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  1. If Madame X was only able to save us because we're the Interceptor then shouldn't she have also figured out that we are the Interceptor then instead of during the bad future?
  2. I think being able to tell which choices matter and how will be a great addition but maybe give people the option not to see the gears because I imagine that there will be people who would prefer the surprise.
  3. I'm pretty sure in WLL we only see 'Freya' make people remember things that didn't happen rather than forget things that did so perhaps 'Freya' needed Isha to remove the memories of Val and Adam before implanting false ones, maybe in exchange he got to keep Braixen for his experiments.
  4. Back when Angie tried to sacrifice Melia there are a few frames where she turns into Maria. Though personally I'm on the side of Maria being all four Theolia children this is an important connection either way.
  5. There was the time she hung up on him and also when she accidentally called him "Mr. Ren"
  6. I'm fairly certain that the devs said that the spoiler above was the last planned instance of official characters
  7. Is Zumi's art going to be used for the pre-battle portraits maybe? That would be really cool!
  8. This game isn't complete and the latest version is V12 (Out of 16 iirc). You can see the progress of V13 on the rejuv dev blog.
  9. You're forgetting that TuffPuff has the same base stats and moveset as red hair's Naganadel which is just a little suspisious.
  10. I suppose the reason you would get badges from fighting them would be Alice just asking the Unown to make some which would make more sense than Comet and Cosmia having badges for whatever reason.
  11. Don't forget that depending on some choices this isn't even the only time this happens.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but deosn't Madelis say during WLL that new Xen was formed a few months before Kenneth joined? Also considering how people in the past know about Miera, the way the stormchasers recruit people and how old Irvin seems to be it deosn't seem implausible to think that Irvin's daughter died in Miera before he evacuated and/or was recruited. Maybe they used his daughter's death as his motive to get him to join?
  13. I think if there was a second Interceptor that the most likely candidate would be Nim. Aside from her being able to come back to life Damien also mentioned that if left alone she would cause the end of the world, something an interceptor would be very capable of doing. The Archive did mention there being multiple interceptors so there being more than one doesn't seem too unlikely.
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