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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. Flash Fire

      Flash Fire

      Sorry about the late reply, I've been extremely busy and actually had to work on my birthday 😢 but thanks for taking the time to say happy birthday to a nobody like me, I really appreciate it :)

    2. LykosHand


      Oof i see 😢


      Yay, glad you liked it and you're welcome 😄

  2. Corsula Knife - Raises Atk and Acc by x 1.3 Samurott Crest - Raises Speed by x 1.4 and boosts the power of cutting and Slashing moves by x 1.3 Emboar Crest - Reduces recoil by 20% and contact moves heal 1/6 of the damage Serperior Crest - Contact moves increased by 1.3 and activates growth at all times Noctowl Crest - Sp Atk is calculated using Sp Def Omanyte Crest - Literally invincible
  3. For some reason, the controls just randomly disappear while I'm playing and I can't get them back without closing and reopening the game. Edit: I'm so embarrassed. All I had to do was literally swipe up. I could've sworn it wasn't working when I did it before, but I guess I wasn't doing it right.
  4. There is a huge game breaking bug during the 3rd time you go to the past. While trying to switch my team around I accidentally clicked on dig with Manoswine and a threw me out of the past. Luckily, I had saved after re getting control of my character, otherwise I'd be stranded and unable to progress with the story. I'm not sure if you can dig out of any part of the past, but this is the only instance this has happened to me. On the topic of stranded, a couple of hours ago, I was looking for the kimono girls and fell into a pitfall in the sense meadow out of pure curiosity. I found
  5. The game is not letting me use strength outside of battle, even though I have the gym badges. After beating the electric gym leader, who states his gym badge allows strength to be used outside of battle, I went and bought the golden gauntlets so that I could do a few things before going to GDC, like fully exploring the wispy ruins and evergreen forest, but despite having the gym badges and the gauntlets, I am unable to use strength. Did the required gym badges get moved, or is there something that I still haven't done that is preventing me from using strength? pls help :[
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