boost Nature: Adamant Item: Black Belt/Charcoal Moves: Double Kick Strength Flame Charge Blaze Kick Camerupt Level 70 Ability: Magma Armor Nature: Modest Item: Charcoal Moves: Lava Plume Rock Slide Earth Power Amnesia Seaking Level 70 Ability: Lightning Rod Nature: Naughty Item: Wave Incense Moves: Waterfall Megahorn Surf Water Pulse Sharpedo Level 68 Ability: Speed Boost Nature: Bashful Moves: Ice Fang Swagger Crunch Rock Smash Claydol Level 70 Ability: Levitate Nature: Naive Item: Twisted Spoon Moves: Extrasensory Earth Power Cosmic Power Power Trick Garbodor Level 67 Ability: Aftermath Nature: Quirky Item: Poison Barb Moves: Sludge Bomb Acid Spray Stockpile Swallow ------------------------------------- Training mons Magnezone Level 58 Rhyperior Level 51 Floatzel Level 59 Gligar Level 61 Pawniard Level 57 Donphan Level 52 Zebstrika Level 62
  2. Well what I want to do is use my competitive flying monotype team for one of the 2 paths, and have 2 saves going, One with and without it. Heres the team, I modified the moves so its more useful in the story than in actual competitive battles: (Mainly changing Charizard to another mon because no megas). I hope this request is within reason. https://pastebin.com/43cxnRBP If you're able to add it, that would be greatly appreciated, I want to see how far I can get with both saves of mine. Game.rxdata
  3. I have a question before I go into anything about custom saves. How far along in the game do I need to be (as in do I need to be at the beginning of a save in order have custom saves or smth or how does this work?) I ask this because I wanted to do a mono flying run and I’m around half way into the game. I’m on the 13th gym battle with Charlotte currently although I can start a new separate save.
  4. L__Haze

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Hello I need help with Samson, his Hawlucha causes a lot of trouble for my team in general. I have no way out of agate circus so there isn't many options for training mons except for maybe getting a rufflet. My team
  5. L__Haze

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    I had beaten the gym.
  6. L__Haze

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    I had also obtained a Numel based on other guides for the game, was planning to use camerupt for a while
  7. L__Haze

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Facing Shelly Money: 8238 Pidgeotto Level 34No ItemBig PecksRelaxed Nature- Gust- Tackle- Quick Attack- Feather Dance Combusken Level 35 No Item Blaze Adamant Nature - Double Kick - Flame Charge - Bulk Up - Sand Attack Growlithe Level 35 No Item Intimidate Impish Nature - Flamethrower - Flame Burst - Reversal - Morning Sun Graveler Level 34 No Item Sturdy Careful Nature - Smack Down - Rock Smash - Bulldoze - Stealth Rock Seaking Level 35 Sea Incense Swift Swim Naughty Nature - Waterfall - Horn Attack - Supersonic - Water Pulse Kricketune Level 33 No Item Swarm Careful Nature - Fury Cutter - X-Scissor - Focus Energy - Cut Seventh Member that's on my main team but was replaced with graveler for this gym: Trubbish Level 34 No Item Stench Quirky Nature - Sludge Bomb - Acid Spray - Stockpile - Swallow PC pokemon Spinark level 5 Zigzagoon Level 13 Skitty Level 20 Minccino Level 22 Noibat Level 24 Litleo Level 18 Minun Level 20 Ponyta Level 25 Spritzee Level 25 Sandshrew Level 26 Emolga Level 20 Espurr Level 27 Flaaffy Level 23 As for useful items other than that I have a single heart scale for move relearns, An electric gem and grass gem. I'm aware my team could be way better with moves, so if theres any tips on that i'd appreciate it. Is there a mon I could use that I missed? I've been stumped on this gym for a few hours now trying out new mons.