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  1. Hype! All I gotta say. See you guys in a few days. -isolates to play-
  2. Pryde


    Okay! It's the 27th! Now to wait and hunt down the link! I WILL FIND IT!
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. As a suggestion, maybe something similar to Mega Eevee from Pokemon Insurgence? The Mega form blocks Eevee from evolving, but whenever Mega Eevee uses a move it turns into the Eeveelution of that type, a nice tactical option, it's similar to the Protean ability but with a massive visual change.
  5. Anyone know if there's a plan to update the Rejuvenation music pack for v13? EDIT: I'm trying to access the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack but it keeps telling me "You do not have permission to view this topic." Any idea what could be causing this?
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  7. XD I still find it funny that Comet tried to out Madame X's identity, only to get stopped by Cosmia. Made me laugh when I realized it, they're like a comedy duo.
  8. 1) It could also just be subterfuge, a way to motivate and mislead them. 3) That is an interesting point, kinda have to wonder what their goals are. 4) Mhm, and it's been hinted that it's got something to do with Yvetal too. 5) Remember that normal Xen members, not only Deathwings and such have faced the consequences of trying to leave, where they seem to almost just... disappear. Interestingly enough, as shown during the whole Groudon bit, Gafuran Ruins seem to block this from happening, at least while you're inside them. 6) I wonder about that at times. I mean Clear and Kieran want to bring about the end of the world, create a world with no future... where as that would work with the ruined Future, but Madame X seems against that... you know, since she fought to get back to the original timeline.
  9. Hmmmm I'll need to replay that part because I don't remember them mentioning that it was Cosmia. Damn Ditto, messing up my questions. Huh... we actually had a similar theory on that one XD Awesome.
  10. Confirmed, you can also buy them at the underground market.
  11. True! She could have seen effects and as pointed out she knows that the MC is important somehow, I'm curious how she knows, but that aside you have a valid point that she can't predict where the grotto is. Even if things changed as they do with the reset, locations likely wouldn't change so that rules her out completely at this point. Pft, don't worry about it, it's fun! I'm, personally, thoroughly enjoying this! On the first bit, suuure, but then the purpose of the armor seems a bit redundant. There'd be no need to wear it right? As for the Gafurans... I find that a very fun topic personally as they, rather than choosing one or the other, seem to mix magic and tech, both of which I assume they gained from studying the Archtype. It is also entirely possible that it is ALL technology... "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Though that's unlikely in a fantasy world. Okay gonna slow down there before I end up writing a novel on this, but yes, I'm quite fascinated by Ana and her "Grandmother" as they're obviously from a future or alternate timeline. And on that same vein it brings along the questions about why Mosely and such are experiencing memories and moments from the ruined future. I think it's less that Blacksteelpe was necessary than it was a convenient location. Not to mention that we have yet to explore the SECOND Blacksteeple that was covered by the barrier. We have to consider also (regarding Team Xen) The name, the motives. Now why choose an organization that was destroyed with the death of it's leader? And then on top of it how is Huey involved in that? (He is not really Rune's brother, they both woke up in the Void Chasm after the Nuclear Explosion... now I wish Nucleon was in this game. ANYWAY!)
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but she saves the MC during your first visit to Kugearen when the maid causes the explosion... however she only truly realizes you're the Interceptor during the Ruined Future event... or did they change that now? She said it's potentially us. We're one of the possibilities and the most likely one. Even the whole thing with Andrast, it doesn't specifically say that he'll only awaken when time is turned back, only that when he is needed, and that we were the one that woke him up, we don't have specifics on that bit. I mean it does make sense as the Interceptor project is linked to the Core, just as the Reset mechanism is, however that's all still speculation.
  13. Though if that's the question then what about the empty nuke with the Gafuran writing? I'd have thought that perhaps they used that to bring in one Nihilego, which attracted more of them. Though it could be other things, it was the first thing I thought of after all this. Please keep in mind that I have very little knowledge of the Ultra Beasts themselves other than what I've seen in this game and little bits I skimmed over on the wiki, so don't hesitate to point out holes in my theory. Though, now thinking of this... Booker has mentioned that Rifts and Ultra Wormholes are similar... I wonder if Team Xen is trying to create their own version of an Ultra Beast...
  14. Sorta, but on the other hand how can she know? The whole purpose of the Interceptor is that they CAN'T be predicted. They are outside Fate's weave. So perhaps she believes MC is important, but doesn't know for sure... perhaps because the Interceptor being active means time was reset, maybe SHE reset the timeline? And then that brings to mind the question about how far does the reset go? Does it go all the way back to when Arceus created everything? Does it go back to when the Core was created? Does it just reset to when the user's life began? Can the user designate a time for the reset? Is it possible she performed the reset, and the armor is what's keeping her there and stable? Also as for the Marianette bit it can still make sense, she only has brief interactions with your character, so while familiar it's not a lasting interaction AND also they have no idea about MC being the Interceptor, but what DID happen is that she's seen us at two very different stages of her life and we haven't aged at all between those two times. (I keep on wanting to put my MCs name instead of writing "MC") Not to mention that she could also just be pretending to not know them... it's not exactly unheard of and has already happened in this story ('Nastasia and Ren) even though he's eventually sorta figured it out at this point she wasn't doing more than hiding with sunglasses. Maybe she had no choice in the matter? It wasn't revealed if there's a way to strip the abilities from someone, or if there's potentially a way for her to lose them... and then there's the possibility of her having passed them to someone else for a different purpose (Such as when Melia offered hers to Nim). I don't think it'd be Genesis syndrome as it has shown a 100% fatality rating from what we've been shown, which is heart-breaking for Melia's case. It said that internally she's already aged to what was it? 75? I highly doubt that would be the case with Maria as she is a being created by the Archtype, where as I think Genesis Syndrome is from people being bestowed the power. Logically speaking I think the highest chance is that either she gave the power away, (Perhaps to avoid some hidden effect we don't know about) got it stolen from her somehow, or she has simply taken extra steps to hide her identity by dying her hair. Though I suppose there's also the chance that the whole purpose of the suit, which has black shards as parts of the make-up iirc, is to keep her alive because of Genesis syndrome. Well I don't think it's grounds to cancel the theory entirely, there are many possible reasons to want to experiment with this. If it worked then they could create more like him and open rifts in multiple places at the same time. Perhaps creating a clone drains something, be it life-span, power, perhaps it's why she lost the archtype power, assuming she is Maria. Well for that I personally look at the destroyed timeline, there wasn't much of an issue with Melia and the Princess being in the same time for the moment, over time perhaps, but right then? Nah, nothing immediate anyway. They did state that eventually one would randomly be erased, which was why they needed to Overlap. It makes sense, then starts making me wonder who caused the whole incident with the Ultra Beasts... because they specifically used Nihilego (iirc, I always get confused between them) which is a parasite that does the same, drains people of their energy.
  15. Yeah, Hapi was the biggest obstacle. I wasted a ton of revives and potions on that little pest >.> Managed to toxic it eventually though and then it was just a stalling game.
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