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  1. Ah, I see. I'd like to try, then. I'll fill the vote later after trying. Thank you so much.
  2. May I have a question? What is loop on music?
  3. Soo, I've been playing Pokemon Reborn for quite long. And, I'm interested to comparing the old machine with the new machine Cass invented. I'll call the old machine as Machine A, and the new machine as Machine Z. So, I tried Machine Z for the first time. To run overworoldly, I got some lags. Not every time, but like every 4 steps. The lag won't go away even if I use fast forward. So it fast-forwarding but still lagging every 4 steps. How to describe it... ah yes! This pict. (Worry not about the graphic reddening, it is morning) I didn't notice it until I try the Machine A. Then I realize that A has almost no lags on overworld. Okay, the score is || Z 0:1 A || Okay, second point I went to the battle using Z and realized it is really smooth. Man, If I remember, when my laptop wasn't in its optimal state, the battle have a delay between move animation (sometimes it is annoying). Now I feel like wooooosssshhhh. This is satisfying. Guess, this one is one score for the Z! || Z-- wait. Not before I check the A. When I checked A, I'm surprised. It got no delay at all like Z. Maybe, this is the fruit of Cass' hardwork. Thank you so much, Cass. I'll count it as a tie. || Z 1:2 A || Third point. I was gonna breed my Charizard, so I looked for my Destiny Knot. I'm using Z and I found no problem. But when I'm scrolling item in A, It's just like a hell. It's so slow even with fast forward. Hmmmm... so it be. || Z 2:2 A || After the third point, I don't find any much problem to compare. I was thinking. Then I remember that day when I booted Reborn in the morning using Machine Z. It won't start until I wait quite long. An error message appeared like.. Th error is still appearing sometimes. It is common. But it can be fixed by reopening the game few times. I'm using both machine so I know that this error never happened in Machine A. I'll count it as a point. || Z 2:3 A || And that's all I can compare between old machine and new machine. Personally I prefer the old machine. It is somfortable to travel with, since I like wandering around with sidequest. (still waiting for the story continue, hehe) Let's not to forget to thanks Cass, for inventing the new machine. It may not performing good in my laptop, but maybe the others are comfortable with it. I'm sorry, Cass :') I don't know anything about coding. I don't understand the meme and the most written there. So I just skip the reading and jump directly to the last paragraph. Also, thank you for the entire Reborn Team. They created the game and community too connect us. Feel free to add more comparison below!
  4. It really is faster than before. Thank you xD Before was quiet laggy, and now the lag has minimalized and faster.
  5. Torchic is available far in Calcenon City. Unless you grab it as a starter. Froakie is avaiable even further in the late of episode 18, Agate City right before 17th gym. Unless you make it for starter too. Pseudo-legendary is so damn hard to obtain. They're in event pokemon, which mean you can only get 1 for each (unless you breed it). For Goomy, it is available in Restored Obsidia Slum. Kinda late game. And for Gible, it is available in Agate Circus. Kinda late game. Alternatively, you can trade Togepi with Probobass in Restored Coral Ward. You'll need to Upgrade the Railnet. Grubbin is available even before badge one. But can only evolve into Vikavolt, in some place, and it is mid game. If you wanna navigate pokemon you can obtain, check out this spreadsheet someone made If I see.. maybe you can use Muddy Water on Goodra instead of Aqua Tail. Muddy Water has 5% less accuracy than Aqua Tail, but it is special attack and provide slight chance to lower opponent's accuracy. It also learnable via level up. And for Metagross, are you sure not gonna play Meteor Mash? It was Metagross' (almost) signature move, having 10 less accuracy than Iron Head, but 10 less power, plus 20% increasing user's ATK. But Iron Head is also neat for 30% flinch rate. Well I'm just recommending. Feel free to choose by yourself, and forget not to have fun!
  6. ===== COMPLETED ====== Vendor Name: @Starry Knight Umm.. Excuse me, Starry. I'm looking for a Horsea to breed it with Charizard so I can have a Charmander with Dragon Dance. No need perfect, good is enough. I'd appreciate a lot if it learned Dragon Dance. But if no, it's okay, i can still leveling it. Requested Pokemon : Horsea Gender : Male Ability : Any Nature : Any IV Spread : Good is okay EV Spread : no Pokerus : no Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : no Egg Moves : Dragon Dance, but no is okay Other Moves (Tutor moves ect) : Dragon Dance, but no is okay Item : no Offered Pokemon : Rowlet Gender : Male Ability : Overgrow Nature : Jolly IV Spread : 30/31/31/31/31/11 EV Spread : 0/0/0/0/0/0 Pokerus : no Shininess : Yes Egg Moves : no Item : Heart Scale or maybe, a non shiny Rowlet with 30/31/31/31/31/28, Long Reach ability, and Gentle ability. Both are available. Or, I can make them holding any item you want if Heart Scale is not enough Online ID & Time with timezone : Arys Kunisada / Indonesia EST+11 / Online almost everytime, unless sleep time which is 12:00 until 18:00 EST EDIT: TRADE HAS DONE My greatest thank you to Starry Knight and all other vendors in this tread
  7. This is great. Thanks for improving the game.
  8. Ah. Here we go again. Back to Reborn. What a nice thing to do.
  9. Man, i thought it was a post from dev team about Ame's substitution. Anyway, welcome to the reborn, Ame!
  10. I uploaded a meme.

    When you finally get out from Reborn City:

  11. So I can get Eevee hidden in Lost Railnet. Thanks
  12. Me too. In-game name: Arys Online-play username: ArysKunisada Forum name: Kunisada
  13. Man, that's awesome. I'd like to have an Ash-Greninja in my game xD. Thank you so much for making this.
  14. Thanks for your appreciation xD It's nice to have a reply here.
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