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  1. Internal testing was going on, but I wager closed beta testing is a whole different affair. Still we can all dream for a release soon (god please I can't wait to play v13), but my guess would be an end of July release like the other poster guessed.
  2. Torn between hype as hell for a (possible) release soon for v13, and keeping myself in check saying it'll be here when it'll be here lol. Regardless the art looks fantastic as always, and your and all the devs work is super appreciated.
  3. Just finished my run through of the demo and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I come from the perspective of an avid fire emblem fan and other tactics like games such as luminous arc and much like the other poster I found this to be a more active and refreshing take on the genre. tackling different aspects one by one: gameplay- As I briefly mentioned it is a refreshing thing to be a more active participant in a tactics/jrpg/strategy game rather then just pushing a button and hoping all goes well. Making use of the cardinal direction wait system for defensive/parry benefits a
  4. ah thank you that answers my question!
  5. Take all the time you need and know that whenever both parts of v13 come out that it'll be well worth the wait. I know, that at least personally, it never bothers me how long the wait is because it just means a quality and well loved product is being produced. not to mention its always good to take care of oneself and others mental and emotional needs when building something. I hope you all are able to stay safe and healthy as best you can! if I can ask one question though, is I believe in a previous post or maybe back when there was a megathread there was mention of the mega ring
  6. Vanilluxe crest: -one possible idea is because its got kind of the two head thing going on is that it's ice type moves have a higher chance of freezing the target while hail is up. I don't know if doubling it would be enough or raising it by a flat amount, so like either shifting ice beam and blizzard (and other ice moves) to 20% to freeze or giving them a flat boost of like 20/30% to 30/40%. Because that may or may not be enough there could also be an increase in vanilluxe's special moves damage against frozen targets by like 1.2 or something. I like this idea because I feel like
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