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  1. Must I? Fine. Hey Micky. I know you're awake, since I'm talking to you on Discord right now. It's 4am there... you should be asleep.
  2. Put any spoilers in spoiler tags! I dunno how many of you watch the show... perhaps none of you, but I saw that there wasn't a topic for it, and it's my favorite show right now. I just watched the latest episode: Also a question I have if you're all caught up: If you aren't all caught up, that's fine. But you should. It just gets better. And if you haven't watched it, or stopped watching it, and you like the whole Marvel universe, I highly encourage you to start watching it again... season one can be slow at the start, but it really does pick up: Season 4 has been awesome.
  3. Banned for not knowing I occasionally run AI battle bots on the Showdown server that I call N0ble... which is taken from the game Halo Reach. Since I am the "master" of the bots, my rank is N0ble Actual.
  4. Nope. Lugruf or Spine... when are you gonna show up on Discord again :c
  5. Banned for being iron and not steel.
  6. So what am I supposed to do when there's already a thread about a game, and it says not to make a new one... but that one is Archived. In fact, most of the threads in Godot's big list are archived.

  7. Banned for having numbers in your name
  8. Just me. Hey Micky.
  9. Swampellow is S U C C

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Swampellow


      Yet you won't even LET me, this is bullying, I'm going to report you.

    3. Ojama Brown

      Ojama Brown

      so when is the marriage and am I invited

    4. sardines


      Yeah. You'd be there best S U C C. The equivalent in a normal marriage would be a best man. Feel honoured

  10. Yes, but you still have the option to, which is better than Showdown or PO ever had. PO was just as broken and has just as many issues, and I still think Showdown is still a much better option that PO ever was. Skype is also broken, and doesn't work for large communities at all. Discord it the natural sucessor to Skype, and I much prefer Discord's style of always informed than PO or Showdown's style of not being able to look back if you're not there. Stuff doesn't get lost to history. Nostalgia for PO doesn't mean it was the penultimate thing.
  11. I need to stop getting wild ideas in my head. So I think we can all agree: Discord is the better chat system than Showdown. It lets you change names on a whim, change avatars, has better notifications, lets you scroll up to see history, and on the whole, is just nicer. It's also far more ubiquitous, and I'm willing to bet at least some of you are in more than just Reborn's discord. That being said, Showdown has one major positive over Discord: it has battling. It's Pokemon-centric, let's you make teams, see ladders, et cetera. So why not try and combine the two? That's what I am going to try and do. I haven't fleshed out all the details yet. Here's the different ideas I've come up with: - A simple bot. This already exists in some form. All it does is text based, and you tell it what move you want to use by typing it out. - The bot with a twist, using pictures or GIFs to at least show animation and make it a little more interesting. - Butchering Showdown and making it hook into Discord. You'd be able to use a bot to challenge someone else, and it would pull open a Window in a web browser to a custom hosted Showdown. This would give the best battling experience, but is probably the most work to do. - Something else entirely, starting a battle sim built from scratch around Discord. Also a lot of work, but perhaps the most flexible option. The reason I'm saying this now is I want your thoughts about what I should try and do. Should I try for Showdown-esque thing, or would a bot be enough to satiate needs? How would people want channels with these battles going on to work? I've found some stuff that does something like this, but nothing that works overwhelmingly well, and they are just a simple bot at the end of the day. If any of you guys know of anything I should look into as well, I'd appreciate it. In the end, I'd want this to be able to supplant Showdown, and just have Discord be the one-stop-shop. It'd be the paragon of chats for Pokemon. Even if it doesn't get used here, I'd still have places for it.