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  1. Now My next piece of writing This is sth I made a long time ago As you can see It is a combo of Falkner and Bugsy And I have written a piece on it Basically a character description Name: Falksy Residence: Azalet Village Description: Falksy is a Bug/Flying type gym leader. He is a master of flying types and is intent on showimg everyone that bug types are not weak. His ace is a Mega Scizor. He is also interested in scientific research and is an accomplished researcher. Team: Pidgeot Mega Scizor Nocto
  2. wowi did't expect this to become so popular anyways i forgot to mention G/Z but it was defo the hardest battle after lorna but snow mountain field helps quite a beet how could anyone have trouble with florin? flora is much harder
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAA! This is a gift beyond measure the soundtracks awesome and forget about route3 that and angie segment is priceless Jan, please give us a release date i can wait no longer
  4. Well I'll let ya on a little secret Three times is nothing to my 15 times She just that difficult And as for AoD, I I uh
  5. Many people say that (Spoilers for v12) And then there's Souta, whose is supposed to be strongest But expect for monotype run with no access to dig or smack I know his battle starts with You can't hit his Pokemon supereffectively with moves super effective against the flying type, but cave field make him easy af And then there are the puppets with them being absolute nightmares with bulk and strength And tbh, I did have trouble with them And finally there is (Spoilers for v12) So, what're your guys opinion on the strongest boss in the g
  6. When you guys made Jarred, did you anticipate him to becom such a damn big meme? Seriously, I'm seeing too many Jarred abominations nowadays
  7. Rlly nice work Can you update soulstones to its latest version? It's now on 1.0.13 and yours is 1.0.7
  8. ofc i know there's gonna be twist the series can't end here right now, can it? LOL
  9. Rlly awesome chapter I wonder what that piece of paper is... Also i think Gabriel needs to understand that Cain will always be annoying but he has gud intetions , heh Waiting for the next chapter tk see the destruction of Aphophyll
  10. sayar

    hi again

    Beeg for the bars but nice to know that reborn will be actively developed again. Yay! Looking forward to rebron with the hope dat it will be released next yr!
  11. Wow Amazing chapter But something which Gabriel saidadee wonder if he hasn't been dreaming this all along Having said that, I'm waiting for the next chapter! (I have to admit this, you're a better writer than me, heh)
  12. lack of updates is annoying but pictures take time but here's anthony! Also, @nam23has very kindly offered to draw Anthony for me, big props to them!
  13. there have been no updates for a while(read 3yrs) now is thy project ded? i rlly like the look of iy
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