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  1. So in Chapter 15, the choice of the protagonist character in the beginning of the game has a lot more importance. Most people know that it changes some of the events, dialogue, and the battle in the MC's nightmare realm. But I just noticed that it also changes the dialogue for when the MC gives the player the Interceptium Z just before the Puppet Master battle. I really enjoy the details and flavor text, so I want to find out what all of the MCs say. I have been able to find a YT video for Aevis, Aevia, Axel, Alain, and Aero, but not Ariana. Can anyone tell me what she says?
  2. You mean the hundred doors, right? I don't really remember what happened after zekrom lol If I remember corrrectly, the password is "Dreamyard"
  3. i'm stuck. I beat rift Aelita and then opened the box and such. The cutscene of melia at the back of rose theatre played, then I was at the front door of the theatre. I tried to go to scholar district, but i wasn't able to. I read that im supposed to go with Erin to some place but idk what place. Can someone help?
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