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  1. I do remember Ariana mentioning Mika's Coffee... You'll want to watch this either way. It's a playthrough with Ariana as the MC.
  2. And then there's I wish we could make inline spoilers in the forums...
  3. Well, your best bet is to be a total jerk to your friends. See here for more details: And this too, under the "Bad Ending Calc" section:
  4. Man, I wish we had more options to mess with her even further... Oh well, the fanfic realm is open for it anyway.
  5. Actually, Aevia too. She even gets a haircut in addition of that.
  6. That... makes sense, actually. Not sure about Vivian, but I'd say the next possible time traveling stunt would be around the Storm-9's time, after Vivian's sacrifice. Speaking of the Interceptor's form:
  7. Now that v13's newest story gives quite an Undertale vibe and the previous one had some changes here and there, I'm starting to think of a Rejuv story but with Frisk, Undertale's MC, as the Interceptor. One of the storyline changes in v13 is how the bad future arc's climax choices are handled, so I might as well make a one-shot of how it goes with Frisk. For the record, Frisk is a non-binary in a male body (I'm going for Axel's) with they/them pronouns here. And before I forgot, Undertale spoiler alert. Read at your own risk. Sorry for the shortness though. I did it on my phone and that's all I can think of for now.
  8. Speaking of challenges, I kinda thought of banning one type per chapter (or per gym/trial if done in the mainline games), determined via random.org or something. Once you finish a chapter/gym/trial, re-roll for the next part's banned type. I haven't tried one yet, though.
  9. Actually, Leo uses Aevis as their MC. If the OP of this thread specifically wants Axel's side of the story, there's SacredAlmighty's playthrough instead. And FYI, the MC's Nightmare Realm scenes differ slightly between MCs. Here are the LPs I got of that scene out there: I can't find Ana's side of the story, though. Sorry.
  10. SAF

    Regarding Intense Mode

    Eh. No comment here because I've never attempted intense mode to begin with. Not that I will try it in the future anyway. Iirc, this question has been answered already:
  11. That, and you get to use your own items instead of the NPC's.
  12. Uh... Where are you in the playthrough? I did the Smoochum trade right before the first Keta battle, so...
  13. So I've been having a looksie at Rejuv's "Graphics" folder (specifically in "Characters") and found a set of Sans sprites in there. Anybody know where these sprites are used in-game?
  14. Actually, version 13.0.3 also has Munna in Venam's Graveyard. I didn't even know that it's there at first, though.
  15. Luckily, I don't. I chose Undertale MC's name (Frisk) with Axel's appearance in my first playthrough, so it's possible to do a bit of headcanoning for how they ended up taking over his body~
  16. So I first thought the level cap pre-Venam (1st gym) is 15. But then my level 15 mon still gained exp during the battle. Can anyone please remind me what the current level caps are? Sorry if it sounds like a random rant, by the way.
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