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  1. I started this run a few months back but ended up putting it on hold due to some work that I had to do, but now that summer started (and a month of it has already gone by), I finally finished this run! In this post I'll show off my team, some significant back-up members, and some of the highlights of the run! Note: this run was done in normal mode and items were not restricted (I'm not good enough or patient enough to do an intense mode mono-run, and sometimes items were necessary to save hours of time). Also Heavy Spoilers Below I guess because this covers a lot of the game's fights lmao My main team: Aerodactyl: Jolly nature; 252 ATK and 252 SPE EVs. Moves: Crunch, Stone Edge, Iron Head, and ice/fire/thunder fang/aerial ace. Item: Life Orb (will be replaced by mega stone eventually). Nicknamed this guy "Cornerstone" because once I got it, it was an essential member of the team. Only time it really struggled was during trick room fights and Saki's gym. Charizard: Modest nature, 252 SPA and 252 SPE. Flame burst, dragon breath, heat wave, and air slash. Held a flame plate. Couldn't ever get rid of flame burst after I found out it does additional ghost type damage in haunted fields. Was always good for dealing consistent fire type damage. Mantine: Bashful nature (note on this later). 252 SPA and 252 HP. Moves: Surf, Wide Guard, Bounce, Rain Dance/Scald. Held Mystic Water. Now it might seem like I didn't care enough about this guy since his moveset and nature are kinda wacky, but I didn't need to perfect his setup. If aerodactyl was a "cornerstone" then this guy is the "Foundation" of my team because Mantine has carried me more times than I can count. Wide guard was essential for dealing with the first Angie fight since it stops cold truth and blizzard from working. Bounce was essential for one of the Geara+Zetta fight (imo that's one of the hardest fights) since the sky field gives an insane boost to flying types. I honestly expected mantine to stop being useful after valor mt, but he continued to remain the champion of double battles. Oricorio: Timid nature, 252 SPE and SPA. Moves: Teeter Dance, Revelation Dance, Air Slash, Roost. Held Oricorio Crest. I've wanted to use an oricorio for the longest time, even more so after seeing that it had a crest. In fact, it was the main reason I started this run in the first place! It's form change ability was extremely useful, and it was very beneficial to have on my team. Crobat: Jolly nature, 252SPE and ATK. Moves: Cross Poison, Confuse Ray, Brave Bird, and any tm that felt necessary. Held Poison barb. I also didn't expect to carry around this guy with me alot but he kinda just stuck around for the ride. Solid counter to a lot of fairy types and confuse ray made for some funny luck-based strategies. Gliscor: Adamant Nature, 252ATK and SPE. Moves: Ariel Ace, Sky Uppercut (I didn't even know it learned this b4 I got em), Swords Dance, and Bulldoze. Held Toxic Orb. One of the later additions to my team that unfortunately didn't get too much time to shine, but was still very useful. After 13 chapters, I finally had a reliable counter to electric types! But good lord I swear if we don't get earthquake soon I'm gonna lose my mind because bulldoze does zero damage lmfao. My Reserve Members: (I wont go into major detail cause that that takes a while) Toucannon: good during trick room and against sturdy/sash mons Vivillon: Good counter to psychic types Swanna: Good alternative to mantine; held mantine's position b4 I got it Vespiqueen: I only got this one recently, but it's crest makes this thing a MONSTER. Great in trick room, cool extra ability (the full description of it is NOT listed on the item itself, check the wiki for more info. This thing is actually insane), good for dealing with mons that are a bit too strong for my main guys to handle. Will use again if I ever do a mono-bug run. Talonflame: Flying priority is surprisingly good, especially when you realize it gets tailwind. Priority tailwind carried me during quite a few battles and hard fights. Fun Gimmick Mons: This is a list of mons that I used for some funky strategies. Jumpluff: Solely used for flash. Great against boss/rift mons that I couldnt beat normally, but didnt work too well against the later ones. Murkrow: Priority tailwind. First thought of the strategy when I caught one to beat florin Skarmory: basically upgraded jumpluff. Sturdy guaranteed at least one flash, and lowered accuracy helped on many fights. Drifblimb: So I actually have two of these, both of which have destiny bond. Only got them to beat saki because her aggron and bastiodon are complete bs. Aaaaaand a whole bunch of other mons that I didn't use/stopped using for various reasons! (ones on bottom two rows are listed above) Notable fights: Nim: The combination of a lack of counter to psychic types and the high speed of my team made a lot of her fights hard. In the early ones I couldn't deal with her rock types, and in the later ones, I couldn't deal with trick room. Ended up doing a funny strat for the later fights where I gave all the members of my team iron balls lmfao. After the ch14 nim fight I found out about vespiqueen crest and I felt a little dumb for overthinking the fight. Geara: Mainly difficult because his fights are always kinda difficult? The lack of a convenient way to grind EVs early on made the first fight annoying to deal with. The second fight wasn't too bad, but was still hard. The third fight is one of the hardest, but I used sky field to my advantage. Final fight was actually a little difficult but my endgame team was good enough to beat it (mega gengar was scary though). Angie: The bane of many player's runs was, surprisingly, not overly difficult. Like I still had to think outside the box for this fight but with a bit of research and planning, I came up with a good strat to beat her (it used wide guard to my advantage, but I can't remember much else). Also if you're doing inteceptor's wish, there's no way to change up your team before her fight. Once you jump into the courtyard, you're stuck with the team you got. I had to do a funny strategy where I put sunny day on gliscor and crowbat to get rid of hail, then I sent in charizard to heat wave everything. Worked out surprisingly well! Erick: