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  1. sure bud, hit me up tomorrow @Officer Grunter#0001 on discord and by tomorrow i mean like 12 hours from now
  2. ayeeee now i can play rejuv without lag, tried the game the day after i finished reborn and it was laggy as hell, then didn't play for over a month, but got back on the server to hear there's a lag fix and now the game runs clean as hell!!! Let's GOOOOOOOO

  3. today I thought a lot, even more than I do on the average day. In a convo with my brother I remembered that I wanted to become a game developer when I was a kid, remembering this really motivated me and I really want to pick it up as a hobby now. Can't wait to dive in and explore the world of developing soon!

  4. A bit late but welcome here bud! Tbh i don't even know what my favourite Pokemon OR type for that matter is at the moment, i'll need to make a list again and think really hard about it
  5. First up, this may or may not be the wrong place to post this, I thought that it would fit in here better than in team showcase actually (since this is me moreso sharing my experiences overall rather than talking about my playthrough hope this won't get deleted for being in the wrong spot). This morning, I have finally completed Episode 18 of Reborn, which was quite a journey for me. Before playing this game I hadn't played too many pokemon games actually. I have played or, sun, and ultra moon. And for rom hacks I have played a solid amount (around 7-10). Notabilly Insurgence, a game I had played last year around November-December. Before I played Insurgence, I haven't had a pokemon game that really challenged me to the point where I had to take the time to strategize and build a team for a battle. I used to Brute-force my way through battles, only really focusing on type advantage , and generally wasn't good at battling. When I played Reborn I got a bit better at battling, but I still used to only really use like 10 Pokemon through my entire run. I started to play Reborn (around in early april), after watching Thammil's playthrough of the game, up until around I decided to install the game around the time I started watching his playthrough, I myself prefer playing through games rather than watching someone play them, and one day I decided to do just that! At first I thought it would't be as fun through the first bit of the game because i've already seen how it plays out. But I actually really enjoyed it! First thing I noticed was the fact that the game was wayyyy more of a challenge than what I was used to, Insurgence wasn't a very easy game don't get me wrong but it wasn't too difficult thinking back (I was just quite shit at battling so it took more difficulty than it should have). First of all the early game, boy that was dreadful. You really didn't make much money back then so you had to be very careful with how you spent your money, which caused me not to rely on items in the early game for the most part. This game changed me as a player. The battles? Yeah good luck brute forcing through them without a strategy. Gym leaders were M E N A C I N G!!! of course you have the field effects, which are a big part of Reborn, a feature that totally changed how I battled, I really had to build my teams around the fields sometimes I had to get myself a new mon for a gym battle, sometimes 3, one time 5! I also often just sat in front of my laptop thinking up strategies I could use which was A LOT of fun. Sometimes, I would just spend like 5 hours grinding up my team and battling to find things that could give me an advantage against the leader. And when I got those W's (I didn't struggle with every gym leder, but when I did) I felt accomplished, I finally won! While I loved the battles and strategizing, there was something I loved even more. The Story. It was one of the best stories I have ever had the chance to see unfold. The characters all have such interesting personalities, and are very likeable. You could really understand why a character made a certain descision, and the farther you got into the game, the better you got to know them. A feature of the game I very much liked was the This is a game where I shall remember most of the characters, when I return to playing it, it'll be like I just played yesterday when hopping back in. I am in no hurry to see Episode 19 release, when it happens it happens. The devs can take as much time as they need. All I will say is that I will be jumping out of my seat when that day arrives! Finally I have one more thing to say. I want to thank all of the people who have worked on Reborn, as well as all of the forum members, discord server members and everyone else who have build this community. Thank you for giving me a game I could enjoy to this extent, and thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to get to know these great people. P.S: I don't expect anyone to be reading all of this, but if you really took all that time, I want to thank you as well, I really appreciate it. PP.S: Also I'm really out here pushing down the brim of the hat i'm wearing thinking of something to add looking like an idiot Oh well I'll see you guys on the server/forum, have a good one!
  6. yeah sure mate, i got the tm for it not too long ago just dm me on discord (nickname: Lucky, but not actually lucky) and i'm in the reborn server so finding me shouldn't be difficult
  7. I'd sure like field effects to play a bigger role in the main games yeah, it adds a lot more depth to battling and just really enhances the experience for me. Sadly i never used terrain moves in us/um but if i ever play the game again i'll definitely try to go for a way more fun experience and try a lot of stuff out, reborn really made me force to not battle in the rather simple way i used to and opened my eyes to how fun battling can really be, i also became a much better player competitively because of reborn.
  8. School is starting for me tomorrow, i'm actually kind of excited, because going to school means i'll have less free time to work with so i won't really get bored anymore (well i hope at least)

  9. that's a looooot of reccomendations, guess they're all going onto the list then, i remember lotgh being a real old show so should be interesting, and blue period looks nice as well and oh yeah i remember mahou shoujo site, saw around half of the anime and didn't like it too much 5/10 but from what you're saying the manga should be a lot better
  10. saw mha, but i'll add rag and dal to mal. i don't remember liking dal too much, but maybe i will when i give it a second chance, saw around 18 episodes of re:zero actually so should continue that as well
  11. i've already seen all of mha, but i should really go watch demon slayer, and check fire force as well, i watched like 1 ep of ds and 3 of ff so i should get back to that
  12. I've seen takagi-san pop up quite a bit and saw a short scene on netflix, it seems quite interesting, just added it and the other two shows you reccomended to mal
  13. hxh i have seen and it was definitely worth watching, i actually saw it not too long ago compared to most people and i should read sl
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