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  1. Thanks for all the advice! I did end up evolving my golbat and the poison did the trick. Also managed to get a confuse ray off so that was helpful. The fight afterwards was easy, it was just getting to it that was hard. Also realizing now that it probably would be a good idea to grind at least speed EVs off of wild mons so I'll probably end up doing that. It's a shame that the EV training rooms are locked until later on, I despise grinding. If you're wondering, it's because V13 is completely different from V12. The Geara fight has been completely reworked, and now you have to do a raid battle against giratina before you fight Geara. The reason giratina looks weird is because I unluckily (or luckily? idk) encountered a shiny one. Once again, thank you all for the helpful advice. Have a good Thanksgiving (if you're American lol)!
  2. in my several attempts to beat giratina and geara, this happened. Man i wish i could catch it lmao
  3. So I'm at the first battle with Geara under Wispy Tower, and his Giratina is completely destroying me. The combination of thunder bolts, shadow sneaks, and dragon breaths make this fight really hard for a mono flying run. Especially the thunderbolts. Can anyone give me some advice? My current team is: Charizard Talonflame Golbat Altaria Fearow Noctowl I know that golbat can be evolved, but I already used the blue moon ice cream on a swoobat (reason its not here is because it gets OHKO'd by shadow sneak) and I really don't want to grind friendship
  4. easy way to cheese souta is to get a sturdy pokemon, have it learn smack down, then have one of your other mons use dig completely changes the field and trivializes the fight I personally like to have a low level sturdy mon so I can give it oran berry. This way i can do the dig+smack down all on one pokemon
  5. I dont think they added in any new megas since most of those are found in sidequest content Since all the new/continued sidequests are gonna be in v13.5, there will probably be more mega stones added then
  6. you have to use moves that change the field in order to reach it (if you need to know which moves change it, check the field effect manual, but i think heat wave should do the trick)
  7. you have to find the invisible thief in order to progress
  8. Going back to the "It takes 2 two o" along with the new number, maybe its a code combination? It could be something like 2209 (assuming the second "o" in "two o" is a 0) Kinda unlikely considering the new number showed up today, but if it is some kind of numerical code, we might get more to work with later
  9. Will there be any difficulty transferring save data from the current engine to game-z or will it just do it automatically?
  10. Ahhhhh yes, the fabled soon(tm). Now we'll only have one more year of development to go! (Jokes aside, hype is real, cant wait for it to release!)
  11. I think that a very interesting crest could be one for volcarona. Two ideas could work that would make it a very interesting crest. The first idea is to make it immue to hazard items, clearing them upon entry, while also setting up sunny day. Another idea could be to give it chlorophyll.
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