I had more trouble with this fight than angie's. Because so many of his mons were steel types and mantine was quad-weak to electric, I couldn't use the same strategy I had used for other double battles. In the end, I found some weird item and team combo that attracted attention to vivillion and gave me the chance to KO the raichu. Idk I did this fight a while back and cant remember my exact strategy. Florin: This fight managed to be a little more difficult than I imagined. Sure, I could've gone back in a save file and made the fight against flora, but I was too stuborn and refused to "waste time" replaying what I had just done (I wasted more time trying to think of strategies to beat florin's strong doubles team). Souta got wrecked AoD gardevoir: This was the hardest fight of the run for me. It was far too fast and strong for me to reliably do damage and it's large boss health bar made it difficult to deal damage. I also couldn't lower accuracy since dark pulse never misses on the dimensional field. I ended up using a seed to set up trick room, getting confusion via teeter dance, several flinches, and a lucky poison from cross poison. It annoys me to no end that huey and reina are just STANDING THERE watching you fight AoD gard. Like even though ren helps you in the second phase, it's BST had dropped from an insane 1015 to 770. I hate this fight more than any other, no matter what run I'm doing. Anyways I think I used a few revives on this fight Adam would've been terrifying if the fight wasn't on inverse field lmfao The final fight with Clear was hard (namely her naganadel), but I managed to beat it with flash skarmory. I also used 1 revive on that fight. Saki: HARD. TOO hard. 2nd hardest fight for this run. I don't like using d-bond often because it feels cheap but I had to in order to take out her overly tanky aggron and crested bastiodon. I bred two drifloons and had them learn d-bond via egg move in order to beat her. And that's about it! This took a bit longer to make than expected, so I hope at least some people read this. I'm gonna take a break for a bit b4 I do another mono-type run, but if yall have any suggestions for fun ones (or wanna share your experiences) or if you have any questions about other parts of my run, ask in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them! that is if i dont forget that i made this post lmfao
  2. Ok nvm I fixed it on my own. All I did was leave the sewers and re-enter, then tried the same spot again. Idk why it wasn't working, but I'm guessing it had something to do with the fact that I entered the room up and to the left of where I was in the screenshot.
  3. So I'm having an issue progressing through chapter 9 right now. I just left the room that Volta was in, and went to head down the stairs. The "access denied" message pops up when try to go towards it (this is intended), but as soon as Volta exits the room she was in, the game freezes. Any ideas about how I can fix this? Here's an image of the area the softlock happens in, along with the time that it happens. FYI, yes, I am on the most recent version of the game.
  4. Thanks for all the advice! I did end up evolving my golbat and the poison did the trick. Also managed to get a confuse ray off so that was helpful. The fight afterwards was easy, it was just getting to it that was hard. Also realizing now that it probably would be a good idea to grind at least speed EVs off of wild mons so I'll probably end up doing that. It's a shame that the EV training rooms are locked until later on, I despise grinding. If you're wondering, it's because V13 is completely different from V12. The Geara fight has been completely reworked, and now you have to do a raid battle against giratina before you fight Geara. The reason giratina looks weird is because I unluckily (or luckily? idk) encountered a shiny one. Once again, thank you all for the helpful advice. Have a good Thanksgiving (if you're American lol)!
  5. in my several attempts to beat giratina and geara, this happened. Man i wish i could catch it lmao
  6. So I'm at the first battle with Geara under Wispy Tower, and his Giratina is completely destroying me. The combination of thunder bolts, shadow sneaks, and dragon breaths make this fight really hard for a mono flying run. Especially the thunderbolts. Can anyone give me some advice? My current team is: Charizard Talonflame Golbat Altaria Fearow Noctowl I know that golbat can be evolved, but I already used the blue moon ice cream on a swoobat (reason its not here is because it gets OHKO'd by shadow sneak) and I really don't want to grind friendship
  7. easy way to cheese souta is to get a sturdy pokemon, have it learn smack down, then have one of your other mons use dig completely changes the field and trivializes the fight I personally like to have a low level sturdy mon so I can give it oran berry. This way i can do the dig+smack down all on one pokemon
  8. I dont think they added in any new megas since most of those are found in sidequest content Since all the new/continued sidequests are gonna be in v13.5, there will probably be more mega stones added then
  9. you have to use moves that change the field in order to reach it (if you need to know which moves change it, check the field effect manual, but i think heat wave should do the trick)
  10. you have to find the invisible thief in order to progress
  11. Going back to the "It takes 2 two o" along with the new number, maybe its a code combination? It could be something like 2209 (assuming the second "o" in "two o" is a 0) Kinda unlikely considering the new number showed up today, but if it is some kind of numerical code, we might get more to work with later
  12. Will there be any difficulty transferring save data from the current engine to game-z or will it just do it automatically?
  13. Ahhhhh yes, the fabled soon(tm). Now we'll only have one more year of development to go! (Jokes aside, hype is real, cant wait for it to release!)
  14. I think that a very interesting crest could be one for volcarona. Two ideas could work that would make it a very interesting crest. The first idea is to make it immue to hazard items, clearing them upon entry, while also setting up sunny day. Another idea could be to give it chlorophyll.
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