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  1. I don't wanna be rude but, why even add Gen 8 ? I'm trying to understand what the goal is, if it's fixing / finishing the current game then it would not make sense. If Gen 8 is added, I hope the new mons are worth the wait because, lets be honest, there are already enough mons and encounters start repeating a lot. "Reworking old content" Why? Just finish the game and then do a bigger update fixing major problems. Sorry for being straight to the point.
  2. In Pom-Pom Meadow you can find "Yellow Nectar". Its infinite. Unlimited money.
  3. Heya, after playing a long time and trying to breed in Rejuvenation and I didn't like the look of it, so I changed it. Here a link if you want a side by side thing. Nothing more to say. If you want it, the file is there. Enjoy.
  4. Hey there, so just making this a quick and easy post. My friend and I started playing Rejuvenation about 1 week ago and after seeing all Battle Backgrounds with Color Banding we wanted to fix that. Here you can check what we mean! So there you go just change all files in "Rejuvenation - V12\Graphics\Battlebacks". Enjoy better looking backgrounds. Download over my link since its over 4mb... sorry!
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