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  1. Going back to the "It takes 2 two o" along with the new number, maybe its a code combination? It could be something like 2209 (assuming the second "o" in "two o" is a 0) Kinda unlikely considering the new number showed up today, but if it is some kind of numerical code, we might get more to work with later
  2. Will there be any difficulty transferring save data from the current engine to game-z or will it just do it automatically?
  3. Ahhhhh yes, the fabled soon(tm). Now we'll only have one more year of development to go! (Jokes aside, hype is real, cant wait for it to release!)
  4. I think that a very interesting crest could be one for volcarona. Two ideas could work that would make it a very interesting crest. The first idea is to make it immue to hazard items, clearing them upon entry, while also setting up sunny day. Another idea could be to give it chlorophyll.
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