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  1. For some reason, the controls just randomly disappear while I'm playing and I can't get them back without closing and reopening the game. Edit: I'm so embarrassed. All I had to do was literally swipe up. I could've sworn it wasn't working when I did it before, but I guess I wasn't doing it right.
  2. There is a huge game breaking bug during the 3rd time you go to the past. While trying to switch my team around I accidentally clicked on dig with Manoswine and a threw me out of the past. Luckily, I had saved after re getting control of my character, otherwise I'd be stranded and unable to progress with the story. I'm not sure if you can dig out of any part of the past, but this is the only instance this has happened to me. On the topic of stranded, a couple of hours ago, I was looking for the kimono girls and fell into a pitfall in the sense meadow out of pure curiosity. I found the TM for dark pulse, but was unable to escape due to the only ways of getting out being waterfall as dig/escape rope don't work.
  3. Ah, I actually didn't notice that you could do that, but still, the map won't budge from the Floria region. I've even tried changing the buttons for changing pages, but it's still not moving. Perhaps I've just gotta cut my losses and go back on my save file when I'm able to. Thanks for the help though.
  4. I was exploring route 9, and I found another piece of the Narcissisa Quest. (can't remember how to spell her name) doing this part of the quest put me back into the floria region which, at first, I was happy about cause there was so much exploration I could do having both strength and dive which were previously inaccessible before going to GDC. But I realised something while doing this. I cannot seem to get back to GDC to finish the actually story, which means I'm stranded on the floria region. I've tried flying, but I can't seem to fly back to GDC. I tried trains, but they're shut and I tried the yacht but it doesn't seem to go anywhere in the GDC area. This isn't a major problem for me as I can just go back to a previous save file, but with all the progress I've done so far, I was wondering if there was a way to get back to GDC without losing all the stuff I've done so far. I understand if there isn't but I wanted to make sure before I went back on my save files, thanks!
  5. The game is not letting me use strength outside of battle, even though I have the gym badges. After beating the electric gym leader, who states his gym badge allows strength to be used outside of battle, I went and bought the golden gauntlets so that I could do a few things before going to GDC, like fully exploring the wispy ruins and evergreen forest, but despite having the gym badges and the gauntlets, I am unable to use strength. Did the required gym badges get moved, or is there something that I still haven't done that is preventing me from using strength? pls help :[ Edit: I guess I needed to also have the HM for strength before I could use the gaunlets, because they are working now. In hindsight, it makes sense just so you don't skip important moments of story in the game by buying the golden items.
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