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  1. I think it was simple overconfidence, she couldn't imagine that Melia could possibly beat her so there was no perceived risk involved.
  2. Another possibility could be that Madame X just doesn't want to take the risk that they might lose against Melia.
  3. I think so. The fourth part of the Hidden Library quest chain had the same style of choice that we saw in the bad future so I'm thinking it probably has some effect on the ending you can get. This would set precedent for sidequests and main story mixing. With how important the other two of the XYZ trio seem to be and the similarities between the Interceptor and Zygarde it would be odd for it not to affect the main stroy somehow.
  4. So you don't have an auto-clicker on the refresh button? Pathetic.
  5. plus Cerra grabs Cella while you fight over the magma stone, meaning they can't be time travel versions of each other as they would've overlapped
  6. Don't quote me on this but I think Jan once got asked what the theme of Erin's team was and he did say it was colour, it's on his Tumblr somewhere iirc.
  7. There are a few pokemon that can fill this role. First is obviously our starter, which hardly needs explaining; second would be Mawile, as its status as Nancy's dying gift makes it a bit more special than other pokemon; lastly, if you would prefer a legendary then Zygarde fits thematically with the Interceptor's role in the universe, along with being in the middle of what seems to be this games main legendary trio, and Zygarde is the only non-null legend we have access to. iirc Jan also confirmed on Tumblr that Zygarde will have some impact on the story at some point, and seeing as
  8. Err... unlike Narcissa, that comment isn't going to age well... Also, regarding the Rotom time travel, there is precedent for this. In episode 81 of the XY series of the anime, a rotom sends Ash back in time. So this is actually more lore friendly than a ton of the other stuff in this game so far. Funny you should mention this, as a time elevator is actually a canon thing in the anime that rotoms are capable of.
  9. We are just up to V12. The story is planned to go until V16, so we are 75% done.
  10. While that is very likely, I'm refraining from calling her that (outside of theories attempting to prove that it's her name) until we have actual confirmation.
  11. So there is a theory that ever since her hospitalization, Risa Raider has been being impersonated by the Red Haired Time Traveler (Whom we shall refer to as 'Red') using her Beheeyem. The evidence to support this is that Risa was both able to suddenly recover from a terminal condition, and when fighting Aelita in Zone Zero, her Tuff Puff uses the stats and moveset of a Naganadel, one of Red's signiture pokemon. However, I have one issue with theory, and that is that during ANA's sidequest we visit Pokestar Studios and encounter Risa. Yet, if she really were Red using Beheeyem then
  12. That may be true but none of what she was doing there was actually done with that end goal in mind. I think she just saw an opportunity to further destroy Keta and so she took it.
  13. Maybe Betrayal could be Crescent. After all, she is the one who caused both Ren and Nim to betray us and has repeatedly tried to get us to abandon our friends. She also committed an act of betrayal herself when she left the Stormchasers. For obsession, the only person I can think of besides Karen (A side quest character so probably not her) would be Angie, but I'm not too sure about that one.
  14. Melanie has already been shown to be able manipulate Melia's emotions with Nim, so perhaps overlapping isn't a one-and-done thing. So even if you win the first mind battle, if you at any point have a weaker psyche than someone overlapped with you, maybe they can take control back? Either way, the fact that they even bothered to show Melanie again makes me think that they are going to do something whether that be from inside Melia's head or not.
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