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  1. Did Discord just die for anyone else?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Alex


      this is your own fault

    3. Tempest


      ...why do you have a picture of that, lol.

    4. Alex



  2. Arkhi is a lovable nerd

  3. Also, woo. New avatar.

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    2. Tempest


      ...literally no idea. I don't think so. It's just some art I found.

    3. Another Retired Shipper
    4. Cobalt996


      Yea, that's Clockwerk

  4. I really need to work more on my "projects" I say I'm doing; like N0ble, Paragon, and Spear Pillar. Hopefully this summer I'll be around more, and working on that. 


    But honestly, while I haven't been all that active here, I am on Discord, and always am. It's just the forum and Showdown I seem to "neglect". Dunno why... I do love this place.

    1. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau

      you probably neglect it because youre busy and/or have priorities in life. tis fine man. good luck.

    2. Tempest


      Probably. I'm still on Discord and the Divide though. I'm around. It just bothers me that I'm not around here more, and I'm gonna make an effort to change that.

  5. Ya'll are nerds. Hey Bibs.
  6. Nope. Micky is being a scrub and won't show up. Anstane?
  7. I'm going to be around enough for people to actually guess me, I swear. Anstane?
  8. I will make Micky post.
  9. Only 3 computers actually... My desktop, laptop and Surface. I use all of them, so it's not too much for me. I run a ton of VMs off the desktop (why it has two graphics cards), and I use my Surface a lot for school. Most of this is fairly new. My Surface is 8 months old and my laptop is 2 months old. I got the desktop used off eBay a few months ago, and upgraded the RAM and CPUs with used parts off eBay; the hard drives and the RX 480 and RX 460 are all brand new... I spend too much money at Microcenter. I don't often have a lot of papers and stuff to deal with, but when I do, there's usually plenty of room. I don't often have my laptop and Surface up there at once. Usually just one at a time. I can push my laptop a ways back too. It's a lot bigger than it looks.
  10. 34
  11. Actually it's just me. Micky?
  12. I posted my setup on PCMR a while ago, so I still have an imgur album set up. Of course, Imgur is being a shit, and not updating the album.