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  1. Mudcrab

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon!

    Well that sucks. The Magnezone evolution got punted to restoration as you get the Yureyu key from the mulch quest that was in EP17 IIRC, but Magneton is still damn good until then. Kinda sad that it might be gone if I start a third run.
  2. Mudcrab

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon!

    Not in Shades gym anymore?
  3. Mudcrab

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon!

    If you're looking for an electric type to bail you out, the whole Magnezone line is one of my favorites. Having sturdy and naturally getting thunder wave makes some of the early hard fights plausible to do without too much shenaniganry. You also get it very early. I named mine Flash. Because of the superhero and the Queen song... and Flash cannon that I kept spamming while singing the queen song.
  4. Mudcrab

    Starter Choices

    I started another fan game and it came down to Chimchar and Mudkip. Chim gets access to Iron Fist which you can make use later on in the game with move trainers. Infernape is also cool. Chim isn't Mega Ultra Chicken tier but it's a good second option. Mudkip gets earthquake has a great type and seems to have a great move pool. I chose this on the run I just started on Rejuvenation. I also recommend Turtwig because it's adorable.
  5. Mudcrab

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon!

    Quagsire that I usually name Quaggie. Mostly because Earthquake carried my first run, hard. Another favourite is Aggron due to how bloody useful Metal burst and Heavy slam are, just need Sturdy to always get the move off. Aggron takes down Mega Altaria in one Heavy Slam due to the massive weight difference. Also works on Gardevoirs, klefkis (need 2) and anything that's small and light. I name it John Cena as a lark.
  6. Mudcrab

    [Spoilers] E18 GYM PUZZLE GUIDE

    Thanks worked like a charm. I play with all sound off so this really saved me time and brain cells.
  7. Mudcrab

    [Spoilers] The crafting of Jewellery.

    So if the gems can be carved why haven't we tried to destroy them at all? Or feed them to a Sableye and wonder trade it to another continent. Just drop em to the top of Pyrous mountains lava pool. Sorry kinda out of topic but I've kept thinking about this since these gem keys to a holy site got introduced. Feels like this whole mess can be solved with one perfectly good sledgehammer. Also Sirius has always felt like a character who is just there with the characterisation of "ha-ha I'm evil." Am surprised he might be relevant to the plot! The third act is gearing up anyways so it's time we learn what his deal is.
  8. Mudcrab

    Looking for Aggronite

  9. Mudcrab

    Looking for Aggronite

  10. Mudcrab

    Don't forget him.

    I'm a relative newbie to the whole IV/EV business so of course I had to try it. It's pretty amazing what a mega Lopunny who is max EV on atk and speed can do. Aegislash maxed out can demolish entire fights by itself.