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  1. All the topics. We have a master list going.
  2. Cat Chat Blogs Presents: Rebornian Mentions: Godot Today’s Rebornian mention is a little different than those in past… today we tackle an Auth member! Everyone’s favorite Godot! If you don’t know him well, then I’ll be pleased to introduce you to him. Godot repping his Zelda shirt for the Switch release Godot’s part of the old guard; he’s been around a long time, and never has quite left. When he originally appeared on Reborn in January of 2011 – Seems like forever ago – he went by DominusWolf. He’s been known as Godot for four or five years now, but still has some presence as Domminus or DominusWolf; in fact, some people that knew him as Wolf still call him that. He changed his name to Godot to avoid the massive influx of people going by wolf. At the time, he was using Godot from the Pheonix Wright games as his avatar, since he has just finished the third one, and people started to call him the Godot guy... and so the name stuck. Originally, he joined Reborn because of Pokemon Online. They added gen V early, and he was eager to try them out. It was actually Maelstrom that got Godot involved with Reborn specifically however; he got Godot hooked with the old gym league we had: the one Reborn is based off of. Of course, you can’t talk about Godot without talking about Mael. The two of them are roommates in New Mexico, and they’ve been friends for nearly a decade. They met in anime club in college, where they played Super Smash Bros, and well… watched Anime. Mael was the best one there, and it’s now a goal of Godot’s to “kick his ass”. Hasn’t been much luck on that front it seems. Aside from competing with Mael, Godot’s a big gamer, and loves all sorts of games: Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Fighting Games, RPG, FPS, Action Hack and Slash, JRPGS, Platformers, Adventure… He says he could go on for days. Aside from video games, Godot is an avid music lover, and we discussed it at length in out interview. Mainly he listens to Alternative, Punk, Ska, Electronica and Indie. He has some favorites in The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dropkick Murphys, Catch 22, Daft Punk and the Gorrilaz. We spent some time talking about Imagine Dragons and Panic at the Disco, but we both agreed, Maroon 5 isn’t our favorite. Now, Godot has spent around Reborn, so he has trouble choosing his favorites memories. He particularly enjoyed DJ’ing the summer and winter parties – which you should totally check out next time we have one. He also has a horrible tendency to make puns. If you’ve spent time around him, you know he loves his sunglass- er… I’m supposed to call them punglasses. He told me a few groan inducers: Terrible I know. I can hear the groans from here. Of course, over the years, he’s made some friends in Wash, Ice, Arkhi, and Viri, and enjoys talking games with Wash and Ice, music with Arkhi, and art with Viri. And Mael, but we’ve already been over that. He devoted plenty of time to his “senpai”. Now, Godot is also well known as a long time mod of the community. Well… I’ll let him explain why he enjoys being a mod: Godot hasn't played much of the Reborn game. He got through five badges before his save file was lost, but even then, he enjoyed his fight with Shade, despite it being the most challenging part for him. Since losing his save though, he hasn't picked it back up Moving forward, Godot hopes to revive the gaming general section, and get more people talking in it. He’s been around for six years now… so here’s to six more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- So yes, I am the mystery fellow that will be helping out with CCB. I'm really excited to be doing this, and be bringing some great stuff to you guys. Be on the look out for more than just Rebornian Mentions coming soon; we've got some cool plans for CCB.
  3. What am I going to do with my life? Discord is down.

    1. Swampellow


      Same, I'm freaking out man.

    2. sardines


      Same dude. Might as well just give up on now

  4. Who now? Micky, what the hell is he talking about?
  5. 26
  6. Heyo! How ya doin' Spine?
  7. Beautiful. I can't use my main email account with Patreon.


    Guess I have to contact support...


  8. Stop reusing Puns Viri. In all seriousness, despite the fact I knew most everything about Baz -- what can I say, we work on a game together -- these are great. Keep it up. I also have to nominate a few: @Ironbound, @BlueMoonIceCream, @Bluewolf, @Swampellow, and @sardines
  9. I'm so tough, I didn't just scratch the itch on my head.
  10. Heyo. How ya doin Lugruf?
  11. Happy Birthday man! I know we've had our issues in the past, but I'm glad we're both around again.
  12. Welcome to Reborn! You should come check out Discord and Showdown; they're great places to get more involved in the community and get to know everyone else all the better. I go by Tempest on both, so feel free to say "Hi". I don't bite. Enjoy your stay!
  13. There's some tall people around here, yeah. I'm 5'10" though.
  14. Nope. You get a sysadmin instead of a programmer. How's Spineblade, the other programmer, doin'?
  15. For those of you that don't have crazy powerful PCs, I found something cool: https://liquidsky.tv/


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    2. Spineblade


      I checked the website and it's free with ads, though you can pay a subscription to remove them and get some more features.

    3. HongaarseBeer97


      Then the question is whether the quality/service will be as good as or at least close to nvidia (for which you probably pay the premium with them)

    4. Azeria


      Damn. This sounds awesome.