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  1. After a long time, I'll play Rejuvination again. I never got to finish what was out at the time and my laptop not being the best didn't help much with that. But now that's not the case! I can finally enjoy that crispy rejuv experience without frame drops and lag! 

  2. Oh damn, guess i'm a veteran now 

  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Ooh interesting, just finished episode 12 so it's that time baby!
  5. Phineas & Ferb was airing on the tv and i watched some episodes for the first time in ages, forgot how enjoyable the show really is, I really had a great time watching

  6. Nice to meet ya Devin! I share the same trait of enjoying battles to the most when you win just barely too
  7. I play on vanilla rejuv, actually after bettling flora i haven't had this issue with themes not playing
  8. This is great news! I can very much respect how much effort you have put into this, and won't mind if you need to take a break at all. A game is most enjoyable when the devs are happy as well. Excited for what's to come!
  9. So I installed the pack and got it set up and stuff, then challenged Flora but her theme doesn't start playing? It just keeps playing the theme of the bewitched woods. It works just fine when I put her theme on via the jukebox but it doesn't initiate by itself
  10. ayeeee now i can play rejuv without lag, tried the game the day after i finished reborn and it was laggy as hell, then didn't play for over a month, but got back on the server to hear there's a lag fix and now the game runs clean as hell!!! Let's GOOOOOOOO

  11. today I thought a lot, even more than I do on the average day. In a convo with my brother I remembered that I wanted to become a game developer when I was a kid, remembering this really motivated me and I really want to pick it up as a hobby now. Can't wait to dive in and explore the world of developing soon!

  12. School is starting for me tomorrow, i'm actually kind of excited, because going to school means i'll have less free time to work with so i won't really get bored anymore (well i hope at least)

  13. I am actually from the Netherlands, I was suprised to see other members from there in the server, because i don't see other dutch people too often online, it's actually a pretty cool country to visit for tourists, most people like to go to Amsterdam but Rotterdam is a good place to go to as well.
  14. TIL that there is a Dutch man named Abraham Crijnssen in charge of 7 ships. He had managed to take over Suriname, and multiple islands in the Caribbian. Very impressive for someone with a crew of that size. A minesweeper that managed to disguise itself as an island which was able to evade the Japenese Navy and managed to travel all the way to the Australian shores was named after him. The person who told me about all this is Wen Bra so you have him/her/them to thank for this info
  15. I'm pretty bored atm, I think i'll binge a shorter anime tomorrow, feel free to reccomend me one


    how do I remove these 😮



